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  1. Be nice if i could find a regular fuck buddy bottom for a daytime one a week, once every other week hookup. Eagle rock, glendale, silverlake pasadena area.
  2. I couldn't comment on your images but DAMN, I want that opening my hole. 

  3. buddy. Ive had HIV since 1988. I got full blown AIDS in 1995. once I came out of my sickness and revived, I was still a mess. The disease left me with spinal cord damage and I cannot feel my feet and I walk with a bad limp. Before all of that I was the STUD on the dance floor and I could fuck anybody I pleased. It took me 10 years to get my mojo back. I was extremely self conscious of the way I walked. But Ill tell you this. I took a big deep breath and threw myself out there again. Sometimes I run into hookups that dont like that Im not a marathon runner, and yeah they arent attracted to me. But many more bottoms have no problem with my slight disability and are perfectly happy being my boys. The difference I made in myself is that I said "fuck it" This is how I am. If you dont like me. someone else is right behind you in line that will like me. I market myself. I take good pics of my body and cock. and I became aggressive and available again. People smell shyness. They smell fear. The can detect stage fright. Guys want excitement too. You have to teach yourself to get over your self consciousness and at least appear interesting and then youll see a change.
  4. My ed started at forty. Viagra is the best way for me to have and erection and maintain one. I shoot up testosterone once a week and whenever I going to fuck I pop a blue pill. 33 is a little young to be taking anything. If you have a rapid pulse try exercising.
  5. Top breeder man here in Eastern LA. Eagle Rock Silverlake area. I get most of my ass off a4a.
  6. a couple hits of 420 and my gag reflex is gone….
  7. total top here when it cums to fucking ass but I have a dark side that loves to just chow down and suck a big juicy cock. I have my regular profiles on a4a and bbrt for topping bottoms. But I also have a oral only profile created for the purpose to get cocks to suck. pics are of just my face and private in the oral only profile. also I find I can get some good dick on craigslist. mostly straight men. some even want me to rim them. of which I am an expert. :~P
  8. look for a straight man…..their wives/gf's will never be able to compete with an experienced fag cockhound when it cums to sucking dick
  9. Thanks for the FR Thick.. You really are a hot guy,,

  10. pick and choose wisely. I hate to say this but several emails or texts with the bottom will ascertain their neediness. Everybody today wants one email and a fuck. But you gotta peel the onion and find out the quirks first. I talk a lot up front cause I have gotten into many situations with boys that want lovers or intimate hookups beyond my ability to give them. your ads should be very explicit. dump and go. no strings. your looking for no emotional baggage etc. older men will be less apt to want to get all clingy too.
  11. well in california theres always an "ish" after the time…..like "I will meet you around noon-ish" and I get that. ish to me means 10 minutes late or early. But when youre sitting there with a bone and a sack full of jizz and the clock keeps ticking away……..Im gonna do as bottombear does. they get 15minutes and then I am on with my day. I have had a pretty good amount of guys agree on a time like say 10am and then they text me at 10am and say "heading out the door" THEY SHOULD BE AT MY DOOR not leaving theirs. I guess Im just getting old. time has become a very laissez faire idea now a days
  12. I get so fucking annoyed at these boys usually under the age of 40 (bottoms in my case) who agree with me on a time to be at my apartment to fuck and then they are an hour OR MORE late for the date time. Does this happen to everyone on here or is it just a california time thing? what should be the revenge or consequences for such behavior? I have simply left my apt and bailed on the date. but I wish I could paddle their fucking asses. witholding the cock is my best defense.
  13. I am in total agreement. a sissy needs her testicles to stay horny for the man. the dick should just be caged. all pleasure the sissy experiences should come from her tonsils and her asspussy.
  14. LOL I have a top friend who is 9.5 inches uncut. Beautiful cock. He complains often about hitting pay dirt when he fucks…...
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