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  1. I agree, I met a sexy hot Greek guy a while back, everything about him oozes sex. Tall, eyes I swam in, just pure sex. Anyway got back ti his place, sexy hairy chest, bushy pits and hairy legs. Took of his shorts, Completely shaved from below his bb to his thighs, not one hair, front and backm Besides looking strange, it killed my mood. But I let him still fuck me, a cocks a cock right?, but still didnt really do it for me.
  2. Very very horny, A Top I would to get with...
  3. Always wanted Marc Short and Paul Carrigan. Love to eat their arses too.
  4. Love dining out on a hairy bot. Cannot get enough body hair.
  5. I prefer Darlaston especially the Dark room dungeon room was the best, I was sprawled on the leather mat bench in the corner, legs apart, dark except for the odd bit of light flicking through a reddish window light. Sling in the corner , Bench in other. There was also a dark narrow corridor you can walk into from there, although my legs were like putty, there were more blokes on both sides, had to push through them, pitch black, naked guys, hard cocks sticking in my body, lots of hands were on me, it was absolutely pitch black! I was bent over in this dark wet smelly narrow corri
  6. Seriously, interesting topic and views. Need to delve more deeply into this.
  7. Great hot body there fella, awesome.

  8. When I was younger,living at home with my family, we lived next door to a big paint factory thst was always busy. There would be trucks wagons overnight parked up and I would watch from my bedroom window that looked onto the yard part nesr the canal towpath.. One night there was this big hefty trucker, really tall with a bald head, very hairy with ginger pubes and chest, hair lots of tattoos with womens names on his arms, So I went for a walk, parents in bed and I was hovering around his truck as the cab lights were on, curtains closed. I knocked on his door, he opened window
  9. The dark steam room I used to frequent always smells of mansweat/poppers/sex. There are naked sweaty guys, hairy, skinny, beefy, pushing and rubbing bodies and their cocks against your body, breathing on you, kissing and hot breath, trying to push their hard dicks in you, sexual tension at a High. Some stranger forces his tongue in your mouth whilst many hands are feeling and touching you all over your body, invading you, pulling your ass cheeks apart, fingers probing your hole, a hot mouth sucking on your dick, hands bending/pushing you over, tongues and fingers licking, sucking a
  10. You wanted to see me on my back, hole exposed, ginger pubes, showing armpits and nipples Sir.




    1. mjkuhl


      So hot!!!!!

    2. DarkroomTaker


      Good Boy.. looks a tasty hole for us all to sample..

    3. jonny4dad


      Sample / rape / breed 

  11. Hi, great arse there mate, may I ask if you are ginger too? 

    1. jonny4dad


      Thanks Boss.  Ginger from the neck down.  100% cumdump slut.

  12. I love Dark rooms, One time i was there It was getting busy and crowded in the darkened steam room, almost pitch black, very small and dim red exit light, small room and hot steam, sweaty naked men everywhere. A young guy who had been rimming me was now attempting to fuck my hole, i let him in he fucked me quick and hard, He groaned and shot his load up me, kissed back of my head and thanked me, told me i was a good fuck and left. A guy who had been sucking my cock was now rimming the previous guys load out of my ass. He beckoned for this other bloke to fuck me and he did a
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