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  1. This employee has a responsability to report this via the correct process. An investigation to take place to establish facts. May or may not be true, but people have to be responsable and accountable for their gossip and actions. If proven this may fall under discrimination or hate crime. If she does not wish to report, you have a duty to do so.
  2. Rugby and shared football baths. Underpant section in catalogues above posters mention. Being able to sit on mens knees and bounce around, no questions asked,😈 All public toilets open 24 hours. Oh Blondie and Abba. 😊
  3. Take cock... will swallow. 👅
  4. IMO, I find it derogatory. But then again I hate labels and labelling people. Just my opinion.
  5. The freeway/motorway truckstops are great or were pre Covid. The one 10 miles from me had truckers shower rooms and a toilet block. I practically lived in them, I was really clean and full of Truckercum.
  6. I bet you feel really proud of yourself, taking a persons choice away. You changed the verbal agreement without consent. That is Rape, whichever way you want to dress it up. Also do you care what damage mentally you are doing, you dont know peoples circumstances. At least be Man Enough to ask or find a bottom that is willing from the beginning, there are enough out there.
  7. Each to their own. I am a bottom full stop. A man who loves sex with Men. This post above is a killer for me, just takes away the masculinity of Men, it is in MY opinion so off putting. Feminizing the bottom role of men and bottoms does not do it for me.
  8. I missed the touch, yes sex, but the actual touch of another person, hugs, kisses even, but the physical touch of a human being. I was fortunate in the role I am in, working from home, i hated, i hate having an office in my home, people on skype, internet breakdown. Managing dispersed teams remotely had its drawbacks and employers can take advantage and think you can be available all times, so I was working more hours less breaks. Neighbours screaming, kids crying etc and that raised anxieties. It developed on Zoom, Skype that I started to hide behind not showing my face, I became p
  9. My neighbour has a great Dane who is friendly, butt always wants to sniff my butt.... I wonder....
  10. Love anonymous sex. Love walking into a public restroom and waiting in anticipation as to who is coming in. What they are into, no names, no hassle, bend over, cock up me or in my mouth, grunts cums leaves, bye.
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