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  1. New avatar pic is super hot!

  2. Exactly ^^^ Although i love Men, I have needs too, Top has needs, so its mutual use..
  3. 3 times come to mind, although a few close shaves too. Sucking a bloke off in a park toilet, I was 16. A police officer walked in caught us, made me stand outside for half hour whilst he spoke with the guy inside, like a fool I waited, he came out, told me off, winked let me go. Next time, I was in a sauna, literally getting group fucked and sucking all cocks. I looked up and seen Paul watching everything cocks sliding up me etc. This guy was one of my staff who I worked daily with. Sucking a bloke in toilet on knees, male cleaner walked in, said not to worry and cleaned toilets around us, said he was locking up in 10 and just watched.
  4. This brings back memories of my young days in public toilets, i used to say to Men cottaging 'Can i suck your willy Mr." But Cock sucking sounds horny.
  5. Gotta say hands up and definatly legs up. I was getting fucked from a young age so I imagine that I am well passed that amount...
  6. My bedroom is pitchblack.... just saying 😈
  7. I used to have many fantasies over Steve Titpig.. i always wanted him to fuck me and me on his nips..
  8. Nice arse there mate..

  9. Yes love it, also like having my head held whilst they ram it in my throat.
  10. OMG, you are so right, especually Lamont..
  11. Cum is best... we also use, Spuff, protein shake, man juice and ' want my load' is my favourite.
  12. My follow threads just keep disapearing. I find them, save, wank and again after a day they disapear again. I thoughtnit was because I had alot in follow, so I kept down to 5, 3 have disapeared again, but I guess the thrill is in the find..
  13. Hey


    1. DarkroomTaker


      Awesome mate... thank you..

  14. Nice!! Love briefs dude

    1. DarkroomTaker


      Cheers mate, I love used briefs too.

  15. When I lived at home, my parents lived next door to a big paint factory. Mostly there would be trucks/wagons overnight parked up and I would watch from my bedroom window. On a Thursday night there was this big trucker, really tall bald head, very hairy with ginger pubes and chest, lots of tats. One night I went for a walk, parents in bed and I was hovering around his truck as the cab lights were on, curtains closed. I knocked on his door, he opened window, I asked if he had seen my dog, lol, how ridiculous. Anyway he hadn't, but seemed to look at me intensly. I walked off, bit later, walking back, he was out of his cab having a piss on the canal towpath bushes,, whilst he was pissing, cock in full view as I was walking towards him, he asked if I found my dog, No, he had finished pissing, talking still, shaking his cock dry. He asked if there was any loose women near by??? I didn't know what he meant, he said he needed sucking off, at this point he was wanking his thick dick, looking at me, as I was in awe of him, he waved his cock and said fancy it? I did, cocks were no stranger to me, I sucked him right there, he cum in my mouth and gave me a pound lol. He told me to be here again next week, I was. Anyway as time went on, it progressed into him fucking me in his cab weekly, he always gave me things, like chocolate, cigarettes, I never asked for, this went on for about a year, then he stopped coming and I never seen him again. Eventually factory closed. Awesome days.

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