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  1. Sounds like my arse.... always ready..
  2. Agreed, I block, but still see comments and pictures. Noone answers queries I posted earlier. If I block, I block a user for everything, not just some things. Galleries still show their pictures!!!
  3. Yes Its awesome.. I do it all, but I especially like it when I have been deep rimming my Tops hole and stick my tongue in his mouth for deep kissing. I had two married tops who I taught this and they love it..
  4. So with you on thede two. Vern had me hard, I wanted to be the young guy they all gangfucked.. Chris and those shower scenes and tighty whites, the episode of him naked and pulling his cheeks apart....Woof. They were Bad boys...
  5. Such a hot sexy bloke there mate...

    1. Briefsbreeder


      Cheers bro. Back at ya. Love darkroom breeding. Being spunked up and spunking up a random hole 

    2. DarkroomTaker


      Wish you was in my Darkroom fella....

  6. I still wank off to this post, years later...awesome, reminds me of my trips to Gran Canaria club darkrooms.,
  7. Looks like you enjoyed the RIM series I posted.  Most excellent. One of my fave activities as well.  More to cum! Cheers!!

    1. DarkroomTaker


      Yes, very much mate. I love a good butt munch....thanks for posting.

  8. Great post and good option. Unfortunately, it does not block their pictures on the main gallery pages, which I have asked if that can be included.
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