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  1. I was home from college for the summer, my parents are divorced so I spent the first part with my mom the second part with my dad, my Dad was a tall hairy broad bloke, had a Charlton Heston look about him too. My dad picked me up at the airport, grabbing my luggage he threw it in the truck then hugged me "It's great to see you" he smiled. I smiled back "It's great to see you too". He opened the door "Let's get out of here, before security runs us off." We chatted on the journey, Pulling in the driveway he turned to me "I couldn't get alot of time off so I will have to go to work, but if you will take me you can have the truck so your not stuck at the house." I didn't have a car so this was great, I didn't know how I was going to pass the time at home. I settled into my room, then called it a night I was really tired from traveling, so it wasn't long before I was asleep. The next morning came, my dad popped his head in "Steve it's time to get up , your gonna take me to work." I rolled over to say something but he was already gone, I got up, got dressed, and met him at the door. He smiled "Did you sleep ok?" He grabbed his coat it was freezing outside, I forgot how cold it got here. I simply nodded my head as I was still half asleep, grabbing my coat we were out the door. He handed me the keys "I'll let you drive so you can remember how to get to my new workplace." Opening the door he climbed in and we were off. After I dropped him off I went home and right back to bed. It was 4:30 so I left the house to pick up my dad, he climbed into the truck "Hey man I see you found your way." He chuckled I smiled "Yeah " My dad turned to me "Hey let's go get something to eat and have a couple of drinks I never got to celebrate your 19th birthday with you." I thought this was a great idea, so he had me go a different way. As we turned the corner I noticed an old adult bookstore, it was right behind my dad's workplace. I tried not to make my stare obvious, I felt my cock stir, I readjusted myself and asked my dad where he wanted to eat. After dinner it was late so we went home and to bed, All I could think about was that fucking bookstore. I looked it up the store online it was known to have gloryholes which got my dick hard. I had gone to a bookstore close to the campus and had my first gloryhole experience but, I'm straight. I like pussy just as much as the next guy and will fuck some pussy every chance I get. But I love having my dick sucked, I don't give a fuck who's doing it a mouth is a mouth. The next day came and I dropped my dad off at work, I thought I would leave early to pick up my dad and hit it up the bookstore then. Dad turned to me "We'll go out for dinner tonight so we can catch up some more ok." Dropping him off, I drove around the block to check out the bookstore again, it was on, I would come back early to pick up my dad and hit the store then. As my day went on, i was horny, grabbed keys and made sure not to drive by my dad's work I took another route, parking the truck down the street so as to not be noticed. Once inside I walked up to the counter nervously, the guy took my entrance fee and I was heading thru the door. It was a long hallway with booths down one side, there were signs with warnings which I paid no attention. I opened the first door no gloryhole so I went down further picking another booth. Looking in I saw the hole on the one side, jackpot I thought, entering I put some money in as the porn started playing. I was in the booth about 10 minutes when I heard the door open, close and lock, the screen lit up. Before long I saw a finger come thru the hole I dropped my pants, stood up, and put my dick thru the hole. It was amazing the guys mouth was so warm, I could feel my cock slide across his lips as he sucked me, a moan escaped my mouth. I hadn't had pussy let alone head since I got here and my balls were aching for release. I pushed my pelvis as flat to the wall as I could so he could suck every inch of my cock "That's it man suck that fucking cock" I whispered. He pulled off it "Hell yeah, you gonna give me that load dude." He wasted no time going back down on my cock. I began to face fuck him I knew I wouldn't last long so I told him to take it slow, it was no use I felt my fucking nuts tighten up "Dude I'm about to blow this down your fucking throat." I started to breathe heavy as I started shooting, my dick throbbed over and over as I filled the guys mouth and throat with my jizz. He kept sucking til I was empty "Fuck man you about drowned me that was a fucking load!" He exclaimed. Pulling my dick back thru, he got up and left, it wasn't long before someone else entered the booth and another finger was at the hole. I didn't think I could cum again so soon but I stood up, putting my dick back thru the hole, feeling another wet warm mouth my dick began to get hard again this guy was better than the first "Oh yeah dude your gonna get this load." I could already feel another load brewing in my balls. This guy was quite the eager cocksucker "Oh man I want you to cum all over my fucking face!" Starting to suck my cock first his hand then his mouth I could feel his tongue licking the head of my dick, I knew I wouldn't be able to hold back, he started to pick up the pace when I told him I was going to bust. I tilted my head back "Oh fuck man here it fucking cums!" With that I felt my balls tighten again, I gasped as I shot my load, he licked the head and stroked me at the same time. He got up to leave as I looked at my cell phone thinking I had better get out of here to pick up my dad, as I opened the door to walk out the other guy did to. I looked at him smirking as had my cum all over his face, he didn't even bother to wipe it off. Walking away, the door to the hallway opened again, looking up I froze, it was my dad. Ducking into the booth the guy had been in I closed the door and locked it. I stood by the door so nervous, thinking I could try to leave, an attendant came thru the hallway telling me to put money in the machine, I couldn't go back out right away in case my dad was out there so I had no choice. I put some money in and the movie began to play. I heard the door to the booth I was previously in open, close, and lock then the porn started to play. Standing close to the gloryhole the other person would not be able to see me but it didn't seem to matter because I saw his finger rubbing the hole. I thought what the fuck I have time to get my dick sucked again, sticking my cock thru the hole I felt another warm mouth, in this cold weather I loved the sensation of pulling my cock out in the cold air then having it engulfed by a hot wet mouth. There was no doubt this guy had sucked some cock before he was a pro, he didn't mess around he was all throat, all the way down til I could feel his nose in my pubes. Applying the perfect amount of suction and hand stroke on the way back up, I couldn't say a word, I was absolutely speechless. I had already cum twice so this one wasn't going to be easy but rather than say anything I just let this guy suck my cock, enjoying his skills. My cock was rock hard, I didn't think it was possible but he got me there. He pulled back every so often to just stroke me so I never knew when he was going to go back down on me, it was fucking awesome. He pulled back off my cock, this time he seemed to take longer. When he went back down on my cock it felt so fucking good I couldn't believe it I let out a gasp, it felt like velvet, it was so tight, warm, but not as wet it felt like pussy. I pulled back away from the gloryhole a little so I could see his lips, when I looked down I didn't see lips, instead I see the guys hairy ass. He had my cock right up his ass, I started to pull out but he reached back grabbing my balls so I couldn't, he immediately started to ride my dick. I could feel how good his ass felt....it worked! Squeezing his ass tight with every upstroke he was literarily sucking my cock with his asshole. I stood at the wall gape mouthed, I was in fucking ecstasy I couldn't say a word. I had never fucked anyone thru the gloryhole before, when a guy would put his ass up to the hole I would pass or pull out, but this guy was so moist, i think he was carrying a load already, it was like silk. This time I could feel my load building I wanted to say something but I couldn't it was just to fucking good. I wanted to cum in this guy bad so I started to fuck him as I felt my load start to explode. I came so fucking hard in this guys ass I wanted to absolutely scream! He could feel me cumming as my knees buckled against the wall, I thought I would pass out. I groaned as I shoved my dick as deep in his ass as I could. He reached back grabbing my balls so I couldn't pull out "That's it boy cum in my fucking ass!" He was panting and groaning... Fuck me...., I recognize that voice..... it was my dad! I stopped as he continued to ride my cock me unloading the last drops of cum in him. Trying to pull out he held on to my balls, I knew if I told him to let go he was bound to recognize me, I had no choice and let my dad finish riding me before he pulled off my dick. Once he was done I flew out of the bookstore, jumped in the truck and hauled ass. I pulled in to parking lot to pick him up as he walked around the building, my heart began to race. I had to think,think...It was to late as he was in the truck "Let's get something to eat, I'm starving." We sat down to dinner and nothing was ever said about the secret ass-fucking I gave him at the bookstore, I felt that he really didn't know it was me, I was relieved.although he did keep scratching his ass at times. We drank and talked about his work day and I just smiled "What you smiling for?" He looked at me I looked back at him, the handsome masculin father of mine "Just glad to be here Dad." I was smiling thinking about how my dad was sitting across from the table with his ass full of my cum and whilst here will fill him again and agsin, anonymously of course... Thanks Dad
  2. Btw Alpha, your profile pic is so horny, sexy and i wanna play 😈😜

    1. ALPHAboy


      Im very grateful for that babe. Its obviously all yours to play with. 

    2. DarkroomTaker


      Woof.....thanks bud

  3. You Alpha are first on my list and also spend time kissing and licking and having those beautiful balls in my mouth ..
  4. Thank you, I am all bottom, but this is awesome... I need to eat...
  5. My tops tell me how tight my arse is, so I guess it's that. Also I am told and know I am a great Rimmer. I love eating, licking and kissing arse for hours...
  6. Awesome......just shot to this and Alphas pics....
  7. So would I, my fave is feeling Big balls slapping against my arse whilst the cock is deep in me...
  8. Extremely Beautiful , Delicious and Smoking HOT !     :)

    1. DarkroomTaker


      Hey bud, thanks for posting....

  9. Hey, thanks for the follow mate.

    1. Shooter_099


      You're welcome sexy

  10. Hot sexy man.. thanks for the follow.. arse is urs too.

  11. Awesome..... Not sure what the problem is here, unless i am Fick?? I've had Dad, Cousins x 4 different times, uncle once when he was drunk, he was never interested again, but both his sons were.😈 Just enjoy urself, no big deal or just chalk it to experience and move on...
  12. I like variety and on the spot fucks....but also a couple of regulars that I can call on when I need filling...

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