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  1. Thanks for the love.

    1. DarkroomTaker


      Very welcome sexy ass..

    2. Hottightass4u


      Gonna be whored out by a Master soon at the baths.  Can,t wait.   Hopefully, I,ll join the brotherhood.

  2. Thanks BB. I stupidly never give it a thought to contact them. Thanks again.
  3. Any UK guys struggling to get this vaccine? Nurse at my health clinic had no idea what I was talking about??
  4. Exactly ^^ I agree. When people signed up, free btw, we all agreed the rules. Not sure whats changed. Its Rawtops site, he owns it, he manages it. I aint no brown nose, yes there are flaws, but If I agree to something, I stick to it or I could just leave. Everyone has that choice. I choose to follow, I enjoy this site.
  5. Where are you I’m so horny 

  6. I like this post, I can relate, you kinda put me in a nutshell. Tbh, I feel like I have changed since lock down, saunas clubs closed, not been abroad GC etc. I am kinda falling into the same Top fucking me. Ive known this guy years, its easy, I likd him too. I dont know, if an opportunity came up for stranger sex, Id prob take it, but not actively looking or making an effort to find it. Maybe I need to make more effort, but not sure I want to. I call it sexual depression...
  7. F..k. you are handsome..

    1. muscmtl


      Well thanks

  8. FFs... 2022 and what a Q???.. Dick is Dick no matter who it is attached to.
  9. Spot on, been there, done that. Lifes precious, dont waste it.
  10. Time to move on, dont dwell, celebrate change and how things are now.
  11. Gotta say size aint an issue, but I do like Girthy dicks, but a fucks a fuck.
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