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  1. OMG... I try my level best never ever to judge anyone and always promote peoples choices in life. But got to say I am struggling to do so with some of these posts in this thread, especially the OP . I mean some, never mind, I 😷
  2. You have a great gallery, very hot body..

  3. Yes, this was so me above posts. I sucked mates and a couple of teachers off. Best memory was the cock of the school, pardon the pun, means the lad that could fight anyone, a hard kid, tough. He was called Neil, really hard looking, threatening even. Anyway, we was in detention in a corridor stood up, he grabbed my hand and was using me as a puppet to wave to his mates through the window. I dropped my hand down and kind of accidently touched his dick. He said, you just touched my dick you queer. I looked at him, he said, you want to fucking suck it or something? How I got the guts to say Yes Neil... is beyond me, he grabbed me by the throat and pressed himself into me, called me a few names, his cock was hard. Ee then eent to the boys toilets, opened his pants and sucked him off there and then, beautiful dick. I sucked him off and some off his mates through school. He was like my bodyguard, noone picked on me. But I hated him also for whst he was like previously and whst he fid to mates of mine, he was a bully, but had a great cock and low hangers.
  4. Now this thread is making me masturbate more. The thoughts of you guys pulling a few out, makes me wanna wank. Cheers wankers.👌
  5. This is why I love darkrooms and cottaging/restrooms. You just never know who is cuming in or in you.
  6. A cock is a cock.. No matter what color or size...
  7. All the time, love it when some blokes completely undo their pants to piss, great show of pubes.
  8. Bottom here also. I love eating arse/Ass. Seriously, I have been complimented on how good I am with tongue. Love " straight guys" who object, but then I talk them into it and then they love it and beg for more, most have never had it done.
  9. Sexy Man Woof..

  10. Now thats a show I would love to see 😆
  11. Does anyone like Manscent, I mean,natural smelling armpits, groin and ass smells? Men’s Body Odour is awesome, I get off on it Big Time. I love Men and further the smell of a man’s body and a good horny sweaty body. I dont mean nasty BO, although depends on my horniness, but a semi-strong manscent really turns me on. In this hot weather, Guys are wearing less, its awesome. I was on a train last week, busy stood up and a sexy bloke stood at side of me with his arm up holding onto top rail. This guy was all sweaty and you can see him soaking through his t-shirt and his armpit hair was showing, I was so boned up, he had no deoderent on and smelt hot as F... even with my mask on.it was extremely horny. I wanted to lick him there and then. I find musky groin and ass also horny and used scented underwear a big turn on.When I was younger, I was always at my Dads used undies and if at friends sniffing the undies of their brothers and fathers from the laundry basket. I have stopped for a while of using deoderent on myself and turn my self on. What do guys think? Btw, I aint no smelly twat, but do like the scent. Do you like menscent? Do you wear deoderent? Or natural? Do you smell other guys used underwear? Thanks
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