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  1. All my thoughts above. I just dont like shaved, but would also happily spend hours eating out a good hairy arse.....
  2. Horny.... did you have them all together st anytime. I bet they thought all their Xmas's presents had come at once, you are a hottie mate 😍
  3. Hey whilst I am waiting cock in hand and balls full of bbatter for sexy pics to upload, I just wanted to say thanks to you both and rawsatyr for the time taken to upload great wankable pics on a regular basis, Awesome blokes...... thanks...
  4. I was in Rome a while back and i rented a room of a guy in his apartment. Great vintage appartment classic, however, soon as I got in his place, he was deep in my arse and fucked me a few times before dinner. He said he invited a few friends for dinner and in my honour lol. Had dinner, my arse still cummy wet inside, sexual tension was high, i had an idea how this evening would be, even though the wine was flowing, cut to the chase, i was fucked by all 4 blokes in this evening and then my host, did me again and again in the morning. He planned to take me around the city and show me the place which he did, he also said he had a few people homes to call at for some business transactions, he asked about last night genuinly and if i enjoyed it, i said yes, he said i may enjoy today visiting some people, i got his drift.stopped at 4 peoples apartments, really elegant places, sucked two off and got fucked by other two, whilst he wanked didnt come though. Later took me out to dinner, got back after a drink, fucked me twice, slept in my bed, spent the next day taking me round thd city, really nice and knowledgable. Said we would go to a club later, asked me if i would wear a jockstrap under my clothes, it stank sweaty, groiny, i asked he said the previous guys wore it and he likes the scent, i wore it. Long story short he took me to a place a club type place where i just ended up in my used jockstrap getting repeatedly fucked by many guys. Back to his place, slept in his bed and he fucked me, but putting his dick in my mouth at periods eating the cum of it from my fuckings earlier. It was great time airbarebacking.
  5. I cant upload anything. I also cannot see gallery pics uploaded in last 24 hours. Thanks
  6. Awesome, can relate on so many levels, only a few Washrooms,cottages and Dunnys left. Great story took me back into my memory banks..
  7. Been looking around as people visit other countries holidays etc. Got me to wondering if people on here do AirBnB and get fucked or fuck potential tourists who stay with them or arrange group fucks. Do people ever use AirBnB and get lucky??
  8. Earlier today in a cottage,restroom. Sucking a bloke with thick dick, he was constantly feeling my hole. I asked if he wanted to fuck me, he did and boy he did fuck me in a cubicle, shot a good load deep in me.... beatiful dick, i am fingering my arse and licking my cummy fingers.
  9. Hey James, i remember those steps a while back... Dark room dungeon room was the best, I was sprawled on the leather mat bench in the corner, legs apart, dark except for the odd bit of light flicking through a reddish window. A bloke with a Brummie accent, had me sucking his cock and asked if I fancied for him getting a few blokes to fuck me after he had prepared me?? Er yes, however; I thought I was prepared he went to the back of me and worked my hole with his fingers and lube for ages, I was so relaxed, too relaxed!! My ass was on fire burning but nice if that makes sense, I kinda felt floated, he was very attentive, kissing and massaging me, I was just so relaxed, he fucked me, other guys appeared, my legs were stretched open along with the cheeks of my ass as he pounded deeper, I felt like I was drifting in and out, but there too. He said that we were going to the little room attached, which seemed to be a dark corridor, narrow, we walked through although my legs were like putty, there were blokes on both sides, had to push through them, pitch black, naked guys, hard cocks sticking in my body, lots of hands were on me, kissing, tongues, some one sucking me, it was absolutely pitch black! loved it, the guy with the accent said, who wants to fuck him? I was bent over in this dark wet smelly narrow corridor on some stairs/ steps that went no where and was repeatedly fucked and hard by some hard naked figures, I was leaning with my hands on the stairs in front for support. Must have took at least 9 loads in there and have no idea who they were, what they eere like, just cock, grunting, pushing etc .But the bloke kept to his promise. I was sore, but felt horny and went looking for more.I was a DarkroomWhore.

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