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    Rimming, kissing, sucking, getting fucked. All sex except Scat. Licking armpits, rimming a good hole and cum, spit, kissing, cumswapping, cruising, public toilets/parks/beaches, sweaty Men and their smell.
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    Love my arse being filled in clubs, toilets and especially Darkrooms.
    Love taking multiple loads. Love Men.
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    Started young, lived in toilets sucking getting fucked by anyone.
    Some sex inhome.
    When younger 5 old retired men all did me at one of their homes on my paperound.
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    Shock me.

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  1. As I will be in the minority, I will keep my opinions and experiences to myself to ensure that I dont cause any trouble.
  2. In my experience, A lot of married men, once talked into, love this big time... i used to have a road construction married guy, he was a hot hairy bloke with a thick band wedding ring, that I used to love seeing when he pulled his butt cheeks open. He would cum buckets and wanted to be rimmed for ages then sucked where came quick,
  3. Well they missed out on a good session. I would feast on your hole. Once I spent over 2 hours rimming this guys hole, he was awesme, great butt and tasted divine. I loved rimming and I always check guys arses out and think about what their hole looks and tastes like,
  4. Sounds awesome!

    After dinner, if you don't mind. We'd smoke  a small cigarillo and drink a single  shot of scotch.  Then we'd get horny again. I'd sit on your face again and you'd eat me out. I'd get rock hard and you would take your own saliva rub it up and under my shaft and mushroom head and command me to sit back down in the dining room ( thanks for dinner BTW). You'd move the dining room table up a foot or so on it's legs and straddle yourself on my cock ( lubed only with your spit mixed with my precum) and you'd sit straight on it and whelp out loud ( as it was a little bigger than you intended and your sweet tasty spunky cum lubed anal canal was a little sore from the very recent fucking.) . And I'd look at you and know wghat you wanted, and would grab a cloth napkin ( because you're a grade A host after all, no paper napkins - they're for riff raff). And I'd stuff the cloth napkin in your mouth and you'd gag a little, and that would turn me on, and you would pump yourself on and off of my cock like a piston, and I'd smell your armipit sweat and body odor and my cock would be a covered with froth from my prior cum coating your asshole, and the sight of your hot body, the feel of your tight tender irritated  wet and warm and pulsating anus grabbing my cock  and the smell of old cum, and cooking smells and your and my body sweat, I can't hold it in and and I moan out loud " Ohhhhhhhhhhhh" and load your ass with my  spunk and you notice it drips out of your ass,onto the good dining room chair and wood floor and you feel good, but notice the mess and say "darn it".

    1. DarkroomTaker


      OMG...Ithink you really know me?? You have planned out to the detail the whole scene. You have it just right, no riff raff here fella, now you have me RH again. I would ride you like there was no tomorrow. I like the line of my arse being sore from previous fucking. I love that feeling and this story needs to be written up, you hot stud.. now get here in my bed, stay over, I will give you breakfast in bed Stud.

    2. GoingEasy


      I'm packing an overnight bag, and coming over  Do you want me to bring anything?

      I'll text you after I get in the Uber?

      ( And thank you for the encouragement. I've only an average of 2 likes  on my prior 3 stories : " What is your fetish",  "First Love" and " First Love , part 2". If you'd like more stories ( and I have many more as I'm a right randy fucker), then I thrive on any urging on  you guys may provide.)

  5. 17.5 million now vaccinated in UK, sounds positive, maybe a light at end of a dark tunnel. Keep safe everyone.
  6. Not sure buddy, I think its something about contributing to the site and building on the stages of posts and member status. I dont know how to upload on to a post at present.Any advice would be great. Good luck with writing stories.
  7. Convert a MP4 video to JPEG, so I can upload on here. Seen free on line convertors on line, just worried about uploading a porn vid thsts homemade. Any advice be great. Thanks
  8. Extremely HOT , Beautiful and Delicious profile you have - brings back so many Hot and  Wonderful memories growing up ! Best HOT memory was learning jacking off and ways using Cum loads !  Uncut here was a Good thing for me !

    1. DarkroomTaker


      Hey thanks buddy, really appreciate your comments and feedback Ronnie. Hugs

  9. I just love MEN, so any cock I will service and finish off the guy, does not matter on size, I will suck. I also love it when they have big balls that come through that I can play with, all men have cocks, I have a mouth to use. I remember a bloke in NYC ABS, think it was Blue something, anyway this small cock came through, I gladly sucked it to completion and pulled on his beautiful balls. We came out of the booths at the same and looked at each other, he was a hunk, tall guy, beard, blue eyes, he smiled. Anyway, we got to talking in the store, he asked if I fancied a drink, no
  10. Maybe I see it differently, supporting families and patients who have Covid or have died from the virus, having to try and get people with Covid discharged to places who really dont want them. To have families, bribing or begging or threatening you to spend time with their dying relative and it cant be. Funerals same, closed coffins, no chance to say goodbye. I aint no angel and have lived on dick all my life, I have been very very tempted on more than one occassion, but, not being a saint, still stayed away from hook ups, because it Matters to peoples lives. I will continue support
  11. I get turned on by guys wanking or mentioning it. Also when on here, I am always wanking as I am hornier. Love the real life stories, Gallery etc and can wank about 3 times a day. I always wank into underpants, that I may wear the next day. Qs How often do you wank? Are you always wanking whilst on here? What do you wank about? What do you clean up with? Do you always cum? Please tell us.. Nany thanks.
  12. Sexy avator, great body..

  13. Not too sure about this, but only my view, certainly not in my brain. I agree, I love pakistani and arabic men, I lovd the dark eyes, hair, skin tone, they fit my desire on so many levels, so do older men, like a grandads age. But thst does not take me away from any cock, cock is cock. Imo, its about what floats your boat. What you like. Race does not come into it, but a preference may.
  14. Darkroom Taker - so Real and HOT !   Exciting and Beautiful Male 2 Male Action - some of it has HOT / Wonderful - times I really enjoyed - Wishing I was your Cousin , Brother , or Neighbor - Male was born to be used - Squirting HOT Cum juices - doing it ALL !   "  KEEP IT UP !  "

    1. DarkroomTaker


      Hey, thanks bud...

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