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  1. I'm absolutely horny to find piss buddies and pervs of all ages for chat and meetups. Versatile nasty perv pig here. Hit me up at wcbbpig@yahoo.com, wickr - eastbaybi. All types welcome.
  2. Got hit up on asspig this morning, hot beefy Mexican top with aan uncut beer can dick I haven't heard from in several years. His girl wouldn't let him take her ass so he was looking for a hole to ruin. I drove over and he has me put on his girl's little thong and proceeds to bend me over and eat my hole like a starved man. He then goes to the door and lets in another guy, young chub with an average dick. He forces me to my knees and makes me suck on the new guy while he works his dick into my ass, commenting on what a slut I was and what a fine fat ass I've got. The next half hour is spen
  3. Looking for versatile piss and breeding buds near Walnut Creek. Bi perv dad here.
  4. Versatile daddy with a free weekend. The only limitation is I cannot host. Got a gangbang going? Happy to contribute a load. Need a hole to breed? I got a hungry one here. Want to whore me out? Blindfold? Toys? Piss fucking? Absolutely! Just tell me where to be. You're a boy or trans that needs a good daddy breeding? I'm there. I can be a bit of a perv, too. Open to anything that makes you or me cum. Let's have some fun!
  5. I want to breed those holes. Walnut Creek, here.
  6. I knew all the cruising parks and tearooms in Portland when I lived there, and used them extensively, but change happens. So, where do guys go to get laid out in nature? I looked at CFS, but so many of the reviews are so old, I doubt they are accurate. I'll be in town for a few days, so I won't have time for hit and miss. So, where would be the best place to pig out on a Sunday afternoon? Or a Saturday, or even a Friday? Anyone want to volunteer to show me around?
  7. I've booked a room at the Palms. I intend to spend as much time as possible getting fucked there. Watersports is most welcomed, too.
  8. Saw "Tall and Thick" online, asked if he wanted to breed my hole. 15 minutes later I've got his BBC buried in my mouth. He has me get on the bed, ass up face down and he pushes his thick cock into my hole. He knows how to stretch a hole! After a while he, he adds a dildo to double fuck me! This time I take the whole thing, and he goes to town on my ass, pumping a big load all the way in there. I couldn't believe how intense it was! I felt like he was ruining my hole! After he pops out, I give his cock a good cleaning, milking out the last of the cum with my mouth. I hope this guy becomes
  9. Yesterday : been talking with a guy into daddy/son, he hits me up in the morning, wants to get Fucked and drink my piss. I start tanking up on water and take a vitamin v and clean out (a good scout is always prepared). I go to his apartment building and he meets me in the lobby. We go to a small storage room, where he immediately goes to his knees and goes to town on my cock, taking it down his throat to the balls. He pulls down his shorts and starts jacking himself. He stands up and we make out hard while jacking each other. "do you like your son's hard dick, daddy?"Well, I had to be a taste
  10. Friday: Having coffee after breakfast in a downtown diner when my buddy the shopkeeper pings me. Him : how are you? Me : good. Having coffee. Wanna fuck? Him : yes! So I go to his shop and he closes up, we go in the back room and strip, make out a bit, he turns me around, lube my hole and shoes in his uncut dick. 5 minutes later, load acquired. 10 minutes later I see the bbc from last week online. Me :my hole is hungry for some. Think you can help with that? Him : yeah. How soon can you be here? 15 minutes later I'm sucking his 9" beer can to attention. He's a really big guy,
  11. Epic day! Load #1: my buddy who runs a shop in the mall. Invited me over, took me in the back room, we made out and he fucked me bare, leaning up against the shelves. I left carrying his load. Lead #2: New contact on Grindr. BBC, 6' 11", 250# with a nice beer belly, fat tits and a 8" beer can swinging between his legs and bull balls to match. Didn't take long to suck him hard, he but me on my knees and plugged from behind. His meat filled my entire hole. He fucked me inside out for a half hour and filled my hole with cum. I walked away in a daze. Load #3: I add some business
  12. Monday morning, hit up a guy that runs a shop in the mall near me. He wanted my ass before he opened. I got there and he was on a conference call. He muted the call and took me into the back room. We made out for a bit and felt each other up. He pushed my head down to his hard cock, which I sucked while he fingered my hole. He turned me around, I braced myself on a shelf and he pushed it into my hole bare. Ten minutes of hard fucking and he folks my hole with a huge load of cum, which I held inside for most of the day. He let me out and returned to his call.
  13. This morning went to meet a dl buddy while his wife was out. Huge cock with freshly shaved pubes and huge balls. I did my best to suck it (real 9“ jawbreaker) then presented my hole, which he pounded balls deep for 10 or 15 minutes and left a huge load deep. When I got home another BBC buddy messaged me, needed to breed my hole. I went over and got naked. He had me lay on my side and present my hole, which he greased up and proceeded to stuff fill out his substantial meat. He fucked me hard and fast for 20 minutes, hitting all the right spots. He planted a huge load and proceeded to fuck
  14. Guy just left. Had an hour with an empty house, hit up a few guys on bbrts. Younger geeky scruffy bear cub comes over. Average size dick, hard as a rock with big balls. Started out swapping blow jobs, lots of nope play and rough kissing. I bent him over and lubed up his hole, fixed him hard for awhile. Right now! Lubed my hole and spotted places. He used my hole hard and dumped a huge load real quick, got dressed and went back to work. . I stuffed in a plug to keep it in.
  15. I'm planning a week in Portland in early August. What's a good motel for open door all night anonymous hole breeding? Is there a motel known for cruising? I'll want to have this hole open for some hot Oregon piss and cum. I might also be open for a home stay. Who wants to whore out this hole?
  16. Definitely hit me up. Versatile daddy with a healthy beer gut. Only play raw...
  17. While I like the idea behind Squirt.org, I get annoyed at the arbitrary limits placed on what you can do with a free account. Does anyone here have a paid account? Is it worthwhile at all? Do you get any hookups off it? Thanks.
  18. I'm looking for a while lot of fun and lots in my hole. Who's up for helping me out?
  19. I have a rare weekend off Feb. 17-20 and I need someone to help whore out my clean, tight and hungry hole. I need it bred with cum and piss from as many raw cocks as possible. I don't pop, but I love poppers. I can't host, but I can travel within the Bay area. WCbbPig on bbrts and a4a, westoakpig on asspig and waterboys. Let's do it!
  20. I have a top/versatile buddy I like to visit on my way to work. If I see him online, he's always up for a mid-day breeding, and sometimes I breed his hot little hole, too. I stopped in yesterday and we got right to it, with me bent over the bed sucking his cock while he starts working my hole with his fingers. The plan was to take some time to see just what he could stuff in there (he has some lovely toys to stretch out a man pussy), but he couldn't help getting behind me and stuffing my hole with his cock. When that happens, it never takes long before he pumps his big lead deep inside. We c
  21. I work afternoons and evenings, so most of my play time is mornings. A cumdump buddy who lives near my work put up a Quick Connect ad on BBRTS, so I stopped by on my way to work. The door was open and he was upstairs, face down, beefy hairy ass spread wide open, his hole winking at the door. As I approached the doorway of his room I just had to drink in the beauty of that well framed hole. After a moment spent talking in the eye candy, I dove in, face first. He moaned as I worked his clean hole with my mouth, eating it like a true pig. Once was good and wet and fully open, I stepped b
  22. I love having a big load of piss in my hole. And it feels great to piss into a warm hole and then fuck it in there. Damn!
  23. I really don't remember my first load. It was probably when I first started playing with guys in the tearooms at the University as a graduate student. I would have been 27 or 28 about 1990. There was a really active tearoom scene on campus and a hot video arcade just off campus. Been seeking out anon loads ever since.
  24. Absolutely I take and give loads anonymous. As many as I can! Gloryholes, tearooms, parks, bathhouse, video arcade, online hookups, wherever I can find it.
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