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There are no results to display.


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Found 31 results

  1. dad son incest taboo

    Looking to chat about family incest Kink, son & dad, etc. Love stroking, fantasies, roleplay, experiences let’s chat NOW - phone (you can call me with your number blocked! Wickr johnanaheim
  2. Im all for nasty, pervy, raw uninhibited sex, and i understand the thought process behind being just a hole, but when guys tell me theyre not into making out or any foreplay i tend to be turned off. I find something sluttier about a man that wants to tongue kiss me and suck om my nipples like tits, etc. in addition to giving me a load or two. Now granted this doesn't mean i can't be face fucked, slapped, choked, and fuck like a toy (cuz that's affection too😈) but i just prefer a fuller experience. Anyone else like this?
  3. Looking for wild sex 22 wm here

    I am open to anything just hmu and we can figure it out I haven't done much but looking to change so who will be the first to train me Kik me at riverratjo
  4. Kik riverratjo hey guys I am in Florida 22wm blonde blue bi vers 145lbs 5.6ft 7in cut clean I haven't done much but looking to get really freaky and open to gangbang and more I am looking for a guy or a group of guys to break me into it I would really love to do it so maybe you or your friends cum together and help me out I can't host but open to getting a room or if we hit it off make it a regular thing if you want to then you can use me how ever you want i am open to moving also i have pics and no limites here so Kik me at riverratjo
  5. So what is the best age to start sucking cocks and milk them from cum? When did you start doing it? Discuss!
  6. Perv men fun

    Love jerking to vids of young men being sucked, rimmed, and piss/cum play....Please send a dropbox with the wildest thing you got.....Hit me up. No limits real experience,
  7. Taboo Perv

    Twisted taboo no limit perving chat on kik (cumwhoreslut5432) or wickr (cumslut5432)
  8. Hey ya guys! What's up this fine evening? We got clouds, several dropbox links full of our perv'd turn on's like dad, son's, brother's, incest. KIK: WhiteHawk8x Wickr: WhiteHawk8x
  9. Looking for perv/taboo talk, trade pics and vids, into beast, dog. Hit me up, nothing shocks me. KiK: WhiteHawk8x Wickr: WhiteHawk8x
  10. I a twisted perv, no limits, the more twisted and perv you are, the more I get turned on. Am into taboo twisted chat, hook-up and trade pics or vids...... you first..........Love POPPERS, gooning, sounds, ect I am in DC, VA Metro area KIK: Soyborikua Wickr: thejackal70
  11. Perv Talk

    Hit me up for perv talk, trade pics and vids Wickr : WhiteHawk8x
  12. Taboo Perv porn.

    Hey fellow pigs!! Sick twisted dad here looking for genuine taboo Perv for meets n porn trade. Looking to be pozzed n willing to pay. Young(legal), scat some of stuff love.
  13. Dirty WV bookstore

    Was heading back to Cincinnati from the hinterlands of west virginia. Was hard all the way because I knew I was stopping at ne of my favorite bookstores, Route 35 Adult Books. FUCKING SLEAZY place. Pull into the lot and smoke a bowl before I go in. Weed always makes me super horny and piggy. I go in and pay for my tokens. See average guy in the arcade. Went to a booth that had a huge gloryhole. He walks in and shoves a greeat big thick beautiful cock through the hole. I start sucking. FOr about 5 minutes I went at it then gave up. Watched a bit of the movie then let him go. Walked around another 20 minutes thinking of that cock. I make a lap and find him cock out sitting in a chair in the open courtyard kind of area the booths made. Seeing him bate got me so horney i lowered my pants and winked my hole at him. He slid up behind ad shoved his raw unsheathed dick balls deep in my hole. he pumped for about 5 and then said he could not cum. I bolted to the other side that like one big open room with everyone fucking. Standing by the gay couch is this hot 35 yo ish muscle stud, I sit down and within 5 seconds his cock is out so I know hes ready to play. I strip and sit right down on his raw cock. I must have ridden his cock for about 10 minutes when he erupts just as i an bottoming out on his cock. I sat there impaled for another 10 before he went soft. His load tated delicious as I cleaned him with my mouth
  14. Gay UK KIK chat

    Post your KIK ID for chat, anything goes guys, connect with like-minded people....
  15. 34m 5'10" 165 looking to chat with a local perv who loves the smooth fresh meat. Into many pervy things. No limits at all in convo. I wanna hear ur stories and see what we can make come true. Hit me up on k..k irishfearbod. Northside
  16. Never before has there walke, a black man so perverted and proud. When I say no limits, that's what it means. No limits. I am highly marketable and mankind loves me. In the depths of my black nigger balls, there's a beautiful and sweet gift. A freedom that mankind has not cherished with its heart the way it should. They key to everlasting life- the breaker of conformity. Poz and charged, free at last. Some say I'm twisted because I worship the toxic seed, but I say- freedom is it's own reward. What greater joy is there than an room full of slammed up, poz pigs- worshiping and loving heir toxic bodies. Enjoying sharing strains with one another. Plotting on there next twisted deeds. Stealth. Stealth. Stealth. That's what the fire is saying. Free them , Free them all. Slammed up with each other's toxic blood; needles shared- they swap poz loads from hole to hole. Abuse each other's holes with chem piss and fisting. Double penetration, frozen poz nut, nut and chem piss smoothies, and all. They are disgusting and perverted creatures living in the beauty of their depravity. Alone, I am , the Black Twisted Pig. In a see of beautiful white pussy, worshiping my glorious black body and dick. I am a God and I decree freedom and perversion. I escort the new shy pigs into the gates of sin and show them the glorious light that is worship. Worship my Dick! And you will be rewarded! In unison, all slammed up and chemmed up, they speak, " Yes Daddy." For there obedience they are tied down, collar to collar connected. Their glorious holes up in the are, on there backs- legs up. Chained together in twisted brotherhood. There reward- a night of endless pounding and anonymous dicks. As each one is pounded they look in the devious eyes of there attackers; proudly stamped with their biohazards. Each load they receive is a gift; and each dick they receive is a rewards. Filled with toxic piss and huge booty bumps. Each one slammed again! Corrupted and full, used and fulfilled. Each one, now a true brother; charged and ready to be free... ( if liked, I'll make a part two)
  17. Anyone in HEB area who wants to get nasty with a fellow dirty whore?
  18. Opening a line to connect Fort Myers Florida brotherhood. What's going on out there. Me and partner new to the area. Share, share, share......the brotherhood......Both vers raunch pigs, one more top and other more bottom.
  19. All Over FL

    Its time we brought this forum back to life. I travel all over florida... poz bottom, love poz tops. Pervy
  20. Married Dads

    I was traveling for business, and, after a long, stressful week, was horned up in the hotel room so I posted on CL for a small group of anonymous fun. My posting said I was looking for straight/married dad/bros, and that I would be be blindfolded and give any guys a BJ, but open to more. There were mixed responses: most were not a good match but three guys looked decent, having sent their body and cock pics. I sealed the deal and waited in bed. First guy (A) came in, sat in bed wasting no time touching me, spooned me in his arms, kissed my cheeks. His breath was fresh and minty. He had showered and had a beer belly but wasn't out of shape. I began playing with his soft cock, and about then the second guy (B) arrived. The two guys greeted each other, typical straight dudes, very macho. My heart was beating faster. B wrapped his arms around me, kissed my cheek and not shy at all, kissed my lips. He was quite tall, and I was pleased when, without hesitation, he kissed me, his wide mouth easily swallowing mine, sucking my tongue and lips into his mouth and ramming his tongue down my throat. Ah, he was a smoker but he had chewing gum which balanced the taste, in a good way. After we kissed, the two daddies exchanged small chat. I learned each was married but had ample experience with guys. The second guy undressed and gestured for me to lay down on the bed. He climbed behind me, spooning me from the back. A asked B if he was going to fuck my pussy, to which B whispered on my ear "Be our bitch tonight." They weren't seeking my agreement, but rather were merely informing me because I hadn't made any response. A meanwhile began kissing me, and I was happy to give in. Then B lifted up my legs, burying his face in between my ass cheeks, rimming and eating my hole. A shift away his focus away from my mouth and said "Yeah, get that pussy ready for me." The conversation between both guys continued as they exchanged tales of their sexual encounters with their high school girlfriends and even their wives. I learned A had met his first girlfriend in high school, and, after several months of only making out, every time he touched her pussy, she would get up and leave. He became increasingly horny and was desperate to fuck her. One night they went to a birthday party, where he got somewhat buzzed and she was absolutely drunk. When they got home, they made out as usual and this time she didn't object when he removed her panties. He remembered he was excited and yet nervous. Anyhow, as he told us how she moaned as he played with her pussy, he pushed his cock against my hole, which, he commented, reminded him of when he first fucked his girlfriend. At this moment, I felt A's cock in my mouth as he went down on mine. "You're precumming crazy down here," he commented as he lubed my hole. "Yeah, at that time I just wanted to enter her, so I pushed and rubbed her warm hole. I could feel I was precumming heavily in her hole, so it was really wet. I just keep pushing gently," and as he said his, he slid his cock head into my ass. A asked "You gonna bareback his pussy?" B didn't actually respond, but instead softly moaned, pushed his way into my hole, gently fucking away, each thrust deeper. I would have moaned out loud if A's cock was not in my mouth. It swelled considerably, oozing precum into my mouth, as B pounded harder and harder. Then I felt a strong squirt of tasty cum in my mouth and immediately he pulled his cock out of my mouth. A turned my face to him, snowballing his cum with me, almost stealing all the cum from my mouth into his, only to spit it back into my mouth. This went back and forth several times as, at the same time, he thrust into my ass hard, and held still, blowing his load deep in my hole. When he withdrew his cock, the cum oozed out of my hole, so I licked it up as best I could. The taste of his cum, and the memory of him barebacking me caused me to make another mess on the bed. We forgot about the third guy as he never showed-up. His loss.
  21. Perv Kik

    No limits perv bottom here hit me up on kik @bbguy1987
  22. Visiting Indianapolis 9.24 (around 1 p.m.) until early morning 9.26. I hope to be getting fucked or getting high the entire time. Hosting gangbang at my hotel (Super 8 in Castleton) on 9.24 at 4 p.m. Looking to take all loads. Love vids/pics being made/taken, and bonus if you have a biohaz tatt. Always wanted to have a vid of a man with a biohaz tatt unloading deep inside me. Into many different scenes including anonymous fucks, forced, dad/son, older/younger, and just being a cumhole for any hard cock. I like leather, jocks, outdoors (can't get busted), videobooths, bathhouses, sex clubs. I'm 33 azn from east coast. 115#, 5'8", slim, naturally smooth body, black hair (short), brown eyes. No age hang ups here. You be a man wanting to top and blow a load and that's all I care about. Helps if you're bigger than me in height/weight but not a must. No other bottom-minded guys though.
  23. 30 and 25 here (we role play as brothers all the time) and super open minded! Any other Houston boys out there that like getting freaky? *guys not guess in the title lololol
  24. Fantasy And Experience

    I have quite a few fantasys that i want acted out i was wondering on a few of yours? Maybe some of the pervy stuff you did? How you you went about doing it? Or just some nice pervy chat. A few of my fantasies are: being raped, stealthed, pozzed, bound, pimped out, and just all around used against my will let me know some of yours!
  25. Looking to load up some locals for thanksgiving...much younger is much better!

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