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  1. If you don’t already have it, get Squirt membership. It’s got good info about everything you’ll need to know. Plus, you can tell all the regulars that you’re on your way …bonus! if you’re going all out and making a night of it then your best bet will be an Uber unless you’re way too far. I pity the poor drivers picking up there, silicon lube is a bugger on the car seats 😈 some of the chat on Squirt is about the heath not being busy enough but I’ve always had a great night there. Have a great trip!
  2. Routine trip to clinic and all clear. After the past few months I’m thinking…..how the FUCK did that happen 🤪.

  3. Maybe they couldn’t get anyone to agree to empty that bin….they should have put an ad for that job here 😂
  4. That’s a trip worth making. I just fucking love that kind of night, can’t get enough.
  5. Actually your ok, the bin has since disappeared.
  6. [think before following links] https://youtu.be/CYQAOyGo0nI kind of says it all 🐷
  7. None last night. But I’ve been in full leathers before. Nice but gets a bit restrictive when I’m just desperate to get fucked
  8. The same fuck tree I took those loads last night 😜
  9. Not very busy in the end but got some good fucks and left with 3 loads in my ass
  10. Im hoping for an all-nighter 😜
  11. So maybe chaps at least
  12. I’ll see how I feel on the night. Last time I was in jock and harness, but that was summer
  13. Yup, add in Grindr and it’s a dying art most places. So, I make the most of it when I get to somewhere it’s still going….roll on Saturday
  14. Thanks. Proper old fashioned cruising is my ultimate play. Can’t get enough
  15. Planning to be on Hampstead Heath sat night 16th April. Wil be looking for loads! Weather looks warm and dry so it should be a good night I hope
  16. Planning to play this weekend….now to find a top willing to be filmed !
  17. Or a simple BZ written on the ass. It’ll drive people wild trying to figure out what it is and how one joins the exclusive club!
  18. Well I’ve just left the cam, had 3 guys watching me play (alone sadly, with dildo in my ass) while they fisted their btm pig. Sleazy as hell.
  19. Not exactly JFF/OF but In the age of (generic non-branded) video conferencing platforms anyone can put themselves out there to be watched or filmed. I love it, and get a real kick knowing guys are watching me getting fucked and bred. It isn’t for everyone and Ive found some tops are up for it, only to get stage fright when the cam is on. When it works it’s horny as fuck. I love reading the messages that come in through the chat box…usually telling me what a filthy whore I am .
  20. Just back from the Heath. Started 11pm and spent most of the time until 5.30am bent over the fuck tree in jock and harness. Could have been busier really but had some good cock in my ass and took 4 nice loads.
  21. Visiting london and will be at the Heath, HH and taking loads Friday 3rd Sep. Hoping for an all night session.
  22. Last weekend at a truck-stop/lay-by. There’s a nice wooded area behind the road and guys come, park up and cruise. My usual cruising tactic....jeans down, bent over a bench with ass out and head down. Fucked by 5 guys and 3 of them gave me a load. One guy insisted on using a rubber but he liked the fact I kept it and put his load up my ass. He even came back later to show my ass to a mate! It all ended when it Started raining and all the guys disappeared, I’d have carried on of course but I left satisfied. Anyway.
  23. Monthly naked party at a club, very busy as always. Within an hour I'd taken 7 cocks but sadly no loads as most guys were pacing themselves. Then I kind of lost count but in total today I make it around 12 cocks with 4 giving me their loads. A bit of spit roasting, some time in the sling....a good afternoon.
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