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  1. Bathhouses are hit-or-miss, especially at non-peak times.
  2. I agree that geography is a huge factor. I’m a late 40-something gay guy living in Manhattan and Uncoupled is reasonably representative, if heightened, portrait of social life and interactions in certain affluent social circles.
  3. Flip fucking with twins. I found twin escorts once. One fucked me and the other would only let me suck his dick. They wouldn’t do anything with each other. It was hot that they were identical, but I left disappointed with the sex.
  4. I didn’t know there were such things as gay swinger parties.
  5. An empty bathhouse is incredibly boring and rather depressing. I would focus on peak times when there’s likely to be action and get a cheap hotel room for impromptu hookups off the apps for the slower times.
  6. Being rejected, however politely and for whatever reason, is never fun. I prefer it when guys simply don’t respond (and I do the same).
  7. He only has four options: Don’t hookup Use condoms Go on PrEP Accept that he is likely to convert None of these, apart from abstinence, is foolproof, be he should be able to do his own risk-reward analysis.
  8. Haven’t met a bareback bottom that didn’t want my load in years. Before PrEP, some guys (myself included) would be open to barebacking without cumming, but now everyone wants the load. However, I’m very verbal and love dirty talk so I always announce that I’m about to breed a bottom.
  9. I used to cum multiple times, but now I’m in my 40s, not so much.
  10. Play it by ear and be flexible. You’re into a lot so it shouldn’t be a problem. Every venue has slow nights, but if it’s a place known for having glory holes, you should be able to get some loads. It’s not hard to figure out who are the pig sluts in places like that. No secret codes required.
  11. More or less everyone in New York that attends sex parties fucks bareback nowadays so the Cumunion party isn’t particularly different than any other party.
  12. I don’t meet beforehand. I don’t even like cursory chat before. I find it best to get naked and go at it right away. Any delay and people start to overthink the situation, get second thoughts, etc. If a guy’s completely not as advertised I’ll walk away or say it’s not going to work, but otherwise don’t want to do anything that could break the mood.
  13. In London for work and staying near Hyde Park. Headed over to the rose garden just after dark last night and was amazed at how busy it was for a Monday night. I was only there for 30 minutes but saw 20 to 30 guys popping in and out of the bushes. Got my dick sucked and blew a load down an eager throat. I’ve never seen so many guys openly cruising in such a public space. Heading back tonight for round two.
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