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  1. Good luck, CumdumpIT. I was in NY for a month or so during the winter, and found it very difficult. It seems to me the scene is quite different to the one we’ve become used to in Europe: in the city itself there seem to be very few (if any) of the kind of sex clubs, bars or saunas that we take for granted in London or Berlin. I think things are based more around the hook-up apps and privately arranged parties in hotels, etc., so you might need to invest some time in a bit of pre-planning, and try to arrange some meets in advance, preferably with guys that know their way around over there. I’m not sure you can just turn up spontaneously at a given bar or club on any given night, and expect to take multiple loads. I’d love to hear how you get on in New York. I’d also love to hear from any guys actually based in New York about how the scene works over there and where I went wrong in February. I’m planning another trip in September, so don’t want to make the same mistake twice!
  2. This is it exactly. I have a complicated but effective regime that I just don’t break. If something gets in the way of a particular session on a particular day, then I’ll make it up the next day or the day after that. It’s non-negotiable. If you start finding an excuse to skip one session, then you’ll find an excuse to skip the next, and the next. My motivation is sex. Like RangerRick, I find that at my age, I have to look the best I can if I’m to compete with all the younger cumdumps out there. So far, it’s working, but I can’t take that for granted.
  3. For long sessions with multiple tops, doggie is better for me. It’s comfortable, and I find I can go for hours in that position. Tops can pound me as hard as they like, as deep as they like and as long as they like. But on my back with my legs over his shoulders is more intimate: I can see his face, he can kiss me if he wants, and his fuck somehow feels more penetrating. But I struggle with the bigger dicks in this position, and after a while it becomes uncomfortable. Even in a sling, my back starts to hurt after a while, though it is undoubtedly a very hot way to get fucked. Every position has its pluses and its minuses. Variety is the spice of life: it’s all good- mix it up!
  4. I’m afraid to me and most Brits of a certain age, the word “pussy” is always going to conjure images of Mrs. Slocombe from ‘Are You Being Served?’. And for those of you unfamiliar with that 1970s sitcom, it’s not an image you want popping up in the throes of passion!
  5. Went to Hard On again last night, which is a monthly sex club event in London. Only my second time there, but it’s looking like it might become a regular fixture. Competition for bench space can be tough: there aren’t that many padded benches suitable for fucking to start with, and only a handful are in good positions with plenty of passing traffic. Needless to say all the cumdumps know exactly where they are and make a beeline for them on arrival. Anyway, I did alright, and this time I tried really hard to keep track of the loads I took. Reckon I got 13 or 14 in total. Lost count of the actual fucks, but must have been easily double that. Best load of the night was in a sling actually, of which there are half-a-dozen or so. It was getting late, and I’d lost my slot on the fuck bench. Rather than wondering around, I climbed into a vacant sling, more for a rest than anything else: I rarely have much luck in slings. Anyway, this time I was followed by a handsome blond leather jock, who wasted no time slipping his big cock inside me and proceeded to fuck me with great skill. As I’m usually a head-down-arse-up kind of bottom, I rarely get to see the top’s face as he fucks me, and had forgotten what a pleasure it is. I loved seeing the agony and the ecstasy as he pounded away at my arse, the intense focus in his eyes as he approached his orgasm, and then the sheer relief when he finally came. But what I really loved was the broad grin that spread across his face once he’d finished, the grin that says- from one bloke to another- “That was fucking hot, mate, thanks for sharing such an intense moment with me”. Because after all, that’s what it’s all about- two men briefly connecting on an enhanced level of being. I think I need to make more use of the slings in future...
  6. I work for myself as a landscaper too, DannyBoyCMH, so understand how that line of work presents all kinds of opportunities for outdoor fun. I’ve also made great use of clients’ garages and garden sheds over the years, always with the slight fear that I’m going to get caught out one time. I’m currently working at a golf course where I frequently invite men over and entertain them in the bushes, particularly now the weather is warming up. Only ever oral, though. I’m too hung up about not being cleaned out to venture into outdoor fucking: working outdoors means I have very limited scope to prep myself.
  7. Anyone planning on going to Hard On tomorrow (20/04)?
  8. It used to bother me too, DarkroomTaker. But I’ve got used to it, and now I find it quite hot. Our perception of certain words and phrases can change over time, depending on how they are used. I’m just grateful if a top is verbal/communicative enough to call it anything at all!
  9. I’ll second that. My nipples are very small, and not sensitive in any way, shape or form. I read somewhere that 60 percent of guys have have sexually sensitive nipples, and 40 percent don’t... or it may be the other way round. Either way- it’s not fair! Those of us who don’t are missing out on an entire erogenous zone (or two)! Very envious of those guys that do... Trouble is, it makes me very poor at nipple play, because I just don’t get it. Usually I just forget the nipples altogether during sex (they don’t even register), and when a guy does ask me to play with his nipples, I’m rather half-hearted about it. Kind of like: “blah, blah, blah- can we get back to your cock now?” I know I’m supposed to please my top, but I find nipple play rather boring, and should perhaps stick with tops who share my lack of sensitivity/interest in that area. I wish I could come up with some clever plus side to having small, crappy, functionally useless nipples, but I really can’t. It just sucks. I should imagine that’s why most of the replies to this thread seem to be from guys who do have sensitive nipples: the guys who don’t will just skip it and direct their attention to something they can get excited about.
  10. Oh, I just put up with it lol. To be honest, there seem to be enough tops to go around, and I usually get my fair share. Of course, I’d rather have them all to myself, but I live in the real world and that’s never going to happen, except in a private gangbang maybe (and I’m always open to offers for that 😀). I have to say that in general, I find the ratio of tops to bottoms not nearly as disadvantageous as is often made out on this site. I find it usually pays to get to clubs and parties fairly early. It seems to me that many tops arrive early, shoot and leave. I used to think that hanging around till the end would be a good strategy, but I’ve noticed that by the time the event is drawing to a close, all the tops have gone and you’re just left with the bottoms, exhausted but still horny, all eyeing each other up in vain.
  11. I have to say, it’s the main reason I don’t like sharing a top with other bottoms. I’m Aries- everything becomes a competition. I’ve had a couple of encounters where a top has deliberately pitted me against another bottom, promising his load to whoever does the better job. I hate that, and although I’ll go along with it because I’m sub, I’ll steer clear of that top in the future. Trouble is, I have to be first, and I have to get the load: the whole encounter is ruined by the idea that I might not get it. I know that’s selfish of me, but I just can’t help it. As it happens, I love hanging out with other bottoms when we’re not in direct competition with each other, eg: the bar area of a sex club. But when it comes to the fuck bench, I want them all to just disappear and leave me as the only hole in the village.
  12. Oh dear. I’m going to stick my head above the parapet here. I don’t shave. Never have. Hairy all the way- just as nature intended. Actually, I’m just lazy. It seems to me that for every top out there that likes ‘em smooth, there’s one that likes ‘em hairy. So I don’t bother: I don’t think shaving would land me any more cock. But it seems to me from some of the other responses to this topic that a lot of bottoms shave simply because they prefer the look/feel of it themselves. And I’m all for that- it’s as good a reason as any to go to all that effort. But for me- well, I guess it’s just not my thing.
  13. “Something spiritual”. Love it. It’s not called Cumunion for nothing... I think a lot of us cumdumps may feel there is something spiritual about taking anon cock and multiple loads. It’s hard to put into words because I guess it comes from somewhere deep in our DNA that predates language. But when I’m being fucked by a random stranger, I feel on one level that I’m not communing with just the one individual, but that I’m in some kind of communion with every male on the planet: half of humanity. The individual represents the universal. And so on that basis, it doesn’t really matter what he looks like, because in some way he represents every man that has ever existed. It’s powerful stuff. Not sure if the top feels the same- maybe he’s just getting off. But that’s just fine lol.

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