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  1. Blimey, from haemorrhoids to biblical quotes and the Divine Right of Kings, and all in one easy thread! Only in America, boys
  2. Never! Cumming destroys my horn for days at a time, and turns me into a normal person. I’d much rather be a slutty cum-hungry cumpdump craving loads all day long and whoring my arse out to all and sundry.
  3. Anyone going to Hardon this Coming Saturday (July 20th)? Would be great to meet someone there from this site, either for a drink or a fuck (or both)
  4. Anyone going to Hardon this coming Saturday (July 20th)? Would be great to hook up with someone from this site, either as a buddy or a fuck!
  5. It’s gotta be Berlin, hasn’t it? Never been, but seems to be Europe’s current hot spot for sex of all kinds. Choose a weekend when they’ve got Fickstutenmarkt on, and I’ll come with you!
  6. Ok, this actually happened to me today and I’m quite excited about it, because although it does happen from time to tome, it’s quite a rare event for me. I was at a sex event in London, and was getting ready to leave, when this fit mixed race guy suddenly comes out of nowhere, pushes me down flat on a large padded fuck bench, and lies down on top of me, pinning me down completely with the weight of his body, squeezing my legs together with his. He’s inside me in no time, and after a few minutes vigorous fucking he cums, and I can feel every.fucking.spurt. Swelling and pulsing is exactly how it feels, and it’s the hottest feeling there is! I can only assume that it was either the force of his orgasm or the position we were in which made it possible to feel him cum: usually I don’t feel anything. I certainly don’t think it has much to do with the tightness of my arse: this was after four hours of pretty intense fucking, and he was cock number 32. By this stage, my arse was as sloppy as. Anyway, I decided to call it a day after he got up and left: I wanted to keep his load inside me, and didn’t want some other fucker to come along and fuck it out of me without leaving a deposit of his own, something which happens all too often. I should have posted this in “My Last Load”, but as this topic has come up again, I thought it more appropriate to post it here.
  7. I don’t buy into this idea that there are more bottoms than tops. It always looks like that on sites like this, because I think bottoms are more prone to chatting about sex than tops. Many bottoms like me only cum once in a blue moon, which means we’re always horny, always edging, always looking for the next load- and always on sites like this talking about it. When tops are horny, they are more likely to find a hole and dump their load in it- thereby releasing themselves (at least temporarily) from the grip of horniness, and freeing themselves to do other things. In real world situations, I find that the ratio of tops to bottoms is fairly even. This seems to be true in clubs, in bathhouses, and online. The only difference is that most tops only cum once, and when they’re done, they go. Whereas the bottoms hang around longer, waiting for more loads. This does indeed mean by the end of an afternoon sex club session like SBN, for example, there will inevitably be more bottoms than tops. And the moral that story? Get there early! Speculating further, I believe that in fact there are far more tops out there than bottoms, if you were to take all the straight guys into account. If we ever reach a point in society where there is absolutely no stigma around m2m sex, I think we’ll find there’s about 1 cumdump for every 10 tops- evolution’s perfect ratio to guarantee satisfaction for everyone! Until that day, however, I’ll just have to fantasise
  8. What a curious situation. I wonder what made this guy assume that he was somehow in the position of sexual superiority that he could demand money off the OP. How would he have reacted if the OP had turned round and countered his hustle with a hustle if his own, along the lines of “Er, you should be paying me for the privilege of fucking my ass- come on, cough up, loser!”. Is it because he was the top, or because he was younger, or perceived himself to be better looking? (Sorry, I don’t know the OP’s stats.) I dislike the attitude of many young tops that they occupy the number one slot in the sexual hierarchy. Being young doesn’t necessarily make you hot, and being top is nothing special either. I think all bottoms of all ages should value themselves and their booty more highly, and not perpetuate the “young top trumps all” stereotype.
  9. I’m not convinced that haemorrhoids have anything to do with sex, in fact this is the first time I’ve heard that. In the past, I have had very occasional haemorrhoid flare ups, but that was years before I started bottoming, and in fact since I started taking it up the arse, I haven’t had any at all. I can imagine though that having sex during a flare up would be very uncomfortable, and would likely make them even worse, so I do have sympathy for the OP’s situation. Similarly, as far as I’m aware, herpes is a completely unrelated condition, and so is the idea that you can get haemorrhoids from heavy lifting: surely that’s a hernia. I seem to remember that the main cause of haemorrhoids is diet, particularly a low fibre one. And some people are just more susceptible to them than others, which is just plain unlucky. So yes, to a certain extent haemorrhoids are just a fact of life, but not to the degree that you are experiencing them, Makingwords. Usually flare ups will just go away by themselves, or can be helped along with the application of various ointments, etc. But more stubborn haemorrhoids may need to be treated surgically. In any case, I think you should probably discuss it with a medically trained expert, as we’re all in danger of giving you misinformation in this thread. After all, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about: it’s a condition that affects millions upon millions of us, regardless of whether we have sex or not.
  10. I’m relatively new to this world of sex-crazed debauchery that is the Breeding Zone, and still finding my way as a fledgling cumdump. Last year I lost my partner of 25 years to cancer, and many aspects of my life have changed since then. Living out the fantasies I was unable to explore during that relationship is one of them. At this point, I cannot see myself ever being able to replicate what I had during those 25 years with another man, although that does not mean I am closed to the idea of a future relationship. However, I think that next time round, it will be more about companionship than love, but who knows? Whether or not a cumdump lifestyle precludes this, time will tell. I hope not. And as I can see myself settling down at some point with either a fellow cumdump bottom or a sympathetic top, at least that widens the field to some extent. In the mean time, I’m enjoying my new life as a cumdump. Although it doesn’t come anywhere near to filling the hole in my life left by my partner’s death, it’s certainly an adventure, and a very welcome distraction
  11. I suppose it depends what’s involved in your planned gangbang. I’ve never done a deep clean like MuscledHorse describes above, but then I’ve never been fisted and don’t use large toys, so I haven’t found it necessary. I find with ordinary rectal douching I can go for 4-5 hours at a sex club, and get pounded by many, many cocks with no real problem. Perhaps the best thing to do is not to overthink it. We’re all different though, and if you think that a deep clean will give you the confidence you need, go for it.
  12. Hi Jargam. I’ve just been to SBN in London and had 30-40 partners in about 4 hours. So I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about lol.
  13. I find in the UK it varies from holiday to holiday, and is quite weather dependent. New Year’s Day is always good- nothing like a hangover horn to bring out the guys. Bank holiday Mondays can also be good, unless it’s sunny, and then everyone’s doing the BBQ thing. But Christmas- forget it.
  14. Stop press: it looks like the implementation of this plan is to be delayed indefinitely because of a technicality. A statement to this effect is expected to be made in Parliament today, so keep watching.
  15. I would endorse this and take it further. Just because it’s a bathhouse/sex club doesn’t mean you’re under any obligation to have sex at all. You might feel more comfortable just looking round the first time, getting to know what it’s all about. Have a sauna, have a coffee, use the jacuzzi... bathhouses can be nice places just to chill out and relax, it doesn’t have to be about sex all the time. And believe me, whatever you do choose to do, no-one is judging you. Of course, you may prefer to dive right in and have sex with everyone there: it’s entirely up to you. But it’s not a ‘failure’ if you don’t. It took me years to pluck up the courage even to go to one, so for me just crossing the threshold that first time was an achievement, and it took several more visits before I felt comfortable enough to have actual sex.

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