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  1. Apparently if a 10pm curfew is imposed, they’re planning to move the event forward, so that it starts at 6:00. With the goalposts ever moving during this pandemic, it can’t be easy trying to run a business like this- I guess they’re just hoping they can hang on in one form another till this current wave passes.
  2. I’ve got better at this as I’ve become more experienced. It’s easier in a one-to-one session in someone’s home: 1) there’s the expectation that he WILL cum, 2) there are fewer distractions, and you can focus on those tell-tale signs. In a sex club or a busy cruising area, it’s much harder. For a start there’s no guarantee that he’s going to cum at all. And then often there’s loud music playing, which makes it impossible to hear those audible cues like his breathing. Even when there is no music, it’s easy to mistake some other nearby top’s grunts or heavy breathing for those of your own
  3. Interesting topic, @holefucker. We usually hear about this kind of thing from the bottom’s perspective, ie: how many loads have you taken in one session, etc. It seems to me that you are a bit of an exception. In my experience, when presented with a row of willing arses, most tops don’t move from one to the next in the way you describe, which surprised me when I first started frequenting cruise clubs, etc. Most seem to pick one, seemingly at random, and stick with it for the duration. It’s rare that they move down the line, trying each one in turn. And then other tops will gather ro
  4. Hey.. London cumslut here.. hoping to be added to the whatsapp group so I can keep my load count going higher and higher +447840195793

  5. Hehe- when yours is full they can join mine lol 😉
  6. Planning to set up a whatsapp group for anyone interested in keeping up to date with what cruising venues are opening up/shutting down in the UK and Europe, as we continue our long-haul journey through this pandemic... PM me for details
  7. Imodium basically just slows down your digestive system: if you imagine your lower gut as a slow but constantly moving river of shit, Imodium simply brings this flow to a temporary halt. It’s designed primarily to provide diarrhea relief, but the effect is the same whether you have diarrhea or not. While I’m actually douching, I like things to continue to flow naturally, so that I can flush out as much as possible. That’s why I take it just afterwards. But it takes an hour or two to take effect, so you could take it just before. It just means that once I’m clean, I’m gonna stay that wa
  8. I think in your case I would take a couple of Imodium once you’ve finished douching. 3 hours between your last douche and actually meeting the guy is quite a long time, and I can understand why you don’t want to re-douche once you get to his (it’s a bit of a boner-killer). I’ve been in similar situations to yours, and only recently started doing the Imodium thing: it’s really helped- I haven’t had any trouble since. Not something I would want to do every day coz it messes up your natural ‘flow’, but once in a while should be okay. Changing your diet and introducing some extra fibre in
  9. I’ve got to back up everything that AirmaxAndy says. I’ve been going to the Heath regularly this summer (I’ve had some VERY good nights up there), and can confidently report that a) I have NEVER seen a discarded needle there, and b) I see very few used condoms, presumably because practically all the sex is now bareback. From time to time there is quite a bit of litter around the more heavily used areas, but it is regularly cleared away, and often there will be nothing. Wet wipes and lube packets seem to be the most common detritus. I’m not sure who is keeping the Heath clean at the mom
  10. No, no, no- you’re missing the point entirely. By taking out the personality, you are removing the individual. This enables you to access the general, and ultimately the universal: therein lies the “spiritual” aspect of anonymous sex. By putting individuality to one side, I feel that anonymous sex allows me to make connection with ALL men in general, rather than just ONE man in particular. On rare occasions when that connection is good, I sometimes feel I am in union with the whole of humanity, and am being given a glimpse of some universal truth that I find hard to understand, yet
  11. I feel that anonymous sex is being demonized here, and that’s what I’m not happy about. For me, anonymous sex has absolutely nothing to do with race. When I’m head down arse up on a fuck bench in a sex club, I usually have absolutely no idea what colour the dick fucking me is. When I strike such a pose, it’s clear to everyone that I’m seeking a level of self-objectification, and anyone who chooses to fuck me must expect a degree of objectification in return, whatever their racial background. Otherwise, don’t fuck me. Objectification in sex is a fascinating subject, and should not simpl
  12. Now that, I kind of get. My desire for objectification (to achieve sexual fulfillment) is mainly through choice. But to have it thrust upon you simply because of your ethnicity must be a very different experience.
  13. Haha- I was thinking just the same! I love being objectified: it’s an important part of my self-identification as a cumdump. Now, if you only objectify men from certain particular racial groups, that’s clearly racist, but otherwise I think it’s a perfectly healthy part of the gay psyche. Many of us here have struggled internally for years to free ourselves of the heteronormative standards imposed on us by society at large: don’t tell me I need to start wining and dining every potential fuck just to prove I respect them as people.
  14. With all the sex venues in London still closed, Hampstead Heath has been my outlet this summer for all that pent-up sexual energy that accumulated during the spring lockdown. I’ve never been one for outdoor cruising before, but have to say I’ve loved it- on a good night it’s been as good as any cruise club I’ve ever been to. But with summer fading, and darker, colder times on the horizon, I’m not sure where I’m going to get my fix going forward...
  15. Are we moving to a place where we no longer have the right to reject? A place where if someone demands sex, we are morally obliged to give it, or else be accused of some kind of -ism? A place where personal preferences are seen as a smoke screen for bigotry? I dislike profiles which state “No X, no Y”, just as much as I dislike profiles which state “X and Y to the front of the queue!”. They’re tasteless, lazy and just plain rude. But don’t tell me I’m not allowed to make a qualified rejection based on my own sexual preferences, and don’t make the mistake of thinking you know what kind o
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