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  1. In order to help us advise you further, it may be helpful for us to know exactly what YOU want out of a relationship with an older man. One thing is for sure, older men come with ‘baggage’, emotional and otherwise, and usually lots of it. Unless you live under a rock, you just don’t get through life without accumulating baggage along the way- the older you get, the more you acquire. It always makes me laugh when I see profiles from younger guys that specify “no dramas” or “no baggage” as if the ultimate goal in life is to sail through it looking cool in a pair of this season’s must-have shades, without anything ever happening to you, good or bad. Btw, I’m not saying that you are like this at all @Sunovabesh- your post is thoughtful and obviously borne out deep frustration. Also, don’t forget that a lot of older men grew up in a time when being gay was quite a lot harder than it is now, and this leaves scars. I’m not saying that it’s all smiles and roses for young people coming out today either- but it is something to bear in mind when confronted with the neuroses of my generation. Relationships are hard! Don’t give up and throw in the towel just yet. Enjoy your youth while you’ve got it- it doesn’t last long, and you’ll be joining us old boys on the bench opposite sooner than you think!
  2. I hate facials. For a start, it seems like a waste. But mostly I just hate getting cum in my eyes. Maybe that’s because I wear contacts, I dunno. Tbh, if you’re not going to plant it deep in one of my two holes, then wank off into a cup and I’ll decide what to do with it later.
  3. Thanks guys- you all seem to be pretty much of one mind (surprise, surprise). So I think I need to go shopping for some new underwear 😉
  4. You’re right, you really need to tell him, and you’re right again- you need to do it now. However, it’s probably not nearly so big a deal as you think. Chances are he’s also lying about his age, so you might well be looking at an age gap of less than 9 years anyway. Btw, 9 years is not a huge age gap in any case: my partner and I had 13 years between us, and I’m sure there are many couples on here with wider age gaps than that. Perhaps you can bring it up in a jokey kind of way. Ask him how old he is in real years, not Grindr years- and then that opens the door for you to come clean. You can always brush it off along the lines of, “Oh god, I’m terrible- I keep meaning to update my profile, but never get round to it- I keep forgetting that Grindr doesn’t do it automatically!” At any event, it looks to me as though both of you are fairly young. On here you have your birth year as 1988. Even if it is 1983, that still makes you a baby in your mid-30’s from where I’m sitting! For most people age becomes less important as you get older, so don’t lose too much sleep over it. Come clean next time you see him: if your budding relationship is worth anything at all, you’ll surmount this mini-hurdle with ease, and then wonder what you were worried about. And if it does turn out to be a problem for him, well, consider yourself to have dodged a bullet: better to find out now that he’s an arsehole than find out later after investing more in him.
  5. I am SO with you on this, @tallslenderguy! Pretty much all of us will accept these days that our sexual orientation isn’t a choice, but is something that is hard-wired inside is. Why then will some gay men not accept that for some of us, being a total bottom (or a total top, for that matter) is similarly hard-wired inside is? I’m constantly having to explain that I don’t top EVER, that I could not top EVER, and that I do not enjoy having my penis played with EVER. I’m not just being pig-headed for the sake of it, it’s just the way I’m made. It’s not something I’m proud of, but equally it’s not something I feel I should be made to feel ashamed of either. I do understand that it may seem quite baffling to some versatile guys, but please accept that it is something I have no control over. For me, versatility isn’t necessarily a turn-off, but experience has taught me to be wary of versatile guys. I tend to find that more experienced versatile guys get it: they’ve come across this situation before, and they know better how to handle it. If I find myself having to justify my position to a guy and end up jumping through hoops just to explain it to him, then the chances are he’s not very experienced, and I lose interest: from that perspective, yes, I suppose it is turn-off. In some ways, I’m actually very envious of versatile guys: it must be great to be able to flip-flop, your chances of a hook-up are doubled every time. But please don’t try to ‘convert’ us: in exactly the same way I’ll never be converted to be straight, I’ll never be converted to be versatile either.
  6. So, I’m fresh back from my first proper sex vacation to that European gay winter mecca of choice: Gran Canaria. Mostly I whored myself in cruise bars and sex clubs, where apart from one naked event, I wore a jock. I like to think this gives out the message that my cock is off limits but my arse is up for grabs. Anyway, as any good cumdump will know, after a few fucks some of the semen deposited will start to leak out and collect in the bottom part of the jock, soaking into the fabric. In fact, just how wet it gets down there can be a good indicator of how many loads have been taken. I don’t know what my load count was over the five nights I was there. I’m guessing somewhere between 60 and 80. It’s shame my jock can’t talk- it must now contain traces of the DNA of all the men who came inside me: if only I could get it analysed, I could get a true load count! Anyway, my question now to you guys is, should I wash it or not? I’m tempted to keep it as a trophy and a permanent tribute to all the men who loaded me- it wasn’t expensive, I can just get another one. Interested to see how many of you think that’s hot, and how many think: “Ewww, gross! Get it in the washing machine right away!”
  7. Tall, short, big, small, muscled, skinny, smooth, hairy- I crave variety, and could never settle for just one type.
  8. At first I asked wasn’t sure, and then I asked myself this question: Would I prefer to spend 4 hours with the most perfectly chiseled, handsome cock in the world, reaching into the deepest recesses of every orifice before it finally spewed its load into me... or would I prefer to spend 4 hours arse up, face down on a fuck bench, taking load after load from an endless parade of average, unseen and unknown hard male flesh? Easy answer! The latter, of course- I’m definitely a cumslut 😉
  9. Faggots, when a top presents himself to you, do you feel obliged to suck him for a while first, or is it acceptable just to turn round, bend over and wait for the penetration? Sometimes in cruise bars I’m really not in a sucking mood, but often I feel I’ve got to show some oral appreciation of cock I’m about to receive inside me, particularly when the top seems slow to take control. I understand that sometimes it’s necessary to help him achieve full hardness, but when he’s already rock hard, am I just wasting my time (and his)? Tops, what’s your view on this? Does it seem a little rude when a faggot only offers you his arse, or do you really not care?
  10. As a cumdump, I fully understand how a bottom’s brain works when it comes to sex, but obviously need some help working out the other side of things. I’m currently interested in what’s going on inside a top’s head when he sees his own freshly deposited load seeping out of a bottom’s hole. Some tops seem to be the hit-and-run type: they cum, they pull out, they zip up and go, losing all interest in they’ve just loaded. But others will linger and play with the bottom’s hole for a few moments, and seem to take great satisfaction in seeing and feeling their own juice safely deposited in its new home. These are the ones that interest me the most: what exactly are you thinking at that point? Is it a power thing and a feeling of having ‘conquered’ your bottom, or is it a kind of staking out of your territory: a sign to other tops that you’ve been here first and left your mark? Or is it a sense of planting your DNA inside another human being, and an expectation of it being absorbed and becoming a permanent part of him: a primal male urge to spread yourself around? The top/bottom dynamic fascinates me (not so good with the versatile stuff lol). To me the best sex is when the two partners involved are complete complimentary opposites: anatomically, mentally, psychologically. Let me understand what floats your boat.
  11. When a top enters the last stage of his rut and embarks on the final leg of his journey towards orgasm, I try to stay as still as possible for him. It’s in no-one’s interest to force him to change direction and break his stride. At this point, it’s clear he’s found the golden spot in my arse that’s going to get him off, and he should just be left to it. Bottoms like me live for such moments, and it’s both foolish and arrogant to think I can enhance the experience for him with show-off maneuvers that should be left behind at an earlier stage of the fuck. The only exception is when I find myself in such a position that I cannot physically endure it for more than a few minutes. It’s never my arse that gives out, but some other supporting body part, such as a knee or a thigh muscle. Even then, I’ll put up with an enormous amount of discomfort to get his load, and only shift position once it’s clear the point of no return has been reached.
  12. Also Backstreet in Mile End, and the (relatively new) Bunker Bar on City Road. Themes/events vary very much on a night by night basis: naked nights are usually the most popular events these days. I think that’s Wednesdays at both those venues, but check their websites. For consistently large numbers of guys, it has to be the Vault on naked nights (Mondays and Thursdays), and SBN on Sunday afternoons. The Play Pit was before my time, so I can’t really compare- but it’s still possible to have plenty of sleazy bb sex in London, if you plan your availability around the cruise bars’ listed schedule of events.
  13. Thanks guys- sounds like I’m going to be spoilt for choice on that front- let’s just hope there are plenty of men around next week who need unloading!
  14. Hello guys- first time visit to Gran Canaria (Maspalomas) at the beginning of February: can anyone advise this cumdump on the best bars/clubs to visit, etc? (I know some might think this should be posted in the “Europe” section, but nobody will find it there, and besides, it’s UK/north European guys that are probably best positioned to give advice on this to a fellow snowbird).
  15. You’ve all got it wrong. Slings are there for when you want to take a nap, aren’t they? Whenever I’m in a busy cruise club, and am feeling, well, for want of a better word, a bit ‘fucked’ and in need of a recuperative break, I head for a sling. It’s the one place I can guarantee I’ll get no attention whatsoever. As soon as I stretch out in a sling, I become completely invisible. There can be literally hundreds of guys wandering around, and not one will even glance in my direction. They’ll often stand around right in front of it, invariably with their backs turned, watching and wanking over any lame action taking place nearby: two guys kissing, someone bending over to do up his laces, a man drinking a beer. Meanwhile, my waiting hole won’t be approached by even the ugliest of trolls. It’s very relaxing. After a few minutes, I’ll get up and head back into the fray. Suddenly I exist again. So just treat the sling like a hammock, and you won’t be disappointed.

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