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  1. Will be in Philly this weekend 10/22-24 and would love to link up with some nice sexy top/vers guys, femboys and gurls for some fun. Will mostly be at Club Philly all three days to have fun. If this is you post here or send me a DM (prefer a DM). If you have an OF or J4F and need a bottom to make a scene with I'm absolutely down for that. Hope to hear from you
  2. Curious anyone in NY ever been to this place? Its an adult video store with booths but a very sexy versatile guy Ive been chatting on Grindr likes to play there. The main reason I personally dont like book stores is the booths dont close. Which I guess is possibly for legal reasons. Wanted to see if anyone here on BZ has been to it and have any feedback on it. Thanks
  3. Glad to know I'm not the only one who is open to this
  4. Since OnlyFans and others such as Flirt4Free have come to the scene there has been an uptick in amature (not to mention very sexy) gay porn. My question for everyone here, if you were talking to someone on Grindr, A4A, Scruff, Manhunt, etc and he mentions he has an OF, F4F, etc account and is looking for guys to film with would you do it? This would assume that he accepts any and all precautions you may have (face covered/not shown, no names/fake names, etc). Note: I wasn't sure where to put this so I figured bb porn would fit, if it's in the wrong category, I apologize
  5. Would love to talk to you about NYC East Side club

  6. What I did is type the address into Bing maps and then hit the nearby tab and typed parking then hit enter. All the parking garages that are nearby come up
  7. In the past the convention has a gay porn stars, cam boys and transwomen appear. Currently it seems that this year it may not be the case. I'm still debating on going or spend my days off elsewhere. Anyone here have any info on anything m4m related to the convention? For the record its 10/22-24
  8. I went there during my visit this past week (19th-21st). I had so much fun it was my first time to a bathhouse in general. I definitely have to go back
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