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    North of Jacksonville, FL
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    I like pleasing cocks, particularly ones attached to men who want to fill my mouth and my ass. I've also been introduced to wearing girly clothes for men and it feels hot. Bending over and flipping up my skirt...
    Oh wait, none sex stuff? Table top gaming, anime, books.
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    I'm a chubby white bottom. Like pleasing men. Curious about meeting a guy I can trust enough to let him BB me. Tried BB once with a friend and it was great, but then he moved away.
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    A man who wants to use my mouth and ass, and my cock is like third or fourth on his list. I like clean guys, not musky. Haven't ever had a monster cock, but I would love to meet a guy long enough to regularly meet up to help me learn to deep throat. Or pound my butt till you cum, and maybe give me an anal orgasm.

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  1. So, I'll be visiting Atlanta towards the end of May (24th to 29th.) Last year, when I was visiting, I managed to make it to Tokyo Valentina (spelling may be off) late Thursday, early early AM Friday. It seemed to be after all the fun had been had. Previous years I've visited FLEX. I'm a white chubby, who has found it's hot to wear panties and please men. I know I'll be staying near GWCC/Phillips Arena MARTA . Any suggestions on fun places to visit if I'm looking to suck, and maybe get fucked by some cocks? As well as a good time to go?
  2. Sounds like fun. Would love to find a top who wants to popper me while I take his cock.

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