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Found 6 results

  1. First time with KL the 18 yr old

    This is my first time doing one of these so be nice if you're commenting... This is PART ONE about the first time I had fun with KL I was scrolling through Fab and spotted this profile, Said he was a 20 yr old guy and says he was looking for some fun with an older guy. He wasn't far away at all. Hmmmm I thought to myself, well why not try, I'm a chub man, I'm used to rejection and if he doesn't like me then I'll block him or he'll block me and we move on. I sent him a hello message, brief introduction and asked what kind of guys he was looking for. Very quickly I got a response with a private picture attached; he was a smooth twink, little to no body hair, some facial hair, and was looking for a fuck after work. He finished working in a local shop at 11pm. It was now 10:20pm. He said he was in the mood for an older guy tonight, wanted to get fucked and have some fun. I sent back my pics, cock shot, ass shot and full body shot, didn't want him chickening out when we met so full disclosure that I was a large chub man. He responded to say my cock looked tasty and could I pick him up after work? I lived less than 15 mins from where he was working, told him I could and told him I could drop him home later on. Deal was done... but before we disconnected he asked did I fuck bareback? It was one of the ticked YES items on my profile, and it was on his too. I told him yeah I had gone BB before. Then came the words I was thrilled with "Would you like to go bareback tonight?" I didn't need to be asked twice, but I played it cool and said I'd pick him up at 11:15pm in a local park over the road from where he worked and we'd take it from there. Short time later I was driving into the park and over towards the back under a street light was a nice looking lad, backpack, hat and jacket. I parked up and got a message asking was that me. He hoped into the car and said hello, he was quiet and we made small talk as we drove back. He told me he wasn't into kissing or poppers but up for everything else so that was my open to ask the question. Me: You mentioned you were into bareback? KL: Yeah it feels good to do it, been doing it a while. Get tested obviously and I'm clean, I saw on your profile you mention you were tested last month ME: Yeah I was tested last month he smiled and looked at me as I did to him while we sat at traffic lights You wanna go raw tonight? KL: Yeah I do, no problem doing it with you as we've both been tested Back to my house a few minutes later and straight in the door, I took him by the hand and brought him up to the bedroom. I removed my shoes and hoodie as he walked over to me and got on his knees and started sniffing and playing my cock through my track end. I dropped my pants and jocks and let my uncut cock loose as he swallowed with ease He released my cock from his mouth and stood up. I grabbed him and held him close to me, grabbing both his ass cheeks through his jeans, he pulled off his t-shirt revealing a hairless body, thin but nicely formed. "nice looking body kid" I said "glad you like, wanna see more" as he stood back and dropped his jeans to the floor revealing a decent cock, tidy pubes and hairy legs. Whatever way he looked at me I just felt the need to ask "What age are you again?" "I turned 18 recently" was his response as he climbed onto the bed and lay on his back showing me his tight little hole
  2. first time in 20 years!

    This is my first post on the board so I hope comes across OK. Recently, I'd been thinking about hooking up with a guy again. It's always been in the back of my mind. But, I'd never seemed to work up the urge to fill it it until this last weekend. My first experience was after college back in the 1990s. It went well until we were interrupted by the dude's grandparents coming by for a visit. Even though he got them to go away it spoiled the mood, and I took off. Anyways, fast forward to yesterday. I'd been thinking about scratching that itch. But, wasn't quite sure how to go about it. I ended up finding myself at an adult bookstore in north Oakland. It was pretty dark with three or five guys hanging around the halls checking everyone that came in. I didn't make eye contact. But, could feel the eyes on me. I walked into one of the booths. But, left the door unlocked, feeding a couple of coupons into the machine. After no interest, I checked out a couple of other booths, still not drawing any action. I'm a super chub so figured maybe that didn't help at all. About to give up, I went back to the first booth where some guy was standing outside. I excused myself so I could get into it. This time I left it unlocked and slightly ajar. The dude must've got the message. :-) Within a minute I heard the door creep open and in walked a guy. Must've been in his mid-30s. Average build. It was pretty dim. But, I could see a slight bulge in his sweat pants. He came over and gently rubbed my crotch for a moment before I unbuckled my pants and let them down for him, followed by my underpants. He slowly rubbed my cock. I finally told him I wanted to sit down. I took a seat in front of him. But, didn't let him, immediately going for his sweat pants, which he let me pull down. He had a nice average sized cock with a decent amount of red pubic hair. I rubbed it for a moment before taking it into my mouth. It felt so good to have his cock in my mouth. It truly is like riding a bike. I took it into my mouth giving it a gentle sucking. He obviously liked what I was doing because I could hear the slight moans. I didn't "hoover" him like some guys say is the best way to do it. Just a gentle up and down, varying how much of the shaft to take in, alternated with gently dancing the tip of my tongue across his head and the eye of his penis. This went on for about five minutes, or so. When it sounded like he was getting close to popping, I took his shaft as deep as I could. I took him out of my mouth and wanted to rub it a bit. But, that wasn't going to happen as he blew his load, with most of it landing on my pants, shirt and a bit on my legs. He apologized for it. But, I told him not to worry about it. Before he left, I asked him if it was good. I wanted some honest feedback. He said, "Oh yea!" with a contented sound to his voice. So I'm happy. My first blow in a long time was apparently a success, and now I'm on the Breeding Zone looking at exploring gay sex further.
  3. Poz Guy Sucks Me Off

  4. Just wondering if l give a BJ and the guys dumps a load in my mouth and l swallow if he is pox what are the chances of getting posed, l want to starting taking gut culls of cum.
  5. Up the street

    I had been really busy with work and mentally drained over the course of the week, so 7 days had passed since I had cum. Instead of taking the easy route and jerking off to some Internet porn, I checked the local Craigslist ads and found a nearby pig into a cumdump bb scene. We exchanged an email or two before he sent me his address. When I got it, I knew he lived in one of the nicer houses up the street, higher on the hill with a better view. He hadn't offered a name and his pics were blurry, but his body was tight and he was a fuckhole just a few hundred feet away so I grabbed a coat and took off. He buzzed me in and I found him naked on his bed. He was well built, late 40s, mouth open ready to submit. I pulled out my cock and let him have a taste before getting hard and slapping him around with it. He handed me a cold bottle of poppers. That's a good host. He worked my shaft for a while and then started licking my balls. Before I knew it, I couldn't hold it any longer, a week's worth of my hot jizz started spewing out of my rock hard dick. His eyes lit up at the eruption. He eagerly lapped up every stray spurt that landed on my torso, his bed, his chest. He asked me if I wanted to fuck him. I pulled up my pants, said thanks, maybe next time, spun around and left.
  6. Poppers top man

    Picture says it all... one of my biggest turn-ons is having a totally submissive guy between my legs, worshipping my cock and balls while I feed him poppers at MY discretion. Let me turn you into a sex-hungry animal with my cock down your throat while I force you to hit that bottle until you lose all control. Whoring you out and having guys fuck you in the ass in a bathhouse or hotel room while I drill your throat is even more of a turn-on. Would love to find a guy and use him until he can't even perform sexually without poppers. Want to talk about it? Hit me up.

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