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Found 127 results

  1. I'm a complete sissy with a small cock that stays mostly soft. If I party it most definitely stays soft! My clitty looks so cute in panties and it fits perfect. I am so glad I don't get hard because it only makes me feel more like a girl and when I'm with a real man they always point it out and insist I stay soft. (as if I want to). I have had some want to watch me try to masturbate for them and I'm able to cum soft using two fingers or rubbing my clit through my panties like a girl. It makes them so hot and makes me feel so slutty. most of the time my little clit just oozes precum and soaks my panties which is yummy. I love being a sissy and I love pleasing men. Do any other sissies feel like this? I would love find a daddy who would use me as he sees fit April
  2. Hi, I just joined this site. My name is Julian Eternal, I live in Austin Texas. My boyfriend and I are started a company about a few months ago called Double Scorpio. (we're both scorpios). We both have backgrounds in chemistry, but that's not why we started this company. About a year ago I was in New Orleans getting the life plowed of my at the Phoenix and this man slammed a bottle up my nose and the bottle spilled all over my face. INSTANTLY i felt a burn. I knew immediately that I was fucked (In more ways than one). The next few days were absolutely horrible, I had a huge chemical that looked horrible. My worried boyfriend started looking up why this chemical would have the ability to burn you. Well it turns out, in the process of making VHS cleaner you need to make the solution extremely acidic, but when the reaction is done, you're supposed to neutralize the acid. Turns out, not a lot of popper companies do this. I honestly believe because it's just an extra step and since theres no quality control on these solvents. These companies can get away with it. Anyway, Flash forward 6 months later, we created a great product that me and my friends really liked, and no burns and no headaches! Our website is : www.doublescorpio.com We have a clean, safe, and pretty intense product. I know this is a shameless plug. If possible I hope to be able to place an ad on this site.! Cheers! Ask me anything! heres an review on reddit:
  3. Anyone looking to have some hot raw nasty fun. In town on honeymoon with my hubby. Would love to watch his hole get loaded up and left dripping. Getting a room 1 night this week otherwise we are staying with a friend and not able to host.
  4. "Do You Want A Hard Cock?"

    That's what he wrote to me... And like many sluts I have both slutty profiles and perfectly respectable "I'm looking for a coffee date that might lead to a relationship" profiles... This was sent to the "respectable" profile! Apparently even my face looks like somebody who needs a hard cock! I couldn't say no, of course. His pictures were purely of his cock, hard and thick and absolutely tempting! And while his profile said very little about what he was into, his messages quickly turned towards raw, hard, rape-like fucking. When he entered my house I was lying naked on the living room floor, legs firmly together so he could see my ass but would have to force my legs apart to get to my hole. Damn, I longed for him to force them apart... I had blind-folded myself, and there was a bottle of poppers hidden under my chest, so I was as ready as I could be. I heard his car in the drive, then the front door opening and closing and then the door to the living room. I knew he could see me then, so I pushed my ass a bit up, just to make it as tempting as possible. I could hear him taking off his clothes, and then suddenly I felt a gob of spit land on my ass, hitting the spot just above the crack... I think that's where I lost the plot! I got out the poppers, took three deep hits of it and then the rape scenario was basically ridiculous because I really had to restrain myself not to spread my legs wide open and beg for his fat, hard cock! I didn't need to beg, though... When he was naked he forced my legs apart, spat a few times on my hole directly - and then he rubbed the head of his cock up and down my crack a bit, moistening it before he pressed it hard against my hole and forced it inside me! Oh, fuck... Yup, it was as fat as it looked in the photos! He went balls-deep in one slow push, and then he pulled out completely and got up. I briefly wondered if I had somehow done something wrong (though really, I had done nothing but moan as he forced himself inside me!), but then he moved in front of me, knelt down and lifted my head up and made me suck his cock. At first I did my best to suck him, but clearly that wasn't good enough as he soon grabbed my head tight and started fucking my mouth, clearly with the intention of getting some deep-throating going... I'm just not good at deep-throating, though, and this was a fat, hard cock so no easy task... I managed to take it all twice, but actual deep-throat fucking was clearly not going to happen. He got up again, and I took a few hits of poppers to recover from the ordeal. And then he was at my ass again. He went in fast and deep! And then he pounded. Hard. Every stroke went as deep as he could, and within a few minutes he quickened the pace and finally shot his load in me. Damn... Too soon... Then I heard a chair being pulled across the floor to somewhere behind me and then he spoke to me for the first time, demanding that I play with my cummy ass for him. Fingering myself in front of another is a mix of humiliation and hotness - perhaps the humiliation adds to the hotness? - but I took a few deep hits of poppers and then I obeyed... I started out with one finger, but he quickly ordered me to add one more. And then after a while yet one more... After his cock it felt quite suitable with three fingers in my ass, but when he demanded a fourth finger up there I was struggling a bit, so I had to pull out the fingers to unscrew the lid of the poppers bottle and top up my high before obeying and forcing four fingers inside myself. I did my best to put on a show for him, lifting my ass in the air and fucking myself as hard as I could with my fingers. It wasn't enough, though, because suddenly I heard the rustling sound of a plastic bag and then something cold landed on my thigh... "Fuck yourself with this", he said, so I reached back and found a dildo. My ass was pretty well lubed with his cum after I had been fingering myself, so I pressed the head of the dildo to my hole and pushed it inside me. I moaned loudly when my hole gave in and the dildo went inside... It felt so good! (In messages after our encounter he told me it was one of those "make a replica of your cock" DIY dildos, so basically it was a clone of the cock that had just been inside me - no wonder it fit so well in my ass!) I fucked myself with it for a while, obeying his orders about when to go faster or slower, deeper or shallower... I had promised him my hole would be his, so clearly I had to use the dildo as if he were handling it. Then he suddenly grabbed my hand with the dildo, pulled the dildo out and replaced it with his cock. Oh, damn! I love a good dildo, but there's nothing like a hard cock! And he pounded me fast and furiously, stopping only intermittently to order me to take more poppers. All I could do was moan and whimper and writhe in ecstasy as he used my ass hard! And this time it wasn't a matter of counting minutes - he went on and on and on! Hard, fast, deep... And it just continued! My hole was getting sore, which sort of turned me on even more - after all, if you've agreed to a rape scenario it's sort of part of the deal that it's not meant to be 100% pleasant for the bottom, and unless something freaky happens the bottom definitely shouldn't say "no". And I didn't. I took the heavy, prolonged pounding. I knew it was what I needed. I knew that was what my ass was made for. And eventually he came in me again... He pulled out, and once again he moved in front of me and forced me to suck his cock, this time with a distinct taste of cum and a hint of my own ass. I kept sucking and licking until he had gone completely flaccid, and then he pulled out, got dressed and left. He had fucked me so thoroughly that I ended up falling asleep there on the floor, blindfold still on and cum dripping out my ass... When I woke up a few hours later I realised he had left the dildo behind. He says he'll be back to pick it up soon, but that I'm free to use it as much as I want until then.
  5. Last summer, my boy and I took a vacation to Europe together. It was one of those packages, seeing a different city every day for a week and a half before flying home. We thought it would be exhilarating, but it turned out to be exhausting. When passing through Berlin, we decided to separate from the group and see the gay neighborhood. I had sort of hoped we’d get up to some naughty fun so I brought a small tube of lube and condoms in my shirt pocket, just in case. I bet there was a place where I could fuck him, safely, with maybe a few strangers watching. The very idea got my cock stirring. We fuck bare in private, but I didn’t want any strangers to think my boy was a slut who took all loads… We wound up in a two-level club with a sign proclaiming CRUISING BASEMENT. The street level bar looked like a normal bar, except with flat screen televisions playing bareback porn. There was a set of stairs at the back of the bar down to what must have been the cruising area. We were both kind of nervous being there, with nothing like that in our hometown, or even in most big cities in America for that matter. We quickly downed two large beers each in quick succession. We joked about exploring downstairs and seeing what trouble we could get into. Maybe some beers would help ease our angst and loosen us up a bit. My boy asked the bartender where the restroom was, and he gestured with a wink to the dark staircase. I knew he had to take a piss and he got up to head downstairs as I ordered another beer. A few minutes went by. Then a few minutes more passed. I was halfway through my beer and needed to take a piss myself. I gulped down the rest of my drink, paid our tab, grabbed my boy’s untouched beer and headed to find him. I found the bathroom, surprisingly clean and well-lit. No sign of my boy. I took a piss into a stainless steel trough urinal, holding my boy’s beer with one hand and my streaming cock in the other. I felt someone come up behind me, and press his crotch into my ass. I melted into him as he reached around and shook the last droplets from my dick. He pulled way, knelt down and took me into his mouth, moaning as he deep-throated me, occasionally holding up a bottle of poppers to huff. I like good head as much as anyone, but I was worried about my boy. I pulled the guy off my now-wet dick and backed out of the bathroom. The guy stayed on his knees grinning at me as I headed into the darkness to rescue my boy if he needed rescuing or to join in some raunchy, hopefully safe fun. In the darkness, I followed the sound of whispers and groans down a short hallway where I found my boy in an open doorway, leaning out and moaning, with his eyes closed. I reached out to feel his chest. His shirt was pulled up behind his neck. He clenched his eyes and I ran my hand down to his crotch. It was so dark that I could barely see that his pants were at his ankles, and someone was eating his ass. I grabbed my boy’s hard cock and he swatted my hand away. I cleared my throat and he opened his eyes. He reached out to me and wrapped his arms around my neck, supporting his weight as the stranger worked his ass. My boy whispered, or rather hissed into my ear "Is it okay if he fucks me?" I murmured approval, extracted the condom from my pocket, and handed it to the top who stood up and started slapping his sizeable dick against my boy’s wet ass crack. Of course I expected him to pull on the condom, but instead he scoffed and threw it to the dirty ground, pushed my boy’s back down so it was parallel to the floor, and his ass arched up. My boy grabbed onto my waist with both arms as the stranger lurched forward. My boy yelped and I knew the top had entered him raw. Just then the guy who had briefly blown me in the bathroom stepped out of the darkness and held his bottle of poppers under my boy’s nostrils. My boy huffed deep and held his breath. Had I been thinking clearly, I might have tried to stop it, but I was honestly too turned on. The top pounding my boy’s raw ass went at it for about thirty seconds, only to mutter "Too tight. Gonna make me breed him too soon." Then giving a disapproving grimace he pulled out and disappeared into the shadows. My boy was dizzy from the experience. I grasped both of his hands and led him towards a deep bench against a wall. I sat down and he collapsed, face first into my lap, thinking he would take a quick nap, but I was wrong. He shimmied my pants down and swallowed my hard dripping cock to the root. I was still wet with the poppers guy’s spit. I knew there were other guys around. I could hear them whispering, and kissing, and sucking, and fucking. Knowing that at least some of them were watching really got me hot. The guy with the poppers had followed us and knelt down behind my boy, diving into his freshly-fucked ass with his tongue. My boy moaned on my dick. The guy lapped away for a few moments and then crouched down behind him. From my place on the bench, I watched as his aimed his raw cock into my boy’s willing ass. My boy squealed as he took another raw anal assault. The poppers guy took a huff and then leaned over my boy, making him do the same, and then offering them to me. I took the bottle and inhaled very deeply as the poppers guy's pace picked up only to halt. I knew he was firing his cum into my boy’s bare hole. He slapped my boy’s sweaty, and now cummy ass and pulled out. I thought he’d go away, but he leaned towards my boy and whispered with his thick German accent, theatrically so everyone around could hear "Good thing that other guy didn’t blow his load inside you. He’s POZZED up more than a few tourists here." He chuckled as my boy fisted his cock, his moans announcing he himself was close to cumming. The poppers guy laid down on his back, under my boy, on that filthy sticky floor, gobbling down my boy’s cock just in time to swallow his load. Just then, the first guy, the hulking POZ one, crept out of the darkness again. His huge cock was still wet and shiny, either from my boy’s hole or from some other bottom in the basement darkness. He slapped it against my boy’s cummy crack a few times, leered at me, and slammed all the way in. My boy tried to swallow my dick, but the top was so aggressive that he mostly just moaned with an open mouth around the head. He fucked my boy hard and quick for no more than two minutes. He cursed in Dutch, or German maybe, a few times before quickening his pace and then pounding six times with decreasing speed, filling my boy with toxic seed. It got me super close to going over the edge. My boy felt my nuts tightening up and pulled off my cock. The POZ top disappeared and the poppers guy just laughed as I pulled away and got behind my boy, marveling at the cum streaking down his thighs and the low light glistening on his sweaty back. I slid easily into is loose sloppy hole and came after five seconds. My boy threw his head back and lost another load into the poppers guy’s eager mouth. My boy stood up on his trembling legs and threw his arms around me, kissing me deeply. He growled into my ear "We gotta get out of here, and fast, or I’m going to wind up taking every load in this basement." "And what would be so bad about that?" I asked. He kissed me hard, grinned and waved at me, and backed away into the darkness….
  6. Last week I met up with a FB in his hotel room for some flip fucking. He's a nice guy about 50, 6' and 220 with gray hair an an average dick. We started fooling around right away and I started off topping him. Its always painful for him so he huffs poppers the entire time. Nevertheless, his ass felt great and there is something so hot about a guy moaning when my cock is up his ass. After a few minutes he pulled away, flipped me over, and began tonguing and fingering my hole. Then his phone beeped. He opened the message and told me a guy he had contacted earlier was at the door, and that he thought the guy was going to flake. Then, without even asking me if I was interested in a three-way, he opened the door to a total stranger. The man who walked in was about 30, 5' 10", 200 pounds with a crew cut and a mean look on his face. He looked me up and down and said, "I only top." He then quickly stripped, revealing a nice thick seven inch curved cock. My friend then slid into my ass as I knelt on the side of the bed. The stranger lay on the bed and directed his cock to my mouth. I started sucking him while milking the growing cock in my hole. A few minutes later my friend thrust deep and grunted as he unloaded in my raw hole. The stranger got up right away and took my friend's place. I huffed on the poppers knowing i would need it to take his girth. Just as the poppers hit my brain, he pushed right in. I moaned into a pillow as he started ploughing me. There was no conversation just the heavy and heavier breathing of the top as his swollen dick rubbed into my prostate and as he muttered "Fag," and "Cumdump," every few thrusts. After a couple of minutes he withdrew, positioned me onto my back, and pushed my legs back over my head, re-entering my abused hole. I took another couple of hits, wrapped my legs around his back and really started to enjoy myself. He kept eye contact the entire time and the angry look on his face was a huge turn on. His pounding got faster. He leaned over, grabbed the sheets, and brought his face inches from mine as he announced "I'm fucking breeding your slutty fucking ass," moaning as he shot deep inside my hole. He was dressed and walking out the door in record time. Just as he was about to leave he turned back and said, "I've seen your ad on BBRT. I've got a few friends that would like to meet you. I'll be in touch." Moments later my friend mounted my cock with a hiss of pain. As he rode me, I could see that the experience had really turned him. It didn't take me long to coat his insides with my own load. I can't wait for the stranger and his friends to message me.
  7. Abandoned building

    Ohio fucking
  8. Please be gentle this is my first story: Park Toilets, The First Visit After having had two girlfriends, at the age of 30 I was starting to explore my bi side by chasing cock in public toilets and I was starting to realise I enjoyed sex with guys far more than I had with females. Sex with guys I found to be much more intense and also appealed to my nasty side. In a gay bar one day I overheard two guys talking about some toilets in a park on the other side of town that had been closed down three years ago and were now overgrown. Apparently someone had forced open the door and the toilets which were well hidden were now being used by the more sleazy type of guys, especially after it got dark as there was no lighting in there. One guy saying that mostly older guys some of whom were HIV used these toilets and that he had heard that hardly anyone in there ever used a condom. Now I was still new to sex with guys and had only been fucked twice, both times I had insisted on the other guy wearing a condom as I did not want to catch anything and on hearing the way guys behaved in these toilets I was somewhat disgusted. However after a couple of weeks my mind kept returning to what the two guys in the bar had said and each time I thought about what was going on in the toilets I was not as disgusted as the previous time. Although I would not admit it to myself after a month I was getting turned on by the thought of the nastiness of the guys in there, fucking strangers bareback etc., I felt my cock twitch each time I thought about what guys were doing in there and decided I would visit the toilets just to have a look. So with a day off work I decided to go to the other side of town and see if the stories were true. Arriving at the park mid afternoon it took me some time to find the toilets as they were quite overgrown, but someone had made a small gap in the hedge for guys to climb through. I went in through the half open door, which was bent over and wedged and before I could take anything in, the most revolting smell of stale piss hit me. It was obvious that guys still used the toilets but there was now no water to clean them. Going in round the corner of the toilets I saw there was a long floor trough and three cubicles, all of which had their doors smashed, but there was no one was inside. I breathed both a sigh of relief and of disappointment at finding the toilets empty, at this stage I was still not sure what I wanted if anything, but the nastiness of the place did have an attraction to my more depraved twisted side. I hung round for about 20 minutes, but with no one coming in I got bored and decided to leave and found a nearby bar. After having had three pints I was feeling slightly tipsy and hornier than ever. I walked out of the bar intending to get a taxi back home, but found myself walking back towards the park. It was almost dark as I re-entered the park and in the dark struggled to find the gap in the hedge, having found the gap I went back into the now dark toilets and sensed more than saw two bodies at the far end. I slowly edged towards the two bodies and as I got close in the dim moonlight I saw both guys were naked. They were both kissing each other as they wanked each others cocks. Looking closer at the two guys I shuddered as I saw they were both unattractive, their bodies looked drained and obviously both guys were over 60 years of age. Despite my disgust at these two ugly old farts, I couldn't stop my cock getting hard at the nastiness of the situation of two old naked men having sex in the most disgusting toilets I had ever been in. As I was watching the two guys one beckoned to me and then put his hand around my head and started to kiss me, gently at first, but then started sticking his tongue down my throat. I couldn't believe how hot and horny this felt and despite his age I just couldn't stop myself from returning his tongue action. The other guy started to strip off my clothes and before I really thought about it all my clothes were on the top of theirs and here I was a 30 year old man naked with two naked decrepit old guys over twice my age. But amazingly despite their outward looks of tired drained old bodies both had really big, hard and horny looking cocks, which I was soon sucking. As I was bent over sucking one of the guy's cocks, the other guy started to rub his cockhead over my brown hole, this was the first time I had felt a bare cock rub my hole and I loved the sensation it gave me. He then started to work one then two fingers up inside me and I realised he was getting my hole loosened to fuck me, I did stop sucking the other guy's cock and turned and told him I would only be fucked with a condom, to which he replied that he didn't have a condom and that he would just play around and once again started rubbing his cock over my hole. The guy whose cock I was sucking handed me a bottle, I had heard of poppers but never used them, but with the nastiness of the situation this seemed the perfect time to try them. Wow, I could not believe the buzz they gave me, as the guy behind me said "Don't panic I am just pushing it in an inch so you can see how bare cock feels" and with that he sunk his cockhead an inch or maybe a bit more into my unprotected cunt. I was given another hit of the poppers as the guy behind kept moving his large cockhead in and out of me and any pain I had originally felt soon disappeared and I was starting to enjoy the feel of his old cock inside me as he pushed even more of his large cock into me. I was both excited and afraid at the thought of having unprotected sex and said to him "What ever you do, please don't cum inside me". He replied "Don't worry I wont" and started thrusting a bit faster in me. As I continued sucking the cock of the guy in front of me, he started to piss straight into my mouth, which I began to swallow. Piss as much as anything gets me horny and with the nastiness of the place, being fucked by a dirty old man and kept being given poppers I was getting to the point where I lost all my inhibitions. I could feel the guy behind me speeding up, in a moment of sanity I asked him whether he was neg or poz, he replied, "I'm poz". The guy in front immediately gave me another hit on the poppers and I could not believe myself when I said, "Do whatever you want, I have gone past caring". The old guy fucking me said, "Do you want my poz load in you". I shouted back, "Infect me if you want, shoot your poz cum deep inside me, knock me up, I want to be pozzed" and with that I heard him groan and moan and felt his cum shooting inside my unprotected body. It was less than a week before I returned to the toilets looking for more nasty fun.
  9. I used to just cheat on my boyfriend to get loads, so when he broached the subject of having an open relationship, I was quite receptive, particularly as that way there would be much less sneaking around. Naturally we agreed to some rules, of of which is we can't bareback with other guys. Unknown to my boyfriend, however, that is a rule with which I cannot comply. Another rule is that we've agreed to share our experiences with one another. I am in complete agreement with that rule. We love hearing about each other's fun, but obviously I leave out the little detail that I generally get bred by each guy with whom I play. I am white, 25, live in Orlando and love putting myself in risky situations, such as the following story. One of my buddies loves breeding me, and when one day he messaged me asking when I would next be free, I replied I could be at his place within 10 minutes. As I walked out the door, I gave my boyfriend a kiss, I said "I'm going out," which is our code which signifies I was going out for dick. MY friend was a little taller than me, so average dude height, and in his late 20s. We chatted a bit about life and what not before he gestured for me to move to his bedroom, where, once there we began making out. Within seconds I pushed him onto his bed, stripped off his clothing and went down on his cock as I struggled to remove my own clothing. His cock quickly rose to a full, heavy erection. His cock is a respectable 7 inches (18cm). It is also somewhat thick, certainly much thicker than most cocks, even if it wouldn't be labeled a beer can cock. I jumped up and grabbed my poppers and my favorite silicone lube which I knew I would need as his cock is a bit too thick for my tight hole. I also just really really love poppers. Straddling him, I slowly sat on his cock, taking hits every few minutes to keep the euphoria going. He made me bounce on his cock for about 15 minutes before he told me he was close and wanted to fuck me another way. That was fine by me since my legs were super sore from the bouncing. Getting me on all fours, I took another hit as he re-entered me. Being fucked this way was so much easier for me to control the popper bottle and be absolutely ravaged. He kept fucking until he wanted me on my back. I obliged, keeping him inside me as I swung my leg over his head. Placing his forearm on my throat, he rapidly thrust into me a minute more before unloading deep in my hole. ******************************************************** After I left his place sat in the parking lot of my buddy's apartment and went on Grindr, messaging a guy I had blown off earlier as I hadn't the time to play, but now I was ready. Fortunately he answered, readily agreeing to get together. His address was a short five minute ride, which is one of the advantages of living in a city. Anyhow, I arrived at his place and laid eyes on a Hispanic guy, quite buff, around my height, so he was in truth a bit smaller than the average man. Once the door was closed he pinned me to the wall and made out with me as he quite literally dragged me down the hall to his room. We rounded corners and stumbled about in excitement, knocking some photographs off the wall in the process. He didn't care - he needed release. Arriving at his room, he wanked my pants down and stripped off his underwear, which was all he had been wearing. Pushing me onto his bed, he grabbed his lube and poppers, giving me the latter, and recommending I take several deep and long hits. Throwing my legs in the air, he unceremoniously rammed his cock into my hole, fucking me with an animalistic fury. Honestly it was a great fuck, and his cock just big enough to be extremely pleasurable. His pounding continued for less than ten minutes before he grabbed my chest and shoulders and rhythmically squeezed, each squeeze coinciding with a copious, thick jet of cum shooting into my ass. Afterwards he thanked me, asking me to message him again when I wanted his load. **************************************** The final load of the night came a few hours later when a guy I knew contacted me asking if I wanted to get together to watch some movies and have some fun. No problems with me. He lived about 15 minutes away and when I arrived he was standing outside, greeting me warmly as I stepped out of the car. Fast-forward 45 minutes his dick was in my ass as for the second time he unloaded. At the start of the second movie, Magic Mike, he slid a 13 inch alien dildo from Bad Dragon inside my hole. The dildo is actually designed to insert objects deep inside the anus, but thankfully we didn't do that but DPing me with the dildo was the only way he could finish his third and final orgasm. Poppers or not, DPing fucking hurt, but I wouldn't have it any other way. ******************************************************** Thanks guys for reading. I've been a lurker here forever and finally found myself sufficiently confident enough to share some of my experiences.
  10. 1st Latino

    2 weeks ago, while in Jacksonville visiting family, I find myself incredibly horned up and get on BBRT to see if there is anything happening nearby as I can't be gone too long. This hot Latino guy 29 with a nice 7 inch, thick uncut cock hits me up with the "Lookin?"... I respond with the when and where....he says now, have to before my BF gets home from work...I say on my way... I drive the 15 minute trek to their apartment..wow, he was hotter than I had hoped had nerdy glasses on but a hot body, a little shorter than me but nice...he has nothing on but gym shorts and glasses...as I walk in the door I can see the outline of that cock...he closes the door and I drop to my knees to get a taste of that cock...I tongue sweetly under the foreskin and suck a big gob of pre cumfrom the head...I was immediately hard as hell. I stand up and he leads me to the bedroom...my clothes are now off and legs back with ankles by my ears on the bed, he is eating my hole so fucking good...I am inhaling poppers and quickly getting into that fuck me haze.....he comes up and begins biting my nipples driving me over the edge as he grinds his cock at my hole, feeling the precum combined with spit lube up my hole....I feel him pushing in slightly as that thick head pierces my ass, he pushes the poppers up and says take a big hit ...I do as told but not before I say "condoms are in my pocket", "we'll get to that" he says "now, hit them hard".... so I inhale deeply , once, then the other nostril and then again thru my mouth.....my head kicks back as he bites my nipple hard he pushes deep inside me ...holding it there as I am in fuck euphoria....he pumps slowly....and I again half heartedly ask for a condom as he feels so good inside me....he hands me the poppers again, not missing a pump....as I hit them again...he pulls completely out of my gaping hole...pauses for a second and as my eyes roll back from the poppers he plunges balls deep..."Hit them again and roll over on your belly" he says.... I roll over and hit the poppers again and again he is really working my hole, fucking me deep and gyrating around, really stretching my hole. He begins hitting my spot just right and I feel my own load working without any touching.....he demands I hit the poppers again, I do as I am told....I black out for a second but awake to his guttural moans and a sweet feeling in my hole and my own cum spewing from my cock underneath me...my load was huge but not as big as the one he gave me...deep inside. we never got a around to the condoms I bought on the way....he tells me as I am leaving..."Don't worry, I am neg....I saw your wedding ring and knew u would be safe...I am too" he says "both me and BF are on PrEP"... he gave me his phone number and said, hit me up ANYTIME you are in town visiting. i definitely will.... 0
  11. Open Wide...

    On Sunday I was needy, but it all turned out all right in the end and I got 6 loads from 5 different men. Two simple pump'n'dumps, then one guy who took a break after giving me a load - and then fucked me again. And then a couple who unloaded in me almost in perfect synchronicity while they were double-fucking me. The problem with a day like that is... Well... Okay, so I got 6 loads and yes, my ass was wet and sore when I went to bed that night, but... Well... Yeah, you know... More... Please? So Monday after work I may have ended up writing to a few tops, hoping for more cock'n'cum for my greedy ass - and I ended up visiting a couple I'd never met before. Both wanted to top me, but one was definitely more into domination than the other was! Pretty quickly I was naked, blindfolded and tied bent over their dining table with my legs apart. The less dominant top started out by rimming my hole wet and then fucking me for a bit - good cock, neither huge nor small - and then the more aggressive top began cheering him on, telling his boyfriend to fuck me open and ready for him to destroy my hole. Now, in the few messages we had exchanged it had been explicitly mentioned that the aggressive top wanted to blow his load in an open, sloppy hole, so I kind of knew what I had gotten myself into - it wasn't going to be an easy ride for my little hole... I'm always tight at first. Eventually the aggressive top pushed his boyfriend aside and I felt a large squirt of cold lube on my hole. Time to hit that poppers bottle hard and grab a good hold of the table! A few slaps with a flat hand landed on my ass cheeks, and then a cold, fat dildo began pushing at my hole. Definitely bigger than the cock that just fucked me, but still a "reasonable" size, and it went in slowly, but surely. When it bottomed out in my ass and I began moaning and yelping, struggling to take it so deep, he begang fucking me with it. Long, hard strokes, changing the angle each time so the dildo's head pummelled the entire interior of my ass and the shaft began loosening my ass lips. He seemed to only get more aggressive the more I moaned - I took that as a sign that he was enjoying himself, and I certainly was as well! A finger slid up next to the dildo, then another, and he began pulling at my hole, working it and slowly stretching it. He definitely knew how to handle a hole... Eventually the dildo was removed and he just worked my hole with fingers from both hands, spitting on it every now and then to keep it wet and slippery. By this point I was actually begging to be fucked! Begging for either of their cocks - any cock up my ass! You've got to hand it to the aggressive top; he was a good host and they tried to give me, what I asked for. So basically he shoved the dildo back in my ass as deep as it would go and then told his boyfriend, who had been watching and commenting while I was being stretched, to slide his cock up alongside the dildo. Some of you might have realised by now that I love getting double-fucked and though I obviously prefer two real cocks, the combination of cock and dildo is definitely also something! So while the boyfriend was fucking me, the aggressive top was working the dildo in and out of me from underneath. I moaned, I panted and - most importantly - I took it. After a while of that they pulled out both cock and dildo, and I was ordered to open as much as I could. I'm not very good at gaping, so I apparently only managed a small gape that wasn't satisfactory because after some derisive comments about my pathetic ass, more lube was added - a LOT - and the aggressive top started pushing anal balls up my ass. Not those small, dainty ones; they felt just a bit larger than pool balls, but of course I can't be completely sure. I got 4 of them inside me before it got too much - and then he slowly pulled on the string, letting each ball pass very slowly through the narrowest par of my hole. Oh, FUCK I LOVE THAT! The feeling of something stretching the hole open from the inside is just amazing! Then he repeated that again and again - managing to work up a couple more balls so I had 6 of them the last time. My hole was definitely beginning to feel sloppy and loose by then - and the aggressive top finally seemed happy enough with the state of it to give me his cock! It was definitely bigger than his boyfriend's, but of course by now I was absolutely ready for it and could easily have taken a much larger cock! Still, he didn't want a tight fit, and he had certainly achieved that! The best part was almost the sound... My wet, loose hole making slurping noises as his cock pounded me! He seemed to really enjoy pulling out completely and then pushing in all the way, repeating that again and again. I could hear the boyfriend was jerking off to the sight somewhere to the side, and I had a moment of fear when I thought he might not come in my ass! I'd hate missing out on a load while I'm actually in the room! No need to worry, though, because when he got close they switched and I got the boyfriends smaller cock just in time for him to dump his load in my ass... And then the aggressive top immediately took over again and fucked me in his boyfriend's cum! I love bringing couples together like that... He finally came, and rather quickly and unceremoniously I was untied and told to get out. Need I mention that I was definitely leaking cum as I drove home? (And now I've gotten horny just writing about last night, so perhaps this evening I should see if I could get just a simple load or two...)
  12. Losing Your Clothes

    This has happened to me on several occasions. The most memorable was at a Cum Union party in New Orleans. Although there was a clothes check, I remained dressed in a black wife beater, jock, torn blue jeans and black leather boots. The wife beater was the first to come off and was tucked in the rear waist band of my jeans. As the action heated up, I found myself being led to the sling. Legs up in the sling, and still wearing jeans, jock and boots, I was bred by several tops. The torn slit in the rear of my jeans was ripped further for better access by one of the tops. Another said this wasn't working and pulled my jeans off leaving me only clad in my jock and boots. High on poppers, alcohol, etc., that was the last I saw of my jeans and wife beater. I was having a fantastic time both in and out of the sling being bred, sucking cock, and rimming. The crowd was thick and the room was hot and sweaty. I was thinking of the next cock to suck or breed me, the next hole to rim, etc., and oblivious to anything else. At the conclusion of the event I found myself covered in cum and piss, wearing only my black leather boots--the jock had disappeared too. I checked with the bartender to see if he had my lost items--he didn't, and they were not found discarded, laying on the floor in some dark corner. No clothes and no transportation (I had arrived by taxi) at this late hour I was in a jam. No taxi would accept a naked cum and piss covered, drunk fare. Fortunately a patron offered me a ride to his place where I could crash for the night. I humbly accepted. During the drive to his place, me still naked, he revealed he had bred me twice, once in the sling and again as I was bend over a bench, commenting I had a really hot hole and really knew how to take dick. Anyways, this topic is about losing your clothes at a sex party or in a back room. Suffice to say I had a great time once we got to his place, clothes were loaned and I eventually got safely home. This will be detailed in another posting. Well guys, has this or something similar ever happened to you? What did you do and, how did it end up?
  13. Poppers top man

    Picture says it all... one of my biggest turn-ons is having a totally submissive guy between my legs, worshipping my cock and balls while I feed him poppers at MY discretion. Let me turn you into a sex-hungry animal with my cock down your throat while I force you to hit that bottle until you lose all control. Whoring you out and having guys fuck you in the ass in a bathhouse or hotel room while I drill your throat is even more of a turn-on. Would love to find a guy and use him until he can't even perform sexually without poppers. Want to talk about it? Hit me up.
  14. Aggro action in West London

    My first blog post on here. Disclosure: theres no breeding in this one! So I was on my way home from the 56 Dean Street where I had a post-Berlin STD checkup and was heading towards a friend's place in Ealing for afternoon coffee and a catch up. Checking Grindr while sat on the Central Line a lad sent me some pics of himself in scally gear and sneakers and asked if I was interested in a session. Of course I was, so I diverted to Acton and went to his flat. When he opened the door he demanded I wiped my sneaks on the doormat and lay on the floor face down... which I did. He was late 20's, pretty fit and was dressed in white/grey trakkies a t-shirt and light grey Nike Airmax 90s. As soon as I was on the floor I felt him put one foot on my arse and the other across my shoulders with his full weight. He then pulled my shirt up to expose my back and continued trampling and rubbing his sneakers on my back like he was wiping his feet on a doormat, occasionally throwing in a kick to my ribs or arse. He then got off and grabbed my scrunched up top and pulled me across the floor into the living room. He sat in a chair and motioned that he wanted me to lick his sneakers - first the tops and then he'd rub the soles in my face. He spat in my face a couple of times and rubbed it into my eyes and hair using the soles of his sneakers... He was quite hard and wanking himself off by now so I went in to try and suck him, but received a hard slap across the face for acting on my own initiative. He took a couple of hits of poppers and then pulled my head down to his dick for me to suck him. It was pretty tasty and there was a lot of pre-cum. As I sucked he continued tormenting me with kicks from his sneakers and slaps to the body and face. Next he wanted to trample me again this time with me on my back. He stood with all his weight on my chest and it was difficult to breathe - which he really got off on. Still stood on my chest he crouched down and pulled my head up so I could suck him again. It didn't take much and after another hit of poppers he came and deposited a huge load which tasted mighty nice. He used my shirt to wipe himself and told me to leave. I said thanks, and he replied "shame you're not paying for it" as I left. Walking into the lift to exit the building I saw my reflection in the lift's mirror realised my hair was matted and wet with his gob and face marked from the soles of his sneakers. Was quite proud to wear the marks of a good session. When eventually I got to my friend's place in Ealing he opened the door, looked me up and down and commented: you slut.
  15. Ok....so I know this was asked once a while ago...but I searched the threads and couldn't find it. I dont want to go to a disreputable website and get ripped off. Thanks guys!
  16. This is only my second go at this, guys (and it's a true story) so I hope y'all enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One night a few months back, I had to work late. We had a server crash and I was tasked with trying to collect as much data as I could. I ordered Chinese and as the sunset in the western sky, my eyes were burning and my patience was running thin. Not that I have a boyfriend to go home to, but hell---watching porn, watching the Golden Girls, or sleeping was better than this! I glanced down at my phone and it said 8:11. I decided to call it a night, and closed my workstation down and headed for the exit. I took a detour to the bathroom to take a leak---it’s a 15 mile drive home and there’s roadwork after 8 on the expressway. As I am pissing and enjoying the feeling of release, I glance over toward the sink and notice a sharps container. I work with some older folks, many of whom suffer from diabetes, so it makes sense, logically. Yet, my mind saw the biohazard symbol and my dick immediately started to swell (thankfully I was done pissing). Bad thoughts at work are hot in fantasies, but nothing worth someone coming in and then having an issue that would land me in the unemployment line. So, I zipped up, washed up, and headed towards my car. On the ride home, while trying to enjoy the swell in my dick, I pull out some poppers from my console (hey, you never know when that trick asks you to come over on your lunch break!) and huffed. That biohazard symbol kept coming back to me. I had to focus on the road, but my dick focused on that red and black symbol I craved. Wait---it was the second Wednesday of the month! On the second Wednesday of the month, our local sex club (Manifest) hosts a “Poz 4 Play” night. I am neg, and had always glanced at it and moved past it at home on my computer. Either the guys going weren’t really my type, I was too chicken shit to actually commit to going, or had something going on. Needless to say, I was torn---but being a member of this site has pushed me further and further to what will someday become (hopefully) a reality---the poz swimmers will take root and give me what I crave. I pull into a gas station, change into a jockstrap I had from baseball practice (earlier that week---sweaty too, hehe) and hopped back in my car. So, another huff and I plug the coordinates into my GPS---and 20 minutes later I am there. I’m in the parking lot. Car is running, the air is thick and humid, and the broadcaster is going on about the Braves dropping a game to the Padres. Moment of truth---do I take a chance and go? Or cut and run back home to porn and bed. Poppers---poppers like a magic 8 ball will guide me. I slowly inhale, and relax. I breathe out and release the day---I slowly get out from my car and make my walk to the door. I pay my money, and the door guy gives me a wink and says “You’ll be popular tonight young man” (Oh yeah, I’m 29, white, blonde hair, ice blue eyes, 8c, and an ass made of velvet). I nodded and gave him a smile and walked in. He then said, “Hey kid, have fun” and tossed me a small bottle of lube. Yep---I was in the right place. To give you some backgrounds, Manifest isn’t like a bathouse. You can’t walk around full on naked because there aren’t showers, there aren’t towels, and there isn’t a gym. It’s a straight on sex club. There are rooms (some that lock and some that don’t, and some with and without gloryholes). I walked through the place and saw some porn playing, some noises from some of the rooms and the smell of plywood the place was built with and the dim glow of some dirty lightbulbs lighting the place. I find a darkroom in the middle. Now, I love anonymous sex. I love being face down ass up blindfolded for men to come in and fill me. I don’t want them to see me and I don’t want to see them. I want their cum in me and that’s it. And, I invite bottoms over for the same treatment. It’s just easier that way---no names, no drama, no fuss. But, this was poz night. Walking in the place is certainly a step in and of itself, but taking that next step to walk into the dark room was something different. Again, the brown bottle in my hand did the trick. A little huff and I walked in. Not only did I walk in, I pulled my pants down and exposed my jockstrapped ass. I applied some lube, turned towards the wall and heard the floorboards creak. A hand, two hands caressed my fuzzy ass. The top then felt my smooth hole and grunted in delight. He used the lube to slather up his dick---this was it. I didn’t turn around (not that I could see anything anyway) and huffed again. He slid in just as the poppers kicked in. He went balls deep in the first thrust and I knew then what a pig felt like. Feeling his abs as he pounded me with his thick cock put me into outer space. I tuned out all noises, distractions, and other men to focus on THIS man giving me the seed I craved. It was all about him---in that moment. He fucked me hard and rough for a few minutes with a decent sized cock until the pace picked up, the breathing labored---and then it happened. A poz load up my ass. Not my first by any means, but first in a setting like this. Time had stopped, I’d just succumbed the moment. And as soon as he pulled out and I was about to get up, another one replaced it. I was in complete shock and complete bliss. All those nights reading stories on Breeding Zone and now, here I am! Again, the brown bottle shit everything else off except that poz dick up my hole---and that's the way I both wanted it to be and the way it should be. I must’ve taken 5 or 6 loads, before one burly muscular hairy bear guy whispered “I’ve seen your neg ass looking at my profile on BBRT---so enjoy this load” and popped it in me. I never understood how guys lost track of how much cum they took until that night. It was different---taking them all at once rather than one off situations where one guy dumps his load in me at home and leaves. This was special---and I loved it. My ass then needed a break and I needed a shower, so I pulled up trou and quickly made my exit. A rather inglorious and unromantic end to an evening I won’t soon be forgetting. This was 3 months ago, and I’m still neg, and still planning on going back and taking more poz cum.
  17. This is one of my favorite bathhouse memories to jerk off to. It had been a long frustrating week and all I wanted to do was get loaded with jizz all night long. I cleaned out at work so all I had to do was get my room, lube up and head out with my bottle of poppers. I did not even bother taking a towel. I wanted everybody to see what was offered. I went to the gloryholes first to warm up. The minute I knelt at the hole a cock stuck thru. Lucky me! In no time I was rewarded with a hot load. There was plenty of it so I took some time to roll it around my mouth and savor the gooey flavor. I sucked three cocks. The last I took a chance and pressed my ass to the hole. The guy only hesitated a moment before easing his cock into my hole. He paused long enough for me to take a long hit of poppers and then went to work on my ass. He had the perfect starter cock for my evening of being a cum dumpster. Not too big, not too small. He got me warmed up and well lubed with man juice. I was ready so I headed to the sling. It was occupied by a hot little bottom with a super hairy ass. I fucking love to eat a hairy ass especially when it has been bred by several cocks. He was taking on all cummers and I enjoyed the show even though I was jealous as hell. I watched as five different guys loaded him up and who knows how many he took before I arrived. A couple of his fuckers were major trolls but they both had fantastic cocks so it was still hot to watch. There was a break in the action so I took the opportunity to dive in and sample his hole. He moaned and twitched while I ate out his cummy ass. Eventually he pushed out a huge squirt of jizz for me. It was a torrent. Made my cock so fucking hard. I kept it in my mouth and then kissed him with it. While we were snowballing all that delicious cum another top stepped up and fucked him. The whole time he was getting banged we traded cum back and forth with sloppy kisses only pausing to snort poppers. The last top made his deposit and wondered off. The bottom, I found out later his name was Roger, said he needed a break. So while he went off to piss I climbed in the sling. After seeing all that hot action I was in a frenzy to get loaded myself. Thankfully it was busy that evening and I only had to wait a moment before a daddy bear stepped up and crammed his fat cock in my hole. He was hairy all over and I got off petting his fur while he got off in me. I pretty much had dick up my ass for the whole next hour. It was fantastic. One of the tops had some great poppers that really sent me flying. I must have taken about eight loads. One of the trolls came back to fuck me. He was butt ugly with pale clammy skin and man boobs but he had a fantastic cock and a huge nut sack. Plus he was really good at dirty talk. I love aggressive tops who really know how to press my buttons with colorful language. Its an art. I did not realize that Roger came back and watched a lot of the show. When there was a break he returned the favor and ate out my ass. I gave him a big wad of cum that he shared with me but he fucked me at the same time. After he shot his load I invited him back to my room to share some beers I had smuggled in. We spent the next couple hours drinking, snorting poppers and devouring each other bodies. Part of the time we left the door open so guys could wander and use our holes as they chose. At the end of our time together I slowly fucked him while he told me how his grandpa taught him how to suck cock and that he got addicted to cock and cum when his grandpa would invite guys over to fuck him. Where ever you are Roger I hope you are still going strong and you are getting your share of dick.
  18. Video arcade Breeding

    Was on a business trip in Pennsylvania and was surprised to find there was a video arcade within 20 miles that had gloryholes and heavily a M4M clientele. I slipped a bottle of poppers, lube, and a couple rubbers into my pocket (I like to tell myself I'm not really a BB whore, though I am). The place looked abandoned on the outside with no signage. Wandered up to the door and was buzzed inside. Paid $12 and walked through the turnstile. Inside were a few very dark hallways lined with individual video booths, a couple video rooms with rows of seats, and a few rooms at the back with benches. You could smell the stale cum and antiseptic cleaner everywhere. This place was seedy. There were about 10 guys hanging around, a mix of body types, though all looking eager. I finally wandered into an individual booth and saw there were large gloryholes cut into opposite walls. I pulled my dick out and began stroking slowly to the too-loud porn playing, and didn't have to wait long for players to appear on either side of the two gloryholes. I dropped to my knees and rested my fingers on the rim of each gloryhole. I was quickly rewarded on one side with a nice thick cock to suck. Getting into it, and sensing the guy in front of me was enjoying himself, I pulled off my shirt and pushed my jeans down to my calves, pulling a bottle of poppers out of my pocket. I took a hit, inhaling the scent of sex and acetone, and felt the welcome warmth pass through my body. My ass started to want some attention. A hand was reaching through the other hole, and I back up enough so he could feel the tight muscles of my ass. I was bent over so I could keep my eye on the cock I'd been working in my mouth. He withdrew from the gloryhole to see what was happening, and heard me take a whiff of poppers. That cock was beautiful. The hand behind me started fingering my hole, poking a bit roughly with too little spit. In front of me, I saw the guy applying lube to his cock. Immediately I felt a rush thinking he would take me raw. I turned around and presented my ass to the gloryhole, kicking off my flip-flops and one pant leg so I could position more easily. I inhaled poppers again, and almost immediately the head of that beautiful cock was rubbing against my arse, seeking the hole. I pressed back against the wall and moved my ass a bit. His cock slid in nice and smooth. "Fuuuuuuck yeaaaah," I moaned. He held inside me a moment, and then the fuck started. He was obviously playing for a long game, working me open with his cock, which got wider at the base, and setting a rhythm to his thrusting. I moaned and grunted, stroking my own hardon, vocalizing my satisfaction. I was standing naked in a dark video booth with my ass pressed against the wall and some anon cock boring into me. After a few minutes, the cock slid out of my ass. I waited anxiously, but heard the door to his room open. I stepped away from the gloryhole, getting ready to present my ass the other direction. Then the door to my booth opened and in stepped a lean, handsome guy in his early 50's. I recognized the shirt tails I'd seen through the gloryhole. He didn't say a word, but pulled his hardon out and turned me around. I inhaled deeply from the bottle of poppers as he pressed my upper body into a corner by the video screen, my bare skin rubbing against that filthy wall, and my feet sticking to the floor. He slid his cock right back into my hole, and started fucking more vigorously than before. His hands held my shoulders for leverage as he propelled all 7 inches inside me. I became aware of his balls slapping against me, and I got even more turned on. He pounded into me for a good 5 minutes more, both of us caught up in the pleasure. At once his rhythm changed, becoming more deliberate with each thrust. His grip on my shoulders tightened and he began grunting softly. The guy had decided to seed me, and I had no say in the matter. He stayed in my arse only a moment before withdrawing. He stuffed his spent hardon into his pants, the lining bulging, and said, "Thanks" as he opened the door and slipped out into the dark hallway. I stood there panting in a poppers fog, my ass freshly bred, in a filthy little booth with my clothes strewn on the floor.
  19. Porn trap

    It all started innocently enough, just enjoying online porn websites. But then Drew came across videos encouraging the use of poppers, which he bought to enjoy these sites better. Then he discovered sissy sites that were encouraging him to offer himself up for the sexual gratification of men. Drew became more and more addicted to these. The visual stimulation coupled with the sensual feelings from using poppers and the repeated messages that were bombarding him, made him want to put what he saw and read into practice: Make yourself available to men Drew went to his local sauna to seek out cocks. You must have cock Having crossed the threshold and undressed, Drew wrapped a towel around his modesty and headed for the darkroom. You’ll do anything for cock When his eyes adjusted to the light, he saw several people watching a man bent over with his legs on a bench taking a bare cock up his arse. So that’s what you must do: Prepare to be exploited Drew applied some lube to his arse and copied the position of the guy next to him as he climbed onto the bench. Give your sissy pussy to be used by men The sight caught the attention of many of those standing around watching including the guy fucking the man next to him. One of them came over and wanked his cock harder to get it stiff enough to enter him. You need to feel cock Drew’s dream was realised as he felt the guy ram his bare cock up his lubed arse. He’s in you now The experience of being fucked was both pleasurable and painful for Drew. It was difficult for him as he took the ever forceful thrusts up him. Drew sniffed some poppers to facilitate the cock’s ingress. Poppers prepare you for men’s load Although it was still a bit painful, this stimulation really turned Drew on. He could feel the guy thrusting more quickly now. He knew the guy was almost ready to come inside him. You must take his load His breathing got faster and with a grunt the man thrust his cock deep inside Drew and released his spunk into the willing arse. He pulled out and the cum started dribbling out of Drew. Feel it leaking with his cum The guy who’d been fucking the man next to Drew, looked avariciously at the now cum filled newbie and pulled out to change his attention towards Drew instead. Drew wasn’t going to resist more attention. Your sissy pussy wants cock Drew eagerly anticipated being fucked a second time. But what he didn’t realise is the man was positive and didn’t care whom he infected. Drew sniffed deeply on his poppers as he got ready for penetration. Take men’s cock deep The man shoved his cock deep within his unknowing victim and thrust vigorously wanting to breed another person. Drew was innocently enjoying the experience of his second fuck and felt the man thrusting into him more deeply. You love the feel of cock inside you The man pushed in even harder and held his position as his toxic load pumped into Drew. All that Drew knew that he was enjoying his second seeding as his fantasy instructions had encouraged him to carry out. You crave cum As the man pulled out, Drew looked around for who else was in the room and encouraged another onlooker over. Drew placed his mouth over the man’s cock and sucked hard. Now suck cock Drew liked sucking dick and was surprisingly good at it, bringing the man to climax quite quickly. The man withdrew and blasted his cum all over Drew’s face. This attracted the attention of another of the onlookers. Ready for more This young man had a large cock and had been visiting the sauna quite regularly and had recently contracted hiv, but wasn’t aware of his status. Consequently his viral load was very high. Drew was eager to have this big cock up his arse. You need cock The young man got Drew to face him and place Drew’s legs in the air as he stroked his cock to full length. Drew was looking forward to another bareback fucking. Little did he realise the consequences. Feel men’s cock enter you Drew was surprised how easily this large cock went inside him, presumably all the cum already inside helped lubricate him. This really facilitated his cock thrusting in and out of him. He slowly pushed his large dick further and further up him. Drew then needed to sniff deeply on his poppers. Your sissy pussy wants to feel bare cock deep inside you How much Drew was enjoying seeing his fantasies turning into realities. He was being the cum slut he was encouraged to be in the videos. You want men’s load Drew eagerly anticipated another load would be blasted inside him. He wasn’t disappointed when the young man suddenly announced he was about to cum and then shot his highly toxic load right up Drew. This had been a tremendous learning lesson for Drew. Indeed he had been well screwed!
  20. Hi! bareback bottom pig hosting at airport area hotel near lejeune and flagler. taking all loads. would enjoy long session with fun top(s) love to deepthroat and get fucked with big cocks and big toy. like groups and to feel used but in a playful way BBC is my favorite
  21. Video Store - Anonymous

    I'm a total anon glory hole slut. I went to a video store the other night and I got three loads through the glory hole in about an hour, one from a white guy, one from a black guy, and the third from a Latino. I've had MANY MANY MANY dicks inside my ass but the third dick, that of the Latino, was a new experience. Now, I can take a fist no problem but for the Latino dick I found it necessary to take a HUGE hit of poppers after he had slid in. Then I slid off of it for a second, only to find the cum from the first two guys poured out of my hole. Then the Latino slid back in, and went to town on my ass, nutting deep in my hole. Afterwards I cleaned off his beautiful dick, pulled up my pants and went hunting for the another load. Life's pretty good.
  22. Pig btm cumdump looking. Any one know where to buy poppers in Toronto? eagerbeaverto@gmail.com
  23. It had been a couple of days since I had had dick, and I really needed some, so I stopped into Peepland. There were only two cars in the parking lot, but I thought 'Oh, well, I'm here, I'll check it out'. Sure enough, the red indicator lights indicated only two booths were in use. I tried the first door. Locked. I tried the second door. Unlocked. So I stepped inside where I found an average looking guy, mid 50's, wearing a Heating/Air Conditioning company's uniform, his pants open, stroking his five inch cut cock, watching straight porn. I locked the door, assumed the position between his legs and wrapped my lips around his cock. He was somewhat hard, but very quickly hardened even more so as I pleasured him. He was clearly a quick draw as, within only one to two minutes of my having gone down on him, he silently shot his load into my mouth. And in typical straight guy fashion, he quickly zipped-up and left the booth. I wiped my mouth, pulled myself up and stayed in the booth, watching the straight porn until his money ran out on the machine. Then I went back out into the hallway. Only one indicator light was still illuminated, and the door to the corresponding booth was still locked. After hanging around for ten minutes to see if anything turned-up, I decided to leave. Peepland was clearly dead, at least for the time being. Driving a mile down the road I approached A-Action ABS, another bookstore. It is one of the more sleazier outfits in Las Vegas, but normally has some good action all day long. I pulled into the parking lot behind the store only to think 'Shit! There's only one car here!'. Still, I was there, and while it didn't look very promising, I decided to check it out, if only because I had always found the staff at the place to be very pleasant. Paying the entrance fee of $7.00, I entered the store, taking a peek into the theater. It was empty. 'Shit!', I thought, 'Looks like I've just wasted $7'. Still, I stepped out of the theater and wandered down the arcade hallway. The video booths half half doors, so it was obvious all were empty, or so I thought until I got to the last booth on the right where I found a guy sitting on the bench, jacking himself. I entered the adjoining booth and peeked through the large glory hole between the booths. He looked like an aging hippie, about sixty, his long gray hair pulled back into a pony tail. Still he was nice looking, and more importantly, his thick cock was about seven inches, and stood proudly as he stroked away. Dropping to my knees at the glory hole, I signaled with finger tap to the partition wall. Seeing me, he stood and slid his thick cock through the hole. I went down on him, taking great pleasure in servicing his tool, which, I might add, felt great in my mouth. Within a couple of minutes he withdrew his cock from my mouth, stepped out of his booth, opened the door to mine, and without a word, Aging Hippie took a seat on the folding chair in my booth. I resumed sucking him, and as I did so, I heard the door chime at the entrance to the store, soon seeing denim clad legs under the half door. The door opened a bit and I a man peeking in on us, so I gestured for him to join us. The new guy looked to be in his early 30's, and struck me as a 'Skater Dude', which is to say he was very, very good looking with an amazing body. Skater Dude entered the booth, unzipped, pulling out a nice looking seven inch, thick, cut cock. I switched from the Aging Hippie to Skater Dude, and sucked, making it a point, however, to switch back and forth between the two beautiful cocks. Aging Hippie and Skate Dude were obviously turned on as they began to kiss, as I continued to service both dicks. As I did so, again I heard the door chime, and again I saw legs outside the half door. The new guy had his cock out and Skater Dude reached under the half door and stroked his six inch beer can dick. Beer Can Dick then opened the door, squeezing himself into the crowded booth. Skater Dude bent over to suck on Beer Can dude, but as it was a very awkward position he soon abandoned the attempt and straightened up so I resumed sucking him. Aging Hippie meanwhile, apparently decided he wanted to do some sucking, so he kind of pushed me out of the way and took Skater Dude's cock into his mouth, leaving me stuck in the corner without any dick available, so I struggled to to my feet and squeezed my way towards the door, feeling like I needed to get some air. Just as I approached the doorway I heard Skater Dude ask Aging Hippie "Can I fuck you?" Aging Hippie, however, replied "Nope, I don't fuck." "You can fuck me," I immediately offered. Skater Dude's face lit up as, without a pause he replied "Great! Show me your ass." I undid my pants, pulled them down, turned and put my ass on display, repeatedly lubing my hole with spit. "Slide your chair over so I can get to his ass," Skater Dude told Aging Hippie, who complied. At that point Beer Can guy stepped out of the booth, and stood in the doorway, the door fully open, stroking himself as he watched the events unfold. Skater Dude took a hit of poppers, and I also retrieved my poppers from my pocket and took a hit. We both wanted to get the most out of this. I bent over, Skater Dude moved behind me and without any fanfare slid his cock into my hole. I anchored myself by means of grabbing the back of Aging Hippie's chair and by grabbing the glory hole, whereupon Skater Dude began to fuck me hard, going balls deep into my ass. To my right and left I could see both Beer Can guy and Aging Hippie as each guy stroked, watching us fuck. Skater Dude's rock hard cock felt fantastic as he pounded my hole, and apparently Beer Can guy really enjoyed watching 'cause he quickly blew his load, in fact blowing his seed on Skater Dude's leg. That seemed to trigger Aging Hippie as he also came, his jizz is dripping down my leg. I stroked my own cock, and as I approached climax moaned "Aaaahhhhhh," shooting my load on the floor below me. As my body convulsed in orgasm, my ass squeezed Skater Dude's cock. He also moaned, and I could distinctly feel his cock throb inside my ass as he filled my guts with his seed. Afterwards he withdrew and I turned around, took his cock into my mouth and cleaned him up. Then we all cleaned up as best we could, dressed and exited the booth. As Skater Dude and I walked towards the store exit, Skater Dude turned to the clerk at the counter and dryly remarked "Clean-up in booth seven." All three of us had a good laugh. "I figured I was going to have a mess in there. Have a good one, guys," the clerk replied as he stepped out from behind the counter and headed back to towards the booths. With that we exited the store. "Thanks for the fuck," Skater Dude remarked as he unlocked and climbed into his beat up Volkswagen, which was parked next to mine. Then we went our separate ways. I should add I'll now be able to get some productive things done today - now that I've gotten off and have a nice load in my ass.
  24. Heading to MAL for the first time. Host hotel is booked - any suggestions on a good alternative nearby? IE - no key needed to enter hotel nor to access elevators? Also, any where to get poppers? Btm pig here - would love to be a cumdump for random guys over the weekend - pump/dump ok. Anon ok. Hit me up at eagerbeaverto@gmail.com and on bbrt (eagerbeaverto is my profile).
  25. Relative to some other stories I have read here, this one is going to seem rather ordinary, but for me at the time these events were not. This is a true story. After these events, I continued to live a normal, hetero life while submitting to my darker hungers whenever called upon to do so as I have up to this day. I was 19 and in my second year at university. I was a shy, introverted sort of guy (still am) but masked it effectively and, as a result, moved easily between tribes first in high school and later at the university I attended. I was tall, 6' with long, dirty blond hair and a dry, muscular physique. I was successful with girls largely on the strength of my ability to charm just about anyone. I was working my second year as a hotel clerk in a very large downtown hotel in the center of the city. My boss was a very handsome and sophisticated guy, 33 years old, guy who lived an openly gay lifestyle with a rich lover. I certainly had no issues with his sexuality and just enjoyed working with him. Over time, along with other staff, we began to hang out. Going to bars both straight and gay to drink and dance in the early hours of the morning after our shifts had ended. In those days, I was living with my girlfriend from high school (we'd been dating for three years) who was attending a college in the same town. Jon, my boss, asked me if I could help him move some furniture from his parents place in a nearby city to his lover's house during an upcoming weekend. I spoke to my girlfriend about it and she thought it was fine. She would just go home to visit her parents that weekend. The drive up to his parents' place in the rental truck was relaxed and easy. We arrived just after lunch and quickly got all his stuff loaded and secured in the back of the truck. We then headed to the hotel where Jon checked us into a twin bedded room before we went to get some dinner. In a gesture of gratitude, Jon treated me to a great steak dinner with wine and then drinks on the outdoor terrace before we headed back to the hotel for the night. I was feeling the booze but still wanted to smoke some weed before going to bed. Once in the room, we watched a bit of TV and I asked Jon if it would be okay if I smoked a joint on the balcony. He told me it was fine and I got my kit and rolled myself a joint before heading outside. Enjoying my toke in the warm summer breeze I quickly felt the buzz come on to me and after finishing my joint, sort of stumbled a bit as I entered the room again with a wide grin on my face. Jon just laughed and told me I looked pretty stoned. I told him he was absolutely right. Awkwardly, I pulled my t-shirt off stumbling and hitting the side of my bed almost falling over before managing to get it all off. I then kicked off my sneakers forgetting to take my socks off and dropped my shorts leaving my boxers on. I then layed down on top of the bedspread and promptly fell asleep. I awoke some time later to an incredible sensation. I will still solidly stoned so it took me a bit of time to realize that my boss had pulled my shorts off and was now sucking my cock. I lifted my head heavily and looked down to see him swallowing my entire cock as he sucked on it. He looked up and smiled. I tried to lift myself up but he pressed down on my chest and I relented, enjoying the most incredible sensation I had ever felt. Of course I'd had my cock sucked by my girlfriends, but never like this. Gently, Jon pushed my legs up and began to lick my ass. Again, I was experiencing something sexual like nothing I had ever felt before. Somewhere in my head a voice was telling me that this was wrong, that this was gay, that this was not something I was into. But my body was ignoring that voice with my moans and complete submission the proof of it. Jon then slid up the length of my body and lay on top of me. Again, I tried to lift myself but he easily held me down. He tried to kiss me, the rough, unshaven scratching of his beard against my face a strange sensation. I turned my head away from him but he grabbed my face and held me, his lips hard against mine. I relented and his tongue entered my mouth as I found myself surrendering to his kiss. His tongue was so much larger and longer than that of any girl I had ever kissed. I realized this must be how it feels for my girlfriend when I kissed her. However foggy my head, I was enjoying this and at some point just decided to let whatever happened, happen. I began to respond to his kiss and wrapped my arms around him, surprised at the hair on his back. "I knew you wanted this" I remember him telling me. I moaned in reply as I opened and lifted my legs to him in what seemed a natural response. His hard and substantial cock pressed against my ass as he kissed me while slowly humping against me. He broke the kiss and lifted himself off me. I just lay back with my eyes closed as I felt him leave the bed. I opened my eyes to see him with a facecloth and a small bottle he was wetting it with. A strong chemical smell filled the room. "This is going to help you relax and enjoy yourself more" I remember him telling me as he climbed back on top of me and held the facecloth to my nose and mouth. Initially, I sort of panicked and tried to get up off the bed, but Jon held the facecloth against my mouth and nose while pressing his weight down on me. Stoned as I was, I was not much of a coordinated match for him and as I inhaled, the effect of the poppers rolled over me causing me to slump back down onto the bed. "You like that boy?" he whispered to me as he began to dry hump me again with his big cock. I remember just moaning and feeling overwhelmed by an intense sexual hunger. He continued to hold the facecloth on my face with one hand as he lifted himself and spat into his other hand several times, spreading his spit on my asshole. The sensation was incredible and I would rock my ass to meet his slick hand. When he slid first one wet finger then another into me I responded by trying to fuck his hand. The poppers were providing a relentless rush and I could feel my heart pounding in my head. Jon spat into his hand several more times and then I felt the heat of his cock at my asshole. I inhaled deeply as I surfed on a wave of sexual hunger. He gently pressed himself into me, resting his weight on my hips. I felt a stab of sharp pain as his swollen cock head slipped in past my anus. I could hear him spitting and thick gobs of spit hitting my ass and balls as he continued to push himself into me. He grabbed my hips and lifted me thrusting forward at the same time. I gasped and cried out. He pressed the facecloth onto my face, holding it there as I inhaled the fumes as he slowly began to slide his cock in and out of my hole. In my drugged state I came to an immediate realization. I wanted to be fucked, I loved being fucked, I needed to be fucked. I responded to his considerate motions by lifting my ass to meet his cock. "You like that cock inside you boy?" he asked softly. "Yesssss" I replied the word trailing off to a sigh. He stopped moving and I groaned as he removed the facecloth from over my mouth and nose and again sprinkled it with poppers before putting it back on my face. I inhaled deeply and lifted my ass to feel his cock slide into me. "You're a fucking whore boy" he hissed. Those words seemed to set off a hidden circuit in my brain that electrified my entire body and I moaned loudly as the full meaning of them sunk in. Jon seemed to pick on this and began fucking me harder and faster, thrusting more deeply into me. His eight inch cock was now sending jabs of pain through me each time he bottomed out into my hole. The pain was somehow pleasurable to me and I wanted more of it as I hungrily tried to ram against his thrusts. "What a fucking slut" he continued as his fucking grew harder, more brutal. I responded by moaning and inhaling deeply from the poppers soaked facecloth. Fuck, I could not get enough of the sensation of his cock inside me. He began fucking me faster now, ever harder, ever more brutally. "I'm going to cum inside you bitch. I'm going to breed your faggot hole slut, I want you to beg me for it, beg for my seed you cum slut" he hissed as sweat began dripping of his face onto my chest. "Fuck me" I moaned. "Cum inside me, please" I begged. "Cum inside me, cum inside me, please, cum inside me, cum inside me..." I kept repeating as I struggled to meet the hard thrusts of his cock into me. "I'm going to seed you bitch and I then I will own you, I will own you completely, do you understand me whore?" he continued as I began wincing with each painful thrust into me. "Do you understand bitch!" he yelled. "Yes....yes.....I under....stand....owned....you own.....me.....please....cum inside me....own....me" I answered to the rhythm of his thrusts. He growled and slammed into me then held his cock deep inside me as he began to fire his load into me. He gripped me by the neck and began to squeeze, choking me as he trust again, shooting more of his seed into me. Between the poppers soaked facecloth and his choking I began to feel the room slipping away from me. He slammed once more into me and I felt like I was peeing then felt like I was blacking out. A moment later I was coming back again from the darkness. Jon had removed the facecloth and now rested the full weight of his body, moist with sweat, on top of mine. He put his hand around my throat again and squeezed gently. "You liked that didn't you whore" he whispered softly then kissed me. "Yes, I liked it" I replied, my voice betraying the exhaustion of what I had experienced. He squeezed my throat a little harder. "I own you now. You are my whore and my slut and you will learn to do whatever I want, whenever I want it. Are we clear?" "Yes, we're clear." I replied in resignation of what I had accepted I had become. He released my throat and lifted himself off me, pulling his cock from my ass as he did so. I plopped out heavily and I felt a wetness leak from me. Jon reached between my legs and scooped up some of the cummy filth and brought it to my lips. I opened my mouth and he gave me his slime covered fingers to suck. In that final surrender I knew I had truly accepted to engage upon that downward path the destination of which I could not yet know.

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