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Found 69 results

  1. Hey, guys, I'm curious about something. Anyone who knows me on here knows that when it comes to oral, it's not my first choice of activities. Sure, I'll suck dick to get a guy hard, wet, and warmed up for a good pounding. But I'm, sadly, not one of those guys who enjoys sucking dick for hours on end. However, if I was given the choice of oral between cock or ass, my mind instantly goes to rimming. Now, rimming I could get into for a long, long time -giving and receiving. And that's the other thing, while I'll suck another guys dick, having my own sucked does nothing more me. I'll get and stay hard but the urge to cum never arrives. Nope, first choice for me regarding oral is ass. Am I the only one who would rather chow down on a hot, beefy, juicy ass instead of sucking dick?
  2. I'm a guy who lives in Indy and is looking to make some Chicago friends. Ideally, I'd like to take the train up and meet you. I'm open to 1on1, group, and I'm cool with bi groups as well. I'm 37yo, white, bi, 6'1", blond hair on head and red facial and pubes, green/hazel eyes, 34" waist, 185lbs., 6.5-7" cut cock with slight curve, and I have a nice tight hairy ass that loves getting fucked bb.
  3. Cum slutode

    At a gay resort in Ontario and feeling slutty. Guys on the slurp ramp looking to get off. All I could see were dicks waiting to be serviced. I started with a nice thick 6" cut dick. I sucked him for about 10 minutes when he put his hands on the back of my head and forced his dick down my throat and filled me with a sweet tasting load. then I started working on a 8" smelly dick.while he started fucking my throat someone came behind me and started fingering my hole. after he opened my hole he let me feel the pa at the end of hi sick and then he shoved all 10 inches in my ass. the two of them started fucking me hard and didn't let up until they coated my insides with their cum about 20 minutes later
  4. Away for work

    Been away for work for 25 days. Naturally been horny as fuck. Been cruising the usual apps but im quite aways out in the woods. Guy hits me up on grindr and i can tell hes a little heavier than i like. But im a good slut and desperate for some cock so i agree to service him. On the condition that i want too do an anon scene. So we agree to meet at my camp. I go in. Blindfold myself anf text him that im ready. He comes i and there is immediately a hard cock pushing into my eager mouth. 15 minutes of quality oral time and he grabs the back of my head and pushes into my throat as he cums buckets. I swallow like a good boy and clean him off with my mouth. He gets almodt immediately hard and i offer up my ass. He just grabs the back of my head and throat fucks me instead. He blows a second (still sizeable load) zips up and leaves. Love not knowing what he looks like. Hes been back twice and only uses my mouth. Hopefully he pumps a load in my ass soon. As a submissive bottom i always let guys cum in whichever hole they want.
  5. International Meat

    I just sucked an amazing dick. He is Spanish/Indian, and he's beautiful, and he came twice. He was quite a treat for me as I haven't played in a couple years. I am bi, am divorced and have kids, so sucking cock, unfortunately, is not a main focus of mine, but I do love to swallow some hot man cream, and make a man groan with pleasure. As an added treat, a hot married guy just texted me, saying he wants to come by for service. I assure you, he will be very well taken care of. Now, I have dentures, so I can take all my teeth out. Although I may not play around all that often, still I could suck a nail from an oak tree. If this guy gets the least bit excited, I am going to french kiss his straight asshole and give him what I doubt his wife is doing for him, which is to say, she must not be much or he would not have said how he can't want to come over. After today I may have to try to do this more often.
  6. Clothes shopping

    II was shopping yesterday for clothes and this guy kept following from store to store. I finally approached me and asked if could him find a pair of jeans. He was about 30, 5'4" 125# and my favorite he was asian. Of course I said yes. I guessed his waist size and pulled a few pairs of skinny jeans for him to try on. He took them back to the dressing room. Each time he would come out I'd say yes or no. he was down to one more pair to try on and he called me into the dressing room. he was naked staring at his ass in the mirror and asked he I thought he had a nice ass. this was was small firm, muscled and a nice bubble. of course I said yes unzipped and showed him my hard cock. he smiled pulled on the new jeans they fit him like a glove. he got dressed, purchased the last pair he tried on and left the store. I told I lived alone and he was welcome to come over. We found out we lived a mile apart, but had to get the car home so his nosy neighbors would not tell his Daddy he was late coming home. His daddy was out of town. so I followed him home parked about a block away. he parked his car took his purchases in the house and came out in his running shorts. He ran to my car, got in and we went to my place. we wasted no time getting naked. He sucked me, licked my thighs, lately bit me and sucked and stroked my cock. He edged me for over 2 hours, before he rolled over put his ass in the air and guided my raw cock into his hole. while I was fucking him he told me he was poz - I said I didn't care and then he said he was being treated for 2 STIs. I almost blew my load when he said it. I told I didn't care because I had 2 STIs as well. We fucked I bred him, showered and went to a local bookstore with gloryholes, shared a booth, and I shared his ass with any cock stuck thought the hole. 6 loads later we returned to my place, fucked again, fell asleep. he dripped all night. we fucked again this morning, and I took him home. never did get his name but we traded numbers.
  7. Ok so here's the thing. I've had a massive crush on my cousin since we were children. He's three years older than me, fit as hell, sexy af, bashful when it comes to sexual stuff but isn't closed minded. So I'm trying to figure out what signals to look for that a jock type like my cousin wants head from me. On more than one occasion he's come to visit me without his gf and jacked off in my bathroom loud enough for me to hear after hanging out with me for a long time in the livingroom. He's done stuff that makes me think he might have interest in me sucking him off but I'm not sure. So, what should I look for body language and behavior wise that an alpha male like my cousin wants my attention?
  8. Bathhouses in Manhattan

    Advice would be appreciated...husband and I are visiting NYC for a few nights in January. We are interested in different kinds of men and often different types like one or the other of us but not both. So would like to find a diverse mix at either a bathhouse, cruisy places, etc. Thank you in advance as we aren't familiar with the area.
  9. It has taken a (very) long time, but finally made some progress on a follow up to https://breeding.zone/topic/33786-the-decline-and-fall-of-michael-christian/Apologies again for the very long delay... and I hope you enjoy. Anyway, here is Part 1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hey man, sorry. I didn’t realise it was occupied.” A stranger stood at the toilet but looked over his shoulder at Calvin… was he smirking? Calvin needed to pee but it could wait. The real reason he was in the bathroom was to get away from the guy who had been (all but) clinging to him since he arrived at the party. The clingy guy had introduced himself as Tommy. He was tall, thin, and very flamboyantly gay. Not that Calvin had a problem with that, but Tommy had clearly had a few drinks too many. He refused to listen when Calvin said he was straight, so Calvin escaped to the bathroom. And now he had walked in on someone else in the toilet. Could this night get any more awkward? He started to back out of the bathroom and close the door. STOP. The stranger’s lips did not move but the word seemed to reverberate inside Calvin’s head. Like someone shouting, loudly, in a tunnel. There was an odd sensation just behind his eyes. A tingling. Calvin stopped. He stood in the door as if waiting for something. He wasn’t sure what that was, or even what it could be. “There’s room enough for two.” The stranger smiled but that smile never touched his eyes. Come in and close the door. The voice in his head was not as loud, just a normal speaking voice. But the tingling persisted. If anything, stronger than before. You are relaxed. There is nothing strange about what is happening. The voice was just a whisper now. But that sensation, the tingling behind his eyes, continued. It felt buried now, however, as if had burrowed somewhere deep inside his head. As Calvin stepped back in the bathroom and closed the door, he thought he should be worried. Like there was something terribly wrong. But he couldn’t think of what that might be. There was something odd about the stranger yet Calvin couldn’t quite put a finger on it. There was something almost… vague…or nondescript… about him. He was neither short not tall. Average build. Calvin couldn’t even tell how old he was. He could be 22 or 42. It just seemed impossible to tell. “I’m… Sebastian.” The stranger said. His extended his hand that had been holding his dick a moment ago. “You can call me Seb.” “Calvin. Calvin Watts.” Calvin shook Seb’s hand, trying not to think about where the hand had just been. “Nice to meet you. So do you know Mark and Mary?” “Not really, I just moved into the building and they invited me to the party.” “Can’t say I know them very well either.” Seb replied without more detail. “So how old are you, Calvin?” “I’m 18. You?” “I’m… a little bit older than that. Are you in college?” “Yes. I’m attending State, and studying Pre-Med and Chemistry. I want to get into medical research when I graduate.” Calvin wondered why he was kept speaking, answering questions that had never even been asked. He should be freaked out, of at least annoyed, but he felt eager to offer information. It made no sense. “You must have a high IQ.” “Well, when my Dad had me tested, my IQ was rated at 152.” “Very impressive. I bet you are doing very well in your classes, aren’t you? “ Calvin wanted to say that he was expecting to be on the Dean’s list this quarter and that he (and his father) would be very disappointed if he didn’t graduate summa cum laude in a few years. But Seb didn’t give him time to respond and the thought just slipped away. “Isn’t it unusual for a first year student to live off campus?” “My parents didn’t want me to live in the dorm. Too much partying going on. Or so my Dad says. So they rented an apartment for me.” “Do you have a girlfriend?” Seb paused a raised an eyebrow. “Or a boyfriend?” “Um… I don’t have a girlfriend, and I’m not gay.” Calvin wondered if he should be offended that the stranger had even asked… but somehow just couldn’t work up the energy. “You need to pee, don’t you Calvin?” “Um. Yeah.” “You should pull your dick out then, shouldn’t you?” That tingling again. And the perception of a voice inside his head but so quiet now he couldn’t even hear it. His hands moved before he even realised what they were doing, unzipping his fly, pulling out his dick, and aiming it at the toilet. His bladder, however, refused to pee, so he just stood there with this stranger. Both of the men standing there with his cock out. For a minute Calvin wondered if someone had put something in his drink and this was a surreal hallucination. But, no. This was real. Somehow he knew. “Good boy, Calvin.” A sense of happiness swept across Calvin at the words. His heart beat slightly faster in excitement. He wondered why he would feel this way. But, again, the thought slipped away. “It’s rather amusing. Your father thought he was preparing you for life. But his overprotective and controlling nature has sheltered you. You never even developed those defences that most humans have.” The words seemed to bypass Calvin as if his mind was shut down while Seb spoke. After a moment he blinked to see Seb looking at his crotch. “You have a nice cock.” Calvin blushed, unsure how to reply. “Do you like my cock, Calvin?” Calvin had never really looked at another guy’s cock before. Well, maybe in the locker room. But that was really just to see how it compared to his own. Now he found his eyes pulled down to Seb’s crotch. And he stared, suddenly fascinated by it. The other man’s cock was long and thick. The foreskin wrapped around the bulbous cock head and the whole things seemed so… perfect. Calvin was circumcised and his own cock suddenly felt awkward and clunky. “It’s…. It’s... beautiful.” Calvin finally managed. He licked his lips as he stared. “Why don’t you touch it?” Calvin’s hand reached out, tentatively. “That’s right, wrap your fingers around it. Stroke it. Gently. That’s my good boy.” Calvin felt his own dick starting to swell and rise. He was getting hard. But he was straight. Wasn’t he? It felt so fuzzy now. “I’m going to put my hand on your dick now. Is that ok, Calvin?” “Yes, sir.” Seb’s fingers caressed Calvin’s dick. The fingers moved softly. Gently. But Calvin’s whole body convulsed in pleasure. “You like that, don’t you?” “Yeah.” “I’m going to suck you now, Calvin.” “Ok…. I’ve never had a blow job before.” “A blow job? What a quaint way to describe it.” Seb shifted to his knees and Calvin could feel the warm breath rippling across the sensitive skin of his dick. The shaft flexed in anticipation. Some part of his mind tried to scream out. To put a stop to this. He wasn’t gay. But Calvin just couldn’t concentrate and the thought faded away. But Seb paused. “I could stop now, Calvin. I could stop, walk out, and you would be yourself again in a few minutes. Do you want me to stop? To step away now, without sucking your cock?” “No… please don’t stop.” Calvin felt desperate. It suddenly didn’t matter if he was gay or straight. He just wanted the other man’s mouth around his cock. “Are you sure? If I continue, there is a price. There is always a price. And you will never be the same.” “Please… please suck me. I want it so bad. I need it.” Calvin whimpered. Why was he so desperate? “As you wish.” The stranger smiled again. It was a smile that sent a chill down Calvin’s spine. The kind of smile that a cat wears when playing with a mouse. Then Seb’s lips enveloped Calvin’s cock. Calvin’s moaned as the sensation of the warm mouth enveloped his cock and spread quickly throughout his body. His hands wrapped around Seb’s head in a desperate attempt to maintain some control. Seb’s lips were locked on Calvin’s shaft. His mouth slid up and down the length, maintaining a tight suction. Calvin imagined he could feel the suction all the way from his skull to his toes. As if the pressure Seb was exerting would swallow him whole. It was almost painful… but somehow incredibly erotic. “Oh fuck,” Calvin groaned. He was getting his dick sucked for the first time… by a guy. This was so bizarre. But good. Oh so very good. “That is so amazing.” Calvin’s hips started moving, thrusting his cock further into Seb’s mouth. His dick was slowly swelling. His balls were slowly starting their rise. But… something else. A strange sensation throughout his body. Pulling. Stretching. As if the suction on his cock was siphoning something out of him. His head felt fuzzy. Unfocused. He had a slight headache and his vision seemed to be blurring. His body felt weak. ‘Oh fuck’, Calvin thought, asking himself ‘Am I having an aneur… and an….’. Strange. He couldn’t think of the word. He should know that word. A brain… thingy. A problem in the brain. He should know the word. Why couldn’t he think of it? Don’t worry. Relax. Let it flow away. The voice was back. And the tingling, which had never gone away, seemed stronger again now. At that information, that knowledge. It’s all such a burden. Surrender it. Life will be so much easier if you just don’t have to think so much anymore. Lay down your burden. Calvin was afraid. Terrified. Something was being taken from him. But he couldn’t figure out what it was. He had to resist. But his head was so fuzzy. Why couldn’t he think? Do you feel it? Your intelligence dropping lower. And lower. Doesn’t it feel good to let it go? Now you can enjoy other things. More important things. More immediate things. Think about how good your cock feels. Doesn’t your cock feel so good now? His cock did feel amazing. Seb’s expert lips, tongue, and mouth were bringing him closer and closer to cumming. This was fucking amazing. He had never felt this good sitting in a classroom. The suction was so strong. Especially in his head. Everything was being pulled into his dick. His dick that was buried deep in Seb’s throat now. Fuck that felt good. Yes. He could let go. It would feel so good to just let go. No! He shouldn’t. God help him, he knew he shouldn’t. He was losing something. Something important. If only he could understand what it was.… But his cock felt amazing. He needed to cum. To unload. To release. He wanted his body to tense up in anticipation — like it was doing now. He wanted to feel his dick throb —like it was doing now. He wanted to feel his nuts pull up — like they were doing now. He wanted this more than anything! Yes… Calvin succumbed to the voice in his head. He surrendered to the pressure. Stopped fighting it. And he came. It seemed to last forever. His eyes rolled back into his head and blast after blast fired into Seb’s throat. And Seb swallowed it all. But eventually the 18 year old’s muscles relaxed. His pecker grew soft and slipped from Seb’s mouth. Seb stood and gently pushed the young man down on the toilet seat. He peered into Calvin’s eyes and into his mind and soul. The mind was so quiet. So dull. So stupid. Lazy, unfocused, undisciplined. “Ah, my poor boy. You had such a high opinion of yourself and your mind. But you were just a tasty morsel. A delicious treat for a summer evening.” “Huh?” Calvin just looked up at the man above him. “Whatcha talking bout?” “I don’t think you need to worry about a high IQ anymore.” Seb laughed. “I’m afraid that I may have gotten carried away. You are well below ‘normal’ now. Well below.” “You ain’t making sense, man.” Seb frowned and looked down at Calvin. He really hadn’t intended to consume so much of the young man. “You know, since I took so much from you, it seems only fair that I give you something back. Would you like that?” “Your gonna give me somethin?” Calvin couldn’t really understand that this guy was babblin’ about… but fuck it. If he wanted to give him something, he sure as fuck wouldn’t refuse. Seb’s put his hand on Calvin’s head and pulled him towards his own hard cock. “What the fuck?” Calvin protested. “I aint no fag…” But his protest was cut off as Seb’s cock slipped into his mouth. Calvin tried to get it out. But no matter what he did, the prick was pushing into his mouth. And then he noticed the taste. ‘Fuck, that tasted good,’ he thought, his tongue swirling around the sliding shaft. He wanted that taste. More! Seb, however, was impatient. He had more important matters to attend and this distraction had already wasted too much time. Within moments, his hips were pressed against Calvin’s face. The entire shaft inserted. That was good enough. He let his orgasm flow. His seed erupting into the wretch before him. Calvin slurping it down like a man who had found an oasis in a barren desert. It wasn’t really semen, of course. Semen was such a mortal concept. But Calvin perceived the fluids as such. Seb slipped his cock from Calvin’s mouth and looked into his eyes a final time. Yes. There it was: the craving. A ravenous hunger for something Calvin couldn’t even put words to yet. And he had even given a bit of the young man’s intelligence back. Not much, of course. Just enough so he could function in society. And just enough so he could understand what he had lost, what had been taken away, it was so much more fun when they understood the price. Calvin sat on the toilet in shock. It was still so hard to think. For a moment there, he had been lost completely. He felt better now but he knew something was still missing. He could feel a cavity where something had been pulled away. And there was something else. Some other sensation he was just barely aware of. But he couldn’t put words to it. What the hell had Seb done to him? “Yes. That will do.” Seb mused. “You feel it missing now, don’t you? All that information, your mind racing miles ahead of everyone around you, all that potential? Gone. You will have to spend the rest of your life wondering what you would have accomplished. Cure cancer? Find new treatments to better the lives of our fellow ‘humans’? You will never know but it will haunt you. All of that given up just to get your dick sucked. Your dreams, your plans for a career? Dead now. But don’t worry, I very much suspect you will find a new career soon enough. I wish I could stay to watch, but I think not. It's time to move on." Calvin wanted to scream To yell. To cry. What the fuck had he done? But it was so hard to think now. He felt hollow. Empty. Incomplete. It took him a moment to realise he was alone in the bathroom. Seb was simply not there anymore. He was alone… for about a minute. And then the door opened. “Oh there you are, handsome.” It was Tommy, the gay guy from earlier. “I thought you got lost.” Tommy’s eyes swept over Calvin’s disheveled face and hair, and at the cum splatters on the floor. And Calvin’s dick still hanging out of his jeans. “Well, you have been busy, haven’t you? You dirty slut.” The word ‘slut’ sounded like a compliment from Tommy’s lips. Calvin was sure he could smell Tommy. His sweat. His musk. And it made his lust even stronger. His thoughts even weaker. Calvin’s eyes trailed down Tommy’s tall, lean, beautiful body. To the sizeable bulge in his crotch. He could see the outline of other man’s cock quite clearly. Tommy’s tight pants made sure of that. And that cock was quite big. He was so horny. No. Horny didn’t describe it. He was fucking ravenous. He wanted what was in the other man’s trousers. He wanted to explore that budge. He wanted to feel Tommy in his throat and, god help him, in his ass. He wanted Tommy’s cum inside him. He needed it. “Oh fuck.” Calvin didn’t even realise he was speaking out loud. “I’m gay.” “Yeah, I kind of guessed that.” Tommy slurred. Calvin’s dick was straining in his jeans. What Seb had taken, his intelligence or whatever, didn’t seem as important right now. He needed to sate his hunger. “I wanna taste you. I want to suck you. And I want you to fuck me. I’ve never been fucked. Please.” Tommy raised an eyebrow. “Well, lucky for you, someone convinced me to explore my top side recently. But are you sure about this? It’s going to hurt a bit… especially if it’s your first time.” < To Be Continued… > >
  10. Teeth Removal?

    Any one know of a cheap dental clinic in the continental United States where I could go and have all of my teeth removed? My purpose for this is, I am a Cocksucker and I want to turn my mouth in to a perfect fuck hole for all Men's Dicks:O
  11. Poz Down The Hatch

    i take my first known poz cock down my throat https://serodiscordantcanuck.wordpress.com/2016/06/10/pozitivity-down-the-hatch/
  12. Sex Accidents And Injuries

    Hey men, I had a strange ( at least in my history) thing happen last week, and it got me to thinking. So, here is a recounting of the event, and a request for anyone else who may have had a weird sex event to post their story. Last week, I had a FB over, we played and he dumped his load up my ass and left. A few minutes later, a guy who had wanted up my hole earlier in the day was back online, and came right over. I was on the bed ,on my back with my head over the edge of the bed waiting for him when he came in from the driveway. His cock is decent, but not much more than 5 inches, so easily deep throated, which I went to work on as soon as he was undressed. He began thrusting in and out of my mouth, pulling out to just past the lips and driving back in. I thought I had his pattern down, and was in the process of repositioning my tongue just as he drove back in--driving his cock under my tongue with force, and tearing the frenum skin under the tongue with a pop. I sucked him a couple thrusts longer, then offered up my hole and finished him off that way ( well, that way, and with a couple different dildo's up my ass as he fucked in alongside them.) After he came, and left, I checked my mouth and it was then that I saw it was a tear, a small line of blood ( but not bleeding) . Needless to say, the last week my mouth has been sore, and out of play- but it is healing( the magic of warm salt water rinses) and I am getting back to cock work. It just has me wondering/curious if anyone else has had a crazy sex injury that they might care to relate to the rest of us??
  13. I Smile For Cum....say Seed!

    I have tried to keep up with the blogging but I also just try to add stuff when I feel inspired, a new job and new apartment has kept me busy. Enjoy the new post boys... https://serodiscordantcanuck.wordpress.com/2016/06/01/sunny-disposition/
  14. Hey guys. Sorry for the long build-up and scene setting...the good stuff will start soon. ____________________________________________________ Chapter 1 I woke slowly, sluggishly, not sure where I was. I tried to sit up, but I couldn’t seem to make my limbs obey. I had an itch on my forehead but even though it stung, I couldn’t move either arm to scratch. It took me another minute to realize that I was tied down, my arms held in place with what felt like velvet ropes. First reaction: panic! I opened my eyes and panicked further. I was naked and my skin tingled; as my vision cleared, I realized that most of my body hair had been removed and that my butt hole felt sore. I was restrained on some kind of platform covered with black velvet: my arms were held out from my sides; my legs were free, but there were stirrups like an examination table at a doctor’s office. It was a little chilly, as if I were in a basement room, though I was covered with a shiny black satin sheet that was embroidered in gold. I craned my neck, but couldn’t really see it; it was some kind of symbol. I could just make out a crescent shape on one side superimposed over a circle and what looked like some kind of insect superimposed. My neck started to feel the strain, so I let it drop back onto the platform. The floor of the room looked to be thickly carpeted, and the walls were covered with heavy looking tapestries that showed guys having sex. In front of the tapestries were a couple rows of wooden pews. There didn’t appear to be a door, at least not that I could see, and definitely no windows. What the fuck had I gotten myself into? The tapestries gave me a good idea of what was coming, no pun intended. I tried to piece together my memories…maybe I’d be able to figure a way out of here? I was a freshman in college, and had been invited to a Friday night party by a guy I’d met during orientation, a knockout upperclassman: tall, lean and muscular with dark hair and eyes that contrasted with his pale skin, reminding me of the actor who played the vampire in that British TV series. He introduced himself as Mike, said that he represented the newest fraternity on campus (Alpha Iota Delta Sigma), and that he thought I was a perfect candidate to pledge with them. I told him I didn’t think of myself as “Greek life” material and had no intention of joining up, but he said he really wanted me to come, and gave my arm a friendly squeeze. What the hell, I figured; I could get a free drink and didn’t have to join, but I’d be happy to hang with Mike, especially since it seemed like he was interested. The last thing I remembered was lying on his bed, drinking some wine he’d insisted on giving me even though I’d asked for a Diet Coke. Then, it got increasingly fuzzy. Idiot, I thought. He drugged me, but I couldn’t understand why. He already had me in his bed, had quizzed me about my sexual experiences in high school, eliciting the information that I’d never been fucked in the ass and wasn't sure I wanted to. But I’d been ready to do whatever he wanted. And that was when he'd pressed the glass of wine on me, telling me to drink up, that I needed to relax. Idiot, I chastised myself again. I had absolutely no idea how long I’d been in this room, trussed up and ready for…I closed my eyes and tried not to think about it. Maybe this was just some kind of weird hazing routine? But I didn’t recall saying that I’d pledge, so how could I be getting hazed already? Was there such a thing as pre-hazing? I heard a sound behind me – a door opening? – and there was a slight draft that cut off abruptly. Mike appeared wearing only a loincloth, having discarded his t-shirt and jeans. His body was beautifully cut and sculpted, with six-pack abs, perfectly symmetrical pecs and well-developed biceps. I could see the outline of his large dick tenting the thin, gauzy loin cloth, and I gulped and licked my lips. It must have been nerves that made me blurt out: “Okay, very funny. Now will you untie me and let me out of here?” Mike said, “Sorry, can’t do that.” “But why? We were in your bed, it wasn’t like I was fighting you off.” He grinned, “Yeah, you got me hot,” he said looking down. Then he stepped up on the velvet platform, and took my legs over his shoulders. “I wish I could have dicked you right then, but there are rules and regulations and rituals that have to be observed in this fraternity. It’s unique.” Judging by my circumstances, that seemed accurate. “What kind of ritual?” I asked nervously. “It’s your initiation,” he answered. “But I didn’t even agree to join!” I exclaimed. “Huh. So you were just after my body?” he said, with a mocking smile. I didn’t have any answer to that. It was true. I’d wanted to get laid…and that’s how I’d ended up here. “Just relax,” he said, rubbing against me, a little precum staining his loincloth. “I’ll be with you the whole time. Just concentrate on me.” A gong sounded. I looked around, afraid of what it meant. “Gotta get a grip,” he said, reluctantly pulling away and standing to my right at my feet. “They’re coming.” “Who?” I asked, trying to remain calm. I felt the door open and heard voices chanting and bells ringing and smelled the heavy perfume of incense. “Ave libidinem” chanted a basso voice. “Hail to lust,” answered a chorus of male voices. “Fratres, in cupiditate” chanted the bass voice again. “Brothers in lust,” the chorus answered. As the room filled with guys they continued their antiphonal chant. Leading them was an older man: massive, muscular, with a shaved head, wearing a black robe that fell open as he walked, revealing the same kind loincloth that Mike wore. Following him, I thought I recognized others from the party. One guy swung an incense box that was smoking, others shook bells. They filed into the pews and turned to face me, then grew silent. Their leader stepped up on the platform where I was bound, circling around to stand at my head. I got a good look up his loincloth – I assumed that was the point of that maneuver – and could see that he had a hairy body and an immense, pierced dick. Ouch! was all I could think. Oh, God, was that part of the initiation? I shuddered, and then realized that I hadn’t felt any “jewelry” when Mike was humping my butt. I breathed thanks for small favors, proving just how dire my situation was. The guys assembled were a range of body types and races. So they believe in diversity, that’s good. I was grasping at straws, trying to distract myself from speculating on what was coming. All were dressed like Mike: white gauze loincloths that revealed more than they hid. I was tied up, naked and helpless in a room full of barely dressed men. I had a feeling my ass wasn’t going to be virgin after this night.
  15. This is for all of you Well Bathed, HIV/STD Negative Men traveling though Nebraska on or along the I'80 Corridor that want or need an NSA None Reciprocal Blowjob to call and set up an appointment for Suck Off Services 24/7/365. It is also for Top Feeders & Face Breeders that would just like to chat with a Cocksucker or Verbally Abuse a Cocksucker over the phone:()
  16. Poz Guy Sucks Me Off

  17. I'm just posting this because I wanted to vent. I've been trying to find a guy to suck me off for the past 5 days on craigslist but couldn't find anyone and I'm kinda angry. lol are any other men going through this right now? just curious.
  18. I believe I might be having too much fun with this webforum... Another erotic story about me getting infected with genital herpes from a random guy's coldsore. It's kind of the sequel to this story: https://breeding.zone/topic/35567-the-oral-doctor-herpes-fantasy/#entry394128 Not enough people commented on that one either so please do when you get the chance! same with this one be specific too. It turns me on so much reading your feedback on all this... seriously... Once again the narrator/main character is based off of me. Sorry if there some grammer errors. I was excited to post this but seriously, please reply and share your input I always had a very nasty mind when it came to sex but I always tried to keep it to myself most of the time. One strange fetish I had was with coldsores/herpes. For some odd reason, I found it very erotic of the thought of a man with a coldsore to go down on me and suck me off and infect me with a stinging virus. I posting on webforums about it all the time looking for guys to share the fantasy with. I even went as far as writing an erotic story about a doctor infecting me with herpes and posted it on a webforum site called breedingzone. Pretty twisted right? I never had a coldsore in my life. I knew it would be very possible for me to get infected if I really found some guy to go through with the fantasy. I was 100% sure when I tested negative for hsv1 through a bloodtest. It made me want it even more... I read online that 85% of adults have the virus anyway. Strange that i was one of the uninfected, at least at that time was. It remained a fantasy until I met him… I was 18 years old at the time. tall, slim, brunette, tan, and handsome looking. It was my first day at my cheap ass community college. At 8am I arrived at my first class. I walked inside the room and chose the first front seat I saw. After I sat down I sensed a ‘presence’ nearby… I turned my head to the left and was somewhat startled by a man sitting next to me who I didn’t notice at first. This is EXACTLY what he looks like, except 10-15 years older (early/mid 40s) For a brief moment I stared into his pale blue/gray soul-piercing eyes. I saw that he was tall and skinny like I was with a chiseled face, except he was older than I was. I then noticed a white health mask on his face covering up his lips/mouth. He spoke in a deep, slow, and somewhat lustful voice, “Hello, my name is Tatum. What’s your name?” “Umm, my name is Josh… Nice to meet you…” I replied somewhat nervously. “Very nice to meet you too,” he replied in the slow, deep, alluring voice. Our instructor finally arrived and class went on for an hour and half, BUT the whole entire time, I felt myself being watched by Tatum and his blue wide-open soul piercing eyes. I was definitely sensing a lustful look full of desire from him, but I thought it was just my imagination… or was it? I still thought it was a bit strange that he was wearing a health mask though, but I really didn’t give it much though. After class was over, I left and went home. After a few minutes of being at home, I noticed I forgot something… My iphone. I got kinda freaked out for a moment when I realized I left it in the class room. I wondered who would have found it.. an instructor? one of my fellow students? I got even more anxious about what I had on it… My cock selfies, or even worse, the pictures of guys with coldsores on their lips which i downloaded of google images and jerked off to very often (told you I was a freak) BUT I did not want anyone in my real life to find that out. I quickly got back into my parent's car and drove back to campus. As I walked inside the building, I noticed a man standing in the entrance hall, leaning against the wall, staring at me with his soul-piercing eyes. Yes… It was Tatum… He still had on the white health mask covering up his mouth and lips. But this time, something was different about him. His eyes were wide open and his scalera had a slight red/pink tint. He was staring dead straight into my eyes. This tune then started playing in my head as I was in his presence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxx5iLtXAH4 I stood there frozen for a second. Staring back at his haunting but erotic glare. He then walked over to me and held out his hand. In his hand was my iphone… a sudden chill streamed down my spine. “Hello,” he talked in a thick deep slow moist and sensual voice, “You left this…” I noticed that Tatum was breathing very hard. I also saw saliva/drool trickling down his chin from under his health mask. He was breathing hard and quivering, as if he was trying to hold back an intense urge. I gently pulled my iphone out of his hand. “Thanks,” I told him. He let out a moist long breath, “Anytime…. nastymind...:” he replied. Without much thought, I just casually walked away. I definitely felt a lust feeling cumming from him. I felt his eyes watching from behind as I walked out of the building and back to the parking lot. I knew he definitely wanted me or was it just my crazy and twisted mind convincing me that?… As I was driving home, a wave of anxiety struck me. I remembered what he said ‘nastymind’. It turns out that that is actually my username on the breedingzone webforum. I worried about what he saw on my iphone. Did he see my cock pics? did he see the coldsore pics i downloaded? did he read my twisted fantasy story about the imaginary doctor sucking me off with coldsores and giving me genital herpes? I took a deep breath and worried. It was bad enough that someone I knew in real life will know I’m a total freak. I then remember that he didn't seem very disgusted at all when i last saw him. I would later find out that he definitely wasn’t… That's it for the first part! I definitely think I'm the most twisted/f*cked up minded guy on this site lol PLEASEEE tell me what you think of it
  19. Brighton Breeding?

    looking to get dirty today in Brighton - love gag the fag type oral and HARD breeding - happy to bend over for a pump and go - just need seed Can't host but happy to come to you!
  20. Truth About "pillow Princes"

    and yet, another long post from me... im a good looking tall and skinny 20 year old man but i am also a pillow prince. for those of you who aren't familiar with that term, a pillow prince is a man (usually a young stud) who just likes sitting back and being sucked off/edged and who does not reciprocate or does anything else. i noticed that i get hated on a lot for being one of these guys apparently but there's some stuff that's untrue about us first, pillow prince guys are not stuck up! we just love getting sucked off and nothing else during sex. i dont expect every man to want to get down on his knees and suck me off (all though that would be nice though). I like getting it from a man who really enjoys giving pleasure and oral sex. and it's even better when the man is passionate about it too :} theres also nothing submissive or passive about pleasuring a pillow prince. the guy doing the sucking is in control. I can still give demands though but it's the guy doing the sucking who decides. he could make me orgasm fast or take his time and draw it out (which is what i really prefer!) i also like when a guy spits and slurps all over my cock exactly like this: https://youtu.be/_Dog87MR4M4 I love feeling it hit me and hearing it hit me too. especially if it's a full slimely loogie. it's very arousing but also is a kinky way of the guy doing the sucking to let me know that's he's the one giving the pleasure and he's the one who decides when i orgasm and when he's ready to get my load (I know that sounds very weird but im just telling the truth....) It also feels SOOO MUCH BETTER with poppers! it gives me a head rush and makes the feeling so much more intense: when i feel him spit on my cock, when i feel his wet inner lips sliding up and down my shaft, when i feel the deep wet sucking when my cock is submerged in his mouth, DAMN IT'S FUCKING HOT! I also notice when a guy is sucking me off, he gets more aggressive when he sniffs the poppers and more eager to get my load, which a major turn on! I also prefer to be sucked off in this position: sitting up in a comfortable chair with my legs spread with the guy on his knees (or on his ass) in-front of me. i dont like for his arms to be draped over my legs though, feels too uncomfortable but i love feeling his fingers gently press against my taint (the soft spot between my balls and asshole) it swells up when im close to orgasm and contracts when i do. AND WHEN I DO ORGASM, the best thing the guy sucking me could ever do, is to grip his lips around my cock firmly while my cock is 1/2 - 3/4ths of the way in his mouth, and to stay still and just give it deep suction (like you're sucking from straw). Guys who suck me off rarely do that BUT it feels SOOOO good when they do :} then the guy can leave my cock in his mouth for as long as he wants to until my erection goes away, and even longer afterwards as long as we're both comfortable. older guys are actually the best at it too :} it doesn't matter if they guy isn't attractive or if the guy is creepy/slimy looking (that actually is a major turn on for me for some odd reason) like the homeless men you see on the streets in NYC as long as they only want my load from me i know this post made me seem like an extreme perv (which i am) but im just being honest please share your thoughts I also think it's very exciting that there's actually hookup sites for gay guys that just focus on men who want to suck cock :} it arouses me just thinking about it :}
  21. Hey guys, my name is Rick Steele and I am a 100% Pure Faggot Cocksucker/Deepthroater/and Sperm Guzzler that's seeking Freshly Showered Men's Dicks to Suck Off that will be or who already do travel through Nebraska on or along the I-80 Corridor:()
  22. I worked at a store through my high school years and developed a crush on a guy who was probably about 10 years older than me, somewhere in his 20's while I was still a teen. I knew he had a girlfriend, and I was a naive, inexperienced, and slightly confused teen, but I couldn't ever take my eyes off of his crotch or beefy ass when he was around. He always came in wearing Levi's and they looked so hot on him. Nothing ever happened with him. Until a few months ago, some 25 or so years later. I was looking for some kind of hook-up on one of the sites, and got to talking with a bi-sexual guy whose profile pic was that of a gorgeous piece of man-meat. I'm not often craving oral, but I knew that I wanted that dick in my mouth. After swapping the usual messages he agreed to come over. He wanted me to suck him, and he wanted to play with my ass, possibly fuck and breed me too -which was definitely what I wanted most! His dick was perfect, big but not ridiculous. I enjoyed sucking him -probably the first time in my life that I actually loved a dick jammed in my throat. He pulled out a few times to play with my ass, but really only to massage my cheeks and nothing more. I kept shoving my ass back at him, hoping he'd stick his big cock into me, but no luck. This went back and forth for a bit, sucking, pulling out and playing with my ass, until finally he jacked his load off onto my back. Not really what I'd been hoping for -it wasn't in my mouth or up my ass. He dressed and left. We met again a few months later, this time he swore he wanted to fuck me too. Great! We kissed some very sloppy tongue kisses, and he jammed his big cock down my throat. This time he was a little more aggressive which I enjoyed, grabbing my head and fucking my face. I choked a few times, but for the most part his dick was a perfect fit for my mouth and throat. I could tell he was getting close to blowing and he was trying to pull away from me. I knew that this load was definitely not going to make it into my ass so I reached back and grabbed his beefy butt tight and pulled him towards me. I continued sucking until he finally relented and blasted his seed into my mouth. His cum tasted like cigarettes -not the biggest turn-on for me since I quit years ago. Either way, I swallowed it all. And it's a good thing I took that load when I did because he was only good for one that night. He quickly started to dress, talking to me the entire time, and something he said made me realize that it was my crush from all of those years ago. I was a little stunned that I'd sucked him twice now before realizing it. Well he was a little older and a little heavier, but he was also still very good looking. So I got to pat myself on the back for managing to live out a fantasy from those horny teen years, even though he showed no real interest in fucking me. Or even to help me get off. Still, I've always enjoyed playing that role, made to get guys off no matter what.
  23. Massaging A Str8 Guy

    I have a real fixation on getting straight guys off. One thing I've learned, in order to get straight guys into the situation where I can easily get their dicks in my mouth, offering a massage seems to work nearly all the time. Plus, these str8 men seem to be able to rationalize that they're "just getting a massage", even though they all know it's going to end up with another guy getting them off. Anyway, a few days ago, I was horny for some str8 dick. So, I posted on Craigslist, in the "Strictly Platonic - M2M" section that I was wanting to practice my massage skills on men. As usual, I got a shit load of replies. And as with most CL ads, I had to wade through all the fakes, weirdo's, picture collectors, etc. But one guy's reply really caught my eye. He said he was married and could host the following afternoon between the hours of 2pm & 4pm. But that he wouldn't know for sure until just before that time. He said he needed to make sure the house was clear before he committed. We'd shared a couple of G-rated pics with each other. He was a handsome man of 45, tall, muscular, good looking, carrying a bit of excess weight. But not bad. He said he was STR8, and just looking for a relaxing, Swedish style massage. He had a table and oils. So I wouldn't have to bring my own. The following day, we shared some emails back and forth. He kept trying to tell me he was still interested, but having difficulty getting his house cleared of the wife and Mother-in-law who was visiting for Thanksgiving. Finally at about 1pm, he sent a text that he'd have the house to himself at 2:15p if I could come over. I replied that I'd be there right at 2:15pm. He gave me his address and the code to the gate to his gated community, in a very, very nice part of town. I showered and got into my car. Heading over to his place which was about a half hour drive. When he answered the door, he was even more handsome, tall and masculine as his pictures had lead me to believe. He showed me to a bedroom that he had converted to a massage room. I asked if he did massage himself? He said no, but that he and his wife had a "regular masseuse'' that massaged them both quite regularly. But that it was a very small Asian woman that had very small hands. He said his wife was quite happy with her massages. But he said he had recently had 2 massage by male masseurs, and enjoyed the massages from the guys who were stronger and had larger hands. He had the room nicely set up with the table in the middle. Close by was a small table set with massage oil, hand towels and a bottle of water for me. He also had some soft, relaxing music playing. He undressed completely and laid face down on the table. Hmm... His body was quite nice. But he had laid himself so quickly on the table, I hadn't had a chance to see how big his dick was. I told him that I preferred to give the massage nude, since I didn't want to get oil on my clothing. I asked if he was OK with that? If not, should I keep my underwear briefs on? He said he didn't care either way. So, I stripped completely and began the massage on his upper back and shoulders. I spent about 10 minutes on his upper back, giving a "legitimate massage". Then I moved to his lower back and buttocks. Then down to his upper and inner thighs. I tried to get my fingers into his ass crack as close as I could to his hole, without actually touching it. I did the same when I was massaging his inner thighs. I'd get close to touching his balls, but not quite touching them. A couple of times I did "accidently" brush across his asshole and across his balls. But got nor response from him. Usually, by this time in the massage, I'm getting "hints" from the guys that they're ok with me getting "intimate" in my touch. Either they're moaning a bit. Or moving their hips as I work on their ass. Giving me the clue that they're enjoying my touch in these very private parts. But this guy was giving me absolutely no hint, whatsoever. He wasn't complaining as I got to those private parts. But there was also no encouraging moans or movements to let me know he wanted more. So, I continued with a legit massage down his calves and massaged his feet, then back up to his thighs and ass. Then back to the upper back and shoulders, before asking him to turn over. When he did turn over, there was the "evidence" that he was indeed enjoying the erotic touch. His cock was semi hard and laying upwards on his pelvis. It was about 6.5"'s, very thick. and he was completely shaved of hair around his cock and balls. A large bead of precum was dripping out his piss slit. "BINGO"! I know what I've got here. I massaged his chest. Each time I got to his nipples, I'd give them some extra attention. They'd get hard. And I could see his cock getting even harder and standing straight up. I worked down his stomach to his pelvis. Working all around his cock. My arm would brush across his cock as I worked around it. His cock was bouncing in approval. Even though this guys facial expressions didn't show any signs of his enjoying it. He wasn't giving me any encouragement, but wasn't stopping me, either. Finally, I was working on his upper and inner thighs. His cock was really bouncing as it throbbed. He was leaking precum like crazy. I finally cupped his balls with one hand and wrapped my other hand around his rock hard cock. I looked to his face. Again, no change in expression. But he didn't stop me. So, I continued. I stroked his cock for several minutes, then leaned over and licked the precum oozing from his slit. Then I wrapped my lips around it and took his hard cock down my throat. For the first time, he let out a soft moan. I massaged his balls as I did my best to fuck his cock with my mouth. I'd keep alternating from sucking, then go back to stroking, then sucking again. After about 5 minutes of that, I could see his back and his hips arch. Finally his facial expression changed. He looked like he was close to cumming. I dove back onto his cock with my mouth. My mouth and tongue slid up and down his cock as I felt it throb in my mouth. Finally a soft groan from him as he filled my mouth with his sweet nectar of cum. I swallowed his cock to the back of my throat. Using the back of my throat to milk his dick as it unloaded in me. He was now gasping for air, his body shaking and trembling. He had finally touched me for the first time, grabbing the back of my head, forcing it to stay down on his cock as he continued to fill the back of my throat with his load. When he let go of my head and his arms collapsed to the side, I finally came up for air. He laid there with his eyes closed. Not saying a word, as he caught his breath. I left him there as I walked into the bathroom to wash the oils off my hands and arms. When I came back into the room he was dressed. He said, "Wow. That felt great! I need to get going. I have to pick my Son up from school in a few minutes. And my wife will be home shortly". Knowing that I had just sucked off a str8, married, Dad in his own home, made it all the more exciting to me. I quickly dressed and he walked me to the door. "Thanks again. I'll let you know when I can host again. I'd enjoy another massage sometime". "Sure thing", I said. "Just let me know". Damn! I hope to hear from him again. Someday, I want that str8, daddy cock in my ass, too.
  24. My friend Kenny and I met a twink in a bar after work. The bug-chasing twink was in heat but his first choice was an old jackoff buddy of mine who I had pozzed soon after I caught the bug, but my buddy ended-up hooking-up with another piece of ass. Kenny and I were large husky masculine working men in our late thirties with baldspots, beards, glasses and work-worn callused hands from our jobs in a metal fabrication plant and a junkyard. Both our dicks were cut. Calvin the twink was 22, slender, a couple inches shorter than our six feet and had very little body hair. His blond hair contrasted with our brown wavy hair, his hands were soft like a woman's and his nails were neither bitten nor dirty, unlike Kenny's and mine. He had decided that he wanted to join the ranks of poz guys so he wouldn't have to worry about asking men to wear condoms or when he's catch the bug. Kenny and I were happy to oblige and have fun enjoying knocking him up. "So you want some loaded dick, don't you?" I asked with a grin after he checked us out. "I'd love to give myself to you big handsome studs!" he gushingly replied with a lustful look at our crotches. We went to the cheap hourly 'no tell' motel where we began with the Calvin orally servicing our sweaty smelly feet including licking some of the dirt from under Kenny's toenails while sucking his toes and licking his toejam from between them before licking each foot. We men shared man to man affection while the punk did his duty to our feet. Then we all stripped, and when ready, I suggested to Kenny "You go first." He accepted my offer. Kenny lubed his middle finger and shoved it up Calvin's ass. He pumped that finger in the hole, twisted his wrist, then pulled it out with blood on the tip, mostly on the nail. Calvin sucked Kenny's dick to full hardness, kissed it and then lay on his stomach on the bed spreading his skinny legs while Kenny added some grease to the spit on his dick. Kenny then mounted Calvin, lined up his shot and rammed it in as Calvin flinched and gave a little screech from the man's sudden entrance. Kenny instantly hilted himself, flexed his love muscle in the asshole and fucked him while I stood by admiring him taking the piece of hole the Calvin owed him. Kenny fucked that ass like a champ and grunted as he hilted himself and pumped off his toxic load inside the cunt. My own dick was throbbing with precum. A few more subjugatory thrusts and he pulled out. Kenny dismounted and stood by me. We men kissed and I mounted up. My dick slid right in, Kenny's cum being great lube. I fucked Calvin with gay abandon enjoying myself adding the twink to my list of conquests under the admiring eyes of my good friend Kenny. I drilled Calvin's ass good and threw my head back in victory as I pumped my virus-laden cum into him adding it to Kenny's load. As with other times I pozzed someone, my horny penis pulsed with the added pleasure of knowing I was injecting my life-changing virus into a "virgin" hole and and fucking him in other ways for years or maybe decades to cum, than just fucking his ass. I slammed it home a few times to further force my sperms into his torn rectum and yanked out. Knowing my buddy's and my virus were entering Calvin's system as surely as our dicks entered his ass gave Ken and me a thrill. We men felt powerful and like we were a winning two-man team conquering another loser who would suffer due to his own choice to get pozzed and have to take meds for the rest of his life like we did if he wanted to survive. "OK suck us clean." I told Calvin as we men stood side by side, arms around each others shoulders. He knelt and sucked our dicks clean and then kissed them as ordered. It was a great way for him to thank us for infecting him with the toxic gift that would change his life. We went into the shower where I put my penis in Calvin's mouth and urinated while he drank it. Kenny then had his turn. Calvin's stomach was full of man piss but he took it well. Our asses were sweaty although the sweat was dried by then. There was a good strong rim chair in the closet so we men took turns sitting on it while Calvin kissed and rimmed us. An hour later we men lay side by side on the bed making out with each other while Calvin sucked us off for our second loads. He was a good cocksucker and got us off in about half an hour each, sucking Kenny and then me. I liked getting blowjobs almost as much as fucking ass because some of the chasers have sores, etc. in their mouths that can allow passage of the deadly virus into their systems. After Calvin swallowed my cum he drank more of our piss and kissed our cocks and balls as he had after we fucked his ass. He gushed about our studmanship, admitting he was so queer he had cummed from getting fucked by us masculine studs. We put the rimchair away, got dressed and checked out. We men went to another bar to hoist a couple of celebratory beers while Calvin went his way. I saw Calvin a couple of weeks later. He wasnt feeling up to par and sure enough a couple more weeks after that he was suffering from the "AIDS flu" courtesy of my buddy and me. Needless to say my dick got hard knowing he was suffering from the fuckings we men had put to his nice young ass. I told Kenny and we had a beer to celebrate our latest pozzing success. Kenny and I discussed the times we had really great feeling orgasms. The times included the first good blowjobs where the cocksuckers swallowed, the first ass we fucked, the first anal cherries we popped including how powerful we felt having pure pleasure fucking them while they suffered pain from our dicks happily thrusting in their virgin holes, the first time we pozzed a neg hole and the times we broke in an anal cherry and pozzed it at the same time. We both noticed that fucking asses that were already poz didnt give us the high we felt pozzing neg asses and that pozzing an ass that had never been fucked before was the ultimate feel-good sex-thrill, giving us the best-feeling most intense orgasms when we pumped our viral-loaded sperms into the sore virgin holes while they endured pain and misery and would suffer for the rest of their lives for our ultimate sexual pleasure.
  25. I was real horny on Sunday and when a trick canceled, I hit up my old fisting daddy. "Sure," he said, "Come by, have a beer, fist fuck me and piss in my hole." I gladly obliged, got on the El and went to his place. He was waiting, his slut legs in the air. I put on some porn, pulled-on some gloves and started fisting him. It felt great, and he clearly loved it. He's a total whore. After a few hours, a hot, lean, muscular Mexican stopped by. He was about 5' 4", had a nice six pack and pecs, a full hairy ass and was handsome. As it turned out he was an ex body builder. I got hard and he stripped down and I ate his hole while Daddy watched us. After I got a few fingers in, I slid my bloated cock in hard. He didn't flinch. He just lay on his back, his hole positioned at the edge of the mattress, and pushed his body back up against my crotch, wedging my cock deep in his hole. I noticed he was fixated on the porn that was playing, so I suspect he didn't think I was particularly hot, but still he apparently he loved my dick. I watched as my white and pink headed cock, drove in and out, his hot, full, hairy brown hole. His brown, uncut cock was about my size but a little thinner. I jacked him and twisted his nips as I fucked his ass. After about ten minutes I couldn't hold back and blew a huge load in his ass. Afterwards I took a break and had a beer. While I was sitting there, catching my breath, he knelt before me, and sucked clean my soft cock, tasting his own ass juice and my cum. Naturally I got hard again. So I knocked him on his stomach and ploughed his ass. Fifteen minutes later he got my second load. Shortly after I blew, my Daddy's boyfriend came home - early, and as he was exhausted, he just wanted to sleep. So the Mexican and I left. 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