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    Las vegas
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    Photography, Getting bred, chem loads, slings, uncut cocks
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    Versatile Bottom
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    From the Midwest.
    want to do porn.
    My fantasy is to go to Palm Springs and get into the proper mindset, get into a sling and push myself to see how many dicks (and loads) I can take
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    Gaffer for hot house
    Grip for jet set media
    Actor credited as Jacob Riesling for dude lodge
    Worked as cinematographer in Los Angeles
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    to hook up and get bred, meet likeminded fellows, maybe break into bareeback porn...

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  1. Does anyone know how to audition for knightbreeders? The website is not helpful in this regard...is it one of those Donnie brasco things where you have to know a guy? digby (also my Bbrts handle)

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