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  1. thanks for the follow


  2. Thanks, glad you enjoyed. And thanks for all the up votes/likes guys. Working on the next chapter, probably going to land on Wednesday.
  3. Chapter 5: Jake's descent Over the summer, Alex and I continued to text sporadically. He was helping me come out of my shell. On his pushing, I'd twice ended up in the darkroom at XXL letting guys fuck me raw. At some point, I don't quite remember when, he got me to admit that I enjoyed bugchaser porn and reading posts on Breeding Zone. He thought it was super hot, and encouraged me. He also told me that he was poz, had been for about five years, but was on meds and undetectable. In mid-September he messaged me out of the blue, "Do you remember that Irish cub I made friends with at t
  4. Beware, this chapter contains some piss play. - - - - - Chapter 4: Jake's new friend There's not really very much worth reporting from my birthday trip. It was over pretty quickly, Drew and a few other of mine and Jake's mutual friends had joined us. We didn't really spend any time in the city, so as expected I didn't get to see Alex. As with the last visit it was only Sunday morning and with a bad hangover that I thought to open up the apps. "So you did return then!" Alex messaged... "Yeah, sorry am out in the forest with some friends for the weekend. Not sure I'll get a chan
  5. Thanks guys. Next instalment(s) likely tomorrow. Know what I’m covering just working out how to structure it.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. - - - - - Chapter 3: Messages with the German bear I'd sort of forgotten about the German guy that had messaged me. Well, I never forgot that cock (and nor did my photos app, having obviously saved it). But after that initial interaction we did keep up messaging. And then in March on the Easter weekend he sent me another message out of the blue, "Hi, it's Alex, so when are you coming back to Germany?". Just after Christmas I'd deleted all the apps, thinking that if I got rid of them, then the temptation to bareback might go. About a week before Easter I
  7. Chapter 2: Tom's first visit We did have a great summer, that's true. What guys in their 20s don't. But, throughout it all there was this sense of foreboding, that this man I'd come to think so much of, rely so heavily on, that was in effect my best friend, brother, and role model wrapped into one, was going. He would no longer be part of my life in the same way. I wouldn't see him almost every weekend, and usually in between either. I knew I was going to miss him, and I started to miss him before he'd even gone. I remember the last time I saw him before he left for Germany. The day
  8. Despite being here for several years, this is my first post, and my first ever attempt at writing fiction. - - - - - Chapter 1: Setting the scene My name is Tom. But this story isn't really about me, it's about my friend Jake. Jake is/was one of my best friends. We met at university, I was in the last year of my degree and he was just starting his. We met at one of the LGBT society socials, being the only two cubby guys we hit it off. Despite my initial desires, nothing happened between us that evening, but over that year we developed a good friendship. Then the next summer
  9. Hez boy

    How are you ?

  10. I'd love to breed you long and hard mate.

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