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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Taking more n more n more cocks n loads and being a total cumdumpster and if they're poz even better
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    Looking for gay bb breeder pig poz tops I SO!! love poz
    Wickr----- bbslutbtm Telegram is BBslutbtm

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  1. No one local was gonna see this post in time to go
  2. His profile says "Neg recently tested" what'd you think lol
  3. Yes behind the dumpster,naked,asses up taking em all,poppered n spun
  4. So not a fan of main stream porn it does nothing for me,I prefer real vids and amateur porn
  5. Thanks for the follow

    1. Rhodiebitch


      My pleasure sir

  6. I 100% agree,real men real tops cum inside!
  7. I totally agree its why I hate mainstream porn,pump your dna balls deep in my cunt please
  8. I've seen him on Squirt all the time and! on BBRT
  9. I love this forum and if you want to chat about it hit me up I'm "bbslutbtm" on [deleted]
  10. The back bar room at Saloon One is where the action is at
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