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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    BB mates uk....newly Poz, looking to breed

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  1. Moving to DC next month, hope there’s plenty of ass for me to load and some hot poz cock to give me a recharge
  2. What part of Yorkshire are you based in? 

  3. love to get to  the UK and meet you . May be mature but have tight willing NEG ass for you 

  4. In Yorkshire, can travel….always up for breeding a willing young cumdump…you got telegram ?
  5. Stay on a Monday or Thursday and get yourself down to Vault139 on stripped night, plenty of BB fun to be had, and maybe the odd poz load too 😉☣️😈
  6. Nice ! What site is that on ? Is it good for hookups ?
  7. Definitely up for this, naked night would be best, could wear some sort of wrist band to identity eachother
  8. Went Base Manchester on Saturday evening, not as busy as it used to be, but still managed to breed a few young lads, still good for raw fun, and generally plenty of young twins looking for any load they can get
  9. Won’t let me message you, definitely wanna take you up on it

  10. I'd love to be pozzed by you 

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