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    BB mates uk....newly Poz, looking to breed
  1. Vault tomorrow

    I’ll be there Monday evening for the stripped session..
  2. hi dirtyjester want your toxic juice in me I'm in London 

  3. Hi fella, you said to message you! ;-)

  4. Vault is ways good for BB
  5. Manchester

    Tell me more...
  6. BBBH UK Kik group

    Really want to join this group...let me in haha
  7. Vault meets

    Going to be at the Vault from 6 on Tuesday, looking for hot younger guys to breed....anyone going to be there ?
  8. When you going to be there ?

    1. CuriousSlut


      Either fri or sat at end of this month - unsure what night as yet 

  9. Send me the details please....I'll be there
  10. Love the profile you nasty bastard. I will be a nasty sissy whore for you to fuck. If you need my hole spunk filled before you spunk inside me invite a friend. X trixie

  11. Visiting London

    How long you in London for ? In London tomorrow looking for guys to breed
  12. Visiting SG4 Wed night

    You should head to Vault, plenty of bb action there...
  13. Let me know when you're next in London, that's one hot ass I need to breed

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