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    Started ugly, inc. experiences, bi, love cum being dominated
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  1. Incest sex and breeding I was started by an older cousin willing to share
  2. Love the feeling of the cock getting bigger and the breathing rapid then the cum itself
  3. I’m married I’ve been fucked by boy in my bed while she was as away min the basement weight room while she was upstairs min the garage the hot tub bent over the seat of my truck in a parking lot mat a buddy house while his parents were upstairs sucked dick everywhere
  4. The first time my cousin came in me, even though I was crying and he put a pillow over my head.. I was hooked, it felt great and I craved it ever since!!!!😜😜😈👍
  5. Worked construction had a young guy laborer stayed to help me finish some extra work. I joked and said you look like you need a blow job. He said why yes I do. So I did nice big mushroom head , thick, 8” cock lots of cum
  6. I’m an older guy 59 have lifted and worked out since 16 very muscular. I use to wrestle and coach . I love young guys to dominate me make worship their cock and body, spit in my mouth. Fuck me in both hole rough as hell! that’s about it!
  7. Please let’s chat 

  8. Let’s chat got ProtonMail?

  9. Marcus get in touch with me I’m in Pittsburgh area

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