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    Cum. Anal body contact and poppers
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  1. Am going to the club after supper on June 16 at cumunion my wife gave me the go and have night out can you join me
  2. I love to breed a nice ass in the sling at the bathhouse one days am going to try bottom at the sling
  3. Me my wife knew about the bathhouse and quick hook up i end up with syphilis and hiv and still love me
  4. Me i Like atm but after he cum in my ass mmmm
  5. I was only top 10 years ago but now I prefer to bottom
  6. The union told me to let it in god hands and after I told them I refused to fill the form I have to find a new contract 2 weeks before Christmas I was cut
  7. Only regret is the doctor knew about it but let fuck and waited on the second test am lucky I didn’t infect my wife but how many guys that I did
  8. Am up for any groups fun for now or later
  9. So for the first time in my life since I lurn I was hiv positive that I got really stress about after working for the hospital in the office for over 6 months I got a email by the main office a form to fill for pres employment and in one guestion is mark if am hiv positive what is my vl and cd4 count in the country where I live it’s against the law to ask a employee that the only person in my life that know my status is my wife so I have fallen to regular to replacement now since I didn’t fill the form i think it’s disgremination
  10. In a pussy on my cock I don’t feel it that much but anal sex is horrible with a condom
  11. I was info only girls and one day m’y wife sent me to hook up with a guy It took me only 5 minutes to removed thé condom and bareback all night i whas hook since but i told thé truth to m’y wife so when i whas diagnose with hiv she always ok with It
  12. Breeding raw,me blindfolded ties up and my body free to any stranger
  13. Hi wife is ready for tonight and she’s into gangbang
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