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  1. She’s getting ready soon but she want to be film having more than one cock to bring home for me to watch after
  2. Me I like to out cruising in the park wearing jock and sweaty pants
  3. The cum dump network should be posted with regional hookup
  4. Mmmm love it it’s a dream for everyone
  5. After supper with family I took a quick drive to meet a guy of Grindr.is but wasn’t ready is boy friend was so I took it and breed it a little of poppers lube and I love it
  6. Mmm I have my w… soon for you going to take raw anonymous loads in a park
  7. I would love to have pierced cock in me
  8. I got moderna on fist and Pfizer on second can’t wait to play at the bathhouse
  9. So any news on when the bathhouse is reopening can’t wait for the dark room or glory hole and cum
  10. She’s out for fun now she’s taking raw strangers loads in h..l pla..es mo..ette she there and texting me one bj for now but looking for cream pied and gangbang Barely dress
  11. Me if it smell bad I leave and another guy to have fun with
  12. So am poz I was diagnosed in the beginning of COVID I got blood test as a result of a work accident and there was something wrong when diagnosed my cd4 was at 730 and vl 14 000 they tested my wife that knew I was with guys and girls we are in a open relationship and my kids where tested also they came out neg also at first I told them am a dad that could of done that but for real it’s my health problem I was having for years long time ago I got shingles multiple of pulmonaire problem and I was complaining of fever at night am just lucky that when I got my pregnant I didn’t gave her poz
  13. Me it’s a vaccin for syphilis it’s been my worst of them all
  14. Is there a big difference between virgin and not virgin ass hole
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