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  1. For me all the pills à free 100% I have to pay 400$ a years but the meds company pay for me
  2. Any regrets is I wish when or where I whas poz like poz party or film or told by the top that poz me it whas a turn on for me
  3. Bathhouse always there that i take a load or give one and no status ask also
  4. Am newly poz for me it didn’t change a thing i whas scared of the meds my insurance only pay 80% the balance it’s all covered by the meds company ask your doctor about it i only wish I new where and when I got poz hope fully it whas like a fantasy that night i don’t regret it at all
  5. Any place open or opening soon in ottawa
  6. Why some bottom don’t douche before sex do you prefer a douche bottom or not
  7. Now with all close it’s hard to find
  8. Any time bathhouse reopens its long or any private secret sex party plan
  9. Mark ottawa Canada looking-for_69@hotmail.ca need to be invited 39 bi married take any loads or give love poppers and more love pigs l’est have fun now
  10. I want so much more next time is at the bathhouse when it reopens am getting a room ass up and taking any loads
  11. 2 months ago first time no condom at a guy place its à Grindr hook up whas fun what more
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