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  1. Is there a big difference between virgin and not virgin ass hole
  2. Any guys need help to realize a fantasy in Ottawa gatineau am bi married and love kink am ok to try new things or help you out just message me
  3. Me I like 7 inch Really love premature ejaculator also as long as am full of cum and daddy cock if the top can see is cock standing up it’s a bonus
  4. Only way to play is daytime with the curfew
  5. My wife before all the COVID got regular hook up with random guys from double list or à app am not sure the app she slow down now but once she’s ready I can give her info to contact
  6. If you play raw be prepared for hiv and more have fun and in join
  7. Ok why you say that only my wife know and the only place before COVID was bathhouse for me and at guys house that I meet on Grindr or bbrt here I was never lucky snd the guys that I meet always ask for more on other days
  8. I told him the mask doesn’t do nothing in bed with all the play we do i work in a COVID clinic also
  9. I work in the vaccine clinic and it’s a pain all the people no I don’t want aztra I want Pfizer so they get the new at the nurce desk and to tell you is all the bad rep from the news that created all this i told my dad to get the one you can get the sooner so the sooner you get it the soon you get to be free
  10. So here in Canada we are in lock and curfew I live on the border of Quebec and Ontario at 8pm in Quebec is curfew and we have stay home me am free to travel I work with health and COVID and vaccinated as a top it’s good for me because all the bottom are all horny i get to pick a new bottom in the morning and a new bottom after work and there all excellent because they have a lack of hookup
  11. Ok a new one again the guy want to get bareback will is wearing a mask to protect him from COVID after the breeding he ask me for to feed him my cock, ass to moth i told it’s bareback only and no mask if you want a mask and perform oral I don’t see the point i ask him if it was a kink thing
  12. Ok m’y she’s the one that get all started here she did a add on craigslist when it was hot Gave me the address and told me get ready it’s guy and you have to lurn new scill she saw me suck get suck fuck or get fuck she prefer that I play alone without her me also I prefer that she’s not there but is hot to see a gay to fuck and breed my wife also
  13. Now thinking of it it’s not the meds I started to be like that before I was diagnosed like a month or two before
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