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  1. Cuteguy69


    Any chance of cum union in ottawa
  2. Cuteguy69

    Gangbang a sexy bbw

    Hot horny sexy bbw looking for a host in Ottawa for tonight looking to take multiple cock and load you just need to host or find a place looking for after 9
  3. Cuteguy69

    Glory hole

    CAn we have the link to the video
  4. Cuteguy69

    Married (to a woman) bottoms, how do you get it in?

    Me my wife know about it it’s more easy like that the only thing she doesn’t like is when I arrive at 2 am she preferred quick hookup
  5. Cuteguy69


    Wife is looking for a replacement for craigslist she tried doublelist with only real guy in one month she add great luck with cl they all thing she’s a fake
  6. Cuteguy69


    I have a fantasy to trick my wife to meet and fuck raw a stranger she meet online and is a guy out of prison a rapist out of prison that he stealth her some tina and have is way with her and invite some freinds over to tag team her and she actually looking at the moment for guys that can host
  7. Cuteguy69

    Attractive female bareback slut looking for cock

    Any fun lately
  8. Cuteguy69


    She’s replying to any guys looking for curvy or bbw fwb
  9. Cuteguy69


    Now she’s looking every night for guys on double list shes looking for a host with a cut hung cock arround 40 shes been looking since Friday
  10. Cuteguy69


    Ok she’s there and mer nervous
  11. Cuteguy69


    Found a girl that is digging tonight at 9 in Quebec side and tacking multiple load going ther also
  12. Cuteguy69

    Jocks trap

    Hi if your hosting am your to do anything you want of me if only I leave with a sexy jockstrap and a fresh brown bottle
  13. Cuteguy69

    Fantasy for long time

    Hi have one of the wildness fantasy ever is to have my sexy bbw wife spike with Tina to get her so turn on and wanting for more cock on last time she party’s it lasted 3 hours and like 6 guys and it wasn’t enough for her i just want to live it again and now take any stranger cock and creampied
  14. Cuteguy69


    2. Quick loads plus mine she love it and wanted more none of people here just random guys
  15. Cuteguy69


    Park Jacques Cartier

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