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  1. My favorite hole is a cum fild jole
  2. I arrived Friday night with a jock strap thinking of trying to bottom i took 2 cocks but they all new I Whas top I which to in the sling one day all poppers up
  3. Sorry to be a boring top i love grinding each other raw fun poppers and pig play but as a top am turn on I cant last more than 6 minutes a nice sexy ass 5 minutes of fore play and 6 minutes of raw fun equals a cum dump sorry
  4. My first nsa Whas condom only for only a minute and after raw only since my first nsa
  5. Maybe. Am shy at first and a pig after and unstable after my first penetrating
  6. I Whas at the bathhouse last Friday the 22 of February i wonder how many guys from here whas there and we possibly played together
  7. How one in ten work. Is it like a bathhouse or it’s different
  8. Cuteguy69


    Am looking for a host to help me do my fantasy of taking a nsa load to be tie up blindfolded and you invite a real stranger to take it bb and creampied am real and looking for early morning on weekdays
  9. Any chance of cum union in ottawa
  10. CAn we have the link to the video
  11. Me my wife know about it it’s more easy like that the only thing she doesn’t like is when I arrive at 2 am she preferred quick hookup
  12. Hi if your hosting am your to do anything you want of me if only I leave with a sexy jockstrap and a fresh brown bottle

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