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  1. Looking for a nice top in Eugene for possibly a regular thing? I like anonymous scenes / blindfolds / straps / cuffs send me a PM ?
  2. This happened earlier about three hours ago. I'm 26, currently unemployed, am ready to attend school next term, and have a 38 year old partner. He's a total top, whereas I'm a bottom. We decided to become "open" after a couple years of being together. He had no problem finding a FWB, but I couldn't find one. After three frustrating months of not being able to connect sexually with anyone, I posted on craigslist. My ad was pretty simple, straight to the point, saying I was looking for a top, and that I'd be ass-up, blindfolded and waiting. I also specifically mentioned with emphasis I only played safe. A few weirdos messaged me with somewhat cryptic e-mails containing numerous miss-spellings. I passed on them. Then a guy e-mailed me his dick pic and a shot of his athletic body. His cock was nice, thick and about seven inches. I responded inviting him to drop in, that I'd be waiting on all fours, a blindfold in place, and a condom on my back. I told him I wanted him to pull the condom on, slip his cock into my ass, and give me a good fuck. He agreed. When he showed-up the front door was unlocked. Hearing him arrive, I pulled on the blindfold, got into position on my bed, and anxiously waited. I heard the door open. I heard him step into my bedroom. I heard his belt hit the floor. He stepped up to the bed, grabbed the condoms that I had left for his use. I heard him rip open the cellophane wrapped. I would even swear I heard the squish as he rolled it down his cock. In short, I was confident he was wearing it as he lined his cock up with my hole and pushed deep inside, not a bit gentle, slamming his cock in and out of my ass in long strokes, never completely withdrawing, however. Part of me was concerned he would slide the condom off his cock and bareback me, using the 'incidental' withdraw from my ass as his opportunity, but that never happened and I was in heaven. After a long and unwelcome hiatus, I was being fucked by a stud who even muttered "Yeah, you're a nice little fuckhole, bitch." His thrusts abruptly stopped. He was cumming, and when his last spurt of cum blew into the condom, he withdrew, at which time I distinctly heard him roll the condom off his cock, including the plop of a full condom dropping into the trash can. Then he took his sweet time getting dressed, leaving in silence, without saying a word. Although I really wanted to immediately inspect the condom, I controlled myself, hard as a rock, but prone on the bed until he left. Then I jumped to my feet, pulled-off the blindfold and removed the condom from the trashcan. The latex was heavy with cum, perhaps as much as half full. I was shocked. As I stood there marveling at the amount of cum he had blown, I detected a weird 'full' sensation in my ass, which was immediately followed by the sensation of a dollop of some liquid dropping into my underwear, where, upon checking, I found a small white puddle of some viscus fluid. I was confused. I went to the restroom only to discover I was full of cum. I went back to the full condom and the cum was cold. Really cold. Which led me to think the load was old and he had filled the condom beforehand, and brought it to our hook-up to fool me. I honestly didn't imagine this would happen the first time I hooked-up with a guy, but at the same time I've found I can't help but keep getting hard every time I think about it. I feel so stupid. Sorry about my spelling and grammar.

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