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    St. Paul MN area
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    Sex, nasty sex, poz sex...
    aka pdxButtMunch on other web sites!
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Super nice guy on the outside, SEX Pig, Pervert on the inside. Bare only, no load refused, no pull outs, no regrets. Currently off meds.
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    none :(
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    Anything a guy gives me should be given in the ass.. Anything that comes out of a guy should be consumed. Any and all loads accepted. Always chasing and looking for toxic poz fuckers who will pump their strain in my ass..AIDS fuckers .

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  1. I'm pretty sure my Pozzing was by a black guy... multiple times ...
  2. Hell yes; so fucking HOT !
  3. Major cravings for raw POZ / Toxic cock in my ass !

    1. bbpoznow


      I know  the feeling  and will get harder as we get more mature.  (didn't say older)

  4. Even if a top wants to use a condom, I always help him take it off afterwards, clean up his cock and ram that condom up my ass. We're both happy then. He got 'protected' and I get his sperm in my ass where it belongs.
  5. Condom porn bores me to death... don't even watch it. Sperm is meant to go in the ass and that's where it needs to go before I'll watch it. The sleazier, rougher, edgier the better ! Love POZ porn and POZ talk but they're hard to find.
  6. don't need a warning .  Have a fantasy of being told  the guy is pozz as he is cumming deep in my ass. 

  7. would love to take a load or two in the ass from @starboy and @dirtyfuckboy. load me up and pass those strains !
  8. pump it in my ass before you go to sleep
  9. Hi there, what would you say to another Gary looking to start his chase for ☣️? Even know I’m a Bareback virgin unable to Prep that take immune surpressers for a condition.  What would you recommend? From one Gary to another Gary. Love Gxxx

  10. Sex is my "drug" of choice. I do not party unless it's beer for some ws
  11. Giving or Receiving, it always goes in the ass !
  12. HAPPY NEW YEAR.. Let's make 2019 a POZ-itive year !

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