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  1. This is one of the best stories I have ever read- it is so erotic - and just turns me on- thank you
  2. I was getting fucked by a poz guy once a month ( we lived in different cities)- but was fucked for hours. Then one night I saw his pa on the shelf and pointed to it and he put it on. He fucked me and fucked. Then before we met in March he had me bring a testing kit. He had invited several people over and when I tested poz we had a great evening celebrating. But I never got the flu at all. Have no idea why and if I had not taken the test would have never known I was pox. as had been said- different for everyone.
  3. well was at the beach with the partner. He really is not interested in sex much. Went on line and found a hot man. Made some excuse and went to his place. Well we started out by him giving me a slam- .2. Had been some time so it hit me hard and then fucked me and fucked me- telling me he was going to poz me. He shot a huge load up my ass. Left and went to the house where partner was. So in getting ready for bed, put on the pjs and was in the kitchen when I thought I was going to fart but no it was cum so to the bathroom to clean up and was surprised at little cum on my leg and went back to the kitchen and o my god there was huge pile of cum on the floor and quickly cleaned it up. All in all a great day.
  4. also got suckered in- want Liam and Alex to end up together.
  5. Great story. Can not wait for the next installment.
  6. I am sure I am doing something wrong but I can not open any of the vids- is there something I need to do or what- any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  7. that is the way I became poz- first time he fucked me I knew he was poz but assumed he was on meds- when we were done that first time- he fucked me for hours as he was a multi cummer he told me he was not on meds. Inside I panicked- thanked him and went home ( 2 hour drive) next day we talked and said I was coming back and I did aging and again and again and it finally took and he was my poz daddy- never been happier.
  8. As it turned out spent the night at Club Z and had a great time. The staff is helpful and nice. I checked out but to come back and explained that to the guy at the front desk and he smiled and yes I topped you. Well will be there Tuesday night again. Hope have as good as time as it will be a while before I get back to Seattle.
  9. wanted to add and forgot was those who won't have sex with older men had better be good as Karma is a powerful thing and some day they too will be old
  10. of course the older you get the more you see it as now it is affecting you. I am in my 60's and went to the bookstore last night ( was somewhat spun ) and saw a guy who really can play with my ass and it gets me going. We left the door open - I was naked when he was fisting me. During the time a number of people looked in and as usual a number looked shocked- where did they think they were- but over the night 4 guys came in and they closed the door( always a good sign) when they pulled their pants down I repositioned my self so they could get to my hole with no problem and 3 of them fucked me bare leaving their cum inside of me. The last guy was somewhat different- he came in and was looing at the porn playing and played with himself, he asked if he could change the channel and I said sure. He put on straight porn and then I was pissed with myself. Well he kept playing with himself and I finally said if you want to leave any cum in my ass to be used for lube when fisting, I said fine. That opened up the floodgates opened. He fucked me and fucked me and came at least 3 times- he would fuck hard and I encouraged him to do so. He also took off all his clothes. it was so good- if he could have raped my ass, I think he would have done so. We must have go at it for 45 minutes. When we stopped he said I was the first person he ever fucked ( hard to believe) and he wished he had not waited for so log. He had always wanted to do so and see if fe liked it. From how sore my ass was today, he did enjoy it.
  11. well not A load. Went to the theater last night and one of the viewing booths is very large. I got that one and a guy with whom I have played with was there. Should say had been smoking that day and had a shard for my ass. So I stripped and he started working on my ass and I was in 7th heaven. I always leave the door ajar. Well a guy came in and pulled down his pants and starting play with himself. He looked at me and I asked him if he wanted my ass and he nodded yes. So we stop fisting and turn toward him and spread my cheeks so he could really see my hole and he comes over and gives me a load, he leaves and we resumed fisting. 2nd guy comes in and he is really hot and he takes off his pants and comes right over, we stop fisting and I position my self so my hole is available to him, he comes over and he has a nice size cock and starts to fuck me hard and deep and when he is done have another load of cum to use for fisting- save the lube that way. Then this guy comes in and does not say a word and pulls down his pants and plays with himself. He asks if he can change the porn channel- i said sure and he puts on straight porn which surprised me- but what did I care was spun and getting fisted. He comes over and stands next to me and says he has always wanted to try gay porn. Said fine and position my hole for me. For the next 45 minutes me in every position and he fucked hard and in the end he came 4 times. He says he needed a break but adds that he should have tried this years ago. I loved it. all in all it was a great night and my slutty self came out.
  12. i agree and loved the wedding ring park or could have been the next time he went over the guy was wearing it on a chain
  13. well did not get fucked. But I did get fisted at the bookstore and damn it felt great- the guy really knows that he is doing. loved it.
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