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  1. thank you- that is exactly what I am looking for
  2. forgot to ask which is the best for sex and pnp.
  3. Will be in Seattle April 30 and May 1st. Want to party and get fucked by anyone who wants to breed me. Where is the best place to go to find lots of sex and to party .
  4. Will be on Seattle Saturday night- looking to get fucked and party. Steamworks or Club Z Or somewhere else to go . Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  5. Not fucked- but was with a guy who was a school principal and he was talking to his co-principal and I was sucked his cock as he was talking- best part I knew her and she had no idea I was bi- was hot.
  6. damn those are hot pics and that cock want you to bred me and  bred me. 

    1. jonny4dad


      thanks mate, hundreds more pics and vids on www.twitter.com/jonny4dad 

  7. I think it depends on the person doing the fucking. Some really know how to move their cock around, hitting the prostate or hit the top of your ass, etc. the tops who take control and know what they are doing are the best.
  8. O yes want to see if Sammy tops his brothers
  9. Last night at the adult book store -twice. First guy had a nice size cock. He fucked me but he wrapped it up . The second guy came and I had my pants down. He took off his pants and long thick cock. I started to suck it and while sucking I planned with my asshole. He leans over and says do you like to get fucked. Said yes and we both stripped and he fucked me hard and deep. He fucked me bare and the cum kept cuming and filed my ass. Hope to meet him again
  10. Meet a guy on asspigs and by reading his bio could tell he was a pig and did chems. I had always wanted to but never had the opportunity. The first two times I got a bump (well two bumps the second time). He slammed both times. The third time he asked if I wanted to slam-was not so sure but said yes. Thought I was going to die as could breathe but that passed quickly and was flying and wanted a cock in my ass. From then on if other people were there always went next to last ad if went first I kept yelling for a cock in my ass. I agree with everyone who says you need to trust the person
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