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  1. You still looking? Will be in Berkeley for a week in July and want cum in me the entire time. Would definitely take your load. Looking for a local to refer their friends to my hole, too. Let me know if you’re down.
  2. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Had a somewhat slutty Saturday. First load was a kid on scruff that needed to shoot. He said he had never done an ass up anon scene, so on all 4s and invited him over. Skinny dick but a filthy mouth on that kid. Was hot feeling him constantly edging until he lost control and bred me. Pretty good sized load. Went to Peeps ABS on the east side. Lots of guys cruising the hall there. Eventually found an interested guy through a gloryhole. At first he wanted my dick but then we switched and I sucked him. Nice cock, decent length and perfect thickness so I quickly slid my ass down on it. He fucked me well, lasted a little while, and shot deep. Cleaned up and he headed out first. No idea which guy from the hall ended up giving me his load but the others turned out to be bottoms and I left. Ended up at Taboo and walked right in to find a guy stroking a very nice cock. Girthy. Summoned him through th hole and started sucking... and he started fucking my face. I wasted no time getting him in my ass and he threw a nice long fuck — used most of the 5 dollars that I put in. Very consistent long distance fucker too... hit the poppers deep and pushed my ass back on the hole as hard as I could. He got around to loading my ass and shot a ginormous load... got my ass and the wall and my pants all nice and sticky too. Room smelled of poppers and cum when we were done. Love that scent. No one else was around but this slutty bottom I had been talking to on bbrt was definitely craving cum, so we met at Fantasy. I waited until he took a load from a random and then slid into his cummy ass to drop my load in. Definitely a top rate bottom. Kept feeding him the cum slathered on my dick and it was driving him wild. Bred him deep and was really loud about it so everyone else knew a cumdump was in the house. Overall it was fun but wasn’t as slutty as I had hoped. I wanted 5 or more loads. Gotta pick up the pace — for 2018 I’m only at 23 loads from 19 guys and 6 truly anonymous loads. Need to get those numbers up.
  3. Gay Sex Bucket List - What's Your Score?

    251. Have some work to do.
  4. I used to be a strict top, but 18 months or so ago a light switch flipped and I decided to experiment. No turning back. I’m still versatile and love fucking ass from time to time, but when I really get horny there’s nothing like a load (or 5) in me. There’s another thread here talking about hormonal highs from semen that you soak in, and I believe it. I’ve always been in a good mood after breeding, but I’m damn near euphoric when I have a bunch of cum in my ass. Come to Portland sometime. Tops here are also pretty stingy with locals (fuckers, makes it hard for me to get bred as much as I crave it) but a visitor is like fresh meat, and you’ll be cummy quickly.
  5. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Spent yesterday cruising around for loads, ended up with 4 from 3 tops. Went to a bookstore that is typically out of the way for me. Immediately found that all 8 glory hole booths were in use, so waited in the halls. This taller, thicker, and slightly older guy started cruising me so I followed him into a private room. Got started sucking his nice thick cock when he asked me if I liked to get fucked. Didn’t even answer him — I stood up, spit on his cock, spun around, and slid down on it (always go to the bookstores with a prelubed hole). He fucked me a good long while, trading poppers hits and pounding me hard enough at some point that the walls were shaking. We figured out that we were both cheating whores too. He finally was getting close and said I could have his cum only if I took more anon cock through the gloryhole. I agreed and he bred me deep and loud. We exchanged numbers. Definitely want that cock again. We left the room and he took off. Some of the glory holes were open now so I picked one and one of the guys in the hall listening to me getting fucked went in the opposite hole. His cock came through right away, kind of small but big balls, and I started sucking. He pulled back and said he wanted my hole like the other guy, so I backed up on it. He didn’t last long. Filled my ass though. The other guys in the hall were bottoms apparently so I took off. As I was leaving I got a scruff message from this young guy I’ve been wanting to top. He wanted a load and I hadn’t cum yet so I went over to his place which was close by. I fucked him a bit and we traded poppers hit and dirty talk some. When I told him I had a cummy hole his plans went out the window. He fingered and played and tongued my hole wildly. Even got 3 fingers and a thumb in there which I’m not usually into. Felt great though. Finally he bred me once, made me take another poppers hit, and then laid into me again. Second load he turned into a dom nasty talking fucker until he shot. It was pretty hot although now I owe him a bunch of cum in his ass when I make a return trip out there. I’m behind my pace for the year though. 13 loads from 11 guys so far in 2018. Gotta pick up the pace. I haven’t cum from yesterday, and today I’m in the mood to wreck a younger guys hole, preferably cheating on his unsuspecting partner with a load already in him. Let’s see if that can happen.
  6. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Two loads last night. Was feeling crazy horny so posted a BBRT ad for anon pump and dump loads before my bf (who doesn’t know what kind of cum slut I am) got home. First guy was a kid that I had forgotten about. We had fucked a few months ago. He came by and found me ass up. He wanted to lube my ass up while I huffed poppers deep, and slid his cock in eventually. Not terribly thick but he held me down and fucked pretty hard. Lasted a while too. Was kind of hot hearing a younger guy in me progressively losing control as he got closer to shooting his load. Turned into a nasty talking top breeder too. Decently hot fuck and nice thick load deep. As he left a semi regular fuck buddy messaged and said he wanted to breed but my bf was already on the way home. Plus my buddy’s bf was home. So he made up an excuse to head out and I raced over to meet him at the video store. He bent me over and started fucking me hard. I was moaning loud. He didn’t last super long but was nice and verbal, calling us both cheating sluts and commenting on how great my cummy ass felt. Finally he grabbed me the shoulders and pile drove me until he nutted. And we both split right away to head home. My BF got home, we had dinner, and went to bed... him having no idea that an hour prior I was offering my ass up to all takers, and that two big raw loads were soaking into my slutty hole.
  7. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Only one load yesterday, from a mid 20s kid who’s newly on prep. I suggested a face down ass up scene, which is my preference when I host... but the kid at first wanted to make out and roll around and that sort of thing. I just wanted the load. Finally convinced him to come by and find me in bed. Once he saw that he flipped me on my stomach, spit on my hole, and slid right in. Decent sized cock, and good basic fuck skills. Didn’t take him too long to pump a good sized load in. Guess he figured out he likes pump and dumps too.
  8. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Two loads in my ass yesterday... #1 was a guy who I often have breed me first in line. He’s not hot, doesn’t have a great dick, and doesn’t fuck particularly well, but he’s close by and always shoots a huge load up my ass. Perfect guy for lubing me up on the way to play. Yesterday was no exception. From there I went to a bookstore here known for its barebacking and gloryholes. Immediately found this black guy with a huge tool openly stroking it in the arcade area. Invited him into a room and started sucking. Didn’t take him long to reach around and finger my super cummy hole. He just moaned “that’s what I want” and spun me around. Fucker slid that huge tool right in and used me good. Had a few guys watching through the gloryhole as i took this truly random big black raw cock in my ass. He took his time too. Hands on my shoulders, cock all the way in, poppers pretty much continually on my nose. I kept begging for his load and he eventually got close. Asked me if I was clean before he bred me and of course I said yes. I asked him and he of course said yes but we both knew it didn’t matter. He bred me deep and held me down on his cock a while. No one else there that was interesting so I went home. Later once the loads started falling out of me, I came to realize that I was bleeding pretty good. Fucker ripped me in two. Great slutty fuck.
  9. Question For Tops

    I often have the opposite problem. I’m a masculine bearish sort, so everyone assumes that I’m there to top. Sometimes I do... but often I want to slut out and get bred, so the matches I get are often with a fellow bottom.
  10. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Had a referral yesterday. Was on bbrt when this guy with a new profile messaged me and said that a buddy of his had told him that I had a great ass to breed and asking if I wanted a load. Of course I do! He’s married and only does anon scenes, which are my favorite, so I tell him to come by and find me blindfolded and ass up. When he walks in he immediately goes to town eating my ass while still getting undressed... while I’m inhaling huge hits of poppers so I can enjoy the most of his tongue. He’s a pretty capable ass eater... knows enough about getting a hole open and wet so no lube is needed. I can feel his growing cock on my leg and it’s a pretty good sized one. Nice and thick. And hard as a rock. Im craving his dick in me bad and finally he gets up and I feel it against my wet hole, but he’s just teasing it. It becomes clear that he’s wiping his precum on my hole and pushing it in with his tongue. He does this a few times and I start getting impatient. It’s probably been 10 minutes of ass eating so far and I want his cock. So I start to push back and he says — the first words he says to me — “no. Be patient boy”. So I relent and he eats my ass for what seems like another 10 minutes. Then he pushes my hand with the poppers close to my nose, so I do as I’m told and huff deeply. He gets up to tease my ass again, but this time he sinks his cock balls deep. One stroke. It’s one of those moments where the sound just comes out of you uncontrollably and you grab the bedsheets tight with both hands. Fuck it hurt and felt fucking amazing. He waited a few minutes and pushed me down on my belly and started long dicking me fairly quickly. Im moaning and asking him to fuck me harder and he tells me to be quiet. “Listen to how my cock sounds in your hole”. So I did and he kept long dicking me. He must have been precuming a river because with all of that lead up it sounded like it does when I get fucked with a few loads in me. You can tell his fluids are filling my ass. Love that sound. He fucks me a while and keeps telling me to be quiet but I can’t really anymore so he pushes me down onto the bed, grabs the poppers and does a few hits himself, puts his hand over my mouth, and pounds my ass. Now he’s getting mean and verbal, telling me to shut up and talking about owning my slut ass. Telling me that I better enjoy all that viral dna of his that I’m soaking up. He finally puts me on all 4s and orders me to continually huff the poppers until he tells me to stop while he scoops up the precum falling out of my ass. He grabs the poppers, does a bunch more, and puts his hands on my shoulders. Now he’s fucking me hard and spanking my ass, and I can’t help but yell and moan and beg for his cum. He obliges and finally breeds me deep. I could feel him shaking behind me for a while before he tells me to clamp down on his dick so I don’t lose any of the cum. He pulls out and starts getting dressed. Not another word as he left. Room smells like poppers and sweat and cum. Fucking hot.
  11. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Three in a row the other day before work: #1 was a regular with a huge cock that insists on being first in my ass when I slut out. He pins me down and makes me tell him what my plans are and how his cum is going to be so deep that every other dick I take after will be lubed up by him. He always eats my ass good and we get nice and poppered up so I take his big cock lubeless. He shot quicker than normal since we had to get to work but it was a big fucking load I left there and went to #2 who was waiting. His roomie just got home so he suggested breeding me in the bathroom of his buildings community room. He pushed me down over the sink, plowed my cummy ass, and held my head back so I had to look him in the eye when he asked if I wanted his poz cum. I was midway huffing on poppers when he asked so I just moaned and leaned back to signal him to knock me up. He shot a big load in me too. Was dripping as I pulled on my pants. There was a guy in the community room as we left that had to hear us breeding. Saw some cars at the gloryhole place up the street on the way home so stopped in for #3. Immediately found a booth, had a guy follow me into the adjacent booth and in no time there was a hard dick coming through the hole. Average size and girth but already glistening with precum. I didn’t suck it at all, just guided it to my ass and pushed it all the way in. He didn’t last long but was fucking super hard so you could hear the cum churning. And when he pulled out I could feel someone’s load start to run down my leg a little. Nearly made me shoot too. No fucking idea who he was. I got home and changed for work. No showering. Took all three to the office with me, smelling like cock and having to struggle to keep them in all day. It was a good morning.
  12. Goals for 2018

    Last year I took 137 loads from 93 guys. This year I figure I’m good for 170 loads from 115 guys.
  13. Poppers?

    Poppers turn me into a horny little slut. Poppers plus a load in my ass turn me insatiable — I spend the rest of the day seeking out more cum. Ill top without poppers but I never bottom without them. And I’m picky — cheap and/or stale poppers give me headaches. A good deep huff of strong fresh poppers plus a thick cock sliding into a couple loads in my ass? Fucking heaven.
  14. The Cumdump Network - Locations & Phone Numbers

    Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): Nate Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): 971-361-8761 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): Inner Northeast Portland, OR 97232 Times you're generally not available: Weekdays and some weeknights, depending on whether I’m hosting or traveling Age: 41 Height: 5ft10 Weight: 225 Ethnicity: White
  15. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Had a little time yesterday morning so put on a jock and went on a tour of east Portland bookstores. Don’t get out there often. Came home with 3 loads dropping out of my hole and I gave 1 First was at Liberated World. Sucked this kinda sketchy guy through a gh who made it clear he wanted in my ass. Turned around and took his cock, then sucked a cock coming through the other adjoining gh. He was a verbal fucker so everyone in the place knew I was taking loads. He shot a good size load. Second was at the same place, turned around so the second cock was in my ass. Black guy. Decent cock. Worked me a while and I felt him tensing up and shooting. Wish he had been a little louder though. Third was at Peeps... a hipster guy who played with my ass for a while through the hole but after he slid in, he was only good for a few strokes before he shot. Oh well. Got his cum. Then went to Taboo and hung out in the back. This runner looking dude came in and signaled me into an adjoining booth. He gave a pretty good bj. I fed him poppers through the hole because I wanted his hole, and he gave it to me. Super tight, hadn’t been bred in a long time. Eventually I bred him deep and loud, and he seemed irritated that I came inside him. He asked me if I was poz and I just walked out...

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