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  1. Coming to San Francisco for a weekend of play. Masc bear cumdump with what I’m told is a fairly talented hole. Will be a taying in SoMa. Plan to be ass up in my room, cruising the gloryholes, and visiting the bars to collect random loads all weekend. Will definitely be at 442 for Cumunion loads. I’m sure I’ll give a few, too Figured I’d offer my furry hole to the horny fuckers on here. Pass me around. Invite your friends or dispatch me for service. Or maybe some other spots to get some random cum. Few limits - no pnp, no piss/shit. Otherwise, use me.
  2. MascAssUpPDX

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Was horny as fuck yesterday morning so I emailed my boss that I was going to come in late and I waited for my partner to finally head to work. Put a face down ass up ad on BBRT and pretty quickly got hit up by this hot young black guy who’s bred me a few times. He came over to find me ass up, had me suck him to get him hard, and then he got behind me to use my ass. He apparently hadn’t bred in a few weeks due to work and family conflicts, so he threw a fantastic hard, long, and deep fuck. He had me lie down on my stomach and really pounded me to the point where I was moaning uncontrollably and I could tell that we were shaking the building. When he finally shot his cum, he was balls deep in me and I could feel the twitching continue for a good long while. That was an amazing fuck. He was followed up by this Latino kid that I’ve been breaking in. About 22, I was his first anon ass up dark room bottom, and now he wanted to discover what it felt like to fuck a cummy hole. So he came over and found me, played with my hole, and immediately got hard and started precumming. He has a decent cock but we needed no lube with all of the fresh cum from the first guy. I could tell he was edging himself in me, moaning about how warm and wet my hole was. Finally he shot, although it was much less epic than the first guy. He pulled up and was heading out the door before I could say thanks. Then I went to work and ran into my neighbor on the way out of the building. He gave me that knowing look that he heard how slutty I was and knew that I had been a cheating anon cumdump that morning. That made my cock stir. I stayed horned all day with two loads in me. Still haven’t cum from that session. Prolly will look for more tomorrow — up to 179 loads and want to get to 200 for 2018.
  3. MascAssUpPDX

    2018 Load Tally

    As of last night, 172 loads from 102 guys, 46 of them totally anon (darkroom or gloryhole). Goal is 200 loads this year.
  4. MascAssUpPDX

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Decided to be a gloryhole slut yesterday so went to Fat Cobra. Pretty quickly caught the eye of this younger tall blonde top, who went into a booth adjoining the one I was standing next to. I went in, and within 30 seconds his cock came through the hole. Not a huge cock but could tell he was aggressive. Got him nice and hard, poppered myself up, and turned around to sit on his dick. Right away he started hammering me. He was obviously in a hurry because he only pulled his pants down a little bit, so his belt buckle was hitting the wall in the same cadence as him pounding my ass. After a couple more bucks in, he blew his load. Wasn’t super verbal but everyone could tell that he was loading my ass up. He left and was immediately replaced by another top. Guess the belt buckle banging gave it away that I was taking loads. I had no idea who this person was or what they looked like, but it wasn’t long before I felt their cock enter me. Average dick. He didn’t last long and was pretty quiet but made some noise when he loaded me up. No words and he took off. Left enough cum in me that I felt it running out of my ass a bit. He was replaced by another guy with a super thick cock that got me moaning and continuously inhaling my poppers. He just shoved it all the way in with one stroke. Fucked me a while and then pulled out and tapped me on the ass. Said he was out of money and wanted to come to my booth. I pulled up my hood to keep it totally anon and unlocked my door. Bent over a bit so I could service cocks that came in the hole while he was fucking me. He came in and quickly slide back inside me. Fucker nailed me for a good long time. I sucked a couple curious cocks that came in and out of the hole but I think both were tweakers because they couldn’t get hard. Eventually the guy got more aggressive as he got closer. Spanked my ass and started moaning in Spanish. He put his arm around my neck and held me in place as he held poppers up to my nose. Loudest fucker of the night when he finally shot. Stayed in me holding me still for a while too. When he pulled out his thick cock coming out pulled out the other loads and I had cum running down the back of my thigh. I stayed bent over until he left. No idea who the fuck he was but it was the best fuck I’ve had all month. He was my 107th top and 172nd load for 2018. I’d take his load anytime.
  5. MascAssUpPDX

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    My last fuck itself wasn’t notable. Anon ass up scene, chubby kid, average dick, huge load in my ass. He was one of those younger guys who didn’t care where but one way or the other he was going to nut. The hot thing is that he was my 100th top in 2018 (and my 160th load for the year). I feel like a true slut.
  6. MascAssUpPDX

    What will make you say no to a hookup?

    I’ll add one more thing to @raunchycumslut‘s list: Guys who are looking for immediate hookups and to travel, but who only do transit and aren’t close. I hate getting all geared up for a good breeding only to learn that it will take them 2 hours to get there. And they always want money for an Uber afterward. No thanks.
  7. MascAssUpPDX

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Short and sweet breeding at Fat Cobra. I get there, see a Latino guy in the back. Went to a booth and he went to the adjoining one. I motioned for him to take his cock out. Sucked it a little bit before he started fucking my face. So I fingered some lube into my ass and turned around. He fucked for a few minutes and silently bred me. Short and sweet. All over in two dollars worth in the video booth. Zipped up and left with his cum in me. 10 minutes total. He was my 39th gloryhole load this year. (And if anyone sees some elbow grease in one of the booths at fat cobra, I left it behind by accident)
  8. MascAssUpPDX

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Laying here on my bed with a fresh load in my ass. Got online as soon as my partner left for work, and quickly found an early 30s blatino cub that felt like breeding. Gave him the address and he found me ass up. I love ass up because of that first moment where their cock touches your ass — you don’t necessarily know how big it is before. Felt his cockhead on my hole and immediately hit the poppers. His cock was thick and long and he wasted no time going balls deep. Aggressive little fucker who got off spanking my ass and pulling my hair, telling me that it was his hole now. He threw a pretty good fuck for 20 min or so before dumping deep up my ass. He held me in place for a minute or so, telling me that he wanted me to soak up his seed. Then he took off and I got back online looking for more (and to type this). And I added him to my tally — he’s the 93rd guy and 149th load in me this year.
  9. MascAssUpPDX

    Online Anon Whoring Out

    My bf has done this for me. I got ass up and he invited the guys over... videoed a few breeding my holes. Was fucking hot.
  10. MascAssUpPDX

    2018 Load Tally

    I need to pick up the pace as we head into fall. I’m at 133 loads from 83 cocks, 34 of those being gloryhole or understall breeding. Want to get to 200 loads and/or 100 cocks.
  11. MascAssUpPDX

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Gloryhole after work on Tuesday. Walked into the bookstore (Fat Cobra here in Portland), made eye contact with a guy in the arcade, went right into a booth and he followed in the adjoining one. Sucked his dick just to get it hard, fingered some elbow grease into my hole, took a big hit of poppers, and turned around and sat right down. He didn’t miss a beat and fucked me pretty hard until he loudly bred me. Turned out to be damn near perfect. I didn’t care about the guy, but he was fairly attractive. I didn’t care about the cock, but it was fairly big. I definitely cared about the load, which was quite big. Was in and out in 10 min.
  12. MascAssUpPDX

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    My bedroom about 20 minutes ago, after my partner went to work. Got on scruff, got messaged by a sexy guy close by, and got ass up for this total stranger. Took 25 minutes from saying hi to having his raw cockhead push into me. Pretty soon after this total stranger shot his semen in me. (And loudly — I’m sure the neighbors heard him yelling.) Still had the last of the 7 loads I took yesterday in me. Now I’m a cummy wreck and it’s only 9am. Fucking slutty cumdump weekend and my partner has no idea what I do when he goes to work. Makes it even hotter.
  13. Portland pride weekend has been good to me — 7 loads yesterday and one already this morning dripping out of me. Made me think of all of those little things about being a cumdump that are just plain fucking hot. - Putting laundry in and seeing that most pairs of briefs have clear cumstains in the back - Going back into your bedroom a little while after getting bred and still smelling the poppers and cum - Seeing people out on the street that you’ve been ass up for but who won’t acknowledge you because they’re with their friends or partners - Running into your neighbors who give you that look that they know exactly what was going on with all those people stopping by your place for 10 minutes at a time - Losing track of phone numbers and profiles and not remembering what order they bred you yesterday Anyone have any others?
  14. MascAssUpPDX

    Open cumdump tonight (5/17) @ Dunes Sunset

    Well it was a fun night. 11 loads total. :-)
  15. MascAssUpPDX

    Open cumdump tonight (5/17) @ Dunes Sunset

    A sample of my ass...

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