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  1. Going to spend the weekend looking for loads. Been a while since I was truly cumfilled. Can host ass up days, or meet at gloryhole. Or travel to you. Especially would love an understall load. Anon preferred.
  2. Eastside Lodge on Burnside. Rooms open to outside, centrally located, lots of fucking going on. Or any of the old motels on Interstate.
  3. My final load tally for 2019: 286 loads in my ass from 183 guys. 73 completely anon, and 46 through the gloryhole. That’s a load every 30 hours over the year. My pace definitely picked up in the last quarter, when I collected over a load a day. Solid progress from 2018, where I took 208 loads. 2020 goal is 365.
  4. Starting my own slutty twitter feed... @bearcumdump
  5. As of this morning, 217 loads so far this year from 153 guys, 41 through the gloryhole and another 64 anon in some other way. Already surpassed 2018 total which was 208. Goal is 250.
  6. Coming for a few days on business and need a recommendation on a good hotel that has easy access for anon breeders. Doing a night at Washington Plaza when I get in but I need to stay the weeknights in Crystal City or Arlington. Anyone know what hotels are best for a hungry cumdump to take totally anon cum?
  7. My goal for 2018 was 200 loads and I made it — I ended up taking 207 loads from 128 guys. 56 of those loads ended up being truly anonymous, like a darkroom or gloryhole where I didn’t know the guy. My ass is twitching just from writing this. What should my 2019 goal be?
  8. Thanks for the line! 

  9. Had a nice slutty day today. Load 1: ass up at home after bf was at work. A regular, nice thick cock who knows how to throw a sensual no strings fuck. Walk in, he wants me to suck him a while, and then he gets behind me and breeds me slow, deep, and intense. Very nice. Load 2: ass up at home. Latin (I think) guy with an enormous dick. He only breeds me if I have a cummy ass. Wants me ass up, room as dark as possible, in a jock. He walks in and mounts me, and throws an intense popper-fueled fuck until I finally squeeze my hole down on his cock and sends him over the edge. He plunges
  10. Coming to San Francisco for a weekend of play. Masc bear cumdump with what I’m told is a fairly talented hole. Will be a taying in SoMa. Plan to be ass up in my room, cruising the gloryholes, and visiting the bars to collect random loads all weekend. Will definitely be at 442 for Cumunion loads. I’m sure I’ll give a few, too Figured I’d offer my furry hole to the horny fuckers on here. Pass me around. Invite your friends or dispatch me for service. Or maybe some other spots to get some random cum. Few limits - no pnp, no piss/shit. Otherwise, use me.
  11. Was horny as fuck yesterday morning so I emailed my boss that I was going to come in late and I waited for my partner to finally head to work. Put a face down ass up ad on BBRT and pretty quickly got hit up by this hot young black guy who’s bred me a few times. He came over to find me ass up, had me suck him to get him hard, and then he got behind me to use my ass. He apparently hadn’t bred in a few weeks due to work and family conflicts, so he threw a fantastic hard, long, and deep fuck. He had me lie down on my stomach and really pounded me to the point where I was moaning uncontrollab
  12. As of last night, 172 loads from 102 guys, 46 of them totally anon (darkroom or gloryhole). Goal is 200 loads this year.
  13. Decided to be a gloryhole slut yesterday so went to Fat Cobra. Pretty quickly caught the eye of this younger tall blonde top, who went into a booth adjoining the one I was standing next to. I went in, and within 30 seconds his cock came through the hole. Not a huge cock but could tell he was aggressive. Got him nice and hard, poppered myself up, and turned around to sit on his dick. Right away he started hammering me. He was obviously in a hurry because he only pulled his pants down a little bit, so his belt buckle was hitting the wall in the same cadence as him pounding my ass. After a
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