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    Shemales and crossdressers on the submissive side
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    I like degradation if you aren't shy and want to get used like the slut whore you were born to be.
    If you are not in Canada and have no interest cross dressing, and not planning on transitioning good bye.
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  1. I love how you can spot an obvious slutty femboy bottom, it's like they're completely born to be servants. The whore who took my breakfast order at McDonald's this morning definitely knew what was up. Cause her faggot slutty ass followed me to the washroom and blew me after watching me piss. It's my birthday weekend bitches 🤪
  2. Pretty much the wooded area of Cherry Beach in a sense. It has a very active cruising community, and obvious places to screw. However Hanlans Point on Toronto island has a nude beach, nobody says anything or cares what they see.
  3. Not to mention being gangbanged in mall restrooms on the pissed soaked dirty floor
  4. Ask @Faggotuser about his slave @LittleCumSewer probably the best advice is be blindfolded and beg for poz cum
  5. I ran into a slut last night that I used to work with, It was strange to see him dressed up like a slutty tranny, but I got hard fast. I pulled out my Johnson and she got on her knees right on the street and polished my sausage until she got her dessert. She invited me over to her spot today and I can't wait to plow her phat muffin ass.
  6. I was just sick of buying condoms, or filling a bag up from the clinic
  7. Since my whore and I got our new dog, she hasn't been fucking 20-30+ men a day. I've been the "slut" recently fucked a tranny and her mother it was strictly anal for 12 hours, spent the rest of the day making my femboy slut, a piss mop and a cum slut. There's something about falling asleep next to a whore, and she's awake early sucking your cock, her caged cock is leaking pre cum, and she pumps her ass pussy full of lube. That! That really makes the day go perfect.
  8. I wouldn't mind fucking a little tranny, sissy or CD with you
  9. Correction just looking at you men know you're trash lol
  10. I've fucked you wearing condoms at Steamworks a few times. 4 of us did and dumped the cum on your head while you slept @Faggotuser your girl has a bad memory
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