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    I like degradation if you aren't shy and want to get used like the slut whore you were born to be.
    If you are not in Canada and have no interest cross dressing, and not planning on transitioning good bye.
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  1. Her brother and the rest of the family helped to train this cumdumpster trash, want an std? Fuck his hole
  2. I'd never fuck you dressed like a boy, be the girl daddy needs in his life
  3. He said she said she liked the taste of piss, so I gave her a quarter cup of my pee with apple juice, with her slice of pizza during my 11th birthday party. We had no idea the pretty new girl was a boy name Ashley until high school.
  4. However the dumb sluts who never show up are a pain in the blue balls, had a cumdump faggot wanted to hook with me 2 weeks ago,and never heard from him, thankfully my femboy slave was available. She took 27 loads between Friday night and Sunday afternoon, not including the loads I pumped up her daycare center for unborn kids.
  5. Looking for a regular bottom femboy, or tranny for weekly fuck sessions
  6. I'm skipping work today to fuck my newest little femboy slutty slave, I pumped 3 loads in her ass pussy yesterday, she's currently on her knees with my cock in her throat begging for more cum, I'm looking for a chastity device to lock her she cock up
  7. Nope I'm not the slut I used to post it's Craigslist ads, whether it was him or not I have no idea lol Has never met up with me, same pics for the last 10 years, claiming the guys don't take pics of him dressed cause they don't want people knowing they fuck a dirty slut, which doesn't make sense considering everyone has a camera phone and it probably would take the dumb shit less than 3 seconds to do before it leaves the house.
  8. Found a little fem boy living nearby on grindr New years eve, she came over and I couldn't believe my eyes. Sexy smooth and dressed like a club slut, I've been fucking the slut everyday since, she's only 21 I love fucking her ass pussy.
  9. Prove it....everyone has a camera on there phone and you have been recycling the same pics for over a decade. I know real cumdump tranny sluts and they all love taking pics, but you recycle old it's all the same bullshit. Get yourself a new lie to tell. How are you meeting guys in a bathroom that's on lockdown? Only 2 people allowed in at a time and you managed 3?????
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