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    Shemales and crossdressers on the submissive side
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    I like degradation if you aren't shy and want to get used like the slut whore you were born to be.
    If you are not in Canada and have no interest cross dressing, and not planning on transitioning good bye.
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    Complete obedience

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  1. It sucks that the pandemic forced club 120 to close permanently. I enjoyed every T girl night I attended.
  2. It is disgusting I'm not interested in tasting cum, or dick for that matter
  3. No cum breath is gross to kiss Just suck me off since I now know your cocksucking slut.
  4. As a tranny it's your job to fluff guys before they fuck your pussy
  5. Every guy that kisses you is tasting the last dick and cum you gobbled, not particularly hot for a straight man like me.
  6. I love seeing little cum addicted sluts locked in a cage while I fuck my unborn kids in it's daycare center pussy
  7. I really miss getting drunk as fuck and going to Steamworks when you're blindfolded on the fuck bench with guys in line pump your guts full of spunk
  8. I banged 2 tranny sluts in the park in front of my house, one was Caucasian the other was Spanish asian mix. 5 loads and a lot of ass eating. Unfortunately @LittleCumSewer got to busy being a tranny and forgot about me, but to the patient man came 2 blessings.
  9. This is why I'm your daddy and your my tranny son
  10. I know a granny tranny that was trained and controlled by every male in her family to be a good little girl since she was 5. She's 63 and only wants cock and abuse, the whores life is only slavery
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