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    The backroom forums. (chemsex & sex with enhancements) interesT me the most here. In fact, many times when I'm asked what I'm into, my reply has been... Anything.... As long as it's worthy of becoming a totally hot breeding zone story (backroom) with me as the bottom. I'm more Slut than pig (unless blindfolded/hooded etc) and I'm totally passable as an Earth-born human . I'm a non practising bisexual ? but identifying as Gay, is cool too. Dislike labels, judgemental assholes and Donald Trump. Proud Canadian who fasts on Yom Kippur. שלום
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    Poz, On Meds
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    reallybievan on Xtube
    Evan6314 on Squirt

    Love hot,steamy passionate bb pnp.
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    Reallybievan on Xtube.com

    (you & me)
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    See "interests" I only pnp when I have my own favours (unless invited). I have never asked for, nor expected a free ride. Nothing pisses me off more than "baggie chasers".(is that the term?)

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  1. For me, it'S whenever I party
  2. It's a really hot story, but, personally, I detest the 'N' word.
  3. I would love a group of Black Men, with their BBCs to slam and use me as their white bitch. Black in white forever!
  4. Love and Adore you !    :)

  5. My ass insisted that I let you and my fellow BZ'rs know that it's available and open to act as your understudy or as desired by fellow BZ'rs. New expansion = wide open gaps to fill in schedule. Chanukah Special: let me be your bbbtmslamslut pro Bono solution for your private or corporate gang bang needs.
  6. *I would strongly suggest Spa Excess. They actually have 'Bear' events on certain Sundays. Check out their website spaexcess.com Also https://bearsinexcess.com/ I have no problem meeting multiple top guys whenever I'm there. Unlike steamworks, guys are there for your ass.
  7. Nicely done. I hope it won't be too long before chapter two is available. I'm in knots lol
  8. Where are you looking? This isn't exactly a hookup site, is it? Maybe if your profile wasn't empty.....
  9. congrats on your 6️⃣9️⃣ p☣️sitive community reps ! 

  10. Fuck Yeah! Reading your perfectly written story is better than watching any porn. Just ask my cock! I hope you can soon look after our hunger and need for more of your perfectly paced and well written words.
  11. ... and thanks for the rep too! :*:*:2thumbs:

  12. Thanks for the follow! xx:drool::*xx

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