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  1. Lockdown has meant I am spending almost all my time working from home with my husband. Don’t mind, he is a great sex partner so definitely not experiencing a draught. Lunch time tea breaks often means a good load of cum being shared. Today was even more fun being loosened up with a 21cm dildo being hauled out just to stay in practice. It only takes about 20 minutes after all. In fact, I am writing this with a good load of his cum in my arse. Problem is now I want more. Miss the thrill though of exploring other cocks loading me up or me leaving cum behind far up an appreciating bottoms gut. Looking for big ones, cocks and loads. Also missing the guilty pleasure of cuddling up to hubby at night and slide into his wet cummy arse asking him about the incidental cock he enjoyed during the day while I fuck him slowly while the smell of those who unloaded in him earlier oozes out and covers my cock providing a silky smooth lube for his well fucked arse.
  2. Got home after a long day at the office and ended up going to bed early. Got to fuck a third load into my husband while cuddling. His arse was oozing cum and the smell sex he had during the day with 2 heavy cummers who enjoyed his slutty arse. Slept like a baby afterwards...
  3. This happened a few weeks ago. Been chatting to this guy that is in town every now and then. Cute innocent look but the chats usually get straight down to the point. Unfortunately he is always leaving and I am not available so never managed to hook up. This day was different, chatted in the morning and he was looking for someone to fill his ass. I couldn't help at the time but he kept me up to date on how his day was going. After lunch he was loaded with 2 loads and very horned up. I could not get the idea of fucking a nice creamy preloaded ass out of my head so with blue balls and all decided to pay his hotel a visit after work. He was still keen for mine. He left the door ajar and wanted me to come in and find him ass up and plunge straight into him, he will only look up when I am balls deep. Followed the instructions and before I plunged in first fingered his creamy ass before sliding in deep. Heaven... Fucked his loose arse quite well and filled it with more cum. All sweaty and out of breath we had a nice chat and said we will do it again when he is around. Had to run off to another engagement but left satisfied. He went down for a cigarette and message me gloating how he is struggling to keep all the cum in.
  4. Summer holiday is coming to an end so made the most of it. Hot scruffy guy I have been chatting to on grindr for awhile was in the area. He was horny and preloaded, sloppy seconds a big turn on for me. Came around, both got naked in the lounge, kissed, smelled and touched, he turned around. I felt his moist arse and then he guided my cock in, nothing like a cum pre-lubed arse. Fuck him hard, flooded his guts and added to his cummy ass. Kissed and he left. Last words him leaving to return to work was he hopes he doesn't leak too much.
  5. At long last got my first load for the year from my partner after 2 previous attempts didn't deliver. Returned a favour afterwards as I am usually horned up after my ass is filled with cum. The first attempt was from a gorgeous hunk in shopping mall toilet for disabled people. Biggest uncut cock I took for ages but after a few thrusts he pulled out and just wanted to jerk off. So wanted him to flood me, partner would have loved sloppy seconds later. Second was outside next to the pool. Too much wine meant I enjoyed a good fuck but the top couldn't climax.

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