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  1. Hi, I'm 183 / 79 / 30. Seeking for CF buddy. You can view my videos on Twitter @darkicarus69 @DarkIcarus69
  2. Hi guys, I'm in Singapore too. Drop me a PM if you want to meet up for kinky fun. 30 / 183 / 85 / Chinese / Btm
  3. **This story is inspired by real life experience. Let me know if you like it. I have a fuck buddy from another city. I will meet him whenever I am visiting there. One time, he asked if I smoke. I said no but I didn't mind he does it. He took out a bong, lit it up and took a few puff. It got me curious cos I have not seen that before. I asked if I can try and he said yes. I took a deep puff and cough, I had never tried anything like this before, immediately I feel relax yet energised and horny. My buddy pinched my nipples and I jumped and moaned. My nipples have never been so sensitive before. He took a few more puff and encouraged me to smoke too. Soon, he was sucking my cock and playing with my nipples. My cock was getting hard from his blowjob. I noticed that my nipples were getting bigger and more perky from his pinching. Both of us are into kinky play and usually I would take on the more dominant role and he will be the submissive one. But we are both flex. After I got hard, I lied down on his bed and put on a full face hood. I told him to tie me up spread eagle to the bed and ride on my cock. He put on some lube and rode on my cock like a champion. He used his ass to edge my cock. I was so close to cumming but somehow I was unable to cum. I became really horny. I got him to untie me and told him to lay down while I fuck him ruthlessly. He was moaning as I thrust my hard cock in and out of his butt. He was begging for more and I was very horny to keep going. Despite fucking him for a long time, I was still unable to cum. He suggested taking a break and we had a shower together. I felt relaxed again after the shower but a wave of horniness gushed through my body and made me super horny. My buddy asked if I have slammed before and I said no but don't mind trying. He disappeared into another room to prepare the stuff. When he returned I was shock to see two syringes loaded with liquid inside. He tied an elastic band around my left arm and told me to squeeze my palm together. I looked away as he squeezed and injected the content of the syringe into my arm. He got me to lift up my arm and applied a small plaster to the point spot. Then he did the same for himself. Within seconds, a strange feeling hit me. I was coughing and suddenly I felt as if my whole body was on fire and became super horny. I tried to jerk off my cock but it remind soft. I looked over at him and he was stroking his cock too but unlike my small, soft dick, his cock was getting harder and growing to 8 inches. He beckoned me and I took his cock in my mouth. As I deep throat him, he was moaning and I got even hornier. His hands went down to pinch my nipples and I was moaning as I was giving him a blowjob. At this moment, I felt really submissive and begged him to use me. He smiled and said he has been waiting to hear those slutty words from my mouth. He lubed up his fingers and poked them into my ass. My hole had never been so hungry before and I was begging him to start fucking me. He slapped my ass and told me to be patience as he slowly teased my hole turning me into a slutty whore. I was chewing on his nipples and he finger fuck my hole. When my hole had loosen up, he placed his cock at the opening of my ass and thrust it fully in. I let out a loud moan, it felt painful for a second but then it became amazingly pleasurable. At this moment, I realised that my mission in life is to be a slutty whore for tops to fuck and use me for their pleasure. (To be continued)
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