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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Young, horny n kinky

    Here more looking for friends, fbuddies and guys to share ideas and experiences with
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    Apparently someone filmed me once, but so far, I haven't found myself on xtube
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    Love anon sex, cruising, fisting, group and whatever is fun

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  1. You need to work on your language buddy. Someone living with HIV is not dirty. welcome to 2018!!!
  2. cumslut23

    What is the best about bareback bottoming

    I love the feeling of raw cock fuckin me. I am not there to please anyone but myself when I am in a darkroom or anon situation. Pleasing myself means getting fucked raw (feeling) and getting filled with cum which makes me feel slutty which I love. I care about the tops as much as they care about me. We don't know each other. It's a one off transaction in which I take his sperm and we both move on satisfied
  3. cumslut23

    advice on being very clean bottom

    I recommend posting them to the Facebook pages of your friends, never had some many "excited" calls
  4. cumslut23

    advice on being very clean bottom

    Found these on twitter, thought they might help
  5. cumslut23


    Cum in your ass but would make you clean my cock after
  6. cumslut23

    Do Any Of Your Friends Know You Bareback?

    None of them know including my family. None of them know that I am poz either... sometimes wish I could start fresh in a new city and just live as the slut I truly am...
  7. I had guys walking away because my hole was too loose. I took pride in that because I am a cumslut. If the top wants to fuck a tight hole, go to the virgin. An experience bottom who can rock your world will be loose. Also, one fuckbuddy is a 5'6 Asian dude with cock in proportion. He loves my sloppy hole and cums faster if it has been used beforehand. What I am trying to say is, size does not matter here...
  8. cumslut23

    Piss up the ass

    It is very high on my priority list. Still a piss ass virgin! Anyone in Sydney to take one of the last few remaining cherries?
  9. cumslut23

    When You Let A Guy Bareback You,

    It is implied that you would accept the load inside as a bottom. The only other place it can go is the face. Everything else would be a travesty
  10. I want both, but number 1 priority is the load. If someone likes to fuck me for a bit I expect a load if the fuck exceeds 5 minutes. Otherwise it's just dipping which makes me feel slutty and is hot too
  11. cumslut23

    Wellington BB vers - got a load for me?

    Visiting in November, contact me if still alive
  12. cumslut23

    Bottom to top?

    You need an ass that really turns you on. For me, it's a smooth Asian ass. Start rimming it. You will develop the desire to fuck it. From then on it's just training..
  13. cumslut23

    Ever been blackmailed into having sex

    Former job, I was very active on a hookup site which caters to general gays but has room for fetishes. I was on there as a poz lover and cumslut. He created a fake profile and we started chatting. Once he got my face pic he threatened to show colleagues if I weren't gonna suck him off whenever he needed. After a while that wasn't enough for him so he made me drink his piss. After he took a picture of me licking the toilet bowl after his piss, I resigned and been more careful now...
  14. Hey, hot looking body there.  Love to do you for damn sure.

  15. cumslut23

    Let him fuck me?

    Do it later, there is always another time but once it's done there is no way back. That said, if you really want it and regretted chickening out the times before, have a drink, inhale some poppers and watch some porn before going over...

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