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    Got a real thing for big biceps on a guy. I'm just looking for horny tops to breed my ass.

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  1. You've got a point! I think the reality is I'd like to be there for his pleasure so it's not so much about me -wanting- to feel physical pleasure it's more that I get mental pleasure from the scenario of getting fucked. The frustration of not being able to stop myself climaxing from the physical pleasure and it making continued sex really uncomfortable is the problem. I mean enjoying physical pleasure is great when it's just one guy but when you're wanting to get used as a cumdump for multiple guys I've got to find a way to push past it like Find91 seems to!
  2. Okay so my favourite thing is just being used as a cumdump, guy comes round, fucks my mouth, fucks my hole, fills my guts, leaves. Another guy comes round soon after. There's been a fair few guys that really get off on seeing me cum or enjoy jerking me off as they fuck me and I get a bit weird about it. I use cock cages now but a lot of tops don't like them and make me take them off. How is it like for other bottoms? I guess it's down to three things for me: 1. I like the idea that I'm just here for their pleasure, it shouldn't be about me cumming. 2. After I've cum I lose my
  3. I just got piss fucked for the first time before the lockdown. Really didn't feel like I expected it to. Like I couldn't feel the piss hitting my insides as the guy was so deep in me, but I felt my insides getting warmer and heavier. Would love to do it again. Only problem is that we did after he'd bred me twice so I lost two good loads when I squirted it all out.
  4. Sure thing, if we can find enough tops to breed us both, or you can just fuck me yourself 😈
  5. I will admit that I have turned guys down on account of dick size. I just don't get off on a 2" guy constantly slipping out my hole all the time. I love anon blindfold sex though and when I'm lying there I like to imagine that the stranger fucking and unloading in my hole is repugnant, that I'm letting my cumhole be used by someone that others would deny.
  6. Yeah I'm using a blackout hood too. I don't want to be able to see the guy at all, just feel his touch and cock. But yeah that is risky as fuck. Hence the hotness of it.
  7. Sage advice, it only takes that one time.
  8. Do it! Let me know how it goes, tell me if it adds to the slutty experience!
  9. Thank you? Well if you're hooded and not yet sure if the top appreciates verbal, the tank top is a good way of instructing the guys what to do 😉 It's a shame that the local sauna is so far away and I don't drive, I can go but it might be dead and with no way to get home if I'm there late.
  10. Why did I not thinking of doing it at a bathhouse? I'll give that a go next time I'm at the local sauna. It is gonna be safer than doing it at home
  11. Gonna be taking loads and can accom tonight in Sunderland if anyone in the North East UK area wants to unload in a used neg ass.
  12. You are totally right. I've been really lucky that none of the guys that have played into my fantasy have wanted to hurt me. I tend to use FabGuys which has a review/verification system which kinda lessens the threat a bit by showing when they've not had other hookups yet but it's always a big risk. Here's another thing about blindfold/anon sex, the tops just seem to want you to be flesh to fuck. I guess they're just looking to unload in a warm hole rather than have their cock carefully milked. I'll try the headphones thing but only with guys that I've had fuck me before and that a
  13. Exactly! The irony is that the tops think they're just using us but really we just want the sensation of their cocks fucking us and then that warm cum in our holes, once they've given us that they can get off, get out, and let the next spermdonor in 😈
  14. Not sure if this is for discussion or just a random story. Okay so lately I've discovered that my biggest turn on is getting barebacked anonymously. Just faceless profiles on Grindr or Fabguys, invite them round and have the door unlocked for when they arrive. I'm on the bed in jock and with a blackout hood on. I've had quite a bit of this lately and it's really addictive but the other night a guy came round and didn't say a single word, didn't even grunt or gasp, just came in, felt my hips and ass, pulled down his pants and started fucking me. When he unloaded in me he just pulled out,
  15. Hey there, I'm a willing cumdump in Sunderland and looking for regular tops to breed me blindfolded. Not bothered about your status or cock size (although warn me if you're 8"+ as that takes a warm up!). If you're nearby then hit me up and hopefully we can arrange something 🤤
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