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    Smooth yung neg fuckholes, twinks, pierced dicks
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    Tight young smooth twinks to load and hung dominant tops to breed my hole.

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  1. Thick hung poz untreated cock and losing weight with opportunistic symptoms 

    would you spend day taking my diseased seeds7DCA86CC-24D7-43C1-ACE4-6EF8E7B9A45A.thumb.jpeg.ecef63c4e52af746c824b7c72029be89.jpeg778A99F2-15C6-482F-B377-F5108D7C4950.jpeg.26f45f121d263b61757df88b830a451f.jpeg7081C0B1-E7A4-4D2C-BE2E-35F0E9B380AB.jpeg.a34ed61bbcbc2cebd5c5900cba67dced.jpeg7E63C0B0-D9E5-471F-9032-6187AA815DB7.jpeg.96d8b12da13dbb03674c77c831c2e478.jpeg5277606A-F579-4D96-A058-BAA05D87A107.png.a947f149705f781f8ec7dc63141d1b8a.png

  2. pozlondonfucker

    Folsom Sep 2018

    Well they're not going to know! and you certainly won't leave neg
  3. pozlondonfucker

    Folsom Sep 2018

    Hope you're coming to Biohazard Bbbottomchaserslut? get you well loaded with poz cum
  4. pozlondonfucker

    Folsom Sep 2018

    So only a couple of weeks left to go... what neg, PrEP-free bttms do we have coming to knock up? :-p
  5. pozlondonfucker

    Folsom Sep 2018

    Is there a coat/bag check at Connection Club during Biohazard. Can you strip down to say harness and jock Alexmasctop?
  6. Very hot Mr. Another very willing london-based neg boi cumdump at your service :p

  7. pozlondonfucker

    Folsom Sep 2018

    sxcj87 the Biohazard rules say you have to be poz but there MUST be undisclosed neg guys and guys on PrEP there these days. Anyone know where the one during Folsom is held? Website says it is usually at a different venue
  8. Ibis Euston has been closed/being demolished for the HS2 works
  9. pozlondonfucker

    Best sex clubs/events

    Naked nights at Vault139 on Thursday evenings are good if you're wanting as much loads fucked up you as possible.
  10. pozlondonfucker

    Folsom Sep 2018

    Definitely up for breeding your neg hole Bbbottomchaserslut. You're bound to get pozzed in Berlin!
  11. pozlondonfucker

    Folsom Sep 2018

    Well flights are booked and hotel near Schoenberg is sorted. Can only make Fri-Sun, but will be there for Biohazard, Fickstutenmarkt and whatever other nasty breeding sessions I can find.
  12. pozlondonfucker

    Folsom Sep 2018

    I'm planning a sex fuelled trip to Berlin in 2018. I want to do the Fickstutenmarkt again and try out a Biohazard party, but the only time these are on the same weekend is during Folsom in Sep 2018. Will they still be any good or will more people got to Folsom own events? Are there any other decent bare parties? The Coffe and Cream website appears to be dead? Have they stopped running?
  13. hey man... thank you for following....looking forward to talking with you. 

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