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    Serving Alpha Top Men, being a totally naked raw CumDump, total nudist walking around until a top wants to dump a load in my ass, ripe/sweaty Alpha ass to eat, felching ass cum to share.
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    I have finally found myself as a total CUMDUMP whore. GWM, single, stocky guy with big white ass; mod hairy, 6 ft, with a thick 7” cut cock, nice chest, with a very smooth butt hole for Alpha tops to slide into. NO COCK IS EVER REFUSED IN MY ASS!
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    Looking to be filmed at one of my cum dump sessions.
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    I’m a Total Cum Dump Pig, ready to bend over when a Top requests. Luv to eat sweaty/ripe top ass, felch cum from multiple asses. I get turned on for viral toxic tops with STDs. I will do anything for these men. Ready to accept tops with gifts to give me! I’m looking for a viral toxic top to host and convert me, at my conversion event, witnessed by 1 or 2 men. I’m more than ready, contact me here to convert me.

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  1. Love your rape episode in mexico

  2. Haha…u live in DC? DM me and U get VIP access to my ass!
  3. Looking to hold a CumDump event in DC… any recommendations on best hotels for easy access, anonymous, no elevator restrictions? Thanks guys!!
  4. Thanks for your following Man 

    1. Cornyoldfuck


      no worries its all good

  5. Just enjoy the journey…it can be incredible!!
  6. A good buddy of mine (he’s an oral versatile guy) living on the West side of LA near the UCLA University campus. He loves oral and sucking cock. It’s his favorite and he doesn’t much get fucked by anonymous men. He lives in a small apartment building and during COVID when all the glory holes closed this past year he built his own glory hole. It’s really nice. It’s full height almost to the ceiling, fits fully wall-to-wall inside his apartment entry way, nice oval hole he cut in it and padded around the edges, metal handholds so the top guys can put their arms up and hold on as they push their cocks through the hole. It’s really nice. He and I talk all the time and he was telling me how so many of the young guys he wants to suck off also want to fuck and breed ass too and when he tells them it’s “oral-only” they stop chatting and many ghost or block him. So he asks me if I’d consider being the bottom CumDump at his glory hole…like “YES” I say!!!! But when he started saying to guys that there were going to be two of us; one to suck and another for the top to fuck, same thing happened, guys ghosted and started wanting pictures and all sorts of info. So Friday afternoon he invited me over to play his glory hole. He put out his profile on his multiple apps and told guys his GH was open for anonymous blow jobs and breeding of his hole if they wanted to fuck. He didn’t tell them it was my ass they’d be fucking. I got to his apartment. He handed me a gray t-shirt just like he was wearing and told me to put it on. The plan was that he would suck the top and if the top wanted to fuck, my friend would just move to the left and I’d move over and spread my ass cheeks to take the hard cock. The top, if he looked would only see my ass and Gray t-shirt, they’d never know there were two of us behind the GH. So my friend is advertising “private, discreet, anonymous Glory Hole, oral and raw breeding; easy parking.” On a side note I’d like to believe tops came to get off because they thought my friend was the best oral, but in LA, “easy parking” is a big advantage!!! First guy shows up about 4 P.M. the light in the entry way is very low and the light in the hallway on our side of the GH is dark. The first guy is buzzed through the gate. My friend and I wait on our side of the GH. We’ve both removed our shorts as my friend jerks on his cock as he sucks and I’m ready to take a cock if called upon to do so. We have our gray t-shirts on. My friend is on his knees on a foam pad right in front of the GH, I’m sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall, arms around my knees, ass pre-lubed and waiting. We’re both quiet, the door opens, closes. I hear the guy’s shorts come off, then his cock comes through the hole; he’s 28yo, asian, very fit, cock totally shaved, uncut, beautiful balls and a surprisingly long thin, flaccid cock, long foreskin covering his cock. My friend looks at me and smiles. He begins to suck; almost immediately I can see the guy’s cock get hard. He’s hanging on to the hand holds and leaning on the GH as we can see it move. My buddy is an amazing expert cock sucker as I watch him work. I time it as he sucks, waiting for my cue to step in and get fucked. I so want that beautiful young cock. We’re 7 minutes in and we can here the guy breathing hard, then we hear, “I’m close! I’m going to cum! I’m going cum!” Seconds later I can see my buddy swallowing. Then the cock slowly pulls out of his mouth and disappears onto the other side of the hole. My buddy turns to me and opens his mouth; it’s full of white cum. He swallows and smiles at me. Then we hear the guy say, “thank you.” And he exits the apartment. I just say to my friend, “that was amazing.” We turn to his laptop as he scans his messages. The next guy is waiting for the address. He sends it. 20 minutes later the next guy is buzzed up. 32yo, “straight,” white, very athletic on his profile, supposedly a big cut cock. The apartment door opens. We are in the same positions. We hear a belt buckle, we hear shoes coming off, he’s wearing jeans and we hear the pants coming all the way off. Then his cock comes through the glory hole, already partially engorged, arching forward, he’s excited. Beautiful. My friend gently lifts the guy’s cock into his open mouth and begins his work. I’m in awe how good he is and how much effort he puts into it. About 5 minutes into the sucking my friend pulls off and goes back on it so I can see the hard length of this cock; 7.5” or just under 8”, moderate thickness. Soon the guy pulls his cock back through the hole, leans down and asks my buddy, “can I fuck u?” My buddy says sure and reaches through to take the guys cock. The hard comes back through the hole and he sucks it to get it really wet. I stand up, step over to the GH. My friend slides over to the side. I take hold of the cock and guide it inside my hole. The guy slides in fully. On the the other side of the GH he’s saying, “oh God that feels good!” He fucks slowly. I’m standing, bent over, my ass is pushed up against the hole. Soon we can hear him panting and he’s fucking hard, the wood GH wall is moving and make cracking sounds as he’s putting his weight into the fucking. In a minute or two he’s gasping and grunting as he unloads he’s cum in me saying, “fuck, fuck, fuck!!!” Then he’s done. He stays in me. My friend motions for me to slide off the cock. As I do, my buddy takes hold of the cock and puts it back in his mouth. I’m standing off to the side, cum leaking from me. Soon the cock pulls back through the hole. We hear him slowly dressing. He says, “thanks guy,” very quietly as he leaves. Are GH guys always so polite I ask my friend? Soon my friend gets a message from the last guy, “that was amazing, luv your ass. Can I come by again sometime?” Soon the third guy buzzes. My buddy and I are in position, the door opens and closes. Shoes and shorts come off. Another beautiful uncut cock comes through the hole. The guy is, 24yo, white, uncut, moderate sized cock. His cock comes through the hole totally flaccid. My buddy caresses it, sucks it. Soon this hard young cock standing at attention is ready for me. I stand, move to the hole, and guide it inside me. He pounds away as my buddy on his knees watches me getting pounded, both of us smiling. Soon, the guy speeds up his thrusts, he breathing hard, then he’s breeding me. Damn that was hot! Over the next 3 hours we took care of 11 more cocks and I got 8 loads in my ass. Not one guy was aware there were two of us!
  7. As an experienced CumDump, I plan my own events. My max number of loads bred inside me was 43 loads one night (9 P.M. to 2 A.M.) in Mexico City 3 years ago. My second most loads inside me was 32 loads in LA. Those were good nights and for several days afterwards as my hole recovered!!!
  8. For me getting a cock in my ass is always the goal. I’ll take a cock anyway my top wants to use me; his choice!!! Though I agree, I love getting fucked, face down, on my stomach or on my knees, ass up is the best!!! I love the anonymous cock, and never seeing my top. When I’m face down, ass up all my other senses are so much more heightened. The sound of the door opening, the top entering the room and seeing my ass for the first time, hearing some of them saying a a quiet, “damn guy,” and the first touch of the tops hand on my naked ass; warm or cold hand and then the first of his fingers exploring my hole; I’m hearing and feeling it all. Next the sound of his belt unbuckling, sound of his pants coming off, then his underwear, is he already hard or hearing him jerk on his cock and finally that first feel of the tip of his cock as he tests my hole and the feel of that first thrust into my hole is all amazing and my senses are all heightened when I’m face down, ass up on my stomach….it is the best!!!!
  9. Hot topic and as a total CumDump Mpreg is hot to think about, but I never actually did until a recent bathhouse visit last month out of town on a dull Tuesday night. I was naked on a fuckbench, in the corner of the darkroom, only a few guys around. I had been already bred twice. I was thinking about leaving and then a very tall, young black guy, thin but kind of muscular came up to me. Went to my head and no words, just undid his towel and pushed his flaccid long thick uncut cock in my face. I immediately put his cock in my mouth and sucked and sucked and sucked. His cock tasted soapy clean. He was getting very hard, rocking back and forth his eyes closed, rubbing his one hand on my bare shoulders and back, sometimes leaning over far enough to put his fingers in my cummy hole. I sucked him for a very long time. Then pulls his hard cock out of my mouth, it’s sticking straight out, rock hard. He leans to my ear and says, “if I fuck and cum in you will you carry my babies?” I just say, “yes sir.” He says, “you sure? If I fuck you, I want you to carry my babies out of this place and home with you, I want them still inside you tomorrow morning, no pushing them out or other guys eating you. I’m going to make you pregnant and I expect it.” I just say “yes sir.” He stuck his cock back I’m my mouth, I sucked more then he moved behind me and stuck his hard cock in me. He fucked for a while hard, then slow, then hard. When he got close he was rough and hard and was talking about making me pregnant. Finally he blew his babies inside me. He held his cock in me for awhile, then pulled out and put his towel right back around his waist. Came up to my head, rubbed my back and said, “take care of my babies, their all yours now.” Then he left. It was incredibly hot! I kept my promise.
  10. Most of my Alpha top regulars, gay and “straight” refer to my hole as “hole” “pussy” or “manhole.” I’m indifferent yself on what they call it. As said above ASCs total sub CumDump, I respect them calling it whatever they prefer. My goal is that they get pleasure from mounting me and breeding.
  11. @DannyBoyCMH I do CumDump event s for myself and have done 2 so far in different cities and also found it harder to line up guys than before. In LA (my home) it’s hard as there are so many good CumDumps out there vying for the tops. In another midwestern city 3 weeks ago, where I usually had no issues pre-Covid, it was more difficult as I suspect many were still careful and there’s still (believe or not) guys who’ve not been vaccinated… so overall, my experience is its. It’s difficult, but I’m hopeful that will change over the summer.
  12. My ass is typically moderately hairy, but as a total CumDump I have my ass, inside ass cheeks and my hole waxed smooth every 4 to 6 weeks! I luv it and my tops luv a smooth hole and ass! Waxing never leaves stubble when the hair grows back. And now after years of waxing, the hair that does attempt to grow back is weak and soft. Bonus - my wax guy has become a friend and the intimate moments when he’s waxing me are fun!
  13. I love my new label…Fanatic!! Love it!!!

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