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    Serving Alpha Top Men, being a totally naked raw CumDump, total nudist walking around until a top wants to dump a load in my ass, ripe/sweaty Alpha ass to eat, felching ass cum to share.
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    I have finally found myself as a total CUMDUMP whore. GWM, single, stocky guy with big white ass; mod hairy, 6 ft, with a thick 7” cut cock, nice chest, with a very smooth butt hole for Alpha tops to slide into. NO COCK IS EVER REFUSED IN MY ASS!
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    Looking to be filmed at one of my cum dump sessions.
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    I’m a Total Cum Dump Pig, ready to bend over when a Top requests. Luv to eat sweaty/ripe top ass, felch cum from multiple asses. I get turned on for viral toxic tops with STDs. I will do anything for these men. Ready to accept tops with gifts to give me! I’m looking for a viral toxic top to host and convert me, at my conversion event, witnessed by 1 or 2 men. I’m more than ready, contact me here to convert me.

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  1. I used them when I was young and versatile. Over 12 years ago, as I became more and more bottom focused, I started skipping them for feeling raw cocks and cum inside me. Six years ago when I found my calling as a total CumDump; no cock refused, I never touch a condom or let one touch me. I always say NO COCK EVER REFUSED, but now as I think about it, I have refused men who want to wear a condom. I turn them away!
  2. Ridiculous!!! I agree, this dude is in a relationship and hiding it! There is no other alternative. He could be on PReP if he wanted and other STDs are easily treatable if you are not chasing. No doubt in my mind; he’s cheating on someone. Sorry way to go through life.
  3. Hey guy... wish I was as young as you when I started. You may look for a great older CumDump to break u in. Or my experience is u take charge and organize your own corruption the way you want it! I’m sure many many Alpha tops will stop by to use and corrupt u.
  4. When I’m being an anonymous CumDump, which I luv to do...I’m naked, in position, ass up, blindfolded...what turns me on is when the door opens and closes and I hear the top standing behind me, the belt unbuckles, pants unbutton, a zipper sound, the pants sliding down, being pulled off each leg, one leg at a time, the the sound of underwear being shucked off...then the first touch of the cold anonymous hand on my ass....that fucking turns me on!
  5. OMFG I would love to sink my cock balls deep into that hole and breed it long hard and deep. Making you beg for every inch and every drop of my toxic load.


  6. Love it!!! If a top likes it I’m there to pleasure him.
  7. Just in the last 6 years I’ve totally taken over 1,000 cocks/cum loads. For past 6 years I’ve been a total CumDump, NO COCK OR CUM LOAD EVER REFUSED.
  8. I love this pledge. It was really on the edge before PReP. I think we need to update it for today..,forever and always bareback, as much sex as you want with as many men as you want, free from any inhibitions, and for me it will be forever w/o PReP. For me any way.
  9. In the last year I have gotten more and more turned on by mansmells... pits, crotch, balls, foreskin, feet...love it all
  10. I touch when I’m alone, but when being fucked or serving a top, I really don’t care about my cock. I mostly cum w/o touching myself when being fucked
  11. Thanks!!! It was years ago when I was try to pass for versatile. I really didn’t care about topping, but that’s what I says and ended up always topping. So I started not to and people looked at yiu different and made stupid jokes about masculinity, ... but totally happy now, my friends could care less....
  12. I am a proud submissive bottom now... and almost everyone knows it. My best friend, who is also a total bottom bought us both great t-shirts to wear out dancing. Black t-shirt with white lettering.. “FOR THIS I CLEANED MY ASS OUT?” Pretty much communicates the message!
  13. No more bottom shaming for me, but it did happen in the past. My really good friends never were anything but great!!!
  14. Agree... I never jerk myself, if I cum it’s not controlled. Sometimes my ass tightens up a little, but I just focus, relax and let the top continue. Tops sometimes get off that they fucked the cum out of me without me touching myself. It’s all about the Alpha top!!
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