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    Scotland UK
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Guys that want pozzed up. Slaves that love the feeling of raw cock breeding their arses. Leather Boys/Men that are dirty cum sluts. ANYONE that wants bred.

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  1. Barebackerscot

    Don’t cum in my ass

    Once inside a bottoms ass he is getting the load whether he asks me to pull out or not. Never will I allow a load to be sucked from me. It goes up the ass only until the last twitch the last pulse and every last drop of cum has been bred deep into his guts.
  2. I wish I was there in Scotland right now getting infected. Euro guys seem a LOT freer about passing the bug on.

  3. Finally back to breeding asses after time away. Who is next for breeding?

  4. Thanks for the follow

  5. hey there brother...

  6. Ho there. Where in schotland? It's kinda big

    1. Barebackerscot


      Not far from Edinburgh. 

    2. powerbot27


      ahhhh okay I seldom get them i'm afraid. Normally when I go to the UK the line manchester hull is about as far north as I go

  7. This is my future. One on the way.


    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. misneach


      well then you go for it

    3. beanna


      I will most cert.do

    4. Gummiklo


      yaeh, greath. wish u can fuck me!

  8. Thanks for following me! I whose we were close, I love your profile and would love to have you breed me.

    1. Barebackerscot


      Thanks GeorgiaBoy

  9. keep up the good work

  10. Been a couple of weeks, time for an update or should that be a hole update. Another couple filled this weekend with big loads. My DNA lives within them now and forever.

    1. averageslut48


      What a lucky couple. Keep spreading!

    2. CumDump92


      Come and breed me deep x

    3. Barebackerscot


      If I was ever out your way, I would breed you until your ass bled.

  11. Been a while as I don't have great internet access, but tonight another hole charged and filled with my cum. Time for that boi to become as I am.

    1. rexTO


      Lucky boy, what part of Scotland are you in? Will be in Dundee last week of August

    2. Willing
    3. Bearman


      How I envy that newly charged hole


  12. Barebackerscot, what part of Scotland are you in. I will be visiting Dundee and Edinburgh at the end of August this year

  13. As promised another night another ass. A nice sloppy hole for my charged load.

    1. Deviantlad


      Glad to hear that.

    2. boybottom4use


      fucking awesome!!

  14. Thanks for the rep Bareback xx :*

  15. Thursday night another charged load into another willing ass. Now the weekend holds more to be fucked and loaded.

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