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    Guys that want pozzed up. Slaves that love the feeling of raw cock breeding their arses. Leather Boys/Men that are dirty cum sluts. ANYONE that wants bred. Going to see specialist 25th July. I am now a full blown AIDS Man.

    27th September 2019 ANYONE Looking for replies to messages I hope to be back online full time mid week next week. My laptop has packed in, so just waiting on a new one to arrive.

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  1. I'd love the feeling of your raw cock breeding my arse and giving a poz load

  2. Is there an actual list of words that are banned from BZ for us to view?
  3. Simple answer to this is no. Most of these sites online including breeding zone are not where you are going to find a life partner. We are all to greedy for that, top or bottom. We crave cum for our asses or to deposit our seed inside an ass, most men who are pigs will allow any cock in their ass or if a top will breed anyone that wants it. We are all cumsluts.
  4. Thank you for the follow sexy dad

  5. So fucking hot love to be your aids slut breed my neg ass claim me.

  6. I believe in the here and now. Tomorrow may never come, so go out and breed or get bred. Do not regret anything. We are all here on these sites as we are all sleazy pigs. Does not matter if you are top or bottom or versatile. We are all pigs.
  7. iosam, become that bottom slut you've always wanted to be. You are on this site, so part way there now anyway. Why hold back. Enjoy and embrace being cum filled and picking up little gifts along the way.
  8. Once inside a bottoms ass he is getting the load whether he asks me to pull out or not. Never will I allow a load to be sucked from me. It goes up the ass only until the last twitch the last pulse and every last drop of cum has been bred deep into his guts.
  9. I wish I was there in Scotland right now getting infected. Euro guys seem a LOT freer about passing the bug on.

  10. Finally back to breeding asses after time away. Who is next for breeding?

  11. Thanks for the follow

  12. hey there brother...

  13. Ho there. Where in schotland? It's kinda big

    1. Barebackerscot


      Not far from Edinburgh. 

    2. powerbot27


      ahhhh okay I seldom get them i'm afraid. Normally when I go to the UK the line manchester hull is about as far north as I go

  14. This is my future. One on the way.


    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. misneach


      well then you go for it

    3. beanna


      I will most cert.do

    4. TTFN


      That would ensure that you gave me a Pozative outcum.

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