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    Guys that want pozzed up. Slaves that love the feeling of raw cock breeding their arses. Leather Boys/Men that are dirty cum sluts. ANYONE that wants bred.

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  1. Another Saturday night and another ass fucked and filled. There shall be many more to cum.

    1. Read1


      ah-MEN, B-Scot! ah-MEN!

    2. rawjonny


      hope am soon Sir

  2. Just been out and given a bois ass a good pounding. Now filled with my DNA.

  3. Great profile UKBottom

    1. ukbottom
    2. Barebackerscot


      that Leather Jock is the same one I have used for the last 7 or 8 years. Leather On Leather skin on skin. Best way to Be.

  4. Thanks for the follow CumslutCraig. Nice hole you have there Boi.

    1. cumslutcraig


      Thanks, ..its better when its being filled

  5. That hole of yours is just ripe for breeding

    1. Read1



      ah-MEN! I agree with you 100%!!

  6. Nice ass cumholechelsea.

    1. 1deviantlad


      Very nice indeed😉

    2. cumholechelsea


      Thanks guys. Luckily it was one of the most viewed profiles on bbrt today on the page where you land once you login on desktop! Have been getting hit up by guys all over. Have a great night and thanks for the kind words.

  7. Thanks for the rep DaddyboyLeo

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    2. daddyboyleo


      Love my big brown nipples suckled on too, makes my pussy hungry.

    3. Barebackerscot


      Nipple electro play anal probes butt plugs all this could be yours for the price of your ass.

    4. daddyboyleo


      Have tried both and prefer the real thing. Lips to nipples, tongue in my hole, then cock in my pussy.

  8. Look forward to hearing more Read.
  9. Another great night Read.
  10. Thanks for the rep Ronetbus

    1. ronetbus


      You are welcome

  11. Thanks for the rep Bearman.

  12. Ah. well tonight's fuck was totally different from last night but just as great as the end result was just the same: me breeding arse. I met the guy just outside Livingston. He was slightly older than me but looking for poz cock (which I happen to be), and as I will breed any guy who asks, it's never a question of age or looks or size - it's just that the guy be a willing bottom. We went to my usual haunt and very quickly get down to business. For an older man his butt was in great shape: not too tight, just right for easy entry. Tonight, however, just for a change, I began with a cock tease, alternately slapping his arse with my cock and then gently sliding it down to his hole, then rather spending a few minutes thrusting in gently and then withdrawing. I wanted to be as sexually aroused as possible before I came in his arse. After a few minutes I knew I was ready to fuck him deep, filling him with my cum, as I approached orgasm, I withdrew and whispered "Do you want my poz cum?" He was so horny he shouted in reply "Yes, go back in and blow!" I managed to complete a few more thrusts before depositing my load up in his arse. Afterwards we dressed and went our separate ways. Now I'm on to my next one later this week.
  13. Tonight was one of those nights where I was so horny and ready to dump a load I couldn't stop cumming up my boy's arse. As usual, we started by meeting at the cruising place, and then driving the car up a lane I know well. It was cold but I love fucking outside. My lad was around 25/26, and while I would say he was not thin, I also wouldn't say he was overweight. He definitely, however had a nice tight bubble butt. I was wearing my half chaps and leather jock, but instead of diving right into his ass I decided to begin with a little foreplay, as as he likes his nipples tweaked I started there, before moving on to his arse. Within a short period of time he clearly wanted my cock up his arse. There was no real problem getting into him, although he was somewhat tight, but in any event once I was up there I found his hole quite moist. I began with a few rhythmic thrusts in and out before launching into a full-fledged pounding session. I didn't want to cum quickly so I savoured some precum, put it on my finger put it round his hole. By this time my cock was bulging, ready to breed, and so my load went up his hole. I hadn't felt pleasure like that in quite a while. I unloaded some much cum in his arse that there was a lot of leakage, but I didn't care as my load would be useful later that night. We'll see what Sunday brings. If it is only half as good as tonight's session I shall be a lucky top.
  14. Tonight started off as usual. A casual fuck or so I thought. To let you know here in the UK we do have several cruising areas such as along the A71 close to where I stay. But with and other sites I find that area too well used and now police patrol on a semi-regular basis. So this evening I met a young guy between 22-25 I would say, and I got him to drive to a spot not 5 minutes away where we could get onto the business of him getting bred. Now this guy like myself has a leather fetish and came along with Leather Trousers and his Leather Jock on underneath. I have 3 quarter length tracksuit bottoms on with my Leather Short Chaps and Jock underneath. Now normally on these anon meets it's a question of just getting onto the business of fuck and go, but not tonight we both had hard ons, me at the thought of breeding him , he because of the Leather aspect. He was an Asian thin sexy looking guy. I begin as usual with small thrusts in and out of his hole. I don't know what it is about Asian guys but they really know how to ride a cock. I wasn't in control he was. Bloody amazing. I felt my cock expand in him. I didn't want to cum but did. Filled his hole.Another hole bred. I just wish at the end of it all we'd swapped numbers, but that is not what anon is about. Best sex I have had in a while.
  15. Not an orgy as such, but once in the Steamworks in Edinburgh whilst in their Labyrinth of so called "theme" rooms I come across this guy with several other Tops who are fucking him. I go closer and see that they are all bare so this of course arouses me. I walk on over few head shakes and wait. I hear the bottom as the next top gets ready to enter him ask him if he is negative as he only wants neg cum. Now me being me this makes my cock even harder. I can sense the precum. So I think to myself should I or shouldn't I?. In the end I decide if he is taking it bare I shall give it him bare. It gets to my turn, he asks the question so I mumble an answer and in I go. He was probably early 50s. So I do what I do and empty a load into his ass which looked well used, so all the better. I turn and leave without saying a word, I presume somewhere out there is a guy that went into the Sauna neg and came out poz.

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