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    Trans Feminine (MTF)
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    Toronto Ontario
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    Groups toys roleplay breeding toilet play poz parties
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    Just some clients videoing their sessions with me
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    I'm Rachel a proud Toronto tranny cumdump and whore. That's why I actually show my face in my profile. Extremely kinky with no hard limits. Love to be used and abused like a wothless cumdump by anyone interested. Especially interested in being a hole for poz loads

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  1. I had a normal day job in construction. 21 years in my trade as a commercial industrial painter. Last 7 with 2 different contractors for the city of Toronto. i presented as male for that but got found out as being trans any way. My ex outed me. Things got bad and as my Christmas bonus last year was laid off after 4 years with this company. I made the mistake of telling my Union rep I'm trans and its safe to say that I'm blacklisted now. I've been able to get him on the phone once all year. Since I don't want to get banned again I'll just say I'm an adult companion now. Irony is as muc
  2. I'm a total slut. Offering up my holes for anyone that wants to use them. Looking for someone to host me getiing used and abused by strangers tonight. No limits. If interested text me at 6472046130. Rachel. When you text let me know you got my number here
  3. I work there sometimes. I love getting picked up by strangers and getting used for almost nothing like the worthless cumdump i am
  4. Love your profile.   I have also taken a path of accepting my true self and started transitioning to who I really am, a slutty female that desires to Worship cock and be used as a Cock’s fuck toy to use for its personal pleasure and hole for its precious seed.   


    1. ronnie4u


      Simply HOT , Beautiful and Delicious looking !    more - more - Please !

  5. Into a vers tgirl in Toronto?
  6. I miss being able to get into bathouses but my tits are too big to pass for a guy. Where are good cruising spots for me to get used by random raw tops?
  7. Didn't see this till now. Let me know next time you're around
  8. Looking to live out my fantasy of being a tranny party cumdump slave. I'd like to be taken somewhere strange. Give whoever is in charge my clothes and purse so I'm helpless and can't leave till I'm told I can. I'd love it to be recorded and start with me looking into the camera saying I'm a worthless whore and choose to be used like one. Then I party and whoever is in charge lets anyone they'd like use me. Looks names stats don't matter. I'm just there to be used like a worthless slut till the host says they're done.
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