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    Groups toys roleplay breeding toilet play poz parties
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    Just some clients videoing their sessions with me
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    I'm Rachel a proud Toronto tranny cumdump and whore. That's why I actually show my face in my profile. Extremely kinky with no hard limits. Love to be used and abused like a wothless cumdump by anyone interested. Especially interested in being a hole for poz loads

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  1. I'm a tranny whore looking to live out a specific fanatasy. I want to be collared and leashed and taken downtown off dundas where all the dealers and crackheads are at night. I'll supply my own favs. Once we get there you offer me up to anyone that wants to use me. No limits anyone you want is welcome
  2. ugh when will the border open..lol

  3. hey i'm in Toronto too! Shoot me a message!

  4. WOW !    HOTTIE for Sure !   Pictures or Videos - love to see more of you !  Please !

  5. Hosting any and all tops today. Lakeshore and superior. Text me saying you got my nunber here. 6472046130. No one refused!
  6. How much could you afford? Might be interested in a roommate or getting a place with someone
  7. Like most on this site it's a fake. A slut that doesn't have any face pics but claims to be well known? And all its stories sound the same?
  8. So do I but every now and again I get a craving for a really hairy masculine guy. I just think it's weird that the person I was talking to last night is convinced that shaving is unhealthy
  9. How do you feel about body hair pubic especially? I prefer smooth guys but ironically love hairy women. I was talking to someone last night that's obsessed with it and believes that shaving is unhealthy and leads to lots of health issues. They went as far as refusing to hook up with me because I'm smooth everywhere. I get we all have what we're attracted to but their belief that shaving leads to all sorts of health issues seemed kind strange. Anyone else come across this or believe it?
  10. It's actually the second time I've lost a long term job for being found out as trans. Transphobia and other forms of bigotry are rampant in Toronto. I've been bashed 7 times this year
  11. I had a normal day job in construction. 21 years in my trade as a commercial industrial painter. Last 7 with 2 different contractors for the city of Toronto. i presented as male for that but got found out as being trans any way. My ex outed me. Things got bad and as my Christmas bonus last year was laid off after 4 years with this company. I made the mistake of telling my Union rep I'm trans and its safe to say that I'm blacklisted now. I've been able to get him on the phone once all year. Since I don't want to get banned again I'll just say I'm an adult companion now. Irony is as muc
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