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    Dom tops, preferably poz who know how to fuck, like bdsm, rough play, choking etc

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  1. Hey there, im in toronto, same name profile on bareback rt, love to hook up and let you poz my ass, i need a good high vl load in here, hit me up and we can get this started 🙂

    1. Collar4chemboys




      Let's fuck I mesaage you on Bbrt Toronto here and exactly what you are looking for boy.. Rough rape bdsm, Ws  can be completely anonymous can host you entire long weekend and post ad invite others to pump u full of loads and loads central location here. .. Hope you can take what u say on here. Mesaage me back on Bbrt or on Kik 

  2. Hi would be willing to meet up im tightpussyboy on barebackrt, please ignore my rep, there is nothing i can do about that if people vote down old posts of mine, but i am anxiously looking for a dom top
  3. oh and i never refuse a load, i normally dont ask the top his status, usually he tells me or we just fuck
  4. Some people have had hiv unmedicated for over 10 years and still nothing visibly wrong with them yet some get it and in a few years are at deaths door, can anyone explain how this is possible, is it because of the strain the person gets? Im referring to people who are unmedicated or dont try and fight the virus
  5. neg here, most tops i meet are neg on prep or undetectable, getting harded to find a truley poz top, talking to one right now so i may end up hooking up with him, i not really chasing but i dont refuse barebacking or loads from any top
  6. no one is puyshing anyone. im free to use this forum just like you. for a site called the "breeding zone" no one should really be spositing "safe sex". This site is primarly about bug chasing and gift giving.
  7. taking undetectable loads is one thing. taking high viral loads is another. I have yet to hear a story where a guy knowingly took a high viral load, on prep, and did not convert. Lets also not forget Prep does zero against Hep-C, HPV and other STDs. The idea that someone is on prep and that they can do whatever they want is not true.
  8. https://www.poz.com/article/meet-man-got-hiv-daily-prep
  9. prep does not protect you from everything, including med/prep resistant strains of hiv. If your going to go all out into bareback sex, dont ask dont tell etc, then you shouldn't really be using prep, cause your going to get pozzed anyways.
  10. i don't think insurance should pay for any treatement, prep or hiv drugs. if you cant afford it out of pocket, well...best of luck.
  11. what about all this stuff i have herd about some resistant strain that prep cannot stop which is spreading more and more out there...
  12. why not just stay off the meds and see what happens...
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