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    Arvada Colo 64th/Oak
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    Bareback Breeding my Ass. Being date raped.
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    Easy going, i'm down to be tagged teamed!
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    A horny top here in my area that needs a reg fuck hole to breed on the DL. I want to be chased and seduced by a sex addict!

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  1. Had that happen to me, he promised to pull out.....shot his nut balls deep inside me!
  2. [think before following links] https://dn0.newtumbl.com/img/63110/79163370/1/113000430/nT_fvy0ehbd6j8x5v2y6vb7935q.mp4 Two Daddies Share!
  3. [think before following links] https://dn0.newtumbl.com/img/63110/80034516/1/114196215/nT_s2bpzar8ch313fzcn9qhcfrc.mp4 Amazing Top!
  4. [think before following links] https://dn0.newtumbl.com/img/63110/80068296/1/114242817/nT_y4xzbpydhqzrudv18sq73cab.mp4 This is how I want to be used!
  5. wish you were here breeding me.....woof

  6. Love to get bred soon!

  7. not much luck getting bred in this covid era!

    1. Jekkceo


      Well i get my full vax next week them im up for play 

    2. DenverBtmDude


      I get my second Merderna shot the 17th.....then i need to get my ass plowed!

  8. Love how this bearded top breeds....he's enjoying that ass!
  9. [think before following links] https://www.boyfriendtv.com/videos/578669/----/ Look at the huge load at the end!
  10. Ive always wanted to be bred while the top is in his boots!
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