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    Atl..flex,manifest river's ede Red Roof Inn
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    Breeding Atlanta cum dumps ....
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    I am a hung raw fucker.. love eating cum filled holes. And plowing them with pozzed SEED.
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    Raw cumdumps

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  1. If you're ever in the DC area stud, HMU...wanna take that poz tattooed fat cock of yours!

  2. Want your fat toxic cock in my neg ass

  3. I was there in the dark room.. stay in the corner..(it was packed.) Think I unload three toxic loads in some anonymous holes. And put my hung cock in at least 15 others Looking forward to do it again soon.
  4. thx for the follow!

  5. Please breed me with your toxic cum!!!  I will be forever grateful! 

  6. dump your toxic seeds in me

  7. Yum! Please breed me!

  8. I do great whoring out visiting cum dumps at the red roof inn. Usually have them post the ad on BBRT and I tell my top buddies that tag team with me.. As long as my toxic seed get planted deep..with my other top buddies..
  9. might you gift the bug?

  10. Headed up that way in December.  Would love to meet you and take that cock and seed!!

  11. Love plowing my seed there in the darkroom. Also I top cum dumps in the slings.
  12. lehigh Valley here where you at ? travel within 75 miles for loads ill take anything you give me

    1. 8x6rawtop


      Off valley brook. 


      Bbrt ? 8x6rawtop 

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