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  1. Someone who has a good idea. A fantasy, and so far you are the first to come up with it. Lots of people are boring here, you are just good. Perhaps you will let us know what happens next, whether he has succeeded.
  2. Very, very cool when you find one where you really get to the goal with your sperm. Wish you

  3. One likes to read that and is fifth. Is she on birth control? Whether we learn of results. It's amazing how he wants a fat cock in him so quickly. You don't really know where to look first.
  4. Englisch from German Gonorrhea is uncomfortable and also awesome. Itching and awesome pain and at the doctor's you have to be ashamed and it's awesome because you have to say you don't know who it was because you had sex with many. Somehow your cock wants to get stiff and it hurts. A crazy feeling. I don't wish it for anyone but you should try it, how awesome it is.
  5. storymix


    Perhaps in 1955 we didn't know the word "gay". Neighbor boy 2 years older needed a hole. He noticed how my Voice change. Showed me what he had in his pants and how I get stiff too. I endured the pain so he could cum inside me. Actually, I never wanted that again and went to see him again. It always hurt and was always awesome.
  6. Syphilis is cool, I had it with Hep B and don't know who gave it to me because I'm only upstairs
  7. storymix

    Just saying...

    Picture to harden
  8. storymix


    almost innocent, you watch and get excited and as if I'm there and taking part Why, that’s why I’m here. Excellent work! sorry translated from German
  9. Thank you, that's good. Which means: "DM me." You stimulate the imagination with your story. What if ... oh! And some are already telling their story. It's really good. Would like to add a story that has been told to me.
  10. A story that I read over and over again. There are seldom such good stories here. I know of a very similar story in which you only know very late what you have given others. Unfortunately I can only speak German, so I can't post it here.
  11. Thank you, you're right, criticizing is easier than doing better. Insulting is also easier than thinking. Unfortunately, I can only speak German, and I'm not allowed to write that here. Automatic translations are unfortunately miserable.
  12. You have a good idea. Regrettable: Part 4 - 8 boring like so many stories. You actually wanted more, but you had no real idea for Chem. I am amazed at how some people praise you as the best ever. Don't believe them. You can do a lot better. You came back to your idea late: 9.5 inches. The idea with the teacher is not over yet, you can make more of it. Let's see what else you can think of. One last suggestion is good.
  13. 4 x almost the same, a bit boring, although the idea is interesting. It's always a similar guy he does it with. You never find out how your gift worked. somewhat disappointed
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