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    Dominant tops, 40-65 y.o. , hairy, bearded, won't mind a fat uncut cock either :P
    Wanna get tied up & blindfolded. Like to lick hairy assholes and sweaty armpits and to have men pissing over my body & face. Never been fucked by a group, but really curious about that...

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  1. Willing Pups

    Very hot story, hope Tyler and Jackson get the same treatment very soon. I feel like both fatherless boys need a DADDY in their lives..
  2. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Very hot story, can't wait to read the next chapter... But please tell us more about your creative juices! "Creative" is another word for "reproductive", isn't it?!? Anyway, I think I'd love all your juices, reproductive or not...
  3. Steam Room Virgin

    Sweet story, really enjoyed it!
  4. Ever gone full blown AIDS?

    Know it really shouldn't, but this post makes me rock-hard, boyhole quivering, wishing I'd known you back then, evilqueerpig...
  5. GODDAMN, that guy's the total package! 

    I'd love to be the guy giving him a rub-in...or a rub-down...or a rub up-and-down...up-and-down...up-and-down...:grin:


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RotzBBengel


      Uncut cocks are the best - they taste so yummy when they get all slimy with precum under their foreskin... :2thumbs:

    3. NLbear


      Does that tattoo say "Family"? His brothers and cousins must be happy having him...

    4. RotzBBengel



      Maybe that picture has even been taken at a family reunion - after all, the guy right behind him seems to share certain...uh...family traits... ;)

      Would have been so hot growing up as his younger brother, having a big bro to look up to - literally, while on my knees between his legs... :drool:

  6. What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    Though the European Union has finally approved the use of PrEP for HIV/AIDS prevention in 2016, here in Germany health insurance (both private and statutory) won't pay for it. So, with a month's supply costing more than 500 Euro, it was pretty much out of reach for most people. Now in December 2017 Ratiopharm, Germany's biggest producer of generics, dropped their price for 30 pills Emtrictabin/Tenofovir from 556,33 Euro to 69,90 Euro (that's almost 90%!). Go figure! Guess that says a lot about their former profit margins (and since those drug makers are not exactly known for being non-profit organisations, you can be sure they'll still be making lots of money out of it after the drop). But hey - no more excuses for neg boys over here!!! Unless you don't want to stay that way...
  7. What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    Good luck! Hope you reach your destination soon. But don't forget to enjoy getting there. You know what Buddha said: the journey is the reward...
  8. more than a mouthful...


    1. phukhole


      Damn!  That's an ASSful!

  9. perfect diet: low-carb, low-fat, rich of essential amino acids...


    1. mdboy


      Feed me all day long <3

    2. Willing



  10. perfect daddydick


    1. Calamus13


      WOW and yes please!

  11. Now back up against the wall. You know you want to...


  12. That's my boy... :2thumbs:


    1. mdboy


      fill me up THIS much!

    2. Willing
    3. bbbearlover1


      I bet that father enjoyed breeding his son

  13. Know that feeling?


    1. mdboy


      Especially right now

  14. Revenge

    Hot Story, made me cum so hard!
  15. New Owner

    Just hope the kid finds out AFTER the deed is done...or when he's too worked up to stop even if he wanted to...

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