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Found 3 results

  1. I normally share my recent hookups with you guys, but something happened recently that somehow reminded me of the exact moment in my youth that I realized that I loved to be a cum receptacle for horny tops. This happened to me when I was about 18 and in my first year at college - that's when I realized I was a total cum whore, an insatiable bottom, making this discovery the first time I was shared and passed around to a bunch of horny older tops. I wasn't turned into the whore I am: I'm sure I was born as a total whore. When I was eighteen I met a guy, John, while cruising a city park restroom. He was 29, an extremely tall, good looking, muscular, masculine guy with blond, curly hair and piercing blue eyes. John had a distinguished, professional look about him, and gave the impression he may well have been an accountant or lawyer, but I learned when John was turned on and naked, he was one nasty and sexually aggressive guy. While in the restroom I sucked his dick at the urinals for a bit, but it was somewhat risky as a lot of families were in the park that day, and we were interrupted several times, so when John suggested we go back to his nearby apartment, I readily agreed. Back at his apartment John didn't waste any time but fucked me, afterwards we lay together, caressing and kissing. There had been something of a 'spark' between us, and John made it clear he wanted to fuck me a lot. While we lay in his bed, just chatting and kissing, I heard the door to his apartment open and close, followed by footsteps crossing the hardwood floors. Then I heard the sounds of a television in the living room. John got up out of bed explaining "My friend Dennis is home. Stay here. I want to speak with Dennis for a minute." So I lay there, naked, in John's bed as he put on a robe and left to talk to his friend. When John returned, he sat on the edge of the bed and said, "I was telling Dennis about you. He wants to fuck you. Are you up for that?" "Sure. I guess so," I replied. John jumped up and went out to talk to Dennis, and within a minute or so the bedroom door opened again and in walked Dennis. He was a tall, muscular, handsome, dark haired guy, probably in his late 20's. He was also completely nude, and showed off his rock hard, very large and thick, cut cock, which stuck straight out his gorgeous, muscular body. I should add his chest, legs and cock were covered in thick black hair. Dennis climbed into bed with me, and began to kiss me, gradually moving down my body, kissing away, until he reached my cock which he initially sucked, only to move further down, lift my legs and felch some of John's cum from my ass. Then he pushed my legs up to my chest and slid his own cock into my cum filled ass. Dennis fucked me for over twenty minutes. Unlike John, as he fucked me he was very vocal, finally letting out a load groan as he slammed into me and filled my ass with his load. Just as Dennis was cumming inside me, John came back into the room, switching places with Dennis so he could give me another load in my ass. John and Dennis told me then that they were lovers, and had been a couple for five years, but they weren't monogamous, each enjoying some play on the side, both with and without each other. So I became a fuck buddy to each of them, coming to their apartment two or three times a week to fuck with one or both of them. One day, about a month after we first me, I received a call from John, suggesting I come by that Saturday night as Dennis and he were having some friends over, friends I would want to meet. I agreed, and arrived at their apartment about 6:00 PM. We had a few drinks and ate some appetizers they had prepared. I was new to drinking, so, it didn't take many drinks for me to feel the effect. In fact, I had a very nice buzz going by the time the three of us were naked on John's king sized bed sucking, kissing, rimming and fucking each other. About 20 minutes into this playtime, two of their buddies showed up, so now there were four guys and me. All four of the men took his turn in fucking and seeding my hole. Then another guy showed up. Then another and another. All told, by the end of that evening, I had taken nine loads in my ass, as well as a couple of oral loads. It turned out John had invited a bunch of his top buddies, telling them all to show up between 7:00 and 10:00 PM, that his apartment door would be unlocked and a young bottom would be there to take their loads. The guys ranged in age from mid 20's to mid 50's, and had, of course, various builds and cock sizes, but all of them fed me a load either in my ass or mouth. This became a regular occurrence at their apartment. For the rest of that year I would spend most Saturday nights at John's and Dennis' place, sometimes stretching the visits into the wee hours of Sunday morning, all the while taking loads from their buddies. Some would be guys who had fucked me in the past, and were returning for another chance to seed me, but just as often I had never before seen the guy. In any event, the number of guests seemed to grow each Saturday night, and looking back I'm fairly sure some of the guys would return the following Saturday, bringing their friends with them. Although I wish I had, I honestly never formally kept count, but, towards the end of this, I was probably taking between ten to twenty loads on a Saturday night. A lot of the guys seemed to be married guys in their 30's, 40's and 50's. This being SLC, Utah, I'm sure a lot of them were married, Mormon guys. Trust me. There are a hell of a lot of married, Mormon guys out there happy to slide their dicks in other guys' holes. Strangely, early the next year, John ended up leaving Dennis to marry a female. They had a kid within the year. I never fully figured that one out. Dennis was devastated. I continued to fuck with Dennis for a few months, but he eventually moved out of state, so my days of being a cum dump for their friends came to a close. I knew, however, from the first time I was passed around to between Dennis, John and their friends, that I was a cum dump, that that was what I wanted to be. And so I still am: I still can't get enough dick and cum inside me to satisfy me. The more I get, the more I want.
  2. I got an email yesterday afternoon from a hot black guy from Los Angeles, that has fucked me a number of times when he's been traveling here to Las Vegas. He said he had just arrived in town to visit family for Christmas. He was staying at his cousin's place. And that they both wanted to fuck me around 6pm when his cousin got home from work. I emailed back that I was interested and available. He gave me the address and told me to be there at 6pm. This black guy is one hot top. His name is Dwayne. I first met him through a Craigslist ad about 2 years ago. He comes to Las Vegas every couple of months and has fucked me about a dozen times in the past 2 years. So, I was eager to take his dick and his load again. I didn't even ask anything about his cousin. I just figured any additional black dick would be fun. All I knew about the cousin, was that his name was Bernard. And he worked security for one of the big hotel's on the Strip. I arrived at Bernard's condo a few minutes early. Dwayne opened the door. Gorgeous as always. 6'2'', 240 and muscular. Sporting a short goatee and a day's growth of stubble on the rest of his face. Handsome as hell. He was wearing a basketball shorts and a wife-beater tee shirt, which showed off his muscled arms perfectly. He invited me in. As I stepped into the living room, I could see another black dude sitting on the sofa. He glanced up at me, giving me the "once over". "This is my cousin's friend, Morris. I hope you wouldn't mind if he joined us?" Dwayne asked? "Yeah. I'm cool with that." I said. Morris is about 5'10", 200 and also very muscular. Where Dwayne has a light chocolate complexion, Morris has very, very dark, black skin. So black, that it almost shined. Not exactly handsome. But, his muscular build was very appealing. "My cousin just texted me that he's just a few minutes away. He wants us to get started". "Ok, cool", I said, as I followed Dwayne back to one of the bedrooms. The room was dark. We all three stripped naked. And I dropped to my knees to suck on Dwayne's cock. As I sucked, Dwayne's cock grew to it's full 9"s. Even though the room was nearly pitch dark, I could see Morris standing next to us. His cock already hard, stroking it just inches from my face. I turned my head and sucked on Morris's cock. It was just as long as Dwayne's. But even thicker. "Get on your knees on the bed, Bitch", Dwayne said to me. I did as I was told and knelt on the edge of the king size bed that filled the room. I was already prepared with my brown bottle of poppers in my hand. Knowing that Dwayne likes to immediately "get down to business", I took some deep hits of poppers to prepare me for his dick to quickly slide into me. Instead, I felt Morris put his face against my ass and lick my hole. I could tell it was Morris, because the face was smooth shaven, like his. Morris was an expert ass eater. He spread my ass cheeks and slid his tongue deep up into my hole. He had me moaning and squirming as he kissed and licked my fuck hole. He'd spit on my hole, then slide the spit up inside me with his tongue. I continued to sniff on my poppers as Morris rimmed my ass. Soon, Morris's tongue was replaced by his cock. He slipped up into me in one slow thrust. Then he grabbed me around the waist and began to pump. "Good Bitch", I heard Dwayne say. "How does his ass feel?", Dwayne asked Morris. "Nice and silky hole", Morris replied. Soon I heard someone else enter the room. "How's the hole?" I heard the strange voice ask, as I heard shoes being kicked off and clothes being discarded. "Morris is liking it, Cuz", Dwayne chuckled. "Slide up into it, yourself, Dwayne said. "Naaaah, You fuck him for a bit. He's going to need to be stretched out before he can take my dick". his cousin laughed. Morris pulled out of me and I felt the familiar cock of Dwayne slide easily up inside me. Dwayne immediately began to pound me hard and deep. I felt someone climb onto the bed in front of me. There was just enough light to be able to see that it was Bernard. He was even taller than his cousin. Bernard had to be at least 6'4", Muscular, but very thin. But the dick he put to my lips was anything BUT thin. Bernard was already. His cock had to be at least 9" or 9 1/2" long. And extremely thick. His cockhead was like a huge mushroom. And covered with foreskin. I sucked on his foreskin as Dwayne continued to pound my ass. "I've got 2 more buddies coming over. Can you handle it, Bitch?" Bernard said to me. "Uh, huh" I grunted as Bernard's cock slid past my lips and down my throat. I had 2 BBC's fucking both my holes. "I thought you wouldn't mind", Bernard said. "Dwayne told me you were a hungry pig". he laughed. Dwayne pulled out and Morris slid back into me. Morris was really pounding me, this time. He slapped my ass a few times as his cock slammed into me. Soon, Bernard pulled out of my mouth and said, "Ready or not, here I come". He climbed off the bed and walked behind me. Morris pulled out and I felt cold lube being dribbled onto my hole. I heard more lube being squeezed out and Morris was lubing up his cock. Morris's thick mushroom cockhead was soon pressing against my hole. I opened my poppers and took a couple of deep drags on it. I knew I was going to need help taking this big one. Morris soon pushed hard and his cock plopped up inside me. It hurt a bit. But I wanted it badly. I kept sniffing the poppers as he slid balls deep into me. He immediately began to pump deeply in me. "Nice pussy", Bernard said as he fucked me. A few minutes later I heard a couple of more guys enter the room. Once again, I heard shoes being kicked off and clothes being discarded. After a few minutes of Bernard's cock fucking me, he slid out and another cock took it's place. For more than an hour, 5 BBC's took turns filling my ass. When the first guy came inside me, he pulled out and Morris put his mouth up to my asshole, licking the cum that was dripping from my hole. Morris was one hot ass eater. He'd get his tongue deep, up inside me. Taking as much of the other guys cum as he could eat. Then another cock slid into me. Once he came, Morris again ate the load from my hole. Dwayne's familiar cock put the third load in my ass. Morris again licked up the remnants. Then Morris took his turn, fucking me, until he planted his load in me. Then eating his own load that was leaking from my hole with all the other loads. Bernard was the last to seed me. Bernard again sipped into me and fucked me with no mercy. His thrusts were so hard, that it would knock the breath out of me. I would grunt with each of his thrusts. Finally, after about 10 minutes of his assault on my ass, I heard him groan and unload his balls in my hole. As soon as Bernard pulled out, Morris again licked what he could from my ass. As much as I loved it, and I did, love it. I was glad for it to be over. My ass was sore and raw. I climbed off the bed as Bernard handed me a few tissues. I wiped my ass with the tissues, then put the tissues to my nose. I wanted to smell the beautiful aroma of their cum. We all dressed in the dark. Then as we entered the living room I caught the first good look at Bernard and his two buddies. I had 5 loads of cum inside me from those 5 black studs. I was in heaven. I thanked them all and told them I would love to take their loads at any time. Dwayne told me he'd be in Vegas until after New Year's. I told them I wanted to do it again. I sure hope we can make it happen. It was one of the best times I've had in bed, in a long time.
  3. I was cruising the Craigslist posts here in Las Vegas a few nights ago. There was a post from a black couple. One was an older black daddy, aged 52 and his pup, aged 26. Both described themselves as tall and thin with extra long dicks. Well, my weaknesses are black tops. And getting tag team fucked by a black couple would be a dream come true. I quickly replied to their ad and attached some pics of me sucking some bbc's and taking some raw black dick in my ass. Within about 5 minutes, I received a reply from the older guy. He told me where they lived. They had both been smoking some weed and were horny to fuck some white ass. I told him that I was interested. Just give me their address, I'll douch and shower and be there within the hour. He quickly sent his address and I got myself cleaned out. I was so anxious to taste those bbc's. I quickly cleaned up and got to their place in record time. My heart was pounding as I rang the doorbell. The older guy opened the door and invited me inside. "Dave here", I said. "Maurice", he said. Then pointing behind him, he said, "DeWayne". DeWayne was completely naked, already with a raging hard on. And a BBC it was. The very good looking 26 year old was well over 6 ft. tall. Probably around 180 lbs. Muscular with a smooth, rippled chest and abs. His BBC had to be close to 10"s. Rather slim in diameter, but with a very large mushroom cockhead, completely covered in beautiful, black, foreskin. Maurice closed the door behind me and locked it. Maurice was wrapped in a long bathrobe. Maurice was also well over 6 ft. tall. Perhaps 190 lbs. Muscular with a well defined chest, covered with thick, black, curly hair. He had large, erect nipples that stuck up through the carpet of hair on his chest. Maurice was not particularly good looking. Downright homely and awkward looking. But his tall, muscular build was a real turn on. Maurice quickly opened then dropped the bathrobe. He was now naked with a semi hard bbc. His was cock was also close to 10"s long. But thicker than DeWaynes. "Follow me", Maurice said as he led us down the stairs to in most homes would be called a "family room". But in their home it had been turned into a "sex room". A large king size bed with no headboard was in the center of the room. Small, short tables were on all 4 corners of the bed. Each little table had a tube of lube, a bottle of poppers and some small towels all set out to be close at hand when needed. A gigantic big screen TV was on one wall. A hot all black gay porn flick was already playing on the screen. In one corner of the large room, hanging from the ceiling was a sling. Opposite the TV was a large sofa. Covered in a sheet, to protect it from cum and lube. "Get naked, buddy", Maurice said. As he lit up a joint and inhaled a few drags. "Want some?" he said. "Wish I could. But I get tested at work. Can't take the chance". I said with disappointment. Maurice handed the joint to DeWayne. And they passed the joint back and forth between them for awhile as I stripped. Once they'd quickly finished the joint and I was naked, Maurice told me, "Suck my dick, white daddy". I walked to Maurice and dropped to my knees. I wrapped my lips around his cockhead and began to worship his cock as it grew in my mouth. DeWayne walked over to us and he and Maurice kissed passionately as I worshipped Maurices cock. It quickly grew to a full erection. Maurice pulled from my mouth and DeWayne's cock quickly took it's place in my mouth. Since DeWayne's cock wasn't as thick as Maurices, I could take his long cock down the back of my throat. He was definitely enjoying my deep throat. "Put your white pussy in the sling, Dave", Maurice barked. Maurice was definitely in charge. I came up off of DeWayne's cock and walked over to the sling. I quickly climbed in and positioned my ass for easy access. Maurice kissed DeWayne and said to him, "Fuck our white boy, baby". Since these guys were fully prepared, another small table was set up next to the sling. On the table was another bottle of lube and poppers. DeWayne came up to me at the sling and picked up the poppers. He took a couple of deep inhales of the poppers. then asked if I wanted some? "Yeah. I'll take some poppers. Maurice walked over with 2 bottles of poppers in his hands. He handed me one. So all of us had our own bottles of poppers. We were all taking deep breaths of poppers, getting ready for the play to begin. DeWayne dropped to his knees and began to eat my ass. Getting his tongue deep up inside my fuck hole. He spit a few times on my hole, then would slide his saliva up inside me with his tongue. Maurice came beside me and began to suck on my tits. Well....tit play gets me horny as hell. It didn't take very long with my tits being sucked on and my ass being eaten, before I was begging one of them to fuck me. DeWayne stood up, spit on his cock a few times then put his cock up to my hole. He took hold of the leather sling and slid his cock up inside me in one quick push. I took another sniff of poppers and he began to fuck me. My head was spinning from the strong poppers and my ass was in heaven as the youngster fucked my ass. Maurice leaned down to my face and began to kiss me as his young husband fucked my white manpussy. DeWayne fucked me for about 5 minutes, before Maurice changed positions and put his thick bbc into me. DeWayne walked to the sofa, sat down and lit another joint. He just watched as his Daddy/Husband fucked me. Maurice fucked a lot harder. He'd pull out of me, then ram back up into me. I'd grunt as his big cock would continually ram into me. DeWayne finally got up and walked over to us. He put the joint up to his husbands lips as Maurice took a deep drag on it. DeWayne then walked to my head and put his cock up to my lips. It was an awkward angle, but I sucked on his cock as best I could as he continued to suck on the joint. Finally, Maurice took hold of my hand an began to pull me from the sling. "On the bed, Bitch". He barked. I walked to the bed in the center of the room, taking some drags on the poppers as I got onto my knees on the edge of the bed. DeWayne st:ood behind me and slid back up into me in one quick thrust. He held me around the waist and fucked me hard and deep. Maurice climbed up onto the bed. Put his bbc up to my lips, "Suck me, daddy", he said. I was being spit roasted by these two black tops. For about a half hour, these two black tops took turns using my ass for their pleasure. Finally, Maurice layed on his back along side me. "Sit on my black dick, pig", he said. DeWayne pulled out of me and I moved over to straddle his daddy dick. I positioned his cock up to my fuck hole and I sat down onto him. Taking his bbc balls deep back into my ass. "Now, lean forward, Dave. You're going to take us both, now". "Oh, I don't think I can take you both", I protested. Maurice put an open bottle of poppers to my nose. "Here. You'll need these". I took the bottle and took 5 or 6 deep breaths of poppers. Filling my lungs with it, till my head was spinning. Then I leaned over. My face just in front of Maurice. He took my face in his hands, pulled my face to his and kissed me passionately. Ramming his long tongue, deep into my mouth. As we were kissing, his young husband climbed behind me, putting his cock up to my hole, filled with his husbands bbc. I felt DeWayne drizzling cold lube on my occupied asshole. And he lubed up his cock. I came up off of Maurices mouth for a moment to again take some deep breaths of poppers. I went back to kissing Maurice as DeWayne began to push up into me. Even though DeWayne's cock was long, it was relatively thin. I couldn't believe it, but I felt his cock slide all the way up inside me, along side his husbands bbc. They both held it there for a moment, allowing me to adjust to their dicks, then I felt DeWayne begin to pump. I had to keep sniffing poppers, but DAMN!, I actually had two dicks inside me and they were fucking me. I went back to kissing Maurice as now both their cocks were sliding up into me. They had obviously done the double penetration thing with a lot of guys. They had the positioning and rhythm down perfectly. My hole was definitely stretched to it's limit, but to my surprise, I was taking it. They double fucked me for about 5 minutes, then DeWayne let out a loud growl and grunted, "OH, FUCK..!!! I'm Cumming..!!!". He slammed up into me and held it as I felt his body shake behind me. Maurice continued to slam up into me as his young husband's cum was filling my ass. DeWayne was shaking in orgasm and groaning for several moments, before pulling out of me, then climbing to the other side of the bed, to feed me his cum covered cock to clean off. I gladly sucked and licked every drop of his cum from his cock as it softened in my mouth. Then Maurice pushed me off him. "Get on your knees again", he shouted. I got onto my hands and knees. Maurice got behind me and began to lick his husband's cum from my hole. He slid his tongue up into me., then began to suck on my puckered hole. He was drinking every drop he could of his stud's cum from my ass. Then he knelt up behind me and slammed back into me. I had to take another deep sniff of poppers, as he now fucked me forcefully and deeply. I could tell he was really turned on. His fucking was now brutal. He was holding me tightly around the waist as he continually slammed into me. He'd pull all the way out of me, till just the tip of his cockhead was in me, then he's slam back into me, with a grunt. It only took a few minutes of brutal fucking before Maurice let out a loud groan. "FUCKKKKKKKKK....!!!!", he screamed, as he slammed deep into me and held it there. His body was shaking in orgasm. I could feel his cock throbbing inside my ass as he filled my guts with his load. A few more deep thrusts, then he pulled out of me with a "plop". I collapsed onto the mattress, trying to catch my breath. Maurice got up and walked to DeWayne. They kissed each other passionately as I layed in exhaustion on their mattress. Soon they laid down on either side of me on the bed and we took turns kissing each other. Then I felt Maurice slap my ass. "Thanks! You're a fun fuck", he said. I knew it was time to leave. "Anytime", I said. I got up, cum dripping down my inner thigh as I put my briefs on and dressed. Once I was dressed, I thanked them both again for the fun fuck. "You've got our number. Call us sometime. We'll fuck again", Maurice said. As I walked to the door, Maurice and DeWayne continued to kiss on the bed. I let myself out and climbed into my car. I could feel cum soaking my briefs and pants as I drove home. Completely satisfied by the hot fuck. And still amazed that I actually had two cock inside me at the same time. I will definitely be back to play with these two, again.

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