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Found 113 results

  1. Portland breeding

    At the Hampton Inn Airport 1-4 March, looking to get as many loads as possible. Can host in my room (can be anonymous) or can meet at your place or public spot. Just load my hole!
  2. Sub bottom 4 breeding 24/7... anon+... fisting virgin eager for an experienced trainer with a firm and disciplining hand... a pro who takes the time to do it right...not interested in wannabe fisting tops with no patience or true skill
  3. Park Cum Dump

    The last week I rose early and headed to Central Park in Burnaby, wearing shorts for easy access. I pulled into the parking lot which was dark, and only one car was parked there. I parked somewhat distant from the car, got out, walked in to the trees, stopped, removed my shorts and lubed my ass, then walked across from the lone car. Spotting a a shadow, I walked a little further, the other man following me. Stopping by a tree, my face to the tree, I presented my ass. The man stepped behind me, exploring my ass, playing with my cheeks and hole. I inched backwards until my ass met his hard cock. Reaching back, I took his cock in my hand, finding it nice and thick, so I guided it into my hole. The guy pumped vigorously, lasting only about five minutes before he came, pulling out after his load was lodged in my ass. I thought he was done, but to my surprise his cock began poking me yet again. I welcomed the chance to get fucked a second time, but realized something felt different, and that's when I realized the top was a different man, one with a longer cock. This man also pumped my ass, but much more aggressively than the first guy, moaning as he came in my hole. As the second guy finished-up, I saw another man lurking nearby, so I motioned lurker over. My ass was on fire! This new guy was wanking his cock, which was of an average size, apparently conflicted about fucking my ass, but eventually entered me and dumped a big load, again in my hole. I love this place!. I will return next week!
  4. Any tops looking to breed a cum dump and near to Fargo or making the trip to Fargo, hit me up! I'm always needing fresh seed in me, NO loads refused ever! You can text me 701-433-1709. My hole is ready, so bring your hard cock and full nuts!
  5. I was in Salt Lake City and was horny for another cum and dump party, so, I rented a motel room at the same Salt Lake motel that I had used the last time I had hosted one of these in SLC. It's just across the railroad tracks from downtown SLC. It's in an area of town that is largely black and Hispanic. As soon as I had checked into the hotel, about 5:00 PM, I sent out my room number to those guys who had previously responded to my BBRT, Squirt and Craigslist ads. I also placed a new advertisement on Craigslist and listed myself on BBRT in the "quick connect" section and logged myself into Grindr, Growlr, Scruff and Jack'd. Then I douched myself, showered and rechecked my messages, where I found two new replies from guys who wanted to come over immediately. Placing some duct tape over the door locks on my room door, I finished responding to all the other replies, then turned off the room lights and got ready to take some dick. The first guy entered my room at 5:30 PM. He promptly ordered me to my knees, demanding I suck his cock until it was hard. He was a young kid, probably about 23, probably an American Indian. His body as a bit pudgy and his chest was hairless. I sucked on his cock for several minutes until he was hard, then I climbed on the bed, positioning my ass up. He spat on my hole, then slid his smallish cock into my ass, fucking me for about five minutes before he planted the first load of my evening into my ass. Then he washed up and left the room. Just moments after the door closed, it opened again. A tall, thin man in his mid 50's walked in, reeking of cigarette smoke. He was wearing dusty jeans, a flannel shirt and a denim jacket. He was obviously the straight guy who had said he was on his way home from work, but who wanted a blow job. Again I dropped to my knees as he unzipped and put his small, limp cock to my mouth, which I sucked for several minutes before he began to get hard, but as soon as he got hard, he began to groan, then shot his salty load into me. He quickly zipped up and left my room. In just under four minutes he had cum and gone. I checked my phone for messages, finding a message from a guy who had just arrived at my motel, and wanted me face down on the bed. I wrote back saying I was in position, and inviting him up. Just then the door opened. I was laying on my stomach, my face buried in the pillow. The visitor didn't both undressing, before climbing onto the bed, spreading my ass cheeks, and licking my hole, his scruffy beard rough on my hole. After a couple of minutes he got to his feet, undressed, climbed back onto the bed, fingered and spat on my hole, working some spit inside. Then I felt his cock pressing at my hole. He then lowered his chest onto my back as his cock slid up inside me. He had a fairly small cock, but it was thick. He eventually had pushed me up on my knees, ramming hard and deeply into me. After no more than five minutes, I heard his voice for the first time as he exclaimed ""Ah, Papi. Take my cum. I'm cumming, Papi." He rammed into me, groaning loudly as his cock exploded in my ass. After resting for a couple of minutes he climbed off of my body and made to dress. Turning, I saw him for the first time in the dim light of that room: he was Latino, in his early 20s, and definitely worth doing. "Nice ass, Daddy," he said with a laugh as he stepped out the door. I checked for messages and checked my phone apps, replying to all I received, inviting all the men to join me in my room. Surely enough the rest of the evening was filled with a steady stream of guys, most of whom fucked me, although a few just wanted a blow job. Several of them were married Mormon guys, wearing their funny Mormon underwear. My favorite of the evening, was a black guy in his mid 40's. He told me he wanted me ass up, face down when he walked in. He didn't want to be seen. He also mentioned he was bringing a straight buddy, and both would fuck me. They texted me as they pulled up to my door with their car. So I climbed on the bed and buried my face in the pillow. I heard the door open and close. I heard some muffled talk going on between the two of them, but as they were whispering, I couldn't understand what they were saying. Soon I felt a weighty, meaty cock being slapped against my hole. The man would alternately finger my hole, then slap his cock against it, on a few occasions spitting on my hole several times, only to finally began to push up into me. He let out soft moan as his cock slid all the way up into me. Then he slowly began to pump. I could feel his cock harden and thicken as he fucked. Soon he was pulling almost all the way out, then slamming back into me, balls-deep. He fucked me for about five minutes, then pulled out of me, saying to his buddy "Your turn." Immediately his buddy's cock slid into me. He was even longer and thicker. I had to take some deep drags on my poppers to adjust to his size. The feel of his black bare cock fucking me was amazing. Giving my my ass a sharp swat, he fucked me hard, giving me another few swats, causing my ass to sting with each hard slap. "Faggot's got a nice hole," I heard him tell his friend. "Yeah. A nice pussy," the first guy replied. For the next half hour, these two black guys continued to alternate using my ass. The first guy filled my ass with his load. He pulled out and his buddy with the even bigger cock slid into me again. He only took a few more minutes before he added his load into me. Then they both quickly dressed and left my room. I had one more guy stop by a half hour later, an older Caucasian guy in his 50's with a rock hard seven inch cock. He gave me a quick load in my ass. Then I pulled the duct tape off the door and went to bed, figuring in the six hours I had been taking loads, I had taken eight loads in my ass, and three loads down my throat. Not bad for an impromptu breed and seed.
  6. Indianapolis, Lawrence

    Total Masc, hwp, insatiable Bottom loves being a DAYTIME/WEEKDAY CUM DUMP. Located in Lawrence, always hosting. 347-413-1256. Load me up Men!
  7. I posted on Craigslist here in Las Vegas yesterday that I was a raw cum dump and was looking for black tops to seed my ass. I got hit with several replies. One was from a 30 year old black guy named Darrin. Darrin and I have been chatting by email for over a year. But, our timing has just never worked out. Darrin said he was home all day and wanted to finally seed my hole. I told him I'd douche and shower and head to his apartment. I had seen pics of his cock. But I'd never seen his body or face pics. So, I was pleasantly surprised when he opened the door to his apt. He's a very attractive, young black man with a toned build. He answered the door in sweatpants and a wife beater tshirt. He had placed some towels on his sofa. So, that's obviously where he wanted us to have sex. We both immediately undressed. He was partially hard. I sat on the sofa, he stepped up to me and I began to suck him. He was fully hard in my mouth in just a matter of minutes. Quickly, he was bending over and feeling my asscrack. I stood, turned and knelt on the sofa. He squeezed some lube on my hole and then slid his 7", but slender black cock up inside me. It felt great going up inside me in one, quick thrust. He fucked hard and deep, then would pull out to keep from coming. Then he slammed into me again and pounded for another few minutes, before again pulling out. Finally, he couldn't control himself anymore. "Oh, Fuck.....! I've gotta cum." he said as he slammed repeatedly into me. I squeezed my ass on his dick and he moaned. "Ahhh....Fuck!", he groaned as his load filled my ass. It was maybe a 10 minute fuck. But felt great. We both dressed and I left. When I got into my car, I checked my messages. I had a message from another guy that I had sucked off before. He had seen my ad and wanted another blow job from me. He's a half black/half latino, Str8 kid in his late 20's. He's got a nice, 8", uncut cock. Sadly, he won't fuck. But he does have a great cock for sucking. I messaged him back and told him I was 30 minutes away, but was on my way. He met me at the door of his apt. wearing gym shorts and a sweatshirt. We went to his sofa. He dropped his shorts and I took my place between his legs. His cock was soft. I sucked on his foreskin as his cock began to swell. Soon he was fully hard in my mouth and I was sucking the length of it. Then I licked the underside and licked his balls. He moaned in approval when I sucked on his egg sized balls. About 10 minutes of my cock worship finally brought him off. He filled my mouth with his hot seed as he arched his back and groaned. I got up, thanked him for the load and left his apt. I once again checked my messages. There was another text from Darrin. "Damn! I could fuck you again. My dick's still hard", he messaged. I texted back. "U serious? I can come back if you want to fuck again". "Come over", he texted. I headed back the 30 minutes to Darrin's. This time he answered the door totally nude. I stripped off and we repeated the same scenario. I sat on the sofa. Sucked him hard. The he threw a towel onto the floor. I got on my knees on the floor and he slipped his 7" black cock up into me. "Ahhh.........You're still wet", he says as his cock slides balls deep into me. He again repeats his pattern of slamming hard and deep into me. Then pulls out and pauses to keep from cumming. This time he took about 20 minutes of edging, before he could stand it no longer. "Ah, fuck.......Gotta' cum!" he says as he pounds me hard. "Ahhhh......Ahhhh......Jesus!" he yells as he fills my ass with his second load. He pulls out and I get up. We both dress. Derrick is a military contractor. Unfortunately, he goes to the Middle East for extended periods of time. I'm hoping to hook up with him a few more times before he returns to the Middle East again. He'll be fun to have a "regular" fuck buddy.
  8. I have found that I really enjoy the anonymous scene. I recently bought my own house in Vegas and the bottom floor guest room is perfectly set up for people to come through the front door, fuck me, and leave. One day in particular I was very horny and decided I was going to get multiple loads. I first put up an ad on bbrt and Craigslist. Then browsed around on gridnr. I would message people that I was taking anonymous loads as a pump and dump. I found that the profiles with no pictures the guys were more willing to actually want to fuck anonymous. I got a couple of hits on all the different sites and began my cum dump day. The set myself up in the room. Blindfolded ass up with the front door unlocked. I had sent my address out and started waiting. Shortly I heard the front door open and the first guy came into the room. I heard the familiar sound of clothes sliding off and then felt hands grip my ass. I moaned in response and then felt his tongue on my hole. I immediately started whimpering begging for him to fuck me. I had left some lube and poppers to the side but the guy decided he had other plans. He rimmed, licked, and sucked on my hole getting it nice and wet. I then heard him spit and felt his fingers push into. I moaned some more and spread my ass for him. Slowly he worked my hole open all the while spitting into it. Finally I felt that wonderful feeling if his dick on my hole and he pushed in. Using only his spit as lube. It hurt at first and pulled away, but he grabbed my hips holding me in place and rammed into me grunting. I whimpered and bit my pillow bearing the pain. He had no mercy and just fucked me harder and harder. He must have been horny because he blew really quickly. Never saying a word to me other than grunts and groans he gave me his wonderful load. Pulling out he slapped my ass and then left. I fingers my hole feeling his load in me waiting for the next person and I didn't have to wait long. Soon I heard the door open and heard a hello. The next guy I could tell was nervous and he was very slow to walk in the room. He took a while to undress and I told him not to worry. He did say it was hot that It looked like my hole had been used and I told him I had a load in me already. I think he finally caved and I felt his dick press on my hole immediately. No real foreplay he just pushed in as well. Luckily my hole was pretty open and nice and lubed from the other guys cum. He moaned and said how warm my hole was and slick it was as he started to pump into me. His dick felt pretty average and I decided to start squeezing his dick with my hole. This drove him wild and he starting moaning and I felt his dick spasm in me. He too quickly left after cumming. Nest I had a couple come in. They both were talking to each other in Spanish and slapping my ass. The first guy flipped me over onto my back and pulled my legs up. He pushed into me while his partner got on the bed and shoved his dick in my mouth. I was sucking away while getting pounded. The one in my hole said some more stuff in Spanish and pulled out. The one getting sucked then went to my hole and they swapped positions. He put his dick in my mouth and I could taste the other loads on his dick as his partner started fucking me. They kept swapping back and forth between my ass and mouth finally after a good 3 or 4 swaps one of them blew in my hole. His partner quickly switched and then he too blew in my hole. I then had two more guys after the couple come into my house and fuck me. All 6 guys gave me their loads and it was amazing. I love being a cum dump.
  9. I was half asleep when I felt the weight on me. His hard cock slid up my ass crack until his knob caught on my lubed hole. I was awake now and pushed back with my ass until the head popped in. He had a decent size cock so I grabbed the poppers and took a big hit. He leaned in to take a sniff to. We both moaned as he sank in all the way. That's when I noticed he was fully dressed, his cock sticking out of his fly. "You got me so hard when you walked in," he said in my ear, "I never thought I would have a chance at getting my dick in you." I realized it was the guy at the counter when I checked in to the bathhouse. He was pretty old and not particularly attractive but his cock sure felt great and I told him so. The last part I mean. "I got a big load for ya but it feels like you have already been bred. You got some loads in you boy?" I admitted that I did. He wanted details while he fucked me. I had few details for load number one since he took me from behind and I neither saw or spoke to him. Just plain old doggy style raw fucking. He had a fat cock though and stretched me good. Load number two was from a young Latino guy. He liked to make out while he dicked me so I got on my back and wrapped my legs around him. He was very energetic and whispered a lot of things in Spanish that I could not translate. I enjoyed his whispers and moans. He got really loud as he was cumming in my hole. So hot. "Yeah that is really hot," agreed my lover. "That guy is here a lot and I often hear him getting his nut. We both chuckle and then he settles down to some serious fucking. One more deep hit of the poppers for both of us and then he is a goner shooting his seed deep inside my willing hole. After he is done he lays across my back to catch his breath. "I hope that was as good for you as it was for me," he says. "It was great," I answered, and meant it. Continuing, I told him that I loved raw raw cock and getting boned by strange men. "Well, by the end of my shift I should be ready to go again, so I can take another go at your ass," he replied. "Hell, yeah," I answered, adding "if my door is closed to just let yourself in with your master key." Giving me a grin of approval, he left, leaving my door wide open. Before I can decide if I want to leave it open or sleep or go up to the glory holes a figure appeared in the doorway. My latest visitor was a light skinned black man, probably about fifty years old. Pulling my legs up to my chest, I presented my cummy ass. A big toothy smile crossed his face as he tossed his towel on to the bed. His cock was half hard but after rubbing it across my crack a couple of times he was ready to go. His dick was quite big, in any event it was certainly the biggest of the evening. Asking him to pause for a moment, I took a deep his of my poppers, offering them to him afterwards. "No, thanks," he answered, suggesting "you might want to take another hit. You're gonna need 'em 'cuz I'm gonna pound you good." And he did just that. Hanging on for dear life, he rutted like he was starving. I hadn't had any black dick in a while and I found myself absolutely getting off on being fucked by bbc. He got a little mean and rough at the end, calling me names, spitting in my face and choking me. "Take my load you fucking faggot cum whore," he wheezed, hand still around my throat. I was so turned I didn't care if he was choking me, seemingly to death. I loved it. My cock was rock hard, trapped between our bellies. Fortunately he ignored my cock 'cause had he touched me I would have blown my load. After he shot his load he seemed sheepish about being so aggressive. "Oh my god," I gush, "that was fucking amazing. Holy shit man that was intense!" I thanked him whole heartedly for both the fuck and the load. I decided to go for a stint in the sling stopping first for a piss break. The place seemed empty but I am a patient man. I settled in and waited. Didn't take long though. Someone appeared. He looked at me then started looking around. I think he was shy so the next time he looked my way I gestured him over. He was a short, stocky middle aged guy that was probably really hairy but he was trimmed all over. He was going to have to fuck me on his toes. As soon as he was close enough I grabbed his rod and pulled him into my mouth. It was a pain in the ass since the head end of the sling was too high and I had to really bend and twist to get my lips on it. It was worth it though since he was leaking a lot, and I am crazy for pre-cum. Before long he pulled off and went for my ass. Oh yeah! Back to the poppers. I did not bother offering him any as had a death grip on my legs and was pounding away furiously. I knew it would not take him long at the rate he was going. Sure enough a couple minutes into our breeding session he was emptying his sack up my ass. Bliss. Then he was gone. Laying back in the sling I felt pretty good. Still I wrapped the towel around my head hoping for some anonymous action. ************************************************************************* Okay enough for tonight. I have got to wack it. I will tell you about the rest of my evening tomorrow. Happy jerking boys.
  10. Orlando cocoa beach

    Gonna be in Orlando n cocoa beach this weekend love to take loads be sucked n ff anyone up for it or tell me where I can?
  11. I was pretty busy getting fucked last month, but had to take a temporary break to deal with some minor STD issues. I am getting tested monthly, and with my most recent test, I discovered I had Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis. This wasn't a total surprise, as I have been a very busy and dirty bottom. It kind of proves my ass is a fertile breeding zone, but no HIV. I am trying to be an ethical slut, if there is such a thing. I have taken time off to get these issues fixed, and I am now good to go again. I started playing again in Vancouver over the weekend, and had a lot of fum with some BBC's. I have kept up with my anal stretching, and my ass is now quite accommodating. I wear a butt plug all the time now, so when I connect with someone who wants to fuck, we can get right to it. I have discovered that the more vigorous and dirty the sex is, the better I like it. It is not just the barebacking aspect of things that turns me on; it is meeting guys who know what to do when I say "drive it like you own it." My ass was well owned on Sunday.
  12. It's Saturday morning of Pride Weekend 2017 in New Orleans, and this cock and cum hungry cum dump is waiting face down, ass up, for loads in the French Quarter. Near the gays bars, 2 1/2 blocks from Lafitte's, 3 1/2 blocks from the Pub and Oz, 1 1/2 block from Golden Lantern.
  13. Gay Days Fun

    It was a rainy start to Gay Days, and wasn't sure Id find much fun. In addition, Tidal Wave, the big water park party was going on later that night. Despite a light off and on rain I stopped by my favorite bar with an outside play area. Outside they have 4 "stalls" each with a picnic table in them which is great for breeding. There were less than 10 guys there so it didn't seem too promising. Only 1 person was in a stall, but he came ready to play, carefully hanging his backpack of gear for all to see. I peeked my head in and there was a hot latin guy standing in the corner, rubbing his bulge through his pants. He invited me in and asked me if I wanted to get fuckt hard I told him I wasn't here to play cards. I asked him what was in the bag, and he said If I was a good cocksucker, Id soon find out. I said, "Lets get started!" He immediately dropped his pants, wearing a jock underneath, and it was clear that he had been pre cumming quite a bit. He started to pull his cock out of his bulging jock and I told him I wanted to taste the cum on his jock, which he liked. He called me a good pig, and said there was much more to cum. I sucked on his cock through his jock for just a few minutes and then pull off his jock. Am amazing 9 or more cut cock, glistening with pre cum. He told me to get naked, and lay on the table so that I could suck him, which I quickly did. He was an aggressive face fucker, and I gagged a few times. He told me I would have to do better if I wanted to know what was in his bag. I tried my best, and as I was sucking him, he slipped 2 maybe 3 fingers up my ass. By this time we had 2 voyeurs, each rubbing their crotches as they watched. He told me my ass was tight, and need to be loosened up, he took his cock out of my mouth and headed to his bag, where he pulled out an 8 inch dildo. He showed little mercy in shoving it up my ass while I sucked him. After about 5 minutes, he asked if I was ready for the real thing, to which I said fuck yea! He told me to bend over the table and get ready for the breeding of my life, which it was. He briefly ate my ass, and then spit on it twice. He then teased my hole with his cock head, and told me I would have to beg for it, which I was happy to do. Once he was satisfied with my begging, he showed no mercy and shoved himself in balls deep. I was pretty vocal, and after a few minutes, he said he needed something to keep me a bit more quiet, and went to his bag were he pulled out a ball gag. By this time, the two voyeurs were naked and jacking, and he told them they could have me after he dropped his load deep in me. He pumped my ass for 10-15 minutes, before dropping a nice load in me. The other two guys took turns on feeding my mouth. It was a bit awkward in the position over the table, but somehow it worked. After the Latino shot deep in me, he said, "Who next?" The first guy was about 7-8 inches but really thick, just the way I like my cock. He wasn't as aggressive as the Latino, and it was king of like having a hot dog in Yankee stadium. He was still a great fuck though, pumping me for about 20 minutes before unloading up my ass. By this time, several other voyeurs arrived. The third guy was a big black stud, with a cock pretty similar to the Latino, yet thicker. He asked if I was ready for some poz seed, but all I could do was shake my head yes with the ball gag still in. By now my hole was well stretched, and he shot in about 5-10 minutes. The latino went back to his bag, and pulled out a blindfold, and told me he would choose who fucked me next, and I wouldn't see them, just feel them! The two new voyeurs shot their loads while jacking, so I knew it wouldn't be them. After being blindfolded, apparently no one else showed up, so the Latino said my ass was his again. He apparently went back to his bag, and got some rope and tied me to the table. Again showing no mercy, he went in balls deep. As he was fucking me, it started to lightly rain. The rain felt good on my body. It dint stop the Latino from breeding me hard though. He dropped his load in my cummy hole again as it started to rain pretty hard. He said he should just leave me there and let the rain wash the cum from my hole, but decided against that. He removed the ball gag and blindfold after seeding me, ate my ass and snowballed it with me. He said I wasn't really his type, but it was slow, so he took a chance. So happy that he did! Not sure if the guy who said he was poz or not was actually, but that's part of the chase I guess. I have always wanted to know my gifter, but being a cum dump was pretty fun! I guess time will tell if I was gifted or not. Went inside with the Latino and he bought me a beer, saying I deserved it. Come to find out he was visiting from Puerto Rico for Gay Days.
  14. Trannies hosting at a hotel near downtown Denver Pride weekend. June 16-18th and want to try it all, gang bang, ABS , Arcades, XX theater etc. Both sub tranny sissie bottoms with few limits and ready to please; love taking loads both ends. Love to make it a regular deal. We are NOT pros but love to be used like them. HMU for details guys xxxooo sindi
  15. I am a cum slut. I will take it anywhere. I want lots of it. I am into degradation, dirty talk, and anonymous encounters. I have a very high sex drive, and a need to please. So, I have been running personal ads at a few sites, including CL. My ideal situation is where I can pull a train with a new and anonymous set of partners while being watched. I don't want to know who they are, where they are from, or even what they look like. I get off on NOT knowing what my partners look like, so a dark back room in a bathhouse or a well light room where I wear a blindfold or hood works for me. My goal this year is to take on 200 new anonymous partners or more. I had 8 partners since last Friday night, so I think I am on track. My preference is for as many new partners as I can get, at least until I can figure out who is POZ for repeat fucks. Walking around in the world and knowing any guy I meet could have fucked me makes me hot. I love being a cum dump! i don't have my passport, but I am getting one. So for now, my travels are limited to Canada. But later, I want to go to NYC, as there seems to be a lot of hot POZ guys into cum dumping. I would arrive on a Friday afternoon, and let myself be used as an anonymous cum dump until Sunday night, when I would fly back home.
  16. I am a cum slut. I will take it anywhere. I want lots of it. I am into degradation, dirty talk, and anonymous encounters. I have a very high sex drive, and a need to please. So, I have been running personal ads at a few sites, including CL. My ideal situation is where I can pull a train with a new and anonymous set of partners while being watched. I don't want to know who they are, where they are from, or even what they look like. I get off on NOT knowing what my partners look like, so a dark back room in a bathhouse or a well light room where I wear a blindfold or hood works for me. My goal this year is to take on 200 new anonymous partners or more. I had 8 partners since last Friday night, so I think I am on track. My preference is for as many new partners as I can get, at least until I can figure out who is POZ for repeat fucks. Walking around in the world and knowing any guy I meet could have fucked me makes me feel hot. I love being a cum dump! i don't have my passport, but I am getting one. So for now, my travels are limited to Canada. But later, I want to go to NYC, as there seems to be a lot of hot POZ guys into cum dumping. I would arrive on a Friday afternoon, and let myself be used as an anonymous cum dump until Sunday night, when I would fly back home.
  17. I am a cum dump who will be hosting at the Dunes Inn on Sunset tonight, Monday 5/15 at 8pm. Come by and dump your load in my hungry hole. Bring some friends. Pass my ass around. The more loads the better.
  18. I live in Kelowna, and have been meeting people on a one to one basis for bareback sex. I am a total bottom, and love having cum up my ass, but this one at a time thing is boring. I want a lot of partners, and a LOT of loads. I will be going to at least two or three Cumunion parties, but is there anything else I can do to get cummed up sooner? I am wondering if someone out there could help me set up a 24 hr cum dump, so I get a lot of action? Willing to travel to Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, or here in the Kelowna area.
  19. Cum dump Slut hosting all afternoon

    Getting used by whomever needs a cum dump. Load my hole please. Raw and rough. Pig bottom. Text: (424) 570-2788
  20. PART 1 My parents just left me—their little Jason—in my fully furnished studio apartment. I was now positively on my own. They drove me up to Chicago to attend university—class of 1990. I have three weeks before classes start, and I’m going to explore the city. I already know where I’m going tonight. It’s been on my mind for months ever since I heard about the place. But, now, I have some shopping to do to get ready. A whirlwind shopping spree found me back at my place by 5:00 and my modifications finished by 5:30. (I had to get used to a new time zone.) I looked at my new shower addition and couldn’t wait to try it since I had never used one before. I got the hang of it quick enough. I took my time so that I could be sure that I would be absolutely thoroughly cleaned out in anticipation of tonight’s fun or what I hoped would be fun. I had already decided I was a good prospect to find another guy tonight to have sex with, and I didn’t want anything to go wrong. Eight o’clock found me champing at the bit. I was running crystal clear water out of my ass. I took a quick shower making sure not to put on any deodorant. I looked at myself in the full length mirror on my bathroom door and liked what I saw. I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs all going at full speed. I almost decided not to go but chastised myself for being a chicken. This is what I had dreamed about for so long. I looked once more at myself and took inventory: 19 years old; manly baritone voice; 6 feet tall; naturally tan body; 175 pounds of running and swimming muscles; brown eyes; brown hair covering my arms, legs, head, and crotch triangle; size 11 ½ feet; long slender fingers attached to big hands; and cut thick 8 inch cock hanging in front of naturally hairless sac containing 2 large hen egg-sized balls. I was nervous that I might be not up to par for the men where I was going. But, then, if I didn’t go, I wouldn’t know if I were or were not. I hurried from the bathroom, slipped on an old Bike white jockstrap, a pair of shorts, t-shirt, and sandals. I stuffed my money, ID, and CTA pass in my front pocket, picked up my gym bag with the lock and goods, and grabbing my keys went out the door. The clerk at the counter smiled a lot; his name was Cy he told me. I told him I was Jason. He gave me a wink and told me to come to him if I needed anything at all because he would be there all night. He was hot. He talked me into getting a room, actually what he called a double, telling me it was his treat since I had not brought enough money. I found my room after making a quick stop at a commode, stripped putting all my clothes and sandals in my gym bag locking it, made sure my lube was on the bed after applying some to my ass, tossed my towel over my shoulder, strapped on my door key, and left my room wearing only my trusty white Bike jockstrap and a smile. I wandered around the huge bath house going upstairs and in the basement. I went in the steam room finding several men engaged in sucking. I watched for a long time. My mind was racing at what I saw as an almost open invitation to having sex in public areas . . . and no one cared. This is what I had heard about the place and what had kept me in a subdued yet excited state for the last several months. I knew once I had decided where I was going to university I would have to visit this place. I had at last arrived. When I left the steam room, I again wandered over the three levels noting what must be protocol. I stood back and watched other men who also were wandering the narrow halls. What I suspected was true or at least I hoped so. I put my theory to the test returning to a room on the second floor where a hot looking man had been. He was still in his room with the door opened wide. I stood across the hall from his door and watched the man as he slowly rubbed his towel-covered cock. After a couple of minutes, he lifted the towel up allowing his cock freedom to rise upwards. I looked to my left and right and entered his room shutting the door behind me. He stood up as I crossed the room to him. I knelt quickly on the floor using my towel for comfort. I was breathing heavily and my hands shook. My mouth was dry but I opened it. I took his cock in my hand guiding it into my mouth where I tasted my very first cock. I began slowly moving up and down on the shaft as my mouth awakened providing saliva to make the move easier. I carefully began sucking my first cock. There would be many more I hoped. This stranger put his hands on either side of my head and held me still as he began to piston in and out of my mouth. I began quietly to moan at his taste as my head began to swim in blissfulness. My eyes fluttered briefly until I recomposed myself. He fucked my mouth easily for many minutes as I drooled in anticipation. I heard him begin to moan and looked up at him seeing his head tilted backward. His hands tightened on my head; I braced myself for what I knew was going to happen. Several more minutes passed as he continued to moan and increase the tempo of his fucking my mouth. Then, with a growl, I felt his cock fill and hit the back of my mouth. Seconds passed; I felt a flexing of his cock as the first load of his cum shot into my mouth. I gagged like the beginner I was but kept my mouth closed mostly learning to swallow each salvo of his nectar. Rank amateur and I’m sure he knew it, but he said nothing. My cock was straining in my jock. PART 2 I was ecstatic when I left his room and felt as if I were flying! My heart was racing at what I had done. I was giddy but tried to contain my wild enthusiasm as I began walking back to my room. I decided to hit up the basement before the first floor where my room was. My pace was unhurried and garnered several long looks and smiles, a couple of pats on my bare ass, and one distinctive grope of my bulging jock. As I rounded the last corner in the basement, I noticed a door open that I thought had been previously closed. Inside was a young guy who couldn’t have been much older than me. He was naked standing by his bed and stroking a cock that looked to be very similar to the one I had just sucked. I stopped directly in front of his door. Without hesitating, he beckoned me in; I went closing the door. I went to the floor and began working on his cock which was indeed very similar to the first one I had just sucked. The difference was this young guy was a lot more hurried and soon I could tell he was looking for a fast cum shot. Well less than 5 minutes, I heard him groaning as he pummelled my mouth blasting out his load which I swallowed. He hurried me out of his room. Oh. My feet took me up the stairs where I wandered the round-about hall on the first floor. The room next to mine had an older man—read probably in his fifties—in it. He had grey hair, very thin but with muscles, no body hair to speak of, and was propped up against the wall as his uncut cock lay across his thigh. I unlocked my door and stepped over to look at him once more. He motioned me to come into his room. I closed my door and joined him. As I stepped away from his door, I began to kneel once more, but he pulled me back up on my feet. We stood looking eye to eye. He put his arms around my waist, and I put mine around his shoulders. He leaned in and kissed me which took me off guard. I backed my head away for a brief moment and then relented. We kissed several minutes before separating. I knelt down taking his uncut cock into my mouth. He had a very different taste and texture than my first two cocks I had sucked. I soon found that I could slip my tongue beneath his foreskin and had a lot of fun swirling my tongue first one way and then the other. My host sighed quietly and emitted gentle moans. I looked up and saw his face with his eyes closed swaying as if there were a gentle breeze. I sucked on the entire shaft learning my trade and trying different tricks to taste more of this new cock and to be sure that the man to whom it was attached was enjoying himself. We continued for some time. My knees began to hurt, my legs began to cramp, and my mouth began to ache. Somehow, I persevered until without warning a guttural moan crept out of his closed mouth just as a huge glob of cum hit the back of my throat. I was startled and choked at the same time. His cum landed in my mouth as if it were a military barrage. Each salvo landed in a different spot. I felt a backlog of the sticky fluid building in my mouth until I thought it would burst out and spew everywhere. Fortunately, just as I was running out of room the bombardment began to abate; I began swallowing faster. I felt his body shiver and let his spent cock slowly slip from my mouth. My host helped me to my feet and once more hugged me. We kissed some more. He told me I tasted good. I had a momentary dull brain before I realized about what he was talking. I laughed and told him he was the one that tasted good. He had a very pleasant smile. I had an epiphany as I stood there with him. I realized that I had now sucked three men and swallowed their cum loads. I was not nervous or anxious any more about my being accepted. I knew I was attractive enough and had what it would take to find plenty of men at this bath house to sate my repressed sexual appetite. My mind began to race as I thought about starting a journal and keeping track of my sexual trysts. Abruptly, I returned to my reality of being held by this nice older man. Indeed, all three of my conquests were superb in their own right. Any hint of ageism fell away. I resolved that it was about sex and me getting a lot of it to make up for “lost” time. I had no time for age numbers.
  21. It looks like I'm the first Long Islander to join the Cumdump Network, so it seems appropriate to have an event to kick things off. My friend Johnny and I are hosting a gang bang/cum dump Tuesday the 21st. I'll be blindfolded, face down ass up. No load refused, and Johnny will whore me out and use my hole between rounds. Arrive between noon and 2pm at Midway Motel in Patchogue just of Sunrise Highway at 544 Medford Road (room number TBD). You can use your phone to video your cock going in and out of my hole, but please no faces and if you do video, we just ask that you email a copy of it to us. For extra excitement, save those loads when you jerk off in a plastic bag in the fridge and use them as lube as you fuck me. Note: this is a gang bang, not an orgy. Bottoms, you'll need to turn verse for this one.
  22. I was in Salt Lake City, the Mormon Capital of the world, this past weekend. I normally will stay at a fairly nice downtown hotel or one out by the airport when I'm in SLC. But because I wanted to host an anonymous hotel walk in Breed & Seed on my raw hole on Saturday night, I rented a ground floor room at a somewhat seedy motel, just on the edge of Downtown SLC, Utah. This motel had parking right in front of my door. It was right across the street from a streetcar tram stop. And just on the edge of the downtown area. So, it had very quick and easy access. It's also in a neighborhood with a primarily Black and Latino population. So, I just had a feeling it would be a good location to host a breed & seed for the Saturday night I'm there. That hunch turned out to be right. I had listed my anon breeding party on BBRT. I'd received 10 guys saying they wanted to attend from that BBRT party ad. I also posted on Squirt.org and kept placing ads on the SLC Craigslist M2M pages for several days before the party. All my posts stated that starting at 8pm on Sat., my hotel room would be unlocked. the room dark, just come in, find me ass up, face down on the edge of the bed, slide in and seed my hole. I arrived at my motel room at about 4:00pm on Saturday afternoon. I got to my room. There was a king sized bed and the room was quite large. So it looked like a perfect setup for a fuck party. The motel was a bit on the seedy side. But, that made it even better. I quickly douched myself completely and showered. Then I contacted two guys that said they could only attend if it was early. So, I emailed both those guys to tell them that I was at the hotel and ready to start taking loads. I gave both guys the name, address and room number of my hotel room. The first guy, a "str8", married, Mormon guy in his early 40's quickly emailed me back. Saying that he was 5 to 10 minutes away. I unlock my door, turn off the lights to be ready for him. I used some duct tape to tape over the door latch. I turned off all the lights with the exception of a small nightlight that I had plugged into an outlet near the bed. It just created enough light so my outline could be seen kneeling on the edge of the bed. Outside, the temperature was a bone chilling 26 degrees. True to his word in less than 10 minutes I heard the door open and close. I felt the blast of cold air from the open door on my naked body. Then I heard a belt buckle being undone and pants being discarded. A very cold hand then began to feel my ass and asshole. I hadn't lubed up. Very soon I felt his hard cock pressing at my dry hole. He was trying to press in. I had lube on the bedside table. But, I really wanted just spit and cum to be my lube for the night. So I asked him to spit on my ass and his cock to lube up. He spit a couple of times, while I poppered myself up. Soon he was pressing his cock at my hole again and he finally plopped up inside me. He wasted no time in getting right to it. Within just minutes I heard his hard breathing. His speed was increasing and he let out a soft groan as he filled my ass with the first load of the evening. He quickly pulled up his pants, slipped his coat back on and was out the door without saying a word. I checked my email and the other guy that said he could only come if earlier than 8pm had replied to me. He had said he was 30 minutes away and would head right over. I checked the time of his email and looked at my watch. He should be here shortly. So, I assumed my position, on my knees, on the edge of the bed. My ass facing the door. Sure enough, within just a few minutes, I heard the sound of the door opening and felt the blast of cold air hit me. "Mmmmm..... Nice", I heard him say. I started to sniff my poppers as he undressed. He begins to feel my asshole. "Fuck, YEAH! You got a load in you already", he said as he felt the previous guys load at my hole. "Suck me, a bit", he said. I climbed off the bed and got on my knees. He put his semi hard cock to my lips and I began to suck him till I could feel him grow to full hardness. Then I climbed back on the bed and he very quickly slammed into me in one, quick, thrust. He grabbed me around the waist and pumped me hard and deep. This guy's cock was a lot longer, thicker and harder than the first guy. His cock was stretching my hole as he pounded his dick hard into me. We were both grunting with each thrust. Soon he put one of his legs up on the bed to get a deeper angle to my ass. He was going balls deep with every thrust. The he pushed me further up onto the bed and he climbed up on the bed, kneeling behind me. Now the headboard was banging against the wall as he slammed into me. About 5 minutes of intense fucking resulted with him letting out some loud grunts as he filled my ass with load #2. After he came inside me, he climbed off the bed. Grabbed some of the tissues that I had on the bedside table. I climbed off the bed and handed him some wet wipes that I also had on the table. As he's cleaning off, he and I chat a bit. "So, are you married? Is that why you wanted to come over early?" "Yeah. Married to a guy. We have a don't ask, don't tell arrangement. So, I needed to do this before your party, so I can get home to him", he said. "Yeah. I understand", I replied. "Thanks for the fuck. I needed that", he said, as he dressed and left my room. It's now almost 6pm, so I send out my room number to all the other guys that had replied to my ads. All in all from all the different ads I had placed, about 20 guys had replied that they wanted to attend. Now, from previous experience, I know that normally, just a small portion of those guys actually show up. Sometime the attendance can be amazing. And sometimes it turns out to be a complete bust. So, I had no idea if it was going to be an active night? Or if I was going to be bored to death, waiting for guys to show up? Well, the evening turned out to be quite successful. Most of the night was slow, but steady. Though I had said I wanted to start at 8pm, at 7:20pm my door opened and an older Mexican guy came into my room. I was at the desk on my laptop at the moment, checking email replies. He came into my room and began to take off his pants. I moved to him and dropped to my knees. I got him hard and then climbed on the bed. He then slid into me and fucked me for about 10 minutes before filling me up. Once he had left, another guy showed up. A tall, muscular and hairy guy in his late 40's. He took no time sliding right into me. While he was fucking me, the door opened again and a guy in his early 30's came in. Also quite muscular. These two guys seemed to know each other. They're laughing and chatting about the coincidence of running into each other at a "Cum & Dump". Soon both guys are on the bed and are kissing each other as I climb between their legs and take turns sucking both their dicks. Once again, the door opens and a small, thin guy in his mid 50's walks in. He quickly undresses and slides up on the bed, laying alongside the other two. I'm now trying to suck all three. Finally the first of these three guys tells me he wants to fuck me again. I get on my knees on the edge of the bed. He stands behind me and slides back up into me. He's an awesome fuck. He fucks for about 8 or 9 minutes before he plants a load in me. He keeps fucking me slowly. I can feel that he's still rock hard in my ass. Soon his pace picks up again and he puts a second load in me. He finally pulls out and the short, thin guy climbs off the bed and comes behind me. He slides his cock up into me in one, quick, thrust. This guy doesn't take long to empty his balls in my ass. My hole is now getting really sloppy with cum. The guys are commenting how slick and silky my hole is. While the thin guy was fucking me, the previous guy as climbed back on the bed. He's now sitting on the other guys dick, taking a ride on his buddies cock. I'm loving this scene as two of us are now enjoying cocks in our holes. Again, the door opens and closes and that familiar rush of cold air fills the room. In the darkness I can see a very, very tall, broad, muscular black guy in his late 20's/early 30's undressing. As he pulls his pants off, His hard cock comes bouncing up. Holy Fuck! He's hung! Not only hung, but it's really, really thick! And he is ROCK HARD! As soon as the thin guy has cum and begins to dress, I climb off the bed and drop to my knees in front of the black kid. His cock is so big and thick, I can't get much in my mouth. I suck on his cockhead and suck on his balls. Then, I say to him, "Fuck me". I climb back on the bed and put my ass up for him. He tries to push into me. Even though my ass is well lubed with cum, he's just too big and thick. "There's lube to your left", I tell him. As he's lubing up his cock and my ass, I'm sniffing poppers like crazy. I'm going to need the popper rush to loosen my hole enough to take his monster cock. Soon, he was pushing up into me. It was burning a bit. But, I wasn't going to slow or stop him. I wanted his bbc and his load. I literally had to keep the bottle of poppers at my nose for the first few minutes of his fuck. It really was hurting. But soon the pain began to ease and I was loving every thrust of his bbc. His cock was rubbing my prostate in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Soon the prostate friction was causing me to orgasm. "Oh, Fuck", I said as my cock exploded on the sheet below me. Having me cum, just by him fucking me, seemed to tip the scale on this black God. He began to shake in orgasm himself and emptied his balls in my ass. I milked his cock with my ass muscles. He hadn't said a word, but quickly dressed. I now realized the older, thin guy had been standing beside us. Watching in awe, as this hot, black guy was assaulting my ass. He also now left my room. The other two were still fucking on my bed. So, I got back on my laptop to check for messages. I also now got onto Grindr, Growlr, Scruff and Jack'D. Changing my profile on all those phone apps to state that I was in SLC taking raw loads. That seemed to pay off. I quickly got several more replies from guys on those apps that wanted to come seed me. The rest of the evening was a slow and steady stream of guys coming in to seed me. Several more black and latino guys. The older Mexican guy that had come about 7:20pm came back for a second fuck. He brought a buddy of his along to also plant a load in me. They took turns tagging me. The older Mexican guy put his second load in me. Then his younger buddy emptied his balls in me. By the time 11pm came, I had completely lost track of the number of loads I had taken. It had all become a blur. I'm guesstimating that by the time of 11pm, I had taken 9 to 12 loads in my ass and 2 in my mouth. But, I'm truly not sure? As I said, it had become quite a blur. The vast majority seemed to be DL Latino and black guys. Which is exactly what I had been hoping for at this location. I was just about to lock the door and go to bed, when the door opened again. In walked a tall, thin, gangly looking guy in his mid 50's. He had long gray hair, pulled back in a pony tale. An aging "Hippie". He was familiar. This guy is a horny, kinky fucker that has fucked me dozens of times over the years, when I've been up in SLC. But, I hadn't seen him in several years. The last I knew, he had moved away to Oregon. But, he was obviously back living in Utah again. He had always told me that he was bisexual. He always seemed to be in a different relationship with a woman. His relationships never seemed to last very long. He had told me that he would sometimes have 3ways with his girlfriends and his bi buddies. But some of his girlfriends had no idea of his m2m sexual activities. I remembered that he was very verbal. He loved to fuck raw. He loved group fucks and he loved watersports. In fact, he's the first guy to piss on me and make me drink his piss. He tended to be quite aggressive and dominant while fucking me. However, I also remember him telling me that he was very submissive in his relationships with women. Quite an interesting guy. I remember him telling some really wild stories of his yearly visit to 'Burning Man' and his week long sexual escapades there in the Nevada desert. Anyway, I was really happy to see this old fuck buddy of mine walking in. He took no time to dump his clothes. "How many loads do you have in you, bitch?" "I have no idea", I said? He kneels behind me and begins to lick my hole. "Mmmmm...... You do have a sloppy cunt, bitch!" He's licking and lapping away at my hole. Then he stands behind me and immediately slams into me. He fucks me hard and deep. Then leans down and licks my hole again. He keeps alternating between fucking me and eating cum from the other guys from my hole. "Who's been in this hole tonight, Dave? Who's cum am I feeling in your pussy?" I begin to describe some of the guys that have seeded me. He's particularly enjoying hearing about the black dick in me. That's really turning him on. Upon hearing about the young BBC that had made me cum while fucking me, tipped it for hippie guy. He now was filling my ass with his load. Once he had "cum and gone", I removed the duct tape from the door. Put the other lock on the door and slipped into bed. It was now nearly Midnight. I fell asleep immediately. Waking up the next morning with a huge wet spot on the motel sheets from the cum that had been dripping from me all night. I had no idea how a "Breed & Seed" would go in Salt Lake City. But it turned out to be one of my better attended events.
  23. I was in London for the weekend. On Sunday, I had an open day for "play". I had posted on Craigslist, BBRT, Grindr, Growlr and a couple of other hookup sites. I spent the afternoon weeding through the usual bunch of flakes, "talkers", time wasters and pic collectors. Finally, I had a confirmed guy that wanted to come by my hotel to fuck me. He said he was originally from Sri Lanka. He was married with 3 kids. Gay, but because of his culture and family, he had had to marry at a young age, in an arranged marriage. He considered himself gay, but had to be completely on the DL. He shared some pics with me. He was handsome with dark skin. A 5" uncut, very thick cock, with ample, loose foreskin. He said he could stop by at 2pm on his way home from Church. He met me in the hotel lobby right on time. We went to my hotel room, undressed and fell back on the bed, kissing and caressing each other. I then got between his legs, sucking on his very ample foreskin, licking the cheese between his foreskin and cock head. His cock was quickly growing to fully rock hard. I would repeatedly deep throat his beautiful cock. Then lifted his legs and lapped at his asshole. He was loving that. Moaning and groaning as my tongue fucked his dark, puckered hole. He especially loved my ball worship on his big, black ball scac. Then he told me to get on my knees. This Sri Lankan guy was insisting on a condom. Because he is married. While I'm not fond of getting fucked with a condom. I agreed. It had been awhile, since I'd been fucked. So, I just wanted to feel a dick in me. He lubed up my ass and his cock and slid up into me. He had great technique and had me moaning and groaning as his thick cock assaulted my hole. He soon began to growl as he filled the condom in my ass with his hot load. When he finally pulled out, I turned and took hold of the condom. I carefully pulled it off him. I wanted to save the juice inside for my Italian buddy, who would be joining me at 8pm that night. He either wanted my ass with a load or 2 already inside it. Or a cum filled condom to use as lube. So, I quickly salvaged the Sri Lankan guys cum in the condom and carefully placed it where his cum would be safe. As soon as Sri Lanka guy had dressed and left, I went back to trying to find some other tops to join my Italian buddy and me at 8pm. For awhile, it looked like I had 3 other guys lined up to join Italian buddy and me. But just shortly before 8pm, 2 of the guys suddenly flaked out and cancelled. Damn game players! But at 8pm a nice looking Scottish guy (I'm going to call him Redd. Not his real name) with red hair and bushy red goatee and mustache showed up. He lived close to the hotel. We had chatted before. But the timing worked out this time. And he was open for a 3way or group fuck. He's an older guy. Around my age, I imagine. Great, fit body. Very nice looking with a very friendly personality. We instantly enjoyed chatting. And his thick, Scottish brogue was charming. Shortly, my Italian fuck buddy showed up. (I'm going to call him Mario. Not his real name). He's so handsome! A beautiful bronze skin tone. Dark eyes. Scruffy, day's growth of whiskers covering his face. Athletic, fit body. 34 years old. Thankfully, Mario likes older, bareback bottom, Daddies like me. We made introductions and then took the lift up to my floor and to my room. Mario and I kissed and we all began to undress as we continued to make introductions to each other. As soon as we were all naked, I dropped to my knees and took turns sucking of both Mario's and Redd's cocks. Redds cock was about 5" long. On the thick side. And was already rock hard, solid. He had a cock ring on and had an amazingly hard cock for a man his age. He was very sexy and masculine looking. Kind of a Leather Daddy type of guy. Redd and Mario kissed as I took turns sucking on both their cocks. Mario's cock is about 6.5" inches. Nice and thick. And gets rock hard, very quickly. Mario then moved to the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed. I crawled between his legs and began to suck and worship his cock and balls. Soon, he had laid back and I had lifted his legs and began to lick and lap at his asshole. I tongue fucked his tight hole. I worshiped his cock, balls and asshole for 4 or 5 minutes. Redd played with my ass as I rimmed Mario. Then I climbed up on the bed, on my hands and knees. Redd climbed up on the bed and crawled to my head. He put his hard cock back up to my lips. And I resumed sucking him. Mario began to play with my ass, opening me up. Mario then put his cock to my hole and slid up into me. He fucked me for a few moments then he told Redd to change positions with him. For the next 10 minutes, Redd and Mario continually changed positions. Both of them taking turns fucking my ass with their raw cocks. Redd said he was getting close. "Seed his hole", Mario told Redd. "I want to use your cum as lube, Redd. Fill his ass". That seemed to excite Redd. He began to fuck harder and faster. Really pounding my ass. I told Mario that there was a cum filled condom on the top of the trash can that he could also use as lube. Mario reached down, picking up the condom from the top of the trash can. He asked Redd if he wanted the cum for lube? Redd said yes. He took the condom filled with fresh cum from Sri Lanka guy, but instead of pouring the cum on my ass and his cock to use as lube, Redd put the condom to his mouth and drank the cum contents. Tossing the condom back into the can. This really turned Redd on. He was really fucking hard and deep, now. It didn't take long before he announced, "I'm CUMMING...!!!!" He slammed deeply into me and filled my ass with his cum. As soon as Redd pulled out of me, Mario knelt behind me. "Push it out, Dave". I squeezed my ass and some of Redd's cum pushed out of my hole. Mario scooped some up and tasted it. I squeezed more out. Mario again scooped it up with his finger and fed Redd his own cum from my hole. Then Redd dropped to his knees, behind me. He began to eat his own cum from my ass. He's swallow the cum. Then spit on my hole and push the spit up in my hole with his tongue. Replacing his cum with his spit. Then Mario stood behind me. In one quick thrust, Mario slammed up into me. He was like a wild man. This is what he's been wanting. To fuck me raw, using another man's cum as lube. Mario was grabbing me hard around the waist as he pounded my hole. Redd moved to my side. He'd pinch my nipples, which really turns me on. Then he'd feed me his still hard cock. I could taste his cum and my ass on his cock. Mario soon filled my ass with his own cum. Then Mario and Redd continued to tell me to push out their cum. Then they'd take their still hard cocks to push the cum back up inside my hole and fuck me some more. My ass was wet, sloppy and dripping cum. Finally, Redd said he didn't think he could cum again. Mario and I laid on the bed, caressing each other as we chatted with Redd, as he dressed. I told Redd and Mario that they had great chemistry as a top duo. And hoped we could do it again, when I get back to London in a month or 2. They both told me that they would love to do that. Those two really did work well together as a team of tops. As we all know. 3ways either work or don't work, based on the chemistry between everyone involved. This 3some had some good chemistry going. Redd finished dressing and left. Mario and I again got on the bed. Kissing and caressing. As I stroked Mario's cock, it grew to full hardness again. "Fuck me", I said to Mario. I got back on my knees and he knelt behind me. He rammed back into me. Fucking me for another 10 minutes. It was feeling great for both of us. But, Mario finally said, I don't think I can cum again. He laid back down on his back and I got between his legs. Licking and sucking his cock and balls. Then I lifted his legs and went back to eating his asshole. Mario began to stroke his cock fast and furiously as I licked and worshiped his asshole and balls. Finally he began to groan. I looked up and saw another nice sized load of cum dripping down his rock hard cock. I licked up his cum. Then took his cockhead into my mouth and swallowed every last drop of his cum. By now, we were both exhausted. Mario showered as I dressed. We kissed goodbye and vowed to meet up again on my next trip to London in a month or so. I wanted to keep what cum was still inside, inside me for as long as I could. I put my briefs back on as I spent the rest of the evening watching tv. Occasionally feeling cum drip from my ass. My briefs got sopping wet as cum continued to drip from my hole. Finally, about 3 hours later, that "urge", finally happened and I had to expel the remaining loads of cum in me. Seeing the huge load that had been deposited into the toilet bowl was amazing. Both guys had obviously dropped some huge loads into me.
  24. cum dump network

    What happened too the idea of a cum dump network? Is is still happening?
  25. I'll be in London this weekend. I'm a bb bottom, wanting to take all loads. Can host at my hotel near the High St. Kensington Underground Station. Or travel in the general area. I'll be in town Fri till Mon. Sunday night, 5 Feb. works best for me. But, I may be open for hookups at other times.

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