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Took several dozen loads over a lifetime, still neg. Tops said they were neg so either they were truly neg, low viral load, or I still haven't caught it. Most times it was one on one but I've been in a few threesomes, bath houses, and one Cum Union.

Not looking to convert (yet?) but I have a latex allergy, plus skin to skin feels a billion times better. I literally feel high when a nice large dick unloads deep in me.

You are a great candidate for PrEP. I'd get on it.


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I never pulled out of a cunt until it was too late. Women can tell that you pumped a good one into them as it trickles out later, and they can feel it. Unless we’ve had our hole really reamed well, loads will stay inside and we won’t know. We’ll hold every toxic drop.

“Them?” If it’s the right time in their cycle, they’re knocked up.

“Us?” If it’s fate, we’re knocked up.

Though neg, I serosort for poz loads, just for the excitement, so someday, I’ll get converted. Heck, there’s two hot loads soaking into me as I write this.


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