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    I love BB anal. I've been barebacked quite a bit but I think I'm still neg. I'm looking for more bareback cocks and don't care whether or not you are poz. I'm not looking to convert, but it'll probably happen. According to the statistics, I'm at least 2/3rds of the way to converting. Well, that's just part of the game.

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  1. Angry Tops Revenge

    Oh, to be Brad and have taken those toxic load. He desererverved every drop of the toxic loads he got, and I wish I got tagged by every poz guy who fucked him,
  2. HIV Immunity: Fact or Myth

    I've been taking poz loads, and not all fro guys on meds, and am still neg too. Perhaps it's that hormone, but as I've alluded to in some of the (not really) fiction I've posted, I tend to take white wine enemas before I get fucked. I've read some websites that state many (over 50%) of us douche before we play (and not just in the US), and that normally we use soapsuds enemas which still the intestinaly mucosa which renders us more susceptible to absorbing the virus. But white wine is very acidic, almost as acidic as stomach fluid, which tends to kill the virus in swallowed loads. So, perhaps white wine enemas also kill the virus in the rectum and colon? Regardless, I'll continue to take raw loads after indulging in my wine enemas.
  3. - So my question is for guys who bottom raw: What do you get from barebacking that you couldn't get from being fucked with a condom? I sense what you enjoy sensing as a top, knowing my lover’s seed is inside me, not in some ridiculous rubber. I want to absorb that semen into the walls of my rectum and colon, to be part of me, If it has a virus in it, so much the better! I love the risk of getting impregrated! - Do you really feel when a dick is raw inside you, is there a difference in how it feels in your ass? My hole can’t feel the difference between a raw cock and a covered dick. It’s a mental thing, knowing it is skin against skin. Then again, perhaps I haven’t felt enough covered cocks to know the difference. Just because he said he rolled one on doesn’t mean that he actually did. Or, maybe my hole is too loose to be able to tell the difference, - Would you be happy barebacking if the guy pulled out before cumming or is the load very important to you? Absolutely not! I need to have his cum inside me! I need to know that I am absorbing his semen into me. I won’t let even one drop of it leak out! I have barebacked, with rare exceptions, since my very first fuck. I wanted to know my top’s load was in me that first time and my mindset has never changed, regardless of the HIV risk. Second, third and fourth guys breeding my hole have been able to tell that someone else has been there before them, even without being tipped off. I know I’m slippery inside there after my enemas, but those loads of pecker snot must make me really slippery in there. In the beginning, I was happy just knowing my lovers semen was inside me. Now that I am more aware, I love knowing that his swimming sperm will travel deeper into me, and hopefully will carry a special gift even deeper into me.
  4. Once I heard of PrEP, after starting to look for known charged loads, it sounded interesting at first. But I quickly realized that being on PrEP would remove the sense of risk that I was searching for. Besides, as a hetero top, I hated using condoms and simply didn't believe in them. I have always felt that semen was menat to be deposited into holes. It was the responsibility of the one with the hole to provide the protection. Now that I'm the one with the hole, my opinion hasn't changed, and I am fully ready and willing to accept the consequences.
  5. It wasn't a fantasy...... Boy oh boy, I went home with a totally wrecked and raw hole, in more ways than one.
  6. A Deliberate Pozzing

    Getting your hole and innards ripped up by a spiked PA is beyond words.... Be still, my heart........... I can still remember the pain, and the excitement. Ah........................................
  7. Whiskey will work too. Just use common sense and work up to your limits bit by bit. The carbonation in beer makes that option less desirable, but I suppose flat beer would be okay. But good beer (as with good wine or distilled spirits) is too good to inject back there.
  8. A Brother in Trouble

    Very nice writing for your first ventures. Keep it up. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. I'm thinking there may be an "encounter" with the guy at the rental counter, and then of course, there is his brother who is in trouble. This could work out to be a very nice, multiple chapter story!
  9. Off The Beaten Path

    I know I've commented before on the writing of lancguy14, but need to add more. Getting nailed by two cocks like these need to be on your bucket list. Dicks tend to be 6" long or a bit better, and straight. Once in a while you encounter: a. A cock with a thick, bulbous head like Gary's. That's rare, but incredible, as lancguy has described. The entry of a cockhead like that is incredible, and once inside, with its tapering shaft, you want to savor the expansion of your anal canal as your top works it back and forth, almost dreading the pain when he finally pulls it out. If he's long enough to enter your second ring into your colon, so much the better! This is a rare and wonderful dick to experience. Lacking that (a real cock like that), there are toys available that are similarly proportioned, that when wielded by a pegging buddy, are almost as good. b. Cock's that are sizable, but which get thicker toward the root, toward the balls. Those are very nice too, though I prefer cock's with a thick, bulbous head that then tapers down its shaft to yet a still nice diameter. c. Cocks with piercings: Whether it's pierced with a PA or there's simply some sort of straight bar with balls on the end, a pierced cock, properly thrusted (as many women avow, it's not just what you've got, but how you use it) in and out of your hole as well as inside you, can make up for what may be lacking in length and girth. Add a piercing to a thick, long cock, and get that guy's number as you'll want him back for more fun! But, back to cocks with thick, bulbous heads... My head swirls with thoughts of reliving being blessed by the sight of them, the anticipation of, and then, entry, of that huge head. Then the bliss it renders as he strokes it back and forth inside you, up into your second ring (sigmoid sphincter), dreading, yet yearning for the stab of pain as he pulls back out of your anus... Rereading this post brings back those special moments, with an incredibly shaped cock, regardless of the status of the semen which it will deliver, impaled deeply within me, and is why I have this story bookmarked.
  10. Returning to the Bathhouse

    My first fuck as a bottom was bareback and with few exceptions (my tops' choice every time) was raw too. I just love knowing his load is inside me. Playing the CL game, I always advertised for ddf/neg tops, but had no illusions about lying, even though I didn't know the term "stealthing" at the time. I simply knew that a guy would lie to be able to pump out a load, (I certainly lied to enough women) but I figured most guys were indeed neg. During that period of time, who knows how many poz loads I got, but if your took loads from over two hundred cocks up your ass, statistically, at least three had to be pumping a hot one. No matter, I recently tested neg, but a while ago I decided that sooner or later I'll take a load that will convert me. Some guys take hundreds of poz loads before converting, if indeed they ever convert (it seems most eventually do, even if it takes years of barebacking) and others get knocked up from just one load. In the end, what happens, happens, and enjoy the journey. The bottom line is that you, and the rest of us, need to simply enjoy doing what gives us enjoyment and pleasure and accept the inevitable, whether it means we remain neg or convert to poz. I'll continue to take bareback loads while enjoying the pleasure of taking them. You can enjoy the fun of going to bathhouses and taking loads you may or may not know are toxic. Simply enjoy the fun at the bathhouse and live with and accept as your destiny, whatever happens.
  11. Off The Beaten Path

    What writing! My hole could feel his entry, yearning for for that toxic gift.
  12. Toon, you are really good at writing dialogue!
  13. A Halloween Tale

    Very good writing! This, being the leadup to Halloween, many Dracula / Christopher Lee movies have been on TV. This story is a nice alternative to all of those winsome young girls getting their necks bitten, without their pussies being loaded with vampire cum. Oh, the young lovelies experienced rapture while being bitten and having their blood sucked from their necks, but to have been injected with toxic vampire semen just wasn't in the cards back when those movies were made. How sad.... Also, as Lee has passed way, storylines along this veil will not include him.
  14. Bait & Switch

    That was an excellent story, and the kid got what he deserved for dissing the older, chubby guys. Now he's their cumslut.
  15. I'm a bottom, so I'm just imagining how good it feels for the top when he knows the condom has slipped off or has broken and he's now about to stealth his victim with a good, hot load.

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