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    Taking BB loads.
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    I love BB anal. I've been barebacked quite a bit but I think I'm still neg. I'm looking for more bareback cocks and don't care whether or not you are poz. I'm not looking to convert, but it'll probably happen. According to the statistics, I'm at least 2/3rds of the way to converting. Well, that's just part of the game.

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  1. love to  meet some of your tops and be whored out a group

  2. When hubby is sexless, wifey needs to get some cock action! I don't care whether or hubby is the top or the bottom, they need to hold up their end of the bargain in bed - hot fucking! The consequence for the lagging partner is to be replaced, and that goes for top or bottom, male or female. If you have been the negligent partner, then own up to the consequences of having your SO have some good fucks! Let the chips fall where they may....
  3. sse4me

    Christmas Break

    I'd love to read about Jace getting pozzed, but wouldn't it be fun to have Trey tag his sister too? So they share even more DNA? And she can be knocked up too? Perhaps in more than one way?
  4. sse4me

    Summer Sunday

    Great writing regardless of English not being your first language! Continue! I hope you are the guest of honor at what will be your pozzing party, if they had not indeed pozzed you already!!!
  5. sse4me

    BB Bottoms who don't take loads

    I can't imagine even asking for a top to pull out. Taking his load is the whole point of getting fucked! I hate using condoms and use them only when my top insists on one. For me, as much as I love the initial entry (which I love!) and the repeated strokeing in and out of my hole (pure heaven), knowing his load was deposited balls deep inside me is so fulfilling to me. Cum pumped into holes is what Nature intended, I love all loads, and toxic loads are exciting! I'm still waiting for the one which will convert me.
  6. sse4me

    Work Trip & Bred

    I would have accepted massage after massage, of my anus, but his toxic cock, as many times as he could enjoy the tightness (or looseness) of my neg, receptive hole. This was a really nice story.
  7. sse4me

    Toxic Hole

    We poz bottoms love to take poads from our tops. while knowing our virus may seep into their cocks, especially the uncut cocks.
  8. The term "clean" can mean so many things, so why boter asking? Simply present your lubed, douched hole for use and take any cock that enters it. And take its load, especially the toxic loads!
  9. sse4me

    Not So Neg Greg

    People are born either as penetrators (us guys, but some females who enjoy fisting and/orusing strapons) or as penetratees. Some of us guys enjoy being penetrated, by real of fake cocks, or fists and arms. Regardless, those of us ostensible penetrators who also enjoy, or prefer being penetrated, are going to get knocked up by semen, toxic or "regular" (for those females who will be bred with a kid). In the end (pun intended), holes are menat to be seeded by loads from hard cocks, or otherwise invaded by artificial phalluses. It is ordained. Enjoy the penetration, whether receiving or giving, and accept the consequences.
  10. You have written an excellent story! It was well crafted! And, exciting!
  11. sse4me

    Ultimate Stealth

    You are absolutely right! Even for those chasing, getting knocked up without knowing you're getting pregnant is part of the game, and "delicious!"
  12. sse4me

    Ultimate Stealth

    Getting stealthed is simply part of the game for bareback bottoms. I don't have a problem with being stealthed, and my pozzer can whisper it into my ear as be breeds me, or email me layter, or simply wait for me to find out when the flu hits and I get tested. That is all part of the risk and and thrill of taking poz loads, and for some of us, getting recharged.
  13. sse4me

    First Anon Hotel Hump 'n' Dump

    This story reminds me of a time on a business trip down in Arkansas, when I took a lot of wine enemas (I had a late start in the morning) and then posted a CL ad. I lost track of the cocks that fucked me, and that was before I ever though of asking about being neg. And there weren't any condoms. And that may have been when I got the load(s) that.......
  14. sse4me

    Doctor in the House

    I believe it is time for me to convert, er... to change doctors!

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