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    I love BB anal. I've been barebacked quite a bit but I think I'm still neg. I'm looking for more bareback cocks and don't care whether or not you are poz. I'm not looking to convert, but it'll probably happen. According to the statistics, I'm at least 2/3rds of the way to converting. Well, that's just part of the game.

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  1. I vote "yes" to more female gifters, especially if they are infecting jerks like that one!
  2. Lucky you, and, lucky her!
  3. The worst flu of our lives is always a turning point for us cock sluts, though getting it all over again, getting recharged, is always a quest. One recharge down and ISO of more.....
  4. Stealthed with a toxic load... Nice! And after having his cherry popped? Even better! I hope he gets the flu, really hard. Then he can go ot and spread his gift while he's at his most viral.
  5. Yeah, I hope the coach is toxic too.
  6. Squatting on a bottle or Ripple is not preferred for two reasons. First of all, the force of gravity will prevent the wine from flowing into your rectum and colon. For that matter, even if you rolled over and had gravity working for you, the wine wouldn't flow in because air couldn't get into the top of the bottle. That's why it's best to put the wine into an enema bag. As for dilution, 10:1 isn't going to achieve the desired results, as far as inebriation is concerned. 50-50 is the generally accepted dilution. Yes, people have died from ODing on wine enemas, but people have died from drinking too much too, even if driving or other activities were involved. As with anything, work up slowly to find your limits as to how many repeated enemas at what dilution you can handle for your body mass and other factors. There is a website,, where you will find good asvice, as well as posts from those who caution against just about any risky behavior, including breathing. But, back to the original topic. If you do a search on enemas and anal sex, there have been a few studies which seem to indicate that many of us anal bottoms use enemas to prep for receptive anal sex. The thought is that cleansing enemas - plain water versus soapsuds wasn't mentioned - may create a greater risk for the bottom by making the colon walls more receptive to virus laden semen. Other studies seem to indicate that swallowed HIV+ loads do not present much of a risk of becoming infected because the stomach acids kill the virus. Well, what if the pH inside the recipient's colon is acidic enough to prevent the transmission of the virus? Wouldn't that be great news for those individuals who cannot get on PrEP, for whatever reason? Heck, they're taking enemas anyway to clean out. What's another enema or two, infused with some white wine (white wine has a lower pH than red wine)? Besides. after a few wine enemas... Well, what's the difference between drinking some wine before sex than taking it anally? And if you use cheap wine, anally, you don't taste it. Besides, red tastes better than white, but I digress. Perhaps taking white wine enemas (diluted with water, 50-50), is a viable means of preventing the transmission of HIV to an anally receptive individual. It seems to have worked for me so far. I will continue to experiment. For what it's worth, I enjoy risk and enjoy the thrill of taking hot loads. Neg loads are nice, but they lack the adventure. without the risk, why bother? That's just my opinion. If you want/need to absolutely not convert, then don't play around. Period,
  7. Sooner or later you're gonna get pozzed, and you'll poz your wife. It's just going to happen and it won't be the end of the world. Go with the flow and enjoy the ride.
  8. As a bottom, if I'm somewhere, well, anywhere, my hole is for the use of tops. however they deem fit. For their cocks or for fisting, or anything else the deem fit. My hole is at their service and for their enjoyment. That is why my hole exists.
  9. First of all, advising me to get on PrEP. I am not in that position. Besides, you didn't address the question as to whether or not the acidity of wine enemas protected anal recipients from the virus. So, is the pH of wine enemas low enough to protect anal recipients fronm getting infected as well as the pH os stomach acid protects blow jobbers I think this would be a major question for AIDS prevention people, as well as those of us who are chasing, but who want to bide our time before dealing with being infected.
  10. I’ve been barebacking since the first loads I took back in 2009. By now. I have to have taken quite a few charged loads, especially because, since January, all I’ve been looking for are nice, toxic loads. But, as anyone who has read my bug chasing fiction stories knows, Not to get into my history of anal “fun, ”I do love enemas in general, followed by wine enemas. I came to a stage in life where I was able to explore “alternative” fun, which included getting a nice hard cock shoved into my very well cleaned out rectum. In most cases, my rectum had absorbed several white wine enemas after being very well cleaned out with soapsuds enemas. I’ve read that swallowing poz loads is pretty safe because the pH of stomach acid kills the virus. I’ve also taken quite a few viral loads from unmedicated guys, as well as whatever loads from the cocks I got before I began my quest for poz loads. So far, no fuck flu and no HIV, confirmed by testing. I’ve done some googling about enemas. Around half of us anal bottoms who were surveyed use enemas to clean out before taking loads. A lot of us enema users got converted. But some of us didn’t convert. The researchers didn’t list what types of enemas we used. Now, having belonged to an enema site online, I know not many enema lovers, many of whom seemed to be straight, of both genders, take wine enemas. I assume, I I know all about the word “assume’ (ass-u-me), many of the enema users who were surveyed for the gay sex study were taking plain water or soapsuds enemas, so they would be nice and clean for invading cocks. But, the pH of stomach acid is listed as 1.5 to 3.5. The acidity of white wine is 3 to 4. So, after white wine enemas (white wine doesn’t stain like red wine does if leaked), the pH of my rectum and colon is almost as low as the pH of a stomach. One must wonder… Have my wine enemas prevented me from getting pozzed? Could wine enemas be a strategy for those of us who want to bareback without getting pozzed, who are not in a situation to take PrEP, to use? And, when the day comes when I no longer am avoiding active chasing, and have committed to getting converted, do I need to stop the enjoyment of taking toxic loads while buzzed?
  11. It’s all about the risk. Some of us need, not want, need, the risk. I need to know that the next load can infect me. For a long time, the mere sensation of a cock thrusting in my hole was enough. I finally need “more.” I wondered, “What did I need? What would put the ‘thrill” back into taking it up the ass” I pondered for weeks. Then, it struck me… I needed the risk of getting pozzed. I needed toxic loads. I advertised for poz tops on CL. That gave me an education. I received resposes from pozzed guys who turned me on to breedingzone and BBRT. What an education! In 2 weeks I learned so much! I also learned that I needed poz loads. Simply for the thrill of waiting to get the fuck flu. To wait day after day for the flu to hit me. I also realized that after all of the bareback loads I’d taken over the years, it was amazing I hadn’t gotten pozzed already. I also realized that sooner or later I am going to get pozzed, no matter what I do. No, PrEP is not a possibility for me. So, I will become poz someday. The longer away that day happens is fine with me, but it will come, and I intend to have as much fun in the meantime as well as afterwards, as possible.
  12. I never pulled out of a cunt until it was too late. Women can tell that you pumped a good one into them as it trickles out later, and they can feel it. Unless we’ve had our hole really reamed well, loads will stay inside and we won’t know. We’ll hold every toxic drop. “Them?” If it’s the right time in their cycle, they’re knocked up. “Us?” If it’s fate, we’re knocked up. Though neg, I serosort for poz loads, just for the excitement, so someday, I’ll get converted. Heck, there’s two hot loads soaking into me as I write this.
  13. I totally agree with SuccessfulChaser that men were intended to fuck raw. Loads are to be pumped into holes, not into rubbers. I’ve felt that way for years as I pumped them into vaginas and no double standard has entered my mind since I’ve become bi and have taken countless cocks up my ass. The only ones that have been covered have been covered at their owners’ desire, sure as hell not mine, as I love knowing his load is deep inside me. Yeah, at first, I advertised for “ddf and clean” cocks, but as we, as cock owner’s know, a guy will lie to pump a load into a hole. I soon began listing “ddf and clean” for myself, but never for cocks. I’d take any and all loads. Since January, 2016, I have advertised for any and all loads as well as for “hot,” “dirty” and “charged” loads, but requests for them tend to get flagged around here on CL. Even with the flagging, just about every load I’ve taken this year has been at least somewhat toxic. But then, how many toxic loads had I taken since 2009, whether my top knew it and was stealthing me or he just didn’t know yet that he’d gotten pozzed too? There was more than one time the condom (of course, he wanted to use it, not me), “accidentally broke.” Hell, a few times, my poz top insisted on a condom and I’m the one who compromised it! With a toxic load so close, why let a condom keep it from getting absorbed? Anyway, back to the thread. I don’t ask about HIV status in some of my ads. I just ask for loads. In other ads, I ask for hot loads hoping to get some before getting flagged.
  14. I'd savor a load from either one of you. Instead of a toothbrush, I've been using a round hairbrush, but at last testing, I'm still neg. But, maybe not after tonight.
  15. I don't care who they are, what they look like or whether they are pumping a charged load or not, as long as I get their load. It's all about getting loads! Charged, benign, it doesn't matter.

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