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    I love BB anal. I've been barebacked quite a bit but I think I'm still neg. I'm looking for more bareback cocks and don't care whether or not you are poz. I'm not looking to convert, but it'll probably happen. According to the statistics, I'm at least 2/3rds of the way to converting. Well, that's just part of the game.

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  1. New in Town

    I've been reading your stories for a while. They're totally diferent that what I come up with, but they're great! Keep writing...
  2. Bathhouse Breeding

    I wish hole was the one getting stretched out by these loaded cocks. It's twitching in envy!
  3. How Was I to KNOW???

    How could you be so naïve as to believe someone online? You got what you asked for - an anonymous load. Actually, you were lucky to hookup with someone as infected as he apparently is. Do you realize how many envy that load you got? Go for more loads from his deadly dick.
  4. More on this topic: https://www.chicagoreader.com/Bleader/archives/2013/10/21/is-it-possible-to-beat-hiv
  5. http://www.wired.co.uk/article/hiv-vaccine-research This is an interesting article. Some of us are already living with the virus, some much more successfully than others. Some of us want to get infected, and some up us may even be seroconverting at the moment. Regardless of the desire to be + or to remain - (and trouble free, heathwise), isn't the bottom line being able to take, or give, any load without consequences? Yes, there are other STDs, but nonce quite like HIV. Perhaps the vaccine or the cure, is imminent.
  6. cman54 wrote: How about hooking up with this guy again and getting some more loads in your sweet ass? You must have enjoyed it so why not keep doing it? I'm feeling better and the guys has been over two times to re-breed my hole, just in case I wasn't converting. I plan on getting tested in another couple of weeks.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I'll have to ride it out and then tested again to find out for sure.
  8. Dang, I know I took three loads from a guy who said he was going to charge me up, but others have said that too, and tests indicated they'd failed or were lying. But a couple of days ago.... Well.... So, if this is the fuck flu, how long does it last? Not that I don't want to feel the full effects of what I've had coming and fully deserve.... I want to experience the flu, if this indeed it, as a reward for finally converting. I know that some of you guys never had the flu, others had it for a day and some suffered for 2 weeks, including needing hospitalization. I'm just looking for my just consequences, If this isn't the fuck flu, then geesh, what in the hell is it, and when will the flu actually hit my asshole?
  9. HIV tattoo

    Once it's confirmed I'm finally pos, I am torn between two options" 1. A biohazard tattoo on my anus 2. A scorpion tattoo with the tail of the stinger targeting my anus. Either way, if ought to be interesting when I get another colonoscopy. I hope to be awake for the reactions of the doc and the nurses. At least they'll know what they're sticking their proctoscope into.
  10. Need to disclose

    hungry_hole wrote: But I do object an HIV+ guy not disclosing his status once they have exchanged phone numbers or had coffee together. I don't see what else can be said. Yes, it's illegal not to disclose an HIV+ status but so is stealing. Well, I can see your point, but I feel that it is everyone’s responsibility to fend for themselves. Sure, it would be nice to know the cock about to enter you is pumping a toxic load, but ultimately, it is your (the bottom’s) responsibility to look out for themselves. The bottom line is, “Be responsible for your own actions!” Your top may be stealthing you, which is somewhat wrong, but whatever. An individual needs to be responsible for his or her own actions. And if that individual is willing to take risks, then that individual needs to accept total responsibility for the consequences.
  11. The regret of taking anoymous loads

    I've been taking poz, as well as neg, loads for 2 years and fully expect to get converted, if indeed, that isn't what's happening as I type this. I came to terms with needing more than just taking loads, some "extra" excitement, and before ever knowing about this site and bug chasing, I determined I needed poz loads. Crazy? Probably. And at the moment, I may even be converting. After getting clued into this site a few years ago, I realized that it was incredible that I hadn't gotten pozzed already and that, after some deep and serious thought, that at ths stage (age?) in my life, getting pozzed and staying off meds won't matter much (I',m no spring chicken). I do hope my next test indicates I'm not in the middle of the flu, but if I do, it isn't the end of the world, at least for me.
  12. Straight girl stealthes boy

    I vote "yes" to more female gifters, especially if they are infecting jerks like that one!
  13. I fucked my neighbours daughter.

    Lucky you, and, lucky her!
  14. Sometimes girls have urges too...

    The worst flu of our lives is always a turning point for us cock sluts, though getting it all over again, getting recharged, is always a quest. One recharge down and ISO of more.....
  15. Stealthed with a toxic load... Nice! And after having his cherry popped? Even better! I hope he gets the flu, really hard. Then he can go ot and spread his gift while he's at his most viral.

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