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    I love BB anal. I've been barebacked quite a bit but I think I'm still neg. I'm looking for more bareback cocks and don't care whether or not you are poz. I'm not looking to convert, but it'll probably happen. According to the statistics, I'm at least 2/3rds of the way to converting. Well, that's just part of the game.

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  1. I'm a bottom, so I'm just imagining how good it feels for the top when he knows the condom has slipped off or has broken and he's now about to stealth his victim with a good, hot load.
  2. What Just Happened?!

    What a great way to take a charged load! Never trust that a cock is covered. Even if he says it is, by the time he's finished cumming, chances are it will have broken or slid off his cock, even if he didn't mean for that to happen. Condoms break all the time. Besides, cocks aren't supposed to be covered and loads were intended to be pumped inside holes. Nature didn't invent rubbers. If cocks were intended to be used, then they would have been part of a cock. Play the "covered game" if you wish, but know that accidents happen and other times, you're getting stealthed and getting the load nature intended you to get, tame or lethal.
  3. more stealth stories please!

    I've been stealthed and love when it happens. I posted a story here, supposedly fiction, about a fuck buddy I used to play with. Bill always insisted on using a condom. I thought it was because he simply wanted to be safe and not get infected. Well, in the story (and in real life), during a get-together when he was having a difficult time cumming, I told him to just fuck me as hard as he could and to not worry about my hole, as long as he came. Well, he came alright, giving my hole quite a pleasurable workout,, but he paniced as he pulled out and saw that the condom broke and that he'd cum inside me. I told him that there wasn't a problem as I'd recently tested neg. He said that my hole wasn't the problem, but that he was poz and not on meds. That's something we never discussed as he had always insisted on using a condom. I didn't convert and we continued to get together a couple times a month. Another time he unloaded into me after the condom rolled off his cock. He fished it out of me and, of course, it was empty, though obviously, I wasn't. I'd taken another one of his hot loads. The same things have happened to me with other guys, condoms breaking or falling off, and I'm certain most of those times I was being stealthed, but I honestly don't think Bill ever stealthed me. We were simply buddies for too long and were too close for me not to know whether or not that was his intention. Regardless, if you bareback, expect to get stealthed, not by everyone, but by someone.
  4. Famous Last Words

    In my earlier post, I was wrong - the result - pozzing - was noted. Anyway, I just re-read the story and it's one of the best on this site. A young gay kid gets well fucked and converted on vacation. Some of the lies men tell women is simply one of the lies men tell: 1. I'll only stick the head into you. 2. I won't cum inside you. 3. I'll pull out. (Yeah, after I cum in there.) 4. I'm not quite ready to cum. Just a few more strokes and I'll pull out. (Yeah, after I spurt balls deep in your hole.)
  5. Angry Tops Revenge

    Brad deserved every drop of the tainted seed he received that night.
  6. Twinkie Stealthing

    What a wonderful way to get pozzed, by being stealthed and then being told about the load's toxicity so you can sweat out the arrival of the flu.
  7. The Conversion Club

    Yes, excellent writing! I wish this medical practice actually existed so I could get treated, the old fashioned way, with every toxic drop deposited into my rectum, or, if the cock is long enough, into my colon.
  8. My BF and the Escort

    Peter did the right thing. Poz-neg relationships are too complicated to work. The neg partner needs to get converted by someone, either by his partner, or better yet, to get it over and done with properly with a good conversion party, whether the neg guy is willing or not. It's simply better to get the conversion over and done with in order to move on with life. The conversion is for his own good, whether or not the relationship lasts. It frees the neg partner to take any cock without worry and stress. As for slurpy sounds from pricks thrusting in cummy holes, what a wonderful background sound to the grunts of your top pumping a huge load deep inside you.
  9. Host Gift

  10. Business Daddy

    This was a wonderful story. An emerging gay kid getting raped, and then gang raped, by toxic cocks. It was his destiny.
  11. Tease Got What Was Coming

    That tease got exactly what he deserved, a good stealthing! Even though it's only a fantasy, it ought to be real.
  12. Would love to dump my poz seed up your hole, man!

  13. I already replied to a different thread posted by you, about your same worry. I understand your fear of getting tested and finding out you're poz, but for gawd sakes, man up and get tested. I'll bet you dollars to donuts you're neg. As others have written, to answer your question, the tops who are poz are also versatile and got infected by a hot load. I'm a total bottom and at one point about 6 years ago, I got loaded about 3 times a week for three years. I lost track of the number of dicks that had loaded my hole, some who fucked it so roughly, or who were doing sloppy seconds or sloppy thirds, and made it bleed. Then there were the bathhouse visits and a few randy evenings at, or after a bar, as well as quite a few fuck parties. If my hole is still uninfected, yours must be too.
  14. How long for a total top to convert?

    The odds of you being poz are slim, but why the reticence to get tested? If indeed, you are poz, you're actually a hot commodity. And if you're still neg, regardless of whose infected hole you shove your cock into, you're likely to remain neg, so bareback with abandon.
  15. New in Town

    I've been reading your stories for a while. They're totally diferent that what I come up with, but they're great! Keep writing...

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