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  1. You said you’re a doctor... I think you know what the ramifications are of your decisions. What you decide to do with that knowledge is really up to you.
  2. I am not in one of those fields but I know more than a few who are and have played while on the job. 🤷🏽‍♂️ it’s also important to remember that people in those jobs often have significant downtime.
  3. I’m not telling you what to do, but a cd4 of 17 is really low... that’s the point where if you want to be around in the next year, it’s time for them.
  4. I’m cut, and hate it. Not only that when I’m really hard, my skin is also uncomfortably tight and IMO it makes me lose erections at certain times. whether, bottoming, topping, or just playing with dick, I always prefer uncut. And am seriously contemplating for skin restoration. I know it won’t be the same, but the extra skin makes any experience better. Also, for the really hygienic guys, it’s so rare to find “cheese” today so that’s kind of a moot point.
  5. This is honestly very true, and in many cases they will film the scenes in a way that minimizes the perceived body size differences, but maximizes the tops penis size.
  6. I have a fuck bud exactly like that, but is top vers... we have some hot sessions 😈 Anyway I don’t believe that body type has to say what position you prefer, but I would say it makes some things less or more likely. For example if something is 5’8” and 300lbs, it’s gonna be difficult for many guys to even get their dick inside the person, given a standard penis size. Or if you have a guys whose 6’8” 230lbs, big dick, muscular who wants to bottom many guys are gonna want him to top. on the flip side most guys can get into a 5’6” 130lbs guy easily and can fuck
  7. But he has, he told people to disregard basic precautions. Where I do agree is that any kind of national mandate is a slippery slope legally and likely would be challenged. However. Trump deciding to not take it seriously enough has lead to the continued surge in cases that public health professionals predicted.
  8. Exactly. You have to look at this as a case of willful intent to cause physical, mental, and economic harm. In effect it’s not much different than doing something like slashing tires or brake lines. At minimum there is some economic or mental harm even if it’s not physical. I will say again I’m not for criminalizing HIV, but his actions fall into another category.
  9. I’d say the core stuff has always been there like how I enjoy BB, being vers, kissing, etc, but i def have become more adventurous. Also age means very little to me now, but it did when I was in my early 20’s. Getting on PrEP also seemed to make me the hoe I always wanted to be.
  10. I just found it to be a very primal feeling. Like a very intense experience like white water rafting where you knew in theory what was going to happen, but not exactly what it’s gonna be like at any given moment. When you’re in the mood for it, it’s one of the best feelings ever. Everyday? Ehh not for me. 😂
  11. You are incorrect sir, 20% felt unwelcome by the name “boystown” [think before following links] https://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/ct-life-boystown-name-change-tt-09232020-20200923-wv2z5wyounau3owtjvcc6ac4dy-story.html I used to live in Chicago, and speaking to my friends there, no one really cares, it will still be known as boystown, just like the sears tower.
  12. So I recently got diagnosed with the clap in my ass, not my first time, whatever and it had been a month or so since my test. Anyway, roughly around the same time I started feeling very gassy (both ends), and often nauseous. I would also occasionally vomit or dry heave, which made it better temporarily. The DR said it very likely could be from the clap. Anyone ever have anything like this before? I ask because it’s really effected my life. I usually have an iron stomach that never gets upset so I’m not used to this kind of this, and it’s really bothered me. I started my trea
  13. A good doctor knows how to respect someone, and still give advice. let’s flip this around a bit. Plenty of smokers have got lung cancer from smoking, and many still don’t quit even after they know or start treatment. Or a diabetic that still eats way too much sugar and knows it’s endangering their health. Those things are not that far off from a person with HIV who chooses not to start medication right away. However, at a certain point, if it’s obvious the person is dying and still denies treatment, they may be looking at a psych evaluation and involuntary treatment methods
  14. Hehe, as hot as that is, it’s something that should be avoided. IE work fuck ups. 1) it’s never good for your job performance. 2) it’s very possible to play hard and work hard at the same time. Just plan better next time. 😜
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