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  1. Yo, Lurker! I was trying to send a private message and the site tells me your box is full. Guess that makes you pretty popular!

  2. Currently looking for a top who would like to pimp me out, actually
  3. I never turn down a load, but if you're 40+ I get really hot.
  4. To be the world's whore. Only loose, easily taken off clothing. Bottom just a thong. At command - from anyone, homeless bum, CEO, thug - I simply bend over and let them have me however they want.
  5. Since I took a poz 9" cock a few weeks ago I have found myself enamored with big cock. It just...feels different. To be filled up. There were mirrors all around too so I got to watch that huge cock disappear into my ass from many angles.
  6. That's interesting. I can be discreet, am masculine and enjoy bottoming for guys - older the better. I'm only 24If I'm a "value proposition" in that sense, well - the perfect day for me is getting banged by older tops anyay
  7. Neg bottom here. Lets hook up and me beg you for charged seed, and we can record it too
  8. This is so weird for me. Nothing makes me feel hornier than pot bellies, older guys (older the better) and other such things - especially in public. I'm 24 and...not at all a twink. Masculine I'd say - not chubby either. I love looking up at them while on my knees sucking their cock or riding their cocks and telling them how good they feel inside me. I am continually trying to expand my horizens. Oh well! More for me then.
  9. 24 yo latino total bottom here, I cannot tell you how much I LOVE it when a top takes control, talks dirty, expands my horizens. I'm already a pretty nasty slut and I love it when I get to try something new.
  10. Had a couple this morning! Can't wait for more!
  11. Me too I would love that

  12. Hooked up with a gorgeous bbc earlier tonight, we fucked for like 2 hours and he came in my ass. He told me he was an ex-con too, so, bonus! Bareback, of course, and he didn't pull out.
  13. Just took an anonymous load outside, in a bit of trees near the back of the apt complex. Want more so bad tonight - feeling naughty. May go tothe bathhouse.
  14. Would love to try and would love for others to watch! Any dog owners in the denver area?
  15. Got fucked in the bushes at cheeseman this morning, yesterday got fucked by 3 guys at various times.

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