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Any recent guys in the eastern Kentucky area looking for some fun?

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nice posting here.  I'm a sub raw bottom who travels throught Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and into wva and penns, so if interested in a bottom like me for nasty sex, piss, and more, let me know.  v_viper at yahoo dot com

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    • By aeroboi69
      I was nervous about it but I was feeling horny and I knew I needed to do it. When I got there it was a seedy place but also really hot. Lots of naked guys, uninhibited, wanking, sucking and fucking each other in every other room. Just loads of faggots and tops having lots of sex. I was like a kid in the sweet shop! This was my first time at a sauna and I was so excited. At first I found a quiet spot and wanked off, watching a couple of guys suck each other. It was really horny and got me in the mood for something more adventurous. Then I explored the sauna for a while to watch other guys having sex and, after a while, I came across a couple of big hairy guys. Both over six foot tall with tattoos and both must have weighed over twenty stone. Both had bushy beards but one was bald and the other had long hair, tied back in a pony tail. It looked like one of them had been giving the other a blow job before I'd interrupted them. "What do we have here." Said the bald guy. "Looks like a little bitch that wants fucking. Do you want fucking bitch?" I nodded nervously. "We don't do condoms." Said the long-haired guy unapologetically. "Only bareback." "Are you poz?" Asked the other. "No, I've only done it safe before" I whispered. "We're both poz." Said the long-haired guy. "So when we fuck you, we'll poz you up. What do you think of that?" I immediately got a massive hard-on. I knew it was wrong but the idea of irresponsible, risky sex, was hot. The two guys looked me up and down and smiled knowing smiles. "Pathetic little subs like her have to do whatever she's told." Whispered the long haired guy to his friend. Then the bald guy with a beard nodded and smiled at his friend before barking out an order to me "Get on all fours faggot. We're gonna spit-roast fuck you so rough that both your holes will be sore for a week!" I meekly got on all fours and the long haired guy lubed up while the other hairy bear waved a gigantic 8 inch dick in front of my mouth. I took hold of his cock and guided it into my mouth and began to suck and take it deep throat. No sooner had I taken a couple of sucks that I felt the familiar sensation of a big dick penetrating my rim and the second large cock eased its way, bareback, deep inside me. "Take that poz dick bitch." Whispered the long haired guy in my ear. "Take it." Soon both big guys were groping and fucking me at both ends – their two big dicks ramming vigorously in and out like firm pistons, as I passively crouched down all fours taking it like a bitch. It felt great. And I didn't even need to wank myself as the big guy who was fucking me was groping and playing with my dick the whole time. All I had to do was stay there on all fours and take it. "This is so fucking hot! Let's poz up this bitch!" Moaned the long-haired guy as he rammed his dick deep inside me. "How d'you like being bred, bitch?" "We're gonna fill you so full of poz-cum you won't believe." Moaned the bald guy as I sucked him "You like that sub? You want that?" I stopped sucking for a moment and moaned "Yeah. I want it." Before taking his cock in my mouth once more. "Oh yeah you dirty little bitch, I bet you want it!" Moaned the long haired guy. "I've always wanted to poz up a pathetic little sub-fag like you. You're gonna get pregnant with our poz seed and give birth to our HIV baby! Fuck! This is so hot!" God it was hot! I knew it was so risky and fucked-up on so many level but it was such a turn on having two dicks inside me at once. I'd never thought of myself as a bug-chaser but it was so hot risking it bareback with two complete strangers I couldn't stop. I just moaned with pleasure as I sucked hard and felt my ass get pounded. I'd been so lost in getting spit roasted that I hadn't noticed what was happening around me. I happened to glance up after I'd been taking these guys dicks for about ten minutes to see another guy standing there watching whilst a boy was sucking him off. He wasn't just watching though. He was filming me on his phone getting spit-roasted! O god he was filming it all! I was so frightened but also found hugely thrilling. I gleefully carried on sucking and offering up my bum. A few more hot thrusts and my mouth was full of cum and not long after I could feel the other guy squirt his seed up my ass. I came of course, the mere thought of taking cum inside me at both ends made me cum in itself. There was cum everywhere. But they hadn't done with me yet. After a short rest they just swapped places and started fucking at the other hole. "Oh yeah! Let's breed the fuck out of this neg-bitch!" moaned the bald guy as he fucked my ass. All the while the other guy was still filming. They were both so turned on by bareback breeding a sub-neg bitch that they couldn't stop fucking me – they had to swap places for a third go at my holes before they were fully satisfied. The other guy filmed the whole thing. Afterwards the other guy said "God that was hot. I'm loading the video of it all up to a porn site. There's a lot of demand for bareback porn – especially fucked up bug-chaser shit. And that was some really hard-core stuff!" "Let me know the site, I'd love to watch it!" I moaned in ecstasy as the big hairy bear slid his cum and lube coated dick out of my ass for the last time. I was really turned on, it would be really hot for strangers to see me getting fucked by those two poz bears. I'd become a filthy bug-chasing slut and that was that – as long as it made me cum nothing else mattered. I couldn't wait to get diagnosed poz and wank off watching the video!
    • By AmbertheCD86
      32 year old fem sissy cd in the chicago burbs looking for a top to come breed my sissy asspussy. I'm a cigarette smoker and I keep my little cock locked in chastity. 
    • By Cumslutbottomm
      Ever since I realized being bred feels so good, I’ve been horny as hell 24/7. I’ve mentioned it before but I’m 19. I’ve been taking loads in my ass since I was 12. As soon as I turned 18 I set my eyes on older guys. I don’t know why I’m just attracted to them. Guys my age play games. Older guys just want my young hole wrapped around their raw cocks. 
      I constantly have Grindr, scruff, and Adam4Adam open just in case someone wants to cum inside me. I get a message from a blank profile one day saying “come over Michael.” This kind of threw me off a bit. I don’t care for my names and I don’t care to give mine out. But he sent me an address and I headed over like the slut I am. I pulled up to a familiar looking house. I’m greeted by a hot daddy. About 6’3, salt and pepper hair, and brown eyes. He too looks familiar to me. I’m greeted with a hug, and I feel his hard cock against me. I’m already wicked hard and he invites me in. I’m talking to him for awhile, waiting for him to guide me to his cock when he finally kisses me. We make out for a long time and I have his shirt unbuttoned exposing his hairy chest. He has his hands in me shorts snapping my jock.  I climb down from the couch and unzip his pants. I start deep throating his musky cock and licking his sweaty balls. He pulls me on the couch and eats my ass for a bit. Then he guides me to sit on his cock. It goes in with some thrusts and he holds it there for awhile telling me how tight I am I start to ride his cock while he kisses me. He moans “slow down” followed by an almost whispered “im about to cum. “ this is what I came for. I make sure not to slow down. And he grunts like an animal as he holds my ass down on his cock. He left a huge load in my ass, when I pulled off it began to drip on his cock so I cleaned it up.  We chat for awhile as we put our clothes back on and I head home soon after. I was home for about 2 hours and was still craving cum. I mentioned in one of my posts that I used to be my town’s quarter back’s cumdump so I hit him up. “You want my hole?” I texted. It had been about a year or two since we’ve fucked. He responded quick with a “yeah come pick me up. “ as I’m driving to the house where I’ve always picked him up at, that being his dad’s house. I realize as I get closer this was the house I was just at. And that’s why everything was so familiar. His dad just came inside me and he was about to fuck his dad’s load deeper into me. I text him when I pull up. Wondering if his dad knows about us. (We used to be friends in middle school as well.) QB gets in my car and we go to the spot where everyone goes in town to bust a nut or two. It starts the same way as it did with his dad. We move to the backseat of my car and I’m on my back trying to keep his dad’s cum from spilling out of my hole. He sees how wet I am and says “I hope it’s another guys load.” I think to myself “you have no idea.” He pounds me long and hard and shoots a big load in me as well. (Load size must run in the family. ) I’m driving him back to his dad’s and just making conversation. I get a message from his dad as we pull saying “who’s cock is bigger ;)” 
      I respond with something snarky like “not yours.” And we chat for a bit. He makes it vital that I not tell his son that he emptied his balls in me. I’m headed back tonight to have my hole flooded by daddy again  
    • By arseontap
      Currently in the outback of NSW looking to travel to Adelaide for a weekend of breeding. Recently off Prep and looking to book a hotel for 2 nights and just have as many guys dump a load in me. There will be a book at the door. No names, just indicate if you gave me a Poz or neg load. Or fulfil the fantasy for me and after breeding me - with your cock still in me lean in and whisper "I just gave you a dirty load" and then replace your cock with my plug.

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