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It would help if you could make note of how fast pages seem to load now, and compare it to how pages load after the upgrade. I'm especially interested in this feedback from users in Europe, Australia, South America & South Africa.

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Any recent guys in the eastern Kentucky area looking for some fun?

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    • By bchaserlatingirl
      Hi, im a bugchaser girl who has arrived to Melbourne not so long ago, im looking for people who are into bugchasing, it would be amazing to find one or more poz partners, especially if they are not on meds, i really want to become hiv+, even though im not sure about my status, i really love giving bj, drinking cum, having bareback anal sex and anal creampies, im also into other kinky things (scat, watersports, and more), if you are what im looking for in Melbourne, please message me and send your kik account to see if we can meet, if you know about some poz parties on here please let me know, i really want to be poz.
    • By boredhomo
      Did my crew shifts and have a VIP Ticket for myself. Anyone else? Love to meet up with some peeps on here. Top here, love bottoms expecially twinks and cd/trans.
    • By bathhouseslave18
      Hey guys, from here on for the rest of the summer until September I have an open place and can host in South Jersey, looking to have a regular flow of traffic 
    • By DaddysHand
      This neg guy messaged me on BBRT. He was specifically looking to convert to Poz. During our exchange of messages I explained to him that I am now very unwell, and as a consequence my home is an utter filthy mess. That didn't deter him.
      Now for the real test of his authenticity ... If he wanted what I could give him, he would do some housework for me, and help me have a bath to wash my wasting skinny body. He agreed.
      We arranged for him to visit the following day. The next day came, and he messaged asking if we were still on. OK, he was serious! I gave him my address, and told him I would leave the door off of the latch so he could just come in.
      6pm arrived, he was bang on time. He entered my living room where I was watching TV. I hit the mute button. He was as his photos suggested, well built rugby build, clean shaven. A very handsome 27 year old.
      'Hey Sexy'.
      'Hello Sir'.
      'Strip naked. Keep your trainers on,'.
      He did as instructed. Although once I saw he was wearing a tight hugging Jock Strap I ordered he leave that on too.
      'Come over here between my legs, facing away from me'.
      Again, he obeyed. And I had a good grope of his sweet neg ASS.
      'NICE. Very Firm'.
      I ordered he clean my bathroom, mop and hoover floors, and gather the huge lot of rubbish scattered all over the place as a result of not being in the best of health. After cleaning in his Jock & Trainers he ran me a bath. As he washed me we spoke ...
      'Is this what you want to end up like, sick and decrepit?'
      'Yes Sir. It might seem crazy to most, but, it is what I need. What I deserve. And I want to know for sure who my 'Gifter' is, so I can remember him fondly, always carrying a piece of him inside me'.
      Having bathed me, he dried my scrawny pale body. Naked, dry, and with finally a good wash I walked into my now tidier living room, stood in front of the TV and began channel flicking . The rugby build boy without a word knelt before me, took my flaccid Dick into his mouth, pulled on my balls. I was in no time very hard. 
      With one hand controlling the remote, the other held behind his head as I rocked my hips. I threw the remote to the floor as I got more and more turned on, now with both hands pulling his face in tightly as I began fucking his face. Out of breath I pulled out, stood back so he could see me full length...
      'You sick Bastard coming here to get converted ... This REALLY what you want?'
      'Oh GOD YES Sir. Destroy me and my future'.
      'You sick nasty pig'.
      His face lit up when I said that, as he nodded in agreement with a big happy smile on his face. I took him to the bedroom where I had a vinyl play-sheet ready on the floor. He brought his little rucksack with him, from which he took out a toothbrush, he handed it to me and got on all 4's.
      'Make me bleed Sir'.
      'You are one fucked up pig'.
    • By xtranicegayguy
      will be staying at Fairmont Banff Springs 7/8 thru 7/14 looking to get bred, get pozzed, only raw sex, willing  to be whored out

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