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    Gender Fluid
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    Nottingham ( and Skegness)
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    Looking for bb sex I am a bottom also looking for someone to have sex with me as I am having sex with my wife she love to know I am having it bb
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Well I am a bottom looking for bb sex only looking to catch stds I want some to meet me and wife and have sex with me as she is watching she wants to see a man have sex with me
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    None but willing to make a porn film of me taking poz blood slams and poz loads
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    Hotel meets in Nottingham or van meet in Skegness
    I am looking for tops to give me stds I want them all I didn’t resistant

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  1. Still hard to read as on lost of pain meds in hospital so it’s hard to read more
  2. Wish I was the new bottom anyway had a wank and eat own cum thanks
  3. Wish I was one of them bottoms
  4. I don’t look nowday as I pee in a bag due to bladder cancer
  5. I am from chilwell Nottinghamshire but sadly a bottom as well
  6. Not been told I have it yet so will let u know
  7. Hello - ronnie here - you are simply Beautiful and HOT - Love and Adore Sissy / Girl boys dressing up - shaven smooth - tattoos - smoking Hot - dressing !   Love to hear about your transformation !

    1. Pozme1981


      You can come to Nottinghamshire or meet somewhere I get a room and you film and do some porn of me get better photos of me as well please 

  8. I have lost message on my account how do you get it back can’t find it please help
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