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    Trans Feminine (MTF)
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    Nottingham ( and Skegness)
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    Looking for bb sex I am a bottom also looking for someone to have sex with me as I am having sex with my wife
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Well I am a bottom looking for bb sex only looking to catch stds I want some to meet me and wife and have sex with me as she is watching she wants to see a man have sex with me
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    None but willing to make a porn film of me taking poz blood slams and poz loads
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    Hotel meets in Nottingham or van meet in Skegness
    I am looking for tops to give me stds I want them all I didn’t resistant

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  1. I not poz yet trying hard though
  2. Mine is big but don’t piss out my dick https://breeding.zone/gallery/image/58327-imagejpg/
  3. I always bleed after being fucked and with my medical problems it’s a lot of blood just spotting you have nothing to worry about
  4. I don’t know not had it done to me
  5. I am going to greenhouse in Birmingham soon
  6. If a guy wants condoms I will not have sex with him One as don’t like condom two some condoms I am allergic to
  7. That’s why I would keep all texts pm email so on so you can prove they wanted it so on I for one know the risks and want to take that risk if I get it I will be happy but I will not go to the person that gave it me and try to take them to court that’s why now asking on line on here other gay sites and go to bath houses and ask for it bb I don’t ask there name so on if you are scared about a chaser keep all chat so on
  8. As a bottom I will take any load don’t care age or race I want the cum that’s it
  9. Got up to 8 poz loads now still need more

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