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My UK - India PrEP connumdrum; travel with PrEP / buy locally

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paskin    58

So, I'm off to India in just over a week... been a few times before, but I was not on PrEP then, and was quite content not getting much action whilst there.

This time I'm only going for a month, but wondering whether to continue daily dosing and taking the (Indian made) generics that I buy online with me... most travel advice says I'd need to travel with the prescription, which of course I don't have.  I'm not sure if I can get one in the time available, or even whether to bother. 

I'm not adverse to stopping for a month and starting again on my return - the break might do me good... That would save the hassle of trying to get a prescription, and eliminate any risk or potential hassle at customs.

On the other hand these drugs are made there, and I'm pretty sure the retail price there is less than what I'm paying in the UK - I can't help but think that maybe I should find a good pharmacy whilst there and maybe bring back an extra month or two's supply if it's worthwhile.

I'd be grateful if you would share any thoughts or experiences you may have regarding anything above, or travelling with meds that don't have a prescription in general, or anything I've overlooked?

What would you do? 

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topstud127    144

I'd say take them, ya never know what may happen and the anxiety alone isn't worth it. I've never been stopped at customs about medicine. As long as its bottled and tucked away like anything ordinarily would be.

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Leather69    82

I went on a tour to India a few years ago...no troubles with medications and customs. Indeed I haven't had any troubles anywhere in the world.. even with the pedantic clowns at American airports.

Generally keep a straight face, don't say too much and you won't have any troubles.

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