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  1. Anyone Here Never Top?

    Literal same down to the location.
  2. How do you convince someone to bareback?

    This. I’ve recently experienced this with four guys. One of which I’ve fucked before but he’s still at odds with his desire to take loads and being more conservative. Another, we didn’t meet due to time constraints but he suggested start wrapped and feel each other out and go from there. I was ok with that since he seemed like a solid guy. I respectfully but firmly state my preference and it isn’t worth my time it to play wrapped or just get a bj because I won’t enjoy myself or cum. Sex should be to the benefit of both parties and everyone should be comfortable. Not reluctantly acquiescing. I’m not bullying them, nor am I using reverse psychology. These are my terms. Those are yours. I respect them. If we’re not sexually compatible, that’s that. No hard feelings. Otherwise, we can hang out outside of sex or keep it moving. I keep on top of my health, I’m not a chaser or indifferent to STD’s. But I’m also sexually active and do play bare. I’ve been tested recently, etc. That’s all on the table. We mostly meet guys in apps. Meaning we’re texting and there shouldn’t be any awkward fumbling or feeling pressured. Respectfully state your desires. It’s not that difficult. For repeat FB’s, if you can’t be honest or talk about it, maybe reevaluate things. Not being honest, directly and indirectly, is why I avoid young guys, closeted guys, and the “I never do this and I haven’t been fucked in months” pretenders.
  3. Pain doing doggy

    Lately I've had guys complain about it "hurting" and being "too much" and "uncomfortable" which I took at prostate sensitivity.
  4. TIRED of size queens

    I don't consider myself a size queen, but I do have a "golden zone" of dick size and shape I go after. In part, I'm a big guy (6'1, 220, not the most nimble) and I liked to be stretched and filled. I don't have the most sensitive prostate so thats where my pleasure comes from.
  5. Varying how you fuck

    Does the way you fuck drastically change with a guy or you mostly have a routine you stick to? Ex: you start doggy, slow and intimate, then pound, take a break, let him ride, flip him over missionary, finish off. Usually cum the same way. Ex: same moaning/dirty talk always fuck in this spot, with this music and this lighting (when hosting/familiar) or Always different as you fill out a guy and try new things or just aren't as consistent.
  6. Enema Bulb Choice

    ^^I agree with fleet. I've extensively tried rubber bulbs and Clean Stream. Though I always end up clean, it usually takes far longer as I'm uncertain of just how much water I'm putting up there. Thinking I haven't gone deep enough, I fill past my curve and flood my colon a bit. Some models come with long inserts intended to release trapped pockets of water so you may find that more helpful. With a plastic fleet bulb, I can use the saline enema if I need to but most importantly, its reusable and contains just the amount of water I need- even for big dicks and long fucks. Remember, your rectum rests in a shrunken state and stretches to accompany solids. That means you don't need 8x6 inches worth of water. Simply fiil your shrunken rectum and that will irritate anything thats immediately up next in the queue. Some people swear by hoses and they can be great if you can gauge and dump the water consistently, but for me- nothing is more consistent, efficient, and easy to travel with (or buy) as simple fleet bottles.
  7. How often do you see fuck buds?

    Any of you every get tired of a regular after awhile?
  8. What do u wear as daily underwear

    Briefs and workout in jocks.
  9. How often do you see particular fuck buds? Once a week, once a month, multiple times a week, every few months? Why
  10. Turning potential fucks away

    Just left one as he was blowing me. Clearly older than stated, pics are no where near a reflection of his current looks, could smell that he just used the bathroom and cleaned out. I wanted to leave as soon as I saw him but went along with it for a few minutes and then politely said "I'm not feeling it, I'm sorry" and we got dressed from there.
  11. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    Keep it in for a little bit but out when I go pee or if I have on clothes I don't wanna soil. If it wasn't much or got in dep enough, I'll let it absorb.
  12. Best douching techniques

    Pure For Men. Check Amazon. I take it for regularity and shape
  13. How do you respond when your top has an issue keeping a firm erection? This tend to happens as I commonly go for guys in their early 50s. If they bottom, no problem. Tops, if its a first time hook up with not much pre planning or chatting there won't be a second time. If its a long term bud or someone I know a bit better, I'll take the top bunk. In my head, I've knocked them down a few pegs on the fuck bud list. I have one guy that I'm seeing next week and I plan to mention it and will provide a Cialis or Viagra if he's comfortable with it. He was a great tight when I first got to know him. Good size, passionate, connected, but can't keep wood these days so I end up topping or limited his top time and then flip him over. Messy bottoms: unless we hit it off really well, there won't be a second time. I'll normally rinse off and excuse myself. Later on in the relationship, once or twice, no biggy, go clean up and we'll finish another way. If it consistently happens, I demote or remove people down my mental fuck bud hierarchy. One guy I don't see anymore because he's made a mess and shown that he doesn't clean or know how to (guess the first clean time was a fluke) AND he suffers from ED. Sucks cause I'm quite attracted to him. Btw, as a top, I can tell when you didn't make an effort to clean out or when you "missed a spot" or put too much water up there. Either way, I have no problem with you saying "you're unsure" or "not today."
  14. advice on being very clean bottom

    Use the 4.5 ounce enema bottles when your rectum is in its rested state (not stretched/extended). Just water and one full squeeze. This way, over the bulb and hose, you don’t suffer from too much water and rinsing things that weren’t ready to come out for awhile. Therefore, quick and consistent rinses.
  15. Quantity or Quality?

    Indeed. We all love casual sex, but there are some people where your bodies, personalities, sexual styles compliment each other and its the most connected experience. Those are magical.

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