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  1. I'm gonna need you to elaborate on this snake business.
  2. I can't say I've really experienced it. My really hung partners were when I was a fairly inexperienced bottom and it was more so uncomfortable. One guy, he wasn't the greatest lay, maybe he was stabbing instead of really stroking but I was sore up there for a couple days. Not a good experience. I mostly top, but I'm much more comfortable with bottoming these days, just haven't found the right guy.
  3. I had really bad Athlete's Foot for years so I would wear socks or fresh out the shower and put on a ton of lotion. I didn't enjoy sock sex but was an embarrassing issue. Once I got that taken care of and got comfortable with my feet, I never have sex with socks on. I absolutely loathe it. Variations of missionary are my favorite and I've always enjoyed holding my bottoms feet or tucking them against my torso.
  4. Dale sounds like a dream. Great writing!
  5. Atmospheric and sensual, Tinashe, Rhye, Sade, Little Dragon, Kelela, FKA Twigs, Banks, SZA, The Internet, stuff like that.
  6. With a boyfriend or the occasional hook up where the chemistry and experience are beyond. I love when my boyfriend eats it out my hole and kisses me and even better, fingers it out and feeds me.
  7. If I know you and you're freshly showered, absolutely. A rimmed hole makes for great lube.
  8. Not mentioned enough, but fully emptying out during your bowel movements, everything being solid and together, and knowing how much water you're putting in is vastly important. I recommend Pure. The more water you drink throughout the day on it, the better. Start cleaning with a bulb. If you use a hose, be aware. Keep a regular count and know how much water is going in. A couple seconds too long will accelerate tomorrow's stuff. An enema is a last resort for me if cleaning up interrupts my normal bowel schedule, I'm backed up or having a day where I can't get clean no matter how much I rinse. If your ass is aching, hole starting to swell and turn out, take a break.
  9. Try with him, get comfortable, you should be able to talk each other through it, review it after, and after a few sessions, you should find your groove again. The great thing about being so open with each others is its okay to learn and teach each other and be open with your fears and insecurities. Try with him and keep going til you're both satisfied.
  10. In this video, anyone know what it is?
  11. You guys are SO lucky you aren't prone to ingrown hairs. I can't even put a razor on my face. Clippers or just let it grow.
  12. I agree with the jealously bit, but when you find a secure couple, its a great connection to share and a bit more intimate
  13. Nothing gives a gay guy away in the locker room faster than underwear. Saw some Andrew Christians yesterday. Straight guys are so boring with theirs
  14. Q: Can't say I have experience here, but is no one concerned when it crosses over to rape and sexual assault or just "apart of the game and what you signed up for"?
  15. A Tumblr link If anyone knows where the original video came from (not the Tumblr blog that posted it), I'd be grateful

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