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  1. I'd prefer to be symptomatic so I can get it taken care of and not spread anything. I may have had it once, a top told me he found out he had after seeing me, I got tested, was fine, but didn't do a rectal test since I was getting antibiotics anyway, my stool looked a little different and some itching so maybe.
  2. Some of my best/regular/most frequent fuck buddies are behind me, back when I was in college and single-ish, absolutely. I was mostly topping, though. Wasn't much of a bottom then. Before I got on prep and was afraid of HIV. So not really. I'd likely have HIV if I did.
  3. I tried Pygeum, I think it upset my system a little bit, so I laid off.
  4. Any more comparisons of traditial poppers vs sprays?
  5. Making a bottom cum hands free. Both interested in a repeat. A responsive partner who feels everything and its off the charts Back in college, making shy/inexperienced guys comfortable and insatiable.
  6. I don't mind an audience, but people throwing their hands in and trying to make it a group thing. People hogging rooms when there's a shortage. Lack of private bathrooms for obvious reasons. Being too dark. Lack of public play areas.
  7. Waiting on the next installment!
  8. Never really accomplished it as a top or bottom, nor do I remember really trying. Doesn't really interest me either way. I find fisting more enticing than DP.
  9. I'm gonna need you to elaborate on this snake business.
  10. I can't say I've really experienced it. My really hung partners were when I was a fairly inexperienced bottom and it was more so uncomfortable. One guy, he wasn't the greatest lay, maybe he was stabbing instead of really stroking but I was sore up there for a couple days. Not a good experience. I mostly top, but I'm much more comfortable with bottoming these days, just haven't found the right guy.
  11. I had really bad Athlete's Foot for years so I would wear socks or fresh out the shower and put on a ton of lotion. I didn't enjoy sock sex but was an embarrassing issue. Once I got that taken care of and got comfortable with my feet, I never have sex with socks on. I absolutely loathe it. Variations of missionary are my favorite and I've always enjoyed holding my bottoms feet or tucking them against my torso.
  12. Dale sounds like a dream. Great writing!
  13. Atmospheric and sensual, Tinashe, Rhye, Sade, Little Dragon, Kelela, FKA Twigs, Banks, SZA, The Internet, stuff like that.
  14. With a boyfriend or the occasional hook up where the chemistry and experience are beyond. I love when my boyfriend eats it out my hole and kisses me and even better, fingers it out and feeds me.
  15. If I know you and you're freshly showered, absolutely. A rimmed hole makes for great lube.

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