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  1. Can't relate. Topping, I'll push past it if it's just a little bit from too much friction or a slight tear but more than, game ender. I sometimes bleed from douching, or at least enemas but seems to resolve itself quickly.
  2. Locking in and focusing on each other and the pleasure. Being distracted, pressure and expedition. and outside looking in are the main detriments to sex. Great comments above. I'll add on, keep your legs and hands out the way. They shouldn't be a hinderance or resistance band to fight against.
  3. Sometimes a strong physical and emotional connection happens, it'll forever be a highlight, but it's not meant to be repeated or go outside the bedroom. Sounds strange, but it does happen.
  4. Not racial, but more so, type of guy, ie, bulky top, older daddy type, little athletic power bottom, etc
  5. No. Especially when you're infecting someone. That's fucked up on a multitude of levels. Otherwise, just to get your rocks off and you know you're "DDF", it's fairly inconsequential but its not okay. If someone can't fully consent and come to terms with whats happening, you shouldn't be sleeping together.
  6. Outside of those teenage masturbation years, when you have you felt disappointed or disgusted with yourself? Deperate impulse fucks with people I weren't really interested in; Generally, very late night, acquiescing them and succumbing to the need to cum. After, realizing that jerking off would've been more fulfilling. When I've chosen sex over friends/partner. When it was something I new was gonna cause a blowup in a relationship, bathhhouse, unapproved FB. Gym sex. Pre-prep, barebacking.
  7. I like hard dicks and seeing a bottom cum with me and stroking his dick to match the stroke in his ass but the other isn't a deal breaker and for much of sex, I don't want you playing with your dick.
  8. Too many guys can only cum one way; jerking on their back, fucking in a specific way, etc. I want your tips and anecdotes on pushing those boundaries and how to cum at any time, in any position, with anyone. Flexible ejaculations.
  9. That is too nice of a dick to not get used. Wow
  10. Being in a long term relationship, I've gotten used to sex with him. We both very much enjoy the sex and look forward to it, but the excitement and thrill are absent. When I'm with guys outside the relationship, there's more of a spark, more cockiness, more lust, more showing off and desire to get them off, and most importantly, more variety in how I fuck. Anyone else have a similar experience whether you live with a partner or even FB's you've had for awhile, at some point they stop being as fun once you sink into a routine?
  11. I'd prefer to be symptomatic so I can get it taken care of and not spread anything. I may have had it once, a top told me he found out he had after seeing me, I got tested, was fine, but didn't do a rectal test since I was getting antibiotics anyway, my stool looked a little different and some itching so maybe.
  12. Some of my best/regular/most frequent fuck buddies are behind me, back when I was in college and single-ish, absolutely. I was mostly topping, though. Wasn't much of a bottom then. Before I got on prep and was afraid of HIV. So not really. I'd likely have HIV if I did.
  13. I tried Pygeum, I think it upset my system a little bit, so I laid off.
  14. Any more comparisons of traditial poppers vs sprays?
  15. Making a bottom cum hands free. Both interested in a repeat. A responsive partner who feels everything and its off the charts Back in college, making shy/inexperienced guys comfortable and insatiable.

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