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  1. Married but wanting to bareback

    ^^^ and "you're gay and have been deceiving me all these years" is another level of hurt, deceit and shame to put on them. It easily invalidatws all you've ever been.
  2. Deep Dicking is overrated.

    Full length, balls deep fucking is overrated. Physically, you only feel the pressure. More sensation comes from short and midrange fucking. That's where the prostate takes you to cloud 9 and you tingle from a mushroom head sliding in and out. As a top, and one who gives p-gasms and hands free ejaculations, thats where then sensation and overloads comes form. My more limited bottoming record, I only drift off into physically pleasure when my hole is teased and my prostate is struck, rammed, and methodically rubbed. Thats where I'm nearly getting off until a top decides to repeatedly bottom out. I love being stuffed, feeling pressure, fully stretched, and someones pubes on my ass, but that alone doesn't do it.
  3. Great story, great writing. Thank you!
  4. Bottoms: Your Cleaning Regime?

    Going back to the 4.5 ounce fleet bottles. You don't have to deal with the issue of too much water which always happens with me.
  5. Thinking that most average or smaller dicks don't get me off as easily, what's it like to realize your dick isn't big enough or you aren't a great enough top to get your bottom off? Or vice versa as a bottom.
  6. Introducing the Squatty Potty

    We have one that was a gag gift but it helps when using the "potty." Makes a nice stool and keeps your legs from going number if you're sitting for bit. I prefer to keep my feet on the floor if I'm expelling water, though. I get a better feel of if the water came out that way.
  7. A Bunghole So Clean, It Will Gleam.

    Thank you. And yes, the best advice when you're going deep or having trouble, just take a break and let your body sort itself out. Not the healthiest for regular use, but in a bathhouse or long night situation, I do recommend just doing an enema, especially if cleaning doesn't gel with your normal bathroom schedule. Typically, rinsing the rectum will take care of any immediate matter thats waiting to come out but lets say an 8 inch dick, someone thats really gonna plow you and fill the entirety of your rectum, how many ounces of water would you say and what if they hit that second hole?
  8. A Bunghole So Clean, It Will Gleam.

    I have a a question, please answer as specifically as you can... how do you know when you have the perfect amount of water inside you? Not too little to make dick dicking a problem and not too much that you start to bring down extra stuff and get murky water. It boggles my mind that I can do a 4 ounce saline enema and be sparkling clean for a day yet 7 ounces in a bulb is hit and miss, and with the shower hose, its completely guessing with trial and error. Makes my douching inconsistent and take longer than it needs to. I need a sure fire way to know how much water I need and I'm getting.
  9. BOTTOMS; Picky about who fucks you?

    Very much so. I'm bigger than most guys at 6'1 and 220 and the idea of chihuahua tops doesn't do it for me. I want someone that I feel I'm submitting to. Doesn't help that with my body and dick, I always end up topping a vers guy. Or when I'm with middle aged guys, they're not completely hard so I take the reigns. The few few times I have found a top, rinsing took too long that day and they cancelled. Consequently, I haven't bottomed in 6 months.
  10. Any Bottoms Have A Fantasy About Jail Sex

    I'll be the buzzkill, but the rape and lack of prep privacy kills it for me.
  11. More conservative. It's what I did pre prep
  12. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Its always a small circle. I can never help but laugh when I see mutual friends on FB
  13. Viagra plus cialis

    I always take Viagra with an Advil or two. Always. I still get a little stuffy but nothing blowing my nose once or twice doesn't take care of. I've mixed viagra and Cialis before, I think it was fine, probably not necessary. I get better and more immediate results from V, but with Cialis I'm still boned the next day. I always do poppers on them. No adverse effects. I did inhale maximum impact and that scared me, just how deep the euphoria was, I felt like I was sinking.
  14. Worried about safety visiting bathhouse

    Um.... I have a hard time believing co-workers, let alone heads of the company would outright invite you to a bathhouse. And the odds of them all being gay and into the bathhouse scene. And even so, this would be a horrible idea from so many different angles.
  15. What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    Neg and on prep for 3 years.

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