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  1. Try with him, get comfortable, you should be able to talk each other through it, review it after, and after a few sessions, you should find your groove again. The great thing about being so open with each others is its okay to learn and teach each other and be open with your fears and insecurities. Try with him and keep going til you're both satisfied.
  2. In this video, anyone know what it is?
  3. You guys are SO lucky you aren't prone to ingrown hairs. I can't even put a razor on my face. Clippers or just let it grow.
  4. I agree with the jealously bit, but when you find a secure couple, its a great connection to share and a bit more intimate
  5. Nothing gives a gay guy away in the locker room faster than underwear. Saw some Andrew Christians yesterday. Straight guys are so boring with theirs
  6. Q: Can't say I have experience here, but is no one concerned when it crosses over to rape and sexual assault or just "apart of the game and what you signed up for"?
  7. A Tumblr link If anyone knows where the original video came from (not the Tumblr blog that posted it), I'd be grateful
  8. Anyone master multiple ejaculations or at least staying erect after cumming? Same for prostate orgasms and summing as you bottom. Just looking for tips and tricks you guys have figured out over time to improve your sexual sensitivity and stamina.
  9. I'd say take them, ya never know what may happen and the anxiety alone isn't worth it. I've never been stopped at customs about medicine. As long as its bottled and tucked away like anything ordinarily would be.
  10. I'm 24 and I'm certainly a lost. I use my insurance for Truvada, anti-depressants, adderall, and all the associated visits and blood work. I'm still on my parents, but 1) the deductible is absurdly high so damn near everything is out of pocket. Its works better as a secondary supplement. 2) I don't want them in my business that way (HIPAA, but still). All those things are more or less voluntary, but for better and worse, our medical system isn't built around "need." That said, if things weren't prohibitively expensive and insurance wasn't such a high profit business, I wouldn't be so indifferent to "paying my share." Instead, a month worth of pills is $1400 and the shrink I see every three months for five minutes to authorize my refills is $400 an hour with no insurance.
  11. Any stories of sharing you got or gave an STD and it did or didn't go well? Do you allow repeat offenders? The couple I've had, I was the receiver and while annoyed and wished people would be more vigilant of their health, I wasn't upset with them. I take responsible for my own sexual health. Stealthing and deception are another idea, but even so, I'm not much of a begrudger. When I was worried that I had passed something along, I was direct and told them "hey, just FYI, there may be...." and they were good sports about it. Luckily, their tests came back neg or they said they'd be vigilant and I didn't hear anything else about it. I was talking to a buddy yesterday and he was saying a FB of his gave him chlimydia three consecutive times, but the guy was sincerely sorry... I would've cut him off my roster, but instead, they still fuck, just with condoms.
  12. Neither. I don't have much of a set schedule and when I do, it tends to be during the day. Very random, but General Discussion
  13. Speaking of, its seems to be damn there omnipotent for gay men with insurance. All over the course of the last two years. Its time for the price to go down. $1400 for 30 days... Gilead card aside, I doubt they need to price it that high. When the time comes for generics, it'll drop, but until then, we're at their mercy. Meanwhile, they're testing other iterations so I'm guessing one will replace the other.
  14. My only issues are creeping and sliding but fairly infrequent. I have to say I love the floor mats that European bathhouses have

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