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  1. topstud127

    Help cumming

    I need to control when I cum I take too long, lose it if I hold off a bit, or don't cum at all. Its a chronic issue thats frustrating for me and my bottoms. The sex can be great but whether I cum is crapshoot these days. How do you let your load build up and shoot when you're ready? As specific as you can be; physically, mentally, any and everything, please. I created a similar thread awhile back in regards to cumming while bottoming. I still have the same issue but I bottom so rarely, its not as important. Tantric techniques helped me when I couldn't cum at all, but I seem to be regressing and it never fully solved the issue. Thanks a ton.
  2. topstud127

    Unfinished Stories

    Wish they would, absolutely. Especially Tumblr blogs. But I understand writing can be choir and not feeling inspired or satisfied with the work... especially when it’s at the whim of readers.
  3. topstud127

    Bottom Regrets

    Bulk your stool, makes everything come out solid. Easier to clean, wipe, faster going.
  4. topstud127

    Bottom Regrets

    Old FB’s I didn’t really appreciate when we lived near. The over douching I used to do. Wish I’d discovered Metamucil/Pure earlier.
  5. topstud127

    Bottoms who cum while getting fucked

    Can you identify the buildup and what took you over the edge?
  6. topstud127

    What causes this change in the penis..

    Thanks guys. Does the saline eventually degrade and work its way out?
  7. He's posted himself stretching his balls and using pumps. Can anyone explain exactly what happens? I had a fuck bud that went from nice dick, more or less average, enlarged and unnatural. It looked and felt swollen with squishy tissue when erect. Far more so than Aymeric in the pics I posted. I could barely suck it. I let him fuck me. It was a task, he could hardly keep it in and complained he couldn't feel much. I asked him what he did.. he played dumbed and didn't wanna talk about it. I have little patience for bs that insults common sense so I just let it go. Before After
  8. topstud127

    my bottom hole

    You can get in me without much of a fuss with some mild patience but I’ve also been gangbanged and fucked for awhile and told I have a “good SnapBack” after a break or follow up rounds
  9. topstud127

    To tops: rough when told by bottom to be gentle?

    I, too have a little loose skin outside my hole for whatever reason. Careful not to tug it. The question at hand, I tell guys to slow down when we start. I don’t like a lot of lube, the less the better, so that’s the trade off. Just as when I’m topping, I like to feel you open me up inch by inch and let me get comfortable so we can both relax and let go. I’m not abnormally tight or a whiny bottom but I do need a minute or two to stretch open.
  10. topstud127

    Sling etiquette

    I’ve said no. It helps when you’re with a partner or your own little group and you guys can tag and flip each other or invite others in. In my case, it’s been me and the bf in our room and others entering or getting too close. Or us in public with a friend and a group. also having public sex, don’t mind an audience, but be respectful and keep your paws and other extremities at bay unless you’re invited in.
  11. topstud127

    Shaved, Trimmed or Natural?

    I shave my balls. Trim my arm pits, stomach, taint, ass, hole, upper and inner thighs. I leave my pubes as is. I don’t like going super low due to hair bumps and they’re too patchy and curly for a trim to really do much appearance wise. I wish they were thicker. Other guys, I like some fur. Especially if it’s dark and curly. Not too much. If you’re naturally smooth, cool but guys who shave/wax, not too much. I love the feeling or crack hair against my dick and even when I eat ass.
  12. topstud127

    Anyone Here Never Top?

    Literal same down to the location.
  13. topstud127

    How do you convince someone to bareback?

    This. I’ve recently experienced this with four guys. One of which I’ve fucked before but he’s still at odds with his desire to take loads and being more conservative. Another, we didn’t meet due to time constraints but he suggested start wrapped and feel each other out and go from there. I was ok with that since he seemed like a solid guy. I respectfully but firmly state my preference and it isn’t worth my time it to play wrapped or just get a bj because I won’t enjoy myself or cum. Sex should be to the benefit of both parties and everyone should be comfortable. Not reluctantly acquiescing. I’m not bullying them, nor am I using reverse psychology. These are my terms. Those are yours. I respect them. If we’re not sexually compatible, that’s that. No hard feelings. Otherwise, we can hang out outside of sex or keep it moving. I keep on top of my health, I’m not a chaser or indifferent to STD’s. But I’m also sexually active and do play bare. I’ve been tested recently, etc. That’s all on the table. We mostly meet guys in apps. Meaning we’re texting and there shouldn’t be any awkward fumbling or feeling pressured. Respectfully state your desires. It’s not that difficult. For repeat FB’s, if you can’t be honest or talk about it, maybe reevaluate things. Not being honest, directly and indirectly, is why I avoid young guys, closeted guys, and the “I never do this and I haven’t been fucked in months” pretenders.
  14. topstud127

    Pain doing doggy

    Lately I've had guys complain about it "hurting" and being "too much" and "uncomfortable" which I took at prostate sensitivity.
  15. topstud127

    TIRED of size queens

    I don't consider myself a size queen, but I do have a "golden zone" of dick size and shape I go after. In part, I'm a big guy (6'1, 220, not the most nimble) and I liked to be stretched and filled. I don't have the most sensitive prostate so thats where my pleasure comes from.

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