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  1. 1-2, unfortunately. My refractory period is debilitating.
  2. I used to be able to give head and rim/get rimmed endlessly, now it bores me after a few minutes, and I just wanna get to the sex
  3. Embarrassing sex and sex related tales.
  4. My current relationship with Pure... I'm taking one per major meal, so 3-4 a day. Lots of water. That + probiotics and salads are keeping my regular and solid, no bloating or excess gas. Not the advertised wipeless but I'll take it. No bottoming or cleaning lately, but I imagine it'll be quicker. A possible dowside; I am averaging two times a day so my "golden window" is probably lessened, but again, tons of veggies, coffee, adderall.
  5. I started this year.... to keep track of who and when and BB or not. Just so I know and to track patterns. I tend to get dismissive and forgetful about hookups. Just to have an actual record.
  6. Lost of attraction to you, more mentally and emotionally, than physical Having issues cleaning out or getting it up. Anxiety, depression Guilt, communal disease
  7. How long have you kept a fuckbuddy around? I'm at 4 or 5 years with one guy I see every couple months. Most others tend to fall off after a year or so, mostly due to infrequent trysts and me shaving down the roster for my bf's comfort.
  9. Midtempo to slow. I don't care for ballsdeep jackhammering, especially if its a bigger guy. If you're gonna do that, go for my prostate, not my colon
  10. If there's an attraction, you're comfortable with yourself (body image, hygeiene, etc) and your partner (safety, trust, excitement, etc), and you both know what you're doing, it will work. First and lastly, rid yourself of the anxiety. Nerves make everything clamp down and become worse than they oughta be. Don't be the bottom that's hands and legs continuously push back in an act of resistance. Don't whine and think it's "too much, this isn't gonna work. You're too big, I'm too tight." RELAX. Patience from both of you. He should willing to get you comfortable and you should truly want him inside you. Find your best entrance position; most guys like to start on top so they can go at their own pace; some like doggy; I prefer on my back. Lube. No need to turn your hoke into a Slup N Slide but it should slide. Silicon is best.
  11. I always scratch my head at "bottomed once or twice, was uncomfortable, didn't like it." That's either you didn't have a good partner who eased you in, mentally and physically, or you didn't really have an interest in doing it. Preferring to top, being indifferent, not wanting to deal with the process, etc, all valid, but just "I don't like it" usually confuses me.
  12. One of my favorite things is to have my guy fingering me as he sucks on my nips and I jerk off. I lube up, hit my poppers, pull his head to my chest and invite his fingers inside me. In no time he has three and four fingers in me, stroking, probing, and assaulting my prostate. We go for a bit, both of us changing our rhythms, amping up and down; from sensual and slow strokes to jackhammering my prostate with his digits. Eventually, I'm yelling and shooting glob after glob up my torso. Nothing makes me come harder, louder, or longer. He dutifully licks it up and kisses me as I come down and my refractory period tells me its "game over." ------ We did this this morning for the first time in awhile. I don't bottom much these days, but a hand in me when I'm jerking always excites me. If I happened to be rinsed out, I'm game. Anyone else a fan? Plus, its practice for cumming while getting fucked (whenever the planets align and I'm in the mood); I tend to have a hard time getting off while taking dick.
  13. I've fingered it out of a bottom bud of mine, too. Stimulating his prostate, he thought he was gonna pee and wanted me to stop... I kept going, aggressively stroking his prostate and he came all over himself. Was shocked it happened.
  14. Yup, that! Lol, thanks.
  15. I WISH! Triggered it in many, never had the favor returned. What NL said, the top and rhythm but some is physical and totally up to the bottom. I have one guy who nearly always does as soon as he's entered cause he's excited. Some guys just have way more sensitive prostates, but so much of sex is mental and we don't know how to access it.

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