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    A masculine passive boy, who has in interest in piercings/tatts leather , tight denim, skin. One off or on-going.

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  1. Great night last night in Melbourne (Aust) @ NUD. Plenty of younger bottoms about.. my pierced cock went into 5 holes before unloading into a well lubed but not loaded hole. We both enjoyed it.. he got my 7 day load..said that it was his first and he came as I was blowing.
  2. Leather69

    Slave Piercing

    Tongue piercings and pa's are not a good mix.. a pa caught in a mouth like that can be VERY painful.
  3. Leather69

    Fucking a cumdump

    Hi Leatherpunk16 That's how I caught a dose of hep C.. so it's not only hiv you need to worry about.
  4. Leather69

    Experiences getting fucked by a PA

    Never had any knockbacks @ folsom in Berlin.. Saw quite a few pierced cocks there. Also back in London @ sbn, got grabbed by a 22yo slim boy who said that he only got fucked by pierced or very large cocks.. he was great in the sling. Mine never comes out for sex.. 7mm at the moment..am trying to stretch it up to 10mm.
  5. Leather69


    Cambridge does.
  6. I was recently in berlin for folsom.. my pierced cock went into 6 holes at the fri night fuck party..the 7th was a cute French boy who got my load. Sat afternoon/night there were 6 more holes, two of which got a load and then on the sun night a young slim English pup now living in Zurich willing took my load. The following weekend I was at sbn in London for the sunday fuck party.. 4holes before I unloaded in a real slut.
  7. Hi Veytoss PeEP event dosing is 2 tablets at least 2 hours and not more than 24 hours before sex.. then after sex 1 24hrs(22-26 hrs) and another 48 hrs (46-50) after sex. Taking multiple loads over several days ..take 2 before then one per day and after 1 a day for another two days.
  8. Leather69

    Prep Side Effects

    You are not alone Rocker12.. due to kidney cancer I only have one kidney, so my PReP taking is event planed. Kidney function tests are regular and so far so good. Good luck.
  9. Leather69

    Mygov health record

    I will be opting out.. I have 2 gp's (one specialises in hiv etc and I get my prep thru her), a kidney specialist+surgeon (following kidney cancer).. the fact that I am a gay man who is active fucking raw shouldn't be available to 3 of them.. they are keeping me alive in kidney follow up., otherwise it is clinically irrelevant.
  10. Leather69

    Are You Clean?

    I read this and laugh.. I shower and clean my pa (take out the captured balls and clean it). and clean my teeth. I expect that my fuck would have showered , cleaned his teeth (nothing worse that being passionate with and ashtray unless we agreed to have a cigar or two) and cleaned out his hole.. am not a fan of having a shit covered cock.. To take it any other way.. are U sure that he (and he says one of the following is poz/neg/undect or has some other std..and then claim that he is "clean". ).. U trully are kidding yourselves.. sorry for being so blunt..
  11. Leather69

    PrEP on demand?

    My doc who specialises in the std field says 4 days before to 4 days after in my case... due to kidney cancer I am running on 1 and taking PReP 365 days a year will cause unintended consequences. I want to live for a while and do a lot more travelling.
  12. Leather69

    Folsom Sep 2018

    Am planning on being there for folsom this year.. airfares booked.
  13. Leather69

    Twink breeder or cumdump for daddies

    This daddy would love to have a boy like this. His holes for my cock and cum.. but I would allow/encourage him to fuck other twinks.
  14. Leather69

    Highest Viral Loads, Blood or Semen?

    Fucking a bleeding bottom can also give you Hep C/B.
  15. Leather69

    hole suddenly tight

    Getting blood like that indicates something more serious... U need to go and see a gastroenterologist and have it checked out...

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