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    A masculine passive boy, who has in interest in piercings/tatts leather , tight denim, skin. One off or on-going.

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  1. That looks good.. just follow your after care instructions and U won't have any problems...and tell the bf that tight hugs are out for a while.. p.s did he get a pa???
  2. Sling Fucking in a Bar

    Downstairs at Mutschmanns... 4 slings. If you can't get fucked there you will never get loaded.
  3. barebacking and exhibitionism

    Gee there are a lot of "tame" guys on here. I really love the nude full on fuck parties that happen in various cities.. eg NUD in Melbourne (Aust), the Hoist (unfortunately now gone in London on a sunday afternoon), Vault in London.... and then there is Berlin full on uninhibited fucking in venues and parties.. as well as on a more limited scale Hamburg and Amsterdam. Both the tops and bottoms just go for it at times with an audience and other times the "audience" participates.
  4. Skin week-end Berlin 7-12 NOV

    Header on this topic was 2013!!!
  5. Apadravya Piercing

    I too have a 0g pa and have no desire to get either an apadravya or an ampalung (horizontal through the penis head). You need to be prepared for some extreme pain and extensive bleeding (have been told by both my piercer and a couple guys that I have met who had them).. and it doesn't heal quickly - try about 6 months.. So if U can go for that amount of time without giving your cock a quick tug in the morning.. well go for it..
  6. When your top/bottom can't perform.

    I'm no "spring chicken" and the days when I could pump out two or three loads in an extended fuck session just aren't there anymore.. I do however find that a hot passionate leather/skin boy will have my cock up and rearing to go.. it gets a little help from a Cialis from time to time..
  7. rentman type of site for poz escorts

    They can place a profile on BBRT for free and not pay anyone... so why pay for something that U can obtain for free and have a large audience.
  8. condoms or no condoms?

    I fuck raw all the time.. was at a well known sun afternoon nude venue in London in 2015.. was taking off my clothes when a STUNNING American boy arrived and got undressed.. at least 10 sets of eyes were fixated on him.. went inside and had a beer (part of the ent cost).. wandered about a bit.. and there is the US boy laying in one of the slings.. a pile of condoms on his washboard stomach.. he was insisting on them being used.. he had a very lonely time.. later after I had blown a big load into a local he sought me out (not being a local).. and we had a long chat.. basically .. although he was on PReP.. he was shit scared of taking loads raw..
  9. Melbourne certainly lived up to it's reputation with NUD on Friday night.. uninhibited fucking.. all ages and sizes. Gave one load to a previous fuck buddy and second into a slim hung boy grrrr Only saw one guy try and rubber up.. the others (about 100 or so).. all raw
  10. BLEW party tonight 8 Sept

    Hopefully repeated this coming Friday with NUD
  11. Jealous guy at the sauna

    Any half reputable venue has rules of behaviour.. and clearly he would be breaking even the most basic ones. Report him and have him kicked out..
  12. Folsom Berlin update

    Which venue(s).. I have generally found that downstairs at any of the venues, guys are just looking to fuck/get fucked during folsom. Not to mention the fri night sex party.. grrr
  13. Sling etiquette

    This reminds me of being in London about 3 years ago at a well known sunday afternoon joint. No clothing allowed - only footware. As I was getting my gear off a stunning muscle boy arrived -stripped naked - the body attracted to attention of the 6 or so others also undressing.. more so when his slug was exposed and even more so when before checking in his clothing he spent some time lubing his hole. Half hour or so later , found him in one of the slings, with a half dozen or so condoms on the washboard stomach.. and no-one going anywhere near him. I wandered about for a while.. fucked 2 but didn't cum, went and got a beer and was sitting down upstairs when the boy came up and started talking.. the accent immediately gave him away as being southern American. He was frustrated that he hadn't attracted one guy! Told him that this place generally fucks raw.. he was afraid of catching hep C and asked did I have it.. answered no (was tested a week before leaving home).. with that he insisted that we find an empty sling.. and boy was he a great raw fuck! Nothing better than a hot butt in a sling and my pierced cock buried inside... grrrr
  14. Hankerchief in back pocket question

    Having travelled a fair bit, attending events like Folsom (Berlin) etc .. the only ones that you tend to see these days are red (fisting) or occasionally yellow (piss).
  15. Hi Probably not. Almost all pa's are smooth and don't have sharp edges that will ear at the lining of your anus.

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