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  1. Leather69

    What a difference 45 minutes can make!

    I was told that the fire authorities closed the downstairs @ Scheune - only the one exit. That was at the skinhead party on the thurs during Folsom.
  2. Leather69

    MOST PUBLIC location?

    Years ago in a park at a seaside suburb of Melbourne after a night club had closed.. guy was bent over holding onto a palm tree - I was no 4 in his gang bang (and got a load of gono from it). More recently in Berlin. ran into a group of guys going to another bar.. one , a skinhead asked me something in German, which I don't speak.. told him to speak English..the question was "are your balls full".. my reply was yes..very. He bent over undid the back zip in his bleachers and presented a shaved hole.. Just had to enjoy myself..his friends just stood about keeping watch.. a great fuck too.
  3. We don't live in a perfect world.. sometimes despite all efforts the fuck boy isn't completely clean... if we catch up again it had not better happen a second time..
  4. I have seen guys at the Fri night fuck party in Berlin Folsom taking cock after cock..either bent over or in a sling.. the same guys are out and about the next day(s) downstairs at venues getting their holes worked over again.. then in London on sunday afternoons there is a well know nude party..there are guys there who get well fucked. In Melbourne (Aust) there is a nude party at a sex club once a month. Have seen guys there take cock after cock, then front up the next night for another session. Some just seem to be able to take cock after cock...and others can't. Practice??? or a bottom who gets regularly fisted and has a loose hole???
  5. Leather69

    If you're brave enough.

    I had a casual fuck/fist buddy a few years back.. he had a pile of small to very large dildoes, but the top of the pile was a 10 pin from a bowling alley. He could get over 2/3 of it in at times.
  6. Couldn't care less if the guy even had a cock. One of my berlin folsom leather boy fucks was getting sucked off at the same time.. I blew, then the guy who was sucking took my place and really hammered the boy. We met up again the next night, wanted me to blow him..no way, just turned him around and took my time before giving him another load..
  7. Leather69

    most tops in a gangbang?

    The best fuck parties in Berlin are the bio ones.. the guy who took my load on the Friday night during Folsom aught up with me on the Monday night.. he had 40 cocks in his hole on the fri night..and got 20 loads. It's a top's and bottom's paradise.. all ages and sizes, just guys looking to fuck and get fucked.
  8. Should have read the first message...the one that I couldn't remember was BNskin. I think that the guy who ran it is still in Brighton( England)
  9. Leather69

    German Horse Market

    Done to death... having been to Berlin (Barelin) heaps of times ... and it's a long way from my home... Basically there are a lot of much better alternatives in that city for boy/men tops and bottoms.. I have seen bottoms of all ages/shapes etc bent over at parties getting fucked one after the other.. not mucking around with hoods etc.. just full on sleazy sex. I told a leather friend from Sydney, who was on his first tip there to go to Mutschmanns on sat night... and if he couldn't get off there to walk outside and stand in front of the first buss that came along.. got a message next day.. hell that place is a barebackers paradise.. my cock is sore..and I'm going back again tonight.... Just be adventurous.. and Barelin is the best city to do it in...
  10. I am generally in the not too loose category... I'm not keen on putting my cock into the grand canyon.. need to ouch the sides. Years ago I had a boy for a while who really worked his anal muscles.. he used to play alone with huge dildoes..and could get 2/3 of a 10 pin in his holes easily.. spent a great night with my hand in his hole for over 1 hour..working it and moving my fingers about... he blew like a fountain.. spent the night in each others arms.. woke up next morning with him playing with my cock.. when hard (very quickly)..he lubed his hole and sat on it..amazing his was relatively tight... great time. Unfortunately he moved north... damn it.
  11. In the late 1980's 90's there was a site called pig media. Had profiles from all over the world, and you can imagine what they were like. There was anther similar site based out of England in the early 2000's that was really full-on (can't remember the name unfortunately.) Gaydar had it's moments in the chat rooms before they stuffed it up.
  12. Leather69

    Cumdumps - Do you need to ejaculate anymore?

    I was at NUD a big sex party in Melbourne last month... the last guy that I fucked was well lubed/loaded. I took my time.. we both enjoyed my pierced cock buried in his hole.. I stopped him having anything to do with his cock.. he was almost screaming when I cum.. because he blew hands free... a great fuck
  13. Leather69


    If I was you.. I would be hunting for actual hook ups.. they really are much better than paying to watch others...
  14. Leather69

    PrEP now 40 Euros in Germany

    In Australia, that would be 62 Euros for someone waged and 10 Euros for someone on welfare (eg unemployed/disability/age pension etc). All you need is a script from your doctor.
  15. Leather69

    Face pics online

    My face pic is on my profiles. Am also (after an odd experience) fairly suspicious of guys who only have one pici on their profiles.. lots seem to have been lifted from elsewhere.

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