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  1. They have a number of single and double rooms in what is an apartment building. Prices go up significantly during major events (like folsom). As subhole says it's and easy walk to all the venues. You should go to the big raw fuck party on the Friday night.. it's sex sex sex and more sex.. check out bbrt.
  2. I too was at Nud @ 80. Over 100 guys there.. a great mixture of tops/ves/btms and ages too. My cock went into 6 guys before unloading in a slim blonde boy.. I wasn't the first load he had grrr
  3. Have largely dropped it.. numbers active on there have dropped significantly and I can't be bothered to pay for basically nothing. Use recon and bbrt + here.. much better.
  4. My Hep C cleared spontaneously, after about 8 months. My specialist was waiting for the medication to come on our PBS scheme, but was keeping a major watch and could have got me on an access "trial". In Australia the medication now costs about $38 a script (waged) or $6 un-waged.. Our Govt is working to get it cleared from the population.
  5. Hi rednyellow The piercing that you got fucked by is called an apadravya. One horizontally through the head of the penis is called an ampalung. Both are naturally painful to get done and will bleed quite a bit and take quite a while to heal (a matter of several months). My piercer was very keen to give me one instead of the pa, I declined and her staffer said it was a wise move as his hurt like hell, bleed for days and it took almost 12 months to heal. Have seen quiet a few over the years, including one guy who had both!. Generally the guy should get the shaft at a length so that when the cock is fully erect, the ends are just off the skin. So one poking out by quite a bit could really rough up and potentially tear your insides..
  6. I am on a generic.. emtricitabine 200mg/tenofovir300mg manufactured by a well know firm. I get mine from overseas.. they just need a script from my Doctor. Blood tests have come back clear from hiv.
  7. I went on a tour to India a few years ago...no troubles with medications and customs. Indeed I haven't had any troubles anywhere in the world.. even with the pedantic clowns at American airports. Generally keep a straight face, don't say too much and you won't have any troubles.
  8. Berlin
  9. Hey Dopey Looks good... let it heal then in a few months start to stretch it up... a good cock needs a thicker one (2G/0g or 7 or 8mm)
  10. By far the best would be the big fuck parties in Berlin (advertised on BBRT etc).. Several hundred guys all ages and sizes and the sex is all raw and uninhibited
  11. I shuld have also mentioned that I saw some plastic ones at a place in Amsterdam.. so if you are in a panic re airports, one of those won't show up. They should be available in any decent piercing shop.
  12. I have had mine for 20 years now and have never had any trouble with the old style scanners either here or on my overseas travels including the US. I went through Bangkok the day they had new full body scanners installed, it showed up then and the poor guy running it almost had kittens when I told him what it was. Went through another one in Dallas 3 years ago, generally they couldn't have cared less. I also have a metal plate in my collar bone and screw in an ankle that show up on the full body scanners.. so it' just a bit more metal. Have only had one airport where I had any problems and that was with the dickheads at Miami!!! Get that pa.. you won't regret it.
  13. Having been in the UK and Europe at several nude parties, full on uninhibited fucking is the norm. At one party in Berlin there were assorted guys (ages and shapes) who spent a lot of time chasing guys with bio tatts and others who chased guys with pa's. Europeans seem to be much more uninhibited and it can be full on. Mind you Melbourne and Sydney have venues that can really hold their own on weekends.
  14. I picked up a dose of Hep C from fucking around during folsom in Berlin in 2015. Believe me it's not something that a normal person would go looking for.. felt like shit for quite a while. My doc picked it up during my regular blood tests. A few months later I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, and the hep C complicated the treatment. My case become a study in a couple medical journals. Fortunately the hep C cleared spontaneously and the last blood test was clear.. am now running on one kidney, which I have to look after..
  15. Nips can take up to 6 months to properly heal. A pa will heal within a few days.. plenty of piss tends to help with the process. Fucked for the first time 10 days after..

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