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  1. Leather69

    Blood in cum

    Two weeks of bleeding.. you need to go back to your doctor ASAP.
  2. Leather69

    Fickstutenmarkt (Horse Fair)

    I cannot understand all the fuss that is being made of this. There are much better options in Berlin for a bottom /vers/top to have wild and uninhibited sex. Lab and the Biohazard parties would be much better than all the stuffing around with this party. There are a number of bars etc with downstairs play areas, where I have always walked out of with empty balls..
  3. Leather69

    Hotel Security - Cramping my style

    Yep..planning is the way to go. Have stayed at a number of gay "resorts" in the US and have had some great times. Places such as Axel in barelin is great (just don't make it too obvious), but the downside there is they crank up their prices for major event weekends. Perhaps someone could set up a page on here to list the better places??
  4. Leather69

    Alternative to Craigslist?

    Hi all I was just reading the BBC (English broadcasting web site).@ 8pm Aust eastern tme 08Z.. they have a report that two firms Apptimize and Localytics had hacked grindr regarding hiv statistics eg poz people on this site... be aware!!!!!
  5. Leather69

    PReP Ignorance

    PReP is now available in Australia on our PBS scheme as of 1 April. That means a months supply will cost AUD $39.50 a month for waged and $6.50 for those on benefits.
  6. Leather69

    What does a pierced cock feel like?

    Very thin gauge ones might do damage.. mine's 7mm and never comes out for sex. I generally get a good reaction from a fuck when it hits a few spots..
  7. Leather69

    Ass dripping transparent liquid

    Back to the doctor you must go.. it may be nothing but as it is worrying you.. a check up is needed.
  8. I have had mine for 22 years.. never take it out for sex. Have only had a few guys who wouldn't take it. Met a guy at NUD in Melbourne who prefers to get fucked by guys with pa's and spends most of the night looking for them... They are fairly common in Berlin at party weekends eg Folsom
  9. Leather69

    PrEP on demand?

    I can't take it daily as I had a kidney removed (cancer). My GP who is a leader in the field of std/hiv advice says to take it for 7 days before and 7 day after an event say folsom weekends in Berlin. I top only. As others on here have said.. get your tests done every 3 months.. a good doctor will pick up any problems as these drugs can have side effects.
  10. Leather69

    Question about body modifications

    Yep Eros, the Ampallang takes a long time to heal.. my piercer tried to talk me in to getting one rather than the pa that I got. Her assistant said I made a wise choice when she went out of the room to take a urgent phone call.. he had one and showed it to me, said that it bled for 24 hours, was very painful and he hadn't had any sex for 12 months (he was a top). Peeing with a pa can have some problems..
  11. Leather69

    Question about body modifications

    Some good ink looks good on a hot body... piercings..nips, thick pa and guishe. Also agree with ranger rick re the extreme facial piercings..
  12. Leather69

    Best city for a sex vacation?

    I got blown brilliantly in a backroom in a Schoenberg bar.. didn't realise at the time that he went through my pockets and got away with about 20 euros.. had extra in a sock. My first purchase next day was a wrist wallet... so when I am out and about.. the cash is attached to the wrist and in case something really bad happens.. a card with my details/hotel etc in my pocket.
  13. Leather69

    Best city for a sex vacation?

    St George area in Hamburg is much better.. try S.L.U.T club.. in particular their nude blackout parties on sundays.
  14. I need to get my ass up to Brisbane. I'm sure that you'd look after me ...

  15. Leather69

    Lab.oratory - Berlin

    I have been to Berlin 8 times (it's a long haul from Brisbane Australia). Generally I have found the various web sites to be a waste of time and effort... and have always gone to bed with empty balls and at times a sore cock from lots of fucking. Guys have ranged from mid 20's to mid 50's and above... I'm now 67. I have concentrated my fucking to the Schoenberg area.. always a great selection of hot leather/rubber/skin guys around and a lot of them are mainly bottoms... So in short... ditch the internet and go exploring.. you will enjoy yourself!

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