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  1. Hankerchief in back pocket question

    Having travelled a fair bit, attending events like Folsom (Berlin) etc .. the only ones that you tend to see these days are red (fisting) or occasionally yellow (piss).
  2. Hi Probably not. Almost all pa's are smooth and don't have sharp edges that will ear at the lining of your anus.
  3. Loaded Up For the 2nd Night in Berlin Part 1

    You would have scored better downstairs at a number of clubs around Schoenberg.... Mutschmanns cums to mind.
  4. What a Z grade effort... u needed to be fucked...
  5. How Do You Connect?

    Recon has a facility where u can look up who is after safe sex under never/sometimes/needs discussions.
  6. Untreatable gono is here

    They haven't said exactly where..
  7. Steamworks in Chicago

    If you are going to fly from New Orleans to Chicago for a fuck party.. you should look at going to Berlin for the folsom weekend... your hole and balls will be sore from overuse!
  8. Hep C symptoms

    I didn't see any symptoms.. didn't feel any different. I got from topping raw (he had a few loads in him). It was picked up in routine blood tests and cleared naturally a few months later (fortunately). My doc wouldn't put me on the old treatment system and was waiting for the latest meds to get on out PBS scheme (Australia). It took 5 months from diagnosis. Contracted where??? Most probably at Folsom weekend in barelin.
  9. Gay sex party raided

    There is a steady push of sharia law throughout Indonesia.. lead by extremists . Just look at what they did to the Christian governor in the national capital. Their major tourist area of Bali will be completely stuffed if these intolerant clowns get their way. In short.. Indonesia.. somewhere U fly over going to somewhere better.
  10. Visiting berlin and looking for group fun

    Most of the bars around the Schoenberg area have downstairs play areas (old ww2 bomb shelters).. some have reasonably strict dress codes.. but put ure butt in a sling at any of these places and it will be well loaded..
  11. Dom/sub sites

    Location has a lot to do with it... Larger cities, especially UK and Europe would cover what U are looking for on Recon
  12. Is stealthing morally okay?

    There is a case in Australia that has gone all the way to the High Court (equal to the US Supreme Court). Two guys who I will call A and B (the court didn't disclose names). A was the top and B the bottom. A is positive, knew it and wasn't on medication. His doctor had told him that any sex he had need to be safe sex. B, was negative and was testing frequently. They had safe sex on quite a few occasions and eventually A convinced B that he too was negative and started fucking B raw. B contracted hiv and also a slew of other medical complications, following his infection. A was charged with causing grievous bodily harm and was found guilty and sentenced to 6 years jail.. he appealed to the court of appeal and lost.. then to the High Court and has lost again... Just be aware of your actions....
  13. HepC treatment

    Hi Read1 It's my understanding that there are at least 3 main types with a number of sub types of each of the main ones. If you go onto the medication.. there is only one and it covers all types.
  14. Dating/LTR sites for sluts?

    Try Recon
  15. Public sex

    There's a well know club in Melbourne (Aust) that holds a monthly nude party (footware harness is all they allow). Fucking is full on and uninhibited.. reminds me of the parties in Berlin

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