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First time with WS?

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My first experience was just putting my cock inside my dom's jeans and pissing... Since then, I'm now into drinking, piss enemas, you name it. Can't wait till this year's Wet'n'Hot party...


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Guest bradbottom

I'll share my first three, because the first was boring, and the third was the hottest WS scene I've ever experienced.

The first one, the guy actually got stage fright and couldn't piss.  We wound up just hooking up.

The second time was actually first time I ever knowingly hooked up with an HIV+ man.  That alone, to me, was really hot.  He came over and got naked, and I kept my clothes on and we got in the tub.  He pissed all over me, and I drank from his tap a little too.  He'd eaten asparagus that night and was mortified, but I still thought it was hot.  Once he'd drained his bladder, I ditched my piss soaked clothes and sucked him off.

The third time, I found a guy that I'd been trying to connect with for a while on manhunt.  Turned out that he was way into WS, to the point that he carried around a tarp to put down on the floor to play on, so we didn't have to be confined to a tub or shower.  He came over and both of us had full bladders.  We stripped down, and he had my lie on my back.  He stood over me and started pissing on me, and I let my own stream go, sort of like a piss fountain.  While he was pissing (he had some stops and starts while he did this), he knelt down and directed his stream right to my hole, gradually putting it up against me, and then pop! He was in and continuing to piss inside me.  I must have been in heat or something, because I know that piss isn't the best lube, but that's all he had to fuck me with, and once he'd emptied himself, he fucked me pretty hard.  His piss was flying all over us, and it didn't take him long to drop a load of his cum.  It was so hot, and it was back when I still mostly insisted on condoms, and tried to avoid allowing random tops to cum inside me.  But not him - it was too hot to ask for a pullout!

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