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    Started young jacking and sucking but didn't actually fuck a guy til i was 30.. like to fuck raw.. as i've gotten older, and some prostate issues, have become more curious to get fucked. have always loved taking loads in my mouth or covering my dick, chest, face. recently had a guy jo and shoot his load all over my hole as i spread my cheeks for him.
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  1. eventually john and mom got married - they lasted together for almost 20 years.. He was in his 80s when he passed. So they were together from time i was like 40 But i had sucked his cock at the vid store for a couple of years before that.. So he was in his early 60s i think first time i wrapped my lips around his cock. It was a huge cock, and i loved hearing him to get mom to talk about it.. As they are in the xxx theater, he's asking questions to her that he already knows the answers to. but wants everyone there to hear them.. Was your first husband white? How big was his dick? Was
  2. . Though I got with him multiple times at the xxx vid store - he told me he was going to bring her to the vid store one night, even though she wasn't too eager about it. I got there before they did, and patiently waited. He had her sitting on a couch and I made sure she didn't see me. Figured that would totally make her want to leave. From where i was watching, there was a group of men near them, some already stroking their cocks. Then he stood her up and helped her take off her dress. He started eating her pussy right in front of everyone.. Couple guys reached in and touched her breasts.
  3. I was on train to nyc and just as we arrived, I noticed a hot hot guy on the train.. Didn't get nerve to talk to him, but followed him off train until we separated.. Less than 5 mintues later, he is standing near me at the corner waiting to cross, so I kept pace with him... just walking... finally asking him what time it was.. Then i realized he did not speak english. He was portuguese . Some how we kept walking and communicating.. and though we stopped to grab a bite and draw pictures on napkins.... it was obvious we had an attraction to each other.. We spent the whole day together, took
  4. Befriended this boy out of high school. Been fucking him regularly over the last month. Now ready to share him.. Hoping to find some Black guys at the xxx video store, and watch him take their cocks. Be nice to just find one to breed him... slowly working him up to a gang bang
  5. I felt like i was always thinking about sex from age 9 on....
  6. sucked the oil burner service guy twice... same guy two years in a row, when he comes for annual maintenance check up.. he's due end of august again
  7. nothing better than taking anonymous black cock at the xxx vid stores.
  8. loved my first experiences at a nude beach, at age 9 , with my uncle
  9. In my life, i have probably fucked around 20 married guys -/ or guys with girl friends i think only one of them insisted on a condom my favorites are the ones who let me fuck them raw... only to say something after ( like damn... i can't believe i let you fuck me raw) my other favorites are the ones who i would fuck for close to ten years with out wife knowing about it
  10. loved reading it.. love a black man who knows how to take charge
  11. i have fantasy to be raped, by a group of black guys at the xxx vid store. In my head, i'd show up late at night, and realize i'm the only white guy in there and they won't let me leave. Force me to suck them all, and then rape my hole over and over.. I'd be in tears as soon as i realized that they wouldn't let me leave . the reality - i wouldn't want to be raped
  12. I still often think about my dad and his cock, balls, tongue, cum, piss to this day even though its like 30 years since I last had fun with him. I saw this dad and son on some stupid tv show last night ( Don't) the son was gay.. and i can only hope they have experiences together. Would love to see them both naked in steam room at the spa
  13. went to a peaceful protest in my small town yesterday. ran into many people i haven't seen a while. Including a former white student of mine who i first played and corrupted some 20 years ago. Fucked his virgin hole back then and introduced him to both xxx vid stores and black cock soon after he graduated high school...Then lost touch with him . Flash forward some 15 years later ( like 5 years ago) and i'm teaching his son .. at the parent conference he, his wife and a black guy all come in to the room. turns out they were a new type of modern family lol - all living together , with wif
  14. love fucking a real dad
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